After Death Communications: How to Encourage Signs From Loved Ones In Spirit

 “An After-Death Experience (ADC) is a spiritual experience, which occurs when you are contacted directly and spontaneously by a deceased family member or friend, without the use of psychics, mediums, rituals, or devices of any kind.” -from

About a month ago, I went to see James Van Praagh demonstrate his mediumship at a large-audience show.  During the show, he took questions from audience members.  One question was from a woman who was doing cartwheels in the back to get his attention:

“Why hasn’t my grandmother contacted me?  She passed away over 15 years ago!”

James calmly went through some suggestions, but this women’s impatience cut him off at the pass. “I’ve already done all that. I’ve looked for signs, prayed, asked, pleaded.. I’ve even gone to mediums, and nothing.. she won’t speak to me!”

Exasperated, James simply told the energetic woman that she should take his meditation classes to learn how to calm her own energy first. The poor woman was left unsatisfied by his answer and I was left wondering.

The experience got me thinking about ADCs and the people I know who believe they’ve been convincingly contacted by loved ones on the other side.  I definitely was, my mother was as well, my step-father, my best friend..  So, if I know a lot of people who have had an after death communication, are they really common?  What happens if, like the woman at the show, we don’t get a communication? How can we improve our odds?

This is a huge subject and if you have been following me for a while, you know already that nothing I do is short and sweet.  This will necessarily be a long post, so here’s the topics I’m going to delve into just in case you want to skip ahead to a particular section:

  1. The 12 Types of After-Death Communications
  2. After-Death Communication Statistics
  3. The Skeptical Argument
  4. Why Don’t Some Spirits Communicate With Us?
  5. Reasons Why Some Spirit Communications Aren’t Received
  6. An Example of Spirit Communication Techniques from the Spirit’s Point of View
  7. Why Don’t Spirits Just Levitate a Pen and Write Us A Note?
  8. How to Open Yourself Up to Spirit Communication in Any Stage of Grief
  9. Induced After Death Communication (IADC) Therapy
  10. Should I Contact a Medium?
  11. Examples of Real Spirit Communications Received by Me, My Family and Friends
  12. Tell Us About Your After-Death Communications in the Comments!

The 12 Types of After Death Communications

The term ‘After Death Communication’ that we use to describe types of non-assisted communication from the deceased was coined by Bill and Judy Guggenheim in preparation for their book, Hello from Heaven: A New Field of Research – After Death Communication Confirms that Life and Love are Eternal.  Although they weren’t the first researchers in this field, their book brought ADCs into the public consciousness much the same way Raymond Moody’s book “Life after Life” did for Near-Death Experiences.  In it, they define twelve ways their survey participants were contacted by their dearly departed:

  1. Kinesthetic – Sensing a presence
  2. Auditory – Hearing a voice, either with your physical ears in or your head (mentally)
  3. Tactile – Feeling touched physically, like a hug, caress, kiss on the cheek
  4. Olfactory – Smelling a fragrance or odor connected to the deceased (perfume, cigar smell, etc)
  5. Visual – Seeing a full or partial appearance of the deceased; either an outline, transparent, just a part of the body, or full flesh-and-blood
  6. Visionary – A mental vision of the deceased with complete clarity while awake (either with eyes open or shut)
  7. Hypnogogic – Appearance of the deceased while falling asleep or just waking up (either physically, in the room, or mentally)
  8. Somnolent – An appearance of the deceased in a ultra-vivid and logical dream; ordered and atypical for most dreams.
  9. Out-of-Body – Meeting a deceased person while having an out-of-body experience.
  10. Technological – Receiving a phone call from the deceased, text-message, email or through a device, such as hearing their voice through radio static.
  11. Material – Physical phenomena that occurs such as lights turning on and off, items moving, music playing without being turned on.  Usually in a way that reminds you of the deceased.
  12. Symbolic – Seeing a symbol that reminds you of the deceased; a license plate, hearing a song, seeing their name or an animal (most commonly butterflies) that reminds you of them.

After Death Communication Statistics

After Death Communications are far more common than near-death experiences in the general population, even though the latter are arguably more well-known.  A study done by Jenny Streit-Horn, a doctoral student under Dr. Jan Holder, revealed that 30-35% of people can expect to have an after-death communication in their lifetimes.  Within the first year of bereavement, a person is 75% likely to experience an ADC, although a first ADCs can happen as long as several decades after the death occurred.

Grief and type of relationship also seem to influence the prevalence of ADCs.  People who lost spouses tended to have a greater number of ADCs than parental, sibling or friendship relationships.  People who are actively in the grieving process also reported more ADCs than people who described themselves as past the grieving process, though both groups reported high numbers of ADCs regardless.  Anecdotally, people in the first stages of grief or pathological grief tend not to have ADCs until their grief has lessened somewhat.  Aside from Crisis Apparitions (paranormal visions or visitations that notify loved ones of a person’s death), it would seem that intense emotions can ‘wall off’ a person from receiving paranormal visitations.

From the study, the following statements about After-Death Communications were found to be true:

  • Bereaved people more than non-bereaved have ADCs; about ¾ of people within one year of the death of a loved one.
  • Widows and widowers especially.
  • Women more than men
  • People of all ages, with older people perhaps slightly more likely, probably because the older a person is, the more likely the person has experienced others’ deaths.
  • People of all nationalities, with those from ADC-affirming cultures reporting more.
  • People of all ethnicities, with some perhaps slightly more than others – from highest to lowest among Americans: African-American, Mexican-American, Caucasian-American, and Japanese-American.
  • People of all education levels.
  • People of all incomes, with people with relatively lower incomes perhaps slightly more likely.
  • People of all religious affiliations and practices.
  • People no matter what their physical condition.
  • People no matter what their mental condition.
  • The great majority of ADC researchers have noted that ADCrs in their studies were mentally healthy. There is no evidence that ADC alone indicates psychological disorder or mental illness.

ADCs are under-reported.  In the study, 54% of the participants had never told another person prior to the survey.  Many participants admitted to fear of ridicule as the reason for their reluctance to share their experience.  It is probable that an even higher percentage of people likely have an ADC than is currently reported, possibly making this one of the most commonly experienced spiritual occurrence that is studied by paranormal and afterlife researchers.

The Skeptical Argument

When it comes to any type of paranormal activity involving personal experiences, skeptics can only usually point to one of four explanations.

  1. Deception – skeptics might suggest that a grieving person who has received a lot of attention right after a death might invent such stories to gain back that attention once everyone returns to their lives and the grieving become very lonely.  In this case, since the majority of people surveyed didn’t tell another person about their experience, deception might be difficult to use as an explanation for most ADCs, though in rare cases, it’s always possible.
  2. Hallucination – grief is an extreme psychological state.  Some scientists and psychologists believe that our brains will invent such hallucinations in response to grief, although there have been no scientific studies on this topic.  ADCs are also prevalent in people who aren’t actively grieving.
  3. Paradolia or Misidentification – Humans are great at pattern recognition.  Just like the ability to look at a cloud and see an elephant, humans can look at an event and draw personal conclusions from it that may not really fit or simply be coincidental.  In truth, ADCs are subjective. What constitutes a sign for you, may be considered a coincidence to another person.
  4. Drugs or Alcohol – Often times, a grieving person is offered a sedative in order to help them get through the first few days and the funeral.  In many cases, this is a likely to be a benzodiazepine such as Xanax or Valium. In other cases, a person may self-medicate with alcohol, opiates, marijuana and the like.  When drugs or alcohol are involved, a person’s perceptions are altered and they might be more likely to imagine or hallucinate an ADC.

Although the four reasons above might explain some ADCs, it’s hard to explain away all ADCs this way.  If 60 million Americans are likely to have an ADC in their lifetime, is it possible that all of them will be lying, spontaneously hallucinating or on drugs?  How can we then explain ADCs that occur well after the initial grief has dissipated?

Normal, well-adjusted healthy individuals are not prone to suddenly hallucinate, nor would most of these people have the incentive to lie, especially to an anonymous survey.  Although its possible that some people may misidentify or use drugs, the sheer number of ADCs reported makes the probability that all ADCs are false very low overall.

Note: The next section contains information I’ve gained from years of afterlife research.  These are conclusions that I have drawn – certainly, nothing about the spirit world is proven.  To do your own research, visit my Recommended Reading and Resources for Afterlife Research pages.

Why Don’t Some Spirits Communicate with Us?

Barring issues on our end (which I will get to in the next section), there are a variety of reasons why some spirits don’t or can’t communicate with us right away.

  1. Your loved one may need time to adjust. Some spirits don’t know they have died, or will need help understanding what has happened to them.  Others were so ill when they died, they need a period of convalescence in the spirit realm.  Spirits who pass away with severe psychological issues may be relegated to planes where communication isn’t possible yet.
  2. Spirits may realize that communication right now isn’t in your best interest.  Grief can be a valuable lesson in its own right.
  3. Some spirits will need to work with their teachers and guides who can assist them with communication.
  4. Time in the spirit world doesn’t exist, and outside of a human body we lose much of the anxiety we had on earth.  Our loved ones in spirit love us dearly, but know that you will be with them in what may seem like only a matter of days to them, even though it is a lifetime for us.

The scenarios above are rare. Most spirits do have a desire to communicate with the living and will try endlessly to let you know that they are okay.  Even as they attempt to communicate with you, there are things on our end that may prevent their message from getting across.

Reasons Why Some Spirit Communications Aren’t Received

  1. We might see or experience something meaningful, such as a dream or a symbol but we pass it off as a coincidence or ignore it.
  2. We are too deeply bereaved.  With terrible sadness and depression comes a wall of emotion that even the best and strongest of spirits cannot penetrate.  When our grief begins to lesson, the communication will begin to get through.
  3. The first communications happen to a relative or friend instead of you.  The first reaction is, “why did my loved one appear to X and not to me, the one who was closest to him/her?”  A loved one in spirit definitely wants you to know that he or she is still around, and so they appear to whomever is most receptive to get the message to you.
  4. We make demands or expect too much: we might say “If you are here, turn off that light” or “Make this song play in the car if you are listening”.  Spirits can do many things, but they don’t suddenly gain superpowers when they die.  They need to learn how to manipulate energy, and each spirit has a way they can communicate best – likely not the way you are demanding them to perform.  Allow the spirit to choose the communication and have faith that the message will be meaningful to you.
  5. We have unresolved anger or resentment toward the spirit.  Negative emotions are another type of wall, once that must be resolved before communications can be clearly felt.  Resolve your issues with the spirit in question. Whatever it was, remember that they were only human. If you speak out-loud, they will generally hear you so talking out your feelings can help.  Out of the body, spirits know immediately all the ways they have hurt others and always desire forgiveness.  Once you are in a space of love and forgiveness, you will get the message you are intended to receive.

Why Don’t Spirits Just Levitate a Pen and Write Us a Note?

I consider myself a logical person, and when initially trying to understand the phenomena of ADCs, I found myself really frustrated by how vague they can be at times.  Without a doubt, there are plenty of communications where a person sees their loved one standing in front of them looking quite alive.  In other cases, they get a phone call from the deceased. These are pretty straight-forward cases where there is little room to doubt that a communication occurred.  But most of us will have symbolic ADCs; we will hear a song on the radio that is meaningful, have a butterfly land on our arm, or smell a perfume.  While these are beautiful experiences, I wondered – why all the vague and dramatic symbolism?  Why can’t a spirit just leave us a note?  If levitating a pen is difficult, how about knocking on the wall and answering yes and no questions, or rearranging pennies to spell out their name, or smudging a mirror with “I’m Still Here!” while I’m in the shower?

Many years went by and I really studied spirit literature.  I learned that mastering energy in our dimension is extremely difficult and it requires the skill of an advanced spirit.  Unless our loved one is that advanced, it’s unlikely they have the skill or experience to do those kinds of definitive physical things that we expect.  Spirits of all stripes can manipulate energy.  Our physicists have already discovered that all of matter is energy, just denser than other kinds.  Thoughts and emotions are energy too, and because this type of energy is far less dense, spirits have an easier time manipulating it as a rule.

Consider how difficult it really is to make these symbolic ADCs happen:

In order for you to hear a meaningful song on the radio, they either have influence your thoughts to be in the right place at the right time and turn on the radio, or they have to influence the thoughts of the radio DJ to play that song at the exact time and place that you are listening.  It’s not as easy as it looks! Yet, it’s far easier than levitating a pen against Earth physics.

To have a butterfly land on your arm, a spirit has to influence the intention of that butterfly, and make sure you are in an area where a butterfly will be able to land on you.  That means cutting through all of the brain chatter in our heads to convince us to take a walk outside at the exact right time that a butterfly happens to be flying by, then convincing the butterfly to ignore its instincts and land on a human!

Smelling a perfume requires a spirit to use energy to match the signature of a perfume that you might recognize, or influence a person who is wearing that exact perfume to cross your path.  Again, not easy.

But, you might say, “What about hauntings?  Those spirits can slam doors and make lights go on and off. Are they just more experienced?”  Well, in a way, yes.  Those spirits are most likely tied to the earth for one reason or another.  Some people call these ‘Earthbound’ spirits.  They aren’t bound to the earth, really, they have just chosen not to cross dimensions.  When a spirit spends years, decades and centuries walking as a ghost on Earth, they do learn a trick or two – things that the recently deceased who do cross over have yet to learn.  Then again, earthbound spirits are usually extremely emotional and psychologically a little muddled.  These spirits have no problem scaring people to get attention.  Your loved one would never want to scare you with loud bangs and such, even if they could.

Case in point: I read an ADC once where a teenage girl woke up to see the full figure of her deceased father standing over her.  His body looked like it was made up of sparks of electricity.  Suffice it to say, she was startled by the wild unexpected vision and screamed.  Later, her father got a message through her to say, “I worked so hard on that energy body! I can’t believe it scared you!” Lesson learned.  Although the father wanted to do something spectacular to show his daughter he was still alive in the spirit world, it didn’t have the intended effect.  Most of the time, spirits know what we can handle and what we can’t.  They generally prefer not to scare us out of our wits!

It’s also important to understand how our psychology changes when we lose our bodies.  Spirits are emotionally rather than logically oriented so while they can reason just as well as we can, they prefer to have an energetic and emotional impact on you, rather than just appeasing your logical mind with ‘tricks’.

In the next section, I am going to use some examples from Dr. Newton’s work with Life Between Life regression to show from the spirit’s point of view how they attempt to reach us after their passing (and how difficult it can be sometimes!)

An Example of ADC Techniques from the Spirit’s Point of View
From Destiny of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton

Dr. Michael Newton pioneered techniques for life-between-life regression, and in a hypnotic trance, his subjects can go to past lives and then to the activities they do as spirits in between lives.  Dr. Newton’s techniques are used by certified therapists all over the world trained in his techniques through The Newton Institute.  For over 40 years, his clients from all walks of life and from different parts of the US have described a very similar afterlife, convincing Dr. Newton and his colleges that not only is the afterlife real, but it is a logical and organized dimension not dissimilar from our own.  I highly recommend his books, Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Memories of the Afterlife.

In Destiny of Souls, Dr. Newton devotes a whole chapter to examples where spirits use children to communicate, pets, strangers, visions, objects and all sorts of other ways to get through to us.  Spirits use a variety of techniques that differ based on the spirit’s abilities and our ability to receive communication best. By learning how spirits communicate to us from their own perspective, it can help us be more receptive to receive and believe those communications. Here I’ve picked out two examples from that chapter to illustrate the process behind that communication.

Sylvia’s Dream

In this example, Dr. Newton has regressed his patient to recall a previous life where he/she as ‘Sylvia’ has just passed away. Sylvia, in spirit,  is trying to comfort her mother who is grieving.

S:=Sitter; Dr. N:=Dr. Newton

S: “I begin with more conventional thought communication while she is awake but I am getting nowhere.  She is so sad.  My mother’s grief at not being at my bedside is overpowering her.”

Dr. N: “What methods have you tried so far?”

S: “I project my thoughts with an orange-yellow light, like the flame of a candle, and place my light around her head, sending loving thoughts.  I’m not effective.  She doesn’t realize I am with her.  I am going for a dream.”

Dr. N: “All right, Sylvia, take me though this slowly.  Please start by telling me if you pick out one of your mother’s dreams or if you can create one of your own.”

S: “I don’t create dreams well yet.  It is much easier for me to take one of hers so I can enter the dream to effect a more natural contact and then participate. I want her to know it is clearly me in the dream.”


S: “The first couple dreams are unsuitable…Finally, she has a dream where she is walking alone in the fields around my house.  You should know she has no grief in this dream.  I am not dead yet.”

S: “…I enter the dream from the other end of the field by matching my energy patterns to my mother’s thoughts.  I project an image of myself as I was the last time she saw me.  I come slowly across the field to let her get used to my presence.  I wave and smile and then come to her.  We hug each other and now I send wave of rejuvenating energy into her sleeping body.”

Dr. N: “And what will this do for your mother?”

S: “This picture is raised to a higher level of consciousness for my mother.  I want to insure the dream will stay with her after she wakes up.”


S: “The influence of a vivid dream like this is very great.  When my mother wakes up, her mind has a vivid impression of this landscape with me and suspects I am with her.  In the time memory is so real she is sure of it.”


S: “…I [will] continue to send waves of energy into her over the next few days until she begins to accept my passing.  I want her to believe I am still part of her and always will be.”

Helen and her Husband’s Ring

In this regression, a man recalls the time after his death when he tries to comfort his grieving wife, Helen.

S:=Sitter; Dr. N:=Dr. Newton

Dr. N: “What do you do if your efforts right after death are not having the desired results anywhere on the body?”

S: “When I found that my wife, Helen, was not receiving me by a direct approach, I finally resorted to working with a household familiar.”

Dr. N: “You mean with an animal – a cat or dog?”

S: “I have used them before, but no.. not this time.  I decided to pick out some object of value to me that my wife would know was very personal.  I chose my ring.”

The ring he is referring to is a large ring with a raised turquoise stone in the center.  The man had a nervous habit of rubbing the stone and his wife often joked that he would one day wear it down completely.  Helen and her husband would often sit by the fire together and talk about their day, while her husband would continue to rub the stone on his ring out of habit.

S: “When I work with objects and people, I have to wait until the scene is very tranquil.  Three weeks after my death, Helen lit a fire and was looking into it with tears in her eyes.  I began by wrapping my energy within the fire itself, using the fire as a conduit of warmth and elasticity.

Dr. N: “Excuse my interruption, but what does ‘elasticity’ mean?”

S: “It took me centuries to learn this. Elastic energy is fluid.  To make my soul energy fluid requires intense concentration and practice because it must be thin and fleecy.  The fire serves as a catalyst in this maneuver.”

Dr. N: “Which is just the opposite from a strong, narrow beam of energy?”

S: “Exactly.  I can be very effective by rapidly shifting my energy from a fluid to a solid state and back again.  The shifting is subtle but it awakens the human mind.”

S: “Helen was connecting with the fire and thus with me.  For a moment the grief was less oppressive, and I moved straight into the top of her head.  She felt my presence… slightly. It was not enough.  Then I began shifting my energy as I told you, from hard to soft in fork fashion.

Dr. N: “What do you do when you ‘fork’ energy?”

S: “I split it.  While keeping a soft fluid energy on Helen’s head on maintain contact, I fork a hard beam at the box which holds my ring in a table drawer.  My intent is to open up a smooth pathway from her mind to the ring.  This is why I am using a hard steady beam, to direct her to the ring.”

S: “With my guidance, she slowly gets up without knowing why.  She moves, as if sleepwalking, to the table and hesitates.  Then she opens the drawer.  Since my ring is in the box I continue to shift back and forth from her mind to the lid of the box.  Helen opens it and takes out my ring, holding it in her left hand. […] Then I know I have her!”

Dr. N: “Because..?”

S: Because the ring still retains some of my energy.  Don’t you see?  She is feeling my energy on both ends of the fork.  This is a two-directional signal.  Very effective.

Dr. N: “Oh, I do see – then what do you do with Helen?”

S: “Now, I move into overdrive with a full-power bridge between myself standing on her right side and the ring on the left.  She turns in my direction and smiles.  Helen then kisses my ring and says, “Thanks, darling.  I know you are with me now.  I’ll try and be more brave.”

How to Enhance your Chances of Receiving an ADC at any Stage in the Grief Process:

The most important advice I can give someone who is waiting for a sign is this: talk to your loved one. Talk to them out-loud, as if they are in the room with you.  It may feel strange at first, but spirits tell us through mediums that they can hear you loud and clear when you speak to them.  Most importantly, this is the time when you can begin to resolve any outstanding guilt or anger that you may have over their death.  If you have already resolved your feelings, simply tell them how much you love them and miss them in your life.  Ask for a sign or communication, but give them the time and space to do it on their own terms.

Be alert to any of the 12 types of communications.  A communication may happen at any time.  Remember that not all ADCs are dramatic or obvious.  Believe it or not, most spirit communications don’t get received because we are just too stubborn, obtuse, distracted or logical to accept and be open to them.

Dreams are a major way that spirits will use to communicate.  In order to enhance your dream recall, tell yourself before bed that you will remember your dreams.  It sounds silly, but it works.  Avoid alcohol before bed, and don’t sleep with the TV or music on.  Clear your mind before bed and let any images form freely – this might be the time that you receive a hypnogogic vision or dream visitation.

Ask your friends and family if they have had any experiences that have reminded them of your loved one.  In the midst of heavy grief, it is quite common for a spirit to first contact a more distant relative or friend in order to get a message to you.  If that person is hesitant to upset you, that message may never be passed on.  Let others know that you welcome any experiences that they may have, may it be dreams, symbols or other signs.

Read about the experiences of others who have had an ADC at  This may open your eyes to the many ways your loved one can communicate, as well as lifting your spirits through the inspirational and beautiful experiences of others.

Like the exasperated woman at the show, there might be a case where despite everything you do, communication just isn’t happening.  There are a lot of variables when it comes to inter-dimensional communication and sometimes we just have to trust that there is a good reason.  Maybe your loved one is involved in their own healing on the other side, or perhaps they are very inexperienced spirits who just can’t manage cross-dimensional communication.  Trust that you are loved and that your loved one is always connected to you, even if you don’t get proof of that.  On the other hand, be patient.  My mother didn’t get her first ADC from her mother for 16 years!  When it finally did happen, it was powerful, timely and life-changing for her.

To learn more about ADCs and spirit communication, I would encourage you to read Hello from Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim, My Life After Life: A Posthumous Memoir by Galen and Dr. Kenneth Stoller,  and Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton.  Please also visit the After-Death Communication Research Foundation at and

Induced After Death Communication (IADC) Therapy

If your grief is overwhelming and interfering with your life, or you have experienced a traumatic loss, you might consider a new type of clinical therapy called Induced After Death Communication.  Dr. Allan L. Botkin, the founder of the procedure, discovered that patients with severe psychological grief were greatly relieved of their pain through the application of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which uses eye movements to help our brain process grief and sadness far faster than traditional therapies.  With many patients, an extra step discovered by Dr. Botkin allowed the patient to experience an actual visionary after-death communication with the spirit whose loss they were grieving.  To find out more, please see my in-depth post on the subject: Grief Counseling with a Spiritual Twist: Induced After Death Communication (IADC) Therapy

Should I Contact a Medium?

If you haven’t gotten an after death communication and it has been six months since the date your loved one has passed, you may consider arranging for the services of a medium.  Why wait six months?  Well, most mediums will require a waiting period for best results.  Its easier to connect after both you and the spirit have had time to adjust and heavy grief can make it very difficult to make a connection.

Finding a reputable medium is difficult.  Avoid anyone you’ve seen on TV – sadly, most of them are simply entertainers.  To find a good, honest and truly gifted medium, I only recommend the services of two organizations – both are non-profit, and both thoroughly test and certify their mediums.

The Forever Family Foundation –

The Windbridge Institute –

Examples of Real Spirit Communications Received by Me, My Family and Friends

ADC from a man who was ‘like a Grandfather’: A man who was like a grandfather to me appeared in a dream to say goodbye after he died.  He was “brought-in” to my dream through my great-grandfather who appeared first, smiled, then morphed into this gentleman.  No words were spoken, but there was a powerful feeling of gratitude and love as he looked into my eyes.  He had Parkinson’s before he died and so didn’t communicate well or easily in life, but in the dream I felt his deep appreciation that I played the piano for him and spoke to him kindly during his visits.

ADC from my Great-Grandfather: During the lowest, most difficult time in my life, I had a powerful and realistic dream of my great-grandfather.  He visited me in the dream to communicate that my life was headed in the wrong direction.  I agreed, but I was unsure what to do.  I asked him for his advice.  He just smiled and “said” (there were not words, exactly) that I already knew exactly what to do.  Look into my heart and follow my intuition.  When I awoke, I did indeed know exactly what to do.  I followed my own advice and changed the course of my life by making the difficult decision that I had previously been ignoring.

Other ADCs I’ve had:

ADC From my Grandmother: When my friend’s grandmother passed away I was attending her funeral thinking of my own grandmother.  Just then, the classical music being played in the funeral home was my grandmother’s signature piece that she played on the piano,  “Rhapsody in Blue.”  When I went outside a few minutes later, I was speaking to another friend’s mother when I realized she was wearing my grandmother’s perfume, “White Shoulders”.  I remarked about it, and my friend’s mother said that although she never typically wore that perfume, she decided to on that day on a whim.

ADC from my Grandfather (Pop-Pop): My grandfather, who I always called “Pop-Pop” passed away a little over two years ago.  About 6 months after he passed, I was thinking of him while driving home on the highway.  I mused that it would be nice if I could have a sign from him.  Just then, a car merged onto the highway right in front of me with the license plate that said “POP-POP”. PopPopStunned, I managed to get a picture of it! The picture is not the best – it was a rainy night, I was driving and shaky from excitement, but you can clearly see that the car right in front of me says, ‘POP-POP’. That was proof positive in my mind!

[Update June 2nd, 2016]

I just received four incredible new ADCs from my grandfather!  Because of his love of Disneyworld and the trips we’ve taken together in my childhood, I asked my grandfather to send me something in reference to his favorite ride at the park: “It’s a Small World After All” (you know, the one with the dancing dolls?).  I knew it was a tall order, but I was prepared to wait.  Well, it’s been three years but holy cow did he come through in a big way!  First, as the ice cream truck went by our house the song abruptly changed to ‘It’s a Small World After All”.  The next day, we received some random junk mail – a catalog that had the words ‘Its a small world after all” emblazoned on the front (I cut it out, it’s now on the fridge!).  Lastly, yesterday when I logged onto to check the news, there was an entire article on the history of the ride!  When I clicked on the video, the familiar strains of the song came bursting through my speakers and I knew it wasn’t coincedence.. my grandfather isn’t subtle.  Finally, I received a call from my mother at work.  The church next door was playing ‘Its a small world after all’ on the church bells.  The church bells!? Four random references to the very song I asked about in one week  and not a common song by any means – Amazing!!

My Mother’s ADC from her Mother, my Grandmother: My mother sadly lost her mother to cancer two weeks after I was born (you can read my post about my pre-birth visitation to my grandmother here).  My mother’s life took a difficult turn in the years following her mother’s death and yet she didn’t get any communication from her.  It wasn’t until I was 16 years old – 16 years after my grandmother’s death when my mother got a very powerful communication, and it happened at the lowest point of my mother’s life, when she was directionless, miserable and desperate. She sat in the car, crying and begging her mother for some kind of sign.

Not long after that, she had a crystal clear and realistic dream of her mother in that same car, sitting in the back seat.  My mother no longer remembers the content of what was said, but the image and symbolism was important.  My mother was driving, in charge of her life, but her mother was in the backseat reassuring her and giving her directions.  It was meant to say that even though my mother is in charge of her own destiny, that her mother is still very much a part of her life, guiding her ‘from the back seat’.

My Step-Father’s ADC from his Father: My step-father lost his father to a sudden heart-attack over 20 years ago.  He was describing his father to someone once and said that his father was one of those un-emotional types of men who never told his kids ‘I love you’.  Although my step-father knew he was loved, he recalls that he never heard those words actually said to him.  Not long after that conversation, my step-father had a ultra-real dream when his father appeared to him and said, “Son, I LOVE YOU!”.  I guess he had heard that conversation and wanted to make it clear that even if those words hadn’t been spoken in life, they were true nonetheless.

My Grandmother’s ADC from her husband, my Grandfather: A week or two after my grandfather died, my Grandmother who I call ‘Nanny’ received a message from my Grandfather, her husband, that was undeniable. My grandparents loved Florida – they had a condo on the gulf coast, and used to take my family to Disney World, which are some of my favorite memories of my childhood.  On the mantle in the room where my Grandfather died, was a music box of a carousel from Disney World with all of the Disney Characters on it.  The music box hadn’t been touched in years, but after my Grandfather died, and on two separate occasions the music box started playing “It’s a small world” when my Grandmother walked into the room.

My Friend’s ADC from her Father: My best friend tragically lost her father when she was just turning 25.  It was devastating for all of us. Though he had been sick for a long time, he always seemed to pull through. My friend knew on the morning that he passed away, she had some sort of premonition.  As we were getting coffee, she put her hand on my arm and stopped me.  Looking at me intensely, she vowed that if her father died she would go to Ireland to visit her father’s relatives. Around 7 hours later, her father passed away in the hospital.  That weekend, we drove to a local park together as she was working through her intense grief.  As we were driving up, we could hear the strains of Irish bagpipe music.  When we pulled up, we were stunned to see a man in full Irish regalia playing the bag pipe, something that is traditionally done at Irish funerals.  There was no particular reason for this man to be in the park that day – there was no party or funeral.  He was standing completely alone, in the park, in his Irish kilt playing bagpipe music.  We both knew this was a sign from her father.  Years later, she did keep her promise and went to Ireland.

Second ADC: My friend felt her father’s hand on her shoulder as she was driving to the hospital after he had passed.

[Update August 26, 2016]

My Mother’s ADC from a family friend: This is a brand new ADC that occurred a few weeks ago.  Last autumn, a friend of the family named Romit sadly passed away from a quick form of aggressive cancer.  My mother and step-father visited him the night before he passed away.  My mother reminisced about the fabulous pool parties that they had been invited too.  Romit pulled out all of the stops for these parties, with the best food and entertainment, and of course, the huge in-ground pool that my mother, a swimmer, enjoyed tremendously.  When she saw Romit before his passing, she expressed her appreciation and gratitude for the pool parties.  A few weeks back, she thought of Romit again and talked out loud to him about the regret she felt that she would never attend another of his pool parties.  She had said that ‘he promised her another pool party’, likely a reference to what they spoke about the night before his passing.

The very next day, my step-father walked into the kitchen to tell my mother that they had been invited to a pool party.  My step-father knew nothing of the conversation my mother had had with Romit’s spirit the day before or her joking admonition that she was ‘promised’ a pool party and wouldn’t get it.  The pool party invite was with a distant friend or relative, and who invited them was inconsequential.  The whole point was the fact that Romit heard my mother, and the invite to a pool party came the next day.  It was Romit’s way of saying, “I can’t give you another pool party, but I will make sure you get an invitation to a different one!”

My Grandmother’s ADC from her husband: My stepfather’s mother is 91 years old.  Her husband passed away more than 20 years ago.  One night she had a very realistic ‘dream’ that she was walking through a hospital.  Her husband appeared and said, “I miss you.  I want you to be with me.”  She believes that this was a legitimate communication from her husband.

What do you think?

These are the after-death communications that were experienced by just a small circle of my friends and family, and you can see that there were quite a lot of them.  You can perhaps suggest that we were delusional, hallucinating or you can even accuse me of lying, but that’s where a little bit of faith and intuition comes into play.  When communications happen, you have a choice: throw it away as a coincidence, to choose to see it as a loving message of a loved one in spirit who wants you to know that they were more than just their body – the essence of who they are lives on. Their personality, sense of humor and most importantly their emotional connection with their loved ones survive.

So, have you experienced an after-death communication?  Do you know someone else who has?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. A very good friend of mine just lost her brother in a ATV accident near his farm while heading home from his chores. He was a very religious man and had tried his best to persuade his oldest daughter to “believe” in his faith with Christ. However, as hard as he tried while he was alive to gain her commitment, it never transpired. During the funeral his daughter gave a surprising eulogy and shared that she was now a believer due to an experience she had with her father after his death. She shared with me that after the life support was removed from her father while in the hospital, she felt him come from behind her, hug her, then tell her everything was going to be alright. Others in the room, my friend included shared they felt a presence but just not as noticeable as her encounter. They claimed they felt a breeze thru the room…..I then visited with my friend today and she shared that a fawn was found sitting on the exact spot from which the accident occurred within the past day. The family believes the father was sending a special message. I have personally encountered many signs from my mother and father within the past six years after their deaths. I am a believer that our loved ones do visit us however you need to be open to them to receive their messages. And I believe if you ask, they will prevail.


    1. Marion, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad that your good friend had this experience and especially that she had the courage to share it in the eulogy. So many people dismiss or ignore or keep secret the signs they get from loved ones who have passed, when sharing the experiences can give hope to everyone and strengthen one’s faith in our spiritual home. i agree with you – one must be open to accept the gifts of the spirit world. I’m glad your friend was open to it as well.
      Take care,


  2. Thank you for the wonderful, uplifting, encouraging place to share. My hubby died in the spring of 2017. He was a very spiritual person and a Reiki Healer. Several different items have shown me his way of communicating. 4 days before he died, he was in a coma, never having recovered from surgery. He opened his eyes, attempted to take the breathing tubes out of his throat, then looked up towards the ceiling, raised both hands and pointed to the ceiling, then never woke again…I think he was trying to tell me he was going to heaven. Dense as I can be, I just didn’t understand until they finally removed all life support 4 days later. A few days after coming home, I woke in the middle of the night and quickly wrote down a prayer that popped into my head that he had said each night, but stopped, 4 years before when he had a heart attack. A few months after his passing, I was sitting on my front porch, and a hummingbird came up within 6 inches of my face and went back and forth, sideways, several times, then sat on the railing then left. Two days later, it happened again, on the other side of our house. A few weeks ago, I was looking at my hubby’s picture, telling him I would feel better if I knew he was finally pain free and doing well in the afterlife. All of a sudden, I felt what seemed like goose bumps on my back, on the left side, then it went to my spine, up to my hairline, then again on my back, right behind my heart. I felt he was telling me he had crossed over and was happy. I talk to him daily, as if he were right beside me, and have felt his response on several occasions. He has given me guidance when a water line broke & when I was trying to fix a broken gate. I feel strongly that those who have crossed over communicate, if we will only listen with our hearts and souls wide open.


    1. Thank you, Annie, for sharing your story. It sounds like you have a beautiful connection with your husband. Thought doubtless the grief is still difficult, I’m glad you’ve gotten some really loving signs for him and you’ve discovered that your relationship can continue at the level of the heart and the soul. Take care, Jenn


  3. My soulmate had cancer and passed away hours after going into hospice. I woke up the next morning after what I think was a visit. I’ve never experienced this before. My mother has but she agreed one thing about it was weird… He didn’t come to me “young and healthy” as in my mother’s experience.

    I believe it was less than 24 hours before he passed he was able to give me multiple little kisses on the lips which he hadn’t done for a good week or 2. On a separate occasion he squeezed my hand and looked at me. I knew he was telling me he was leaving. I told him I know you are leaving soon and it is OK. We will miss you, but we will be OK. He had lost the ability to do pretty much anything in the last 2 weeks (speak, hug, kiss) to the point that he couldn’t swallow much for the last 2 days. He basically let his pills dissolve in his mouth until hospice got involved and they were going to change his pills to liquid but we didn’t make it to that point…

    In the visit he was in his hospital bed trying to hug and kiss me (as he had been doing up until about 3 weeks prior to his passing). As he turned his (dead) body toward me I told him he was dead. He said but we are supposed to be together forever. I said I know but your dead. I sincerely felt that I was informing him because he did not know. I woke up and felt like I had been with him (intimately) and that is all I remember. I don’t recall him “actually” making physical contact with me (in the dream/visitation). I didn’t see myself and it wasn’t like a third person viewing of the scene. It was very much like I was there and we were talking. It was not scary but rather somewhat comforting, despite his condition.

    I don’t know if it makes any difference but I was with him when he passed. His heart faded away after he had stopped breathing. I had my hands on him trying to determine if he was still with me when the nurse stated that he had a faint heartbeat and then when it stopped beating.

    Having never experienced anything like this and only having my mother’s experience to go on (and pretty much being a non-believer in her “stories”) I don’t know what to think. I am skeptical. I can’t deny that. But I am so sure I have felt him with me. I felt my father with me once or twice before to but wrote it off. I’ve been reading a lot today about ADC and I am loosing the skepticism. It’s hard for me to believe things I can’t see or touch…

    I’m curious what your thoughts are; Was this a visit? Did he need me to tell him he was gone? Or was I really telling myself? I am having a very difficult time dealing with this loss and I guess I am looking for reassurance that I’m not going crazy and this really happened. Or that i was so distraught with grief that…I don’t know what. I have not taken any alcohol or drugs (aside from my prescribed stuff which does not mess with me that way) which leaves me believing it’s not my imagination. I would love to have him with me every second of every day for the rest of my life until I can be with him again!


    1. Shelly,
      I can tell you that you are not alone, that a great many people have also experienced pre-death visitations and post-death visitations like the one you’ve experienced. I certainly don’t believe you are crazy, and have had powerful experiences like that myself. For a while I felt like I couldn’t really believe in the experience if I didn’t have proof that it wasn’t just a dream, but the experience was so powerful and life-changing for me, that I eventually stopped trying to prove it to my logical mind, and just accepted it as something that is beyond explaining. To answer your questions, he may or may not have needed to hear you tell him it was okay to go. But spirits sometimes can get caught up if they think their family can’t handle their death. It can cause great disorientation and confusion. On the other hand, perhaps the visit was more for your sake. To give you the opportunity to say goodbye in a way that he couldn’t do physically anymore. To me, it seems like you’ve been given a beautiful gift from someone who loves and cherishes you very much. Keep reading and researching, it will help you understand your experience and allow you to make more sense of it. Best wishes – Jenn

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  4. well my ex husband past away in sept 2015. I havent spoke to him since I took kids and left state. 14 yrs later he passed. hadnt seen me or our kids. when he passed, morning of I heard the song come on radio, by gwen stafani..used to love u. that was how I left jim n anger for him. then, that nite i was in bed, mu bathroom wash cloth fell off rail in front me. weeks later temp changed in apt n i smelled his cigarettes. weeks later again, I woke up and alone..walked into living room and wall heater went on. I looked and dial was off. it wouldnt go off. so after a while trying to figure it out why it’s on and the knob is off I looked up to the heater and I said my ex husband’s name. And said I don’t care if you move things or you try to communicate just please don’t run my electricity bill up in the summertime. Right when I said that the heater went off. Another time the kitchen light started flickering periodically only when I was alone. then one day I decided to get a hold of a medium. She gave me so many signs on exact on how he died and what he experienced which was exact to a T. She later said that night you will see a light that will go off Ouran but she sees a light I didn’t think anything of it. Before I went to bed my son walked in my room. Right above his right shoulder in the kitchen the light was off but there was a shining light behind him and it happened so fast it was there and then gone. I was in awe. Then when I woke up in the morning I needed to call my dentist I couldn’t get through for some reason with my cell phone it kept coming up disconnected the number. so finally I decided to call another dentist and ask them to call that previous dentist I try and see if the phone is working. They said it was. So I again called the previous dentist this time it rang through but no one picked up. Instead I stayed on my phone on my cell phone listening to radio two different stations of talking I couldn’t make out what it was at first. Then the guy was talking about how I won two tickets to the Bahamas. I didn’t want to hang up the phone at all but I knew I had to that reassured me that was my ex-husband on the phone we went to the Bahamas the two of us for our honeymoon. Then it even got more strange as the month went on, last thing I noticed that had happened to me I was laying in bed one night I had my night mask covering my eyes to go to sleep. And I felt tingling on my right leg starting at my calf up to my pelvic the tingling sensation was energetic and I didn’t want to move. And I sure as heck did not want to take the eye mask off my eyes to see what was standing at the end of my bed. I believe it was my ex-husband trying to be sensual with me one last time. I have never experienced these things in my life I have always been intuitive and had seen and heard things but not experienced it was someone that I had a life with. Last but not least every now and then I know he’s still around because when I think about him meaning my ex-husband… I will see his red pickup truck with the ladder rack because he used to do construction when we were married and that’s what I associate whenever I see that truck I know it’s him letting me know that he’s still there. A song will come on the radio that he always had said before that reminded me or our wedding song will come on the radio


  5. my mother passed away about 3 weeks ago. I haven’t asked my father yet if he has had any visits while he was alone. but the family as a group 3 days after she passed had a sign in the form of a non native yellow chested bird screaming at us from the top of her favorite pecan tree. we use to sit and bbq and drink and eat under that tree all the time. we had very good times there. 6 days after my mom passed my dads father passed. 2 days after that, I’m sitting at my computer playing a first person shooter. headphones on, concentrating very hard on the game as I am competitive. also expecting my wife to come home from work at any moment. I live in a mobile home and the door was to my back, you can feel the place shake anytime someone walks or opens the door. my dog was sleeping in her kennel. less than 3 feet from the door. it was dark inside the house and middle of the day outside, very sunny. I hear the handle the and the door push open, kind of abruptly actually. like i would expect my wife to do after getting home from work. I see the light from the outside hit the wall in front of me. I think to myself “wife is home” no biggie. I stay focused on my game because the match was going to end in a few minutes (I won by the way haha). I did not realize at the time but remember after the fact not really seeing the shadow on the wall like I would expect but saw the light shift from the glass door closing behind them. then heard and felt them walk behind me. I even thought I heard my wife’s purse hit the couch. which was kind of like confirmation(in my head) that it was her and everything was normal. they took 3 or 4 steps into the house, stopped, turned around and walked out. I heard and felt every footstep. also, my wife had been recently doing that exact thing. coming in and going right back outside to water the garden and stuff like that. so still everything felt normal. I finish my game, get up and walk to the door to look and make sure my wife’s car was there. it wasn’t. I instantly called her and said where did you go? she said, what are you talking about I’m at work. my heart dropped. I told her someone just walked Into our house and then left! now I have to wrestle with the question of: was it my mom, was it my grandpa, was it an intruder. if it was my mom or grandpa, what was the message? was I supposed to turn around? did I miss my message because i didn’t turn around? this is by far the craziest thing that has ever happened to me and the possibilities and the questions are always on my mind now. who what why. my mother was the center of our family. she was the rock that held us all together. me my brother and my dad. she was just one of those people that meant everything to everyone that was in her life. and you meant everything to her also if you were in her life. and she always let everyone know how much she loved them. In my eyes she was a true saint. I love you mom.


  6. This is so true. My father expired exactly one year ago after a chronic cancer. I being his caretaker since diagnosed i became more very close to him. After his death I strongly feel he tried to contact us through various devices. Once immediately after his death I received a call with static.then all of a sudden the room bell started without anyone pressing it. This belll was the same which he used while calling us when he was alive


  7. My husband took his life on 2-4-18. I felt his presence around me after his death. On 2-6-18, the day our sons & myself had to plan his funeral 4 things happened that I know was him. Our dog got excited for no apparent reason in the morning. I think she saw him. I picked a song for his funeral called Something About You by Boston. The lyrics fit our situation. Our oldest son “smelled” him. And I received a missed call from him at 11:09 pm. I was asleep. I never heard my phone ring. And his cell phone was turned off. His phone showed an outgoing 22 second call. So I’m trying to be aware of my surroundings so I don’t miss any further contact from him


  8. I had dated a guy some 46 yrs ago. I was so heartbroken when he broke up with me without any explanation. Then a bout 5 or 6 yrs ago i had found out he died in a motorcycle wreck out west somewhere. It was sometime last sept or nov i was on my way home from visiting my mom at the nursing home when out of the blue his name pops in my head and this horrible feeling of sadness came over me i just wanted to start crying. It was such an awful feeling i wouldnt wish it on anyone. I never could figure out what it was suppose to mean. Any ideas,


  9. By the way, forgot to thank you for your kind reply to my previous post. I know I’m lucky to have had these signs, having read others’ messages. No need to reply again as I know you’re busy, unless you have any ideas about the website connection between the events.


  10. Following the experience of hearing my son when writing Christmas cards in December, on 27th February something else happened. We have just recovered from an unusual storm here in the UK, named “The Beast from the East”. I had struggled home through gales and snow at the start of the bad weather and was having a cup of tea to recover while having a quick look at a tribute page for my son on the business website of two of his friends. I wanted to see a particular photo on the website as it related to a letter I’d received in the post that morning. After I closed the tablet a lovely, strong perfume filled the air. I thought it was odd but thought no more of it. I went to bed that night and tossed and turned as my husband had gone to London on the train that morning and I was worried about driving the half hour’s drive to collect him from the train the next evening as the snow was getting deep. I opened my eyes to find a figure beside the bed and exclaimed as I couldn’t understand how my husband could be back. The figure was illuminated in the flashing of my electric toothbrush recharging in the adjoining bathroom. I immediately saw that this was a much larger figure (my son was 6 ft 5 in) wearing casual chino trousers. The top of the figure was just enormous darkness. I was stunned and shocked. The appearance lasted for about three flashes. It was like a gothic scene with the gales and hail battering the window, almost like a prank! The next day I remembered that the last time I looked at the webpage was the day I heard the voice back in December as I wondered whether to quote the web address to a relative in their card. Is this not strange? I don’t feel any particularly strong attachment to this website, that it could conjure up visions like this. I wasn’t even properly asleep and certainly wasn’t dreaming. We have had a word with him about not spooking his mum!


  11. Hi, I would like some help please as my dad is really worried as to what could be either happening or going to happen.

    My grandfather’s spirit is in my dad’s house. We don’t usually see him or hear from him as he tends to keep to himself, when he does make his presence known though is when something is about to happen or already happened.

    We know this as when my uncle passed my grandfather made such a noise in the house which scared everyone. He switched lights on and off, he slammed cupboard doors in the kitchen and bedrooms and they could hear noises from other sides of the house as well. This all happened just before my uncle died. We knew he was sick though, but it was as if it was a warning that it is time.

    I got a call from my dad today, him checking in to see if everything is okay as both him and my stepmom have seen my grandfather (or so they think) in the house the last two evenings.

    On Sunday my stepmom heard him coming down the stairs from their upside bedroom while she was taking the dogs out and then as she was going back to bed she saw the figure standing by the front door. When she switched the lights on nothing was there. This freaked her out a bit as they don’t usually see it.

    My dad saw it last night as well. He heard a big bang coming from the back of the house and when he got up to see if something was going on outside, he saw the figure move from the kitchen, across the passage to the front door and also just stand there. He also switched the lights on and then there was nothing again.

    They are a little worried as they don’t know if they should take this as a warning or if this is my grandfather at all. Can anyone give me some advise on this please.


    1. Hi Bianca. I can try and give you some advice on how to handle this situation. I have to head to work now, but I’ll respond later. Is it ok to email you directly using the address that you used to leave the comment? I will have a few questions for you.


  12. My boyfriend also the father of our two sons passed away October 15th 2017. I stood up late the night coming into valentine’s day. Around 3am valentine’s day I nodded out while on Facebook as I woke back up my boyfriend was standing beside my bed holding out a dozen pink roses. They were always my favorite he’d always get me them when we had extra money or my birthday etc. Another night my son’s police truck toy went off. You have to hit the button on the side for it the sirens to play. Last night which was February 18th was the most obvious it was him though. As I was laying in bed drifting off to sleep my son’s play gun went off. You have to pull the trigger it sounds pow pow. I ignored it started dozing off again. It must have been less than a minute later it went off again. But this time three in a row. Pow pow pow pow pow pow. I than said Brandon I know your here I love you I’m going to sleep. It hadn’t went off since. I now wish I wasn’t so tired I would have stood up to try and communicate with him more, but I was already almost asleep, I’m so glad i remembered it while looking at his picture this afternoon.


    1. Hi Jennifer, I am so sorry for the loss of your significant other so recently. I can’t imagine how difficult the holidays have been for you and your children. I am so glad that your boyfriend was able to come through on valentine’s eve to present his roses to you – I have never seen an apparition myself, so I can only imagine that it must have been a truly overwhelming and emotional experience to see him again. Brandon obviously wants you to know how much he loves you and how much he is still with you and your boys. Thank you so much for sharing your experience here – it gives hope to so many who have lost loved ones and are waiting to get a sign.
      All the best,


  13. A lot of these are really stretching it. A butterfly landing on someones arm suddenly means a visit from a loved one? Happens all the time. Seeing a number plate that reminds you of someone means its a message from them? Although as a bereaved mother with zero contact from my daughter in 2 years, I am searching for the truth. I cannot see how a lot of these is evidence of anything. It seems more like wishful thinking. I know my daughter would have contacted me after she died aged 33 in an unusual manner two years ago. She hasn’t so i hold little belief anymore of any afterlife. I wish it were true. I am still looking for even the weakest sign and i ask every day and even have her ashes in my living room. I just don’t see. You also say your father never heard the words i love you from his step father and not long after that conversation he had a dream in which he was told he was loved. It seems that it would be natural after thinking about the lack of words being said to him and his feelings about that, that he would have a dream in which what he wished actually happened. I cannot see how that is evidence of anything. I genuinely hope you are right and you seem like a very kind lady wishing to help people but in my experience of trying to put one foot in front of the other every day and after two years of no contact from my very strong daughter who would have contacted me if she could, I just have very little belief any more.


    1. I forgot to add that a friend of hers who has helped me get through the last two years has had a few dreams of my daughter which she described to me. One of my daughter from when they were younger. She had notes in her hand and just threw them in the air. It has comforted me to hear you say that if they can’t get through to loved ones they will try to get through to friends etc. I am also struggling a lot and i feel no better or further forward than the day she died. I hold huge guilt and find it hard to carry on without her but am here for my sons. As said before i really want you to be right. I just find it hard to have any faith at all any more.


      1. Suzanna,
        I’m glad that your friend had the courage to tell you about her dreams of your daughter. I believe that it means that she is trying to communicate and wants you to know that she is okay. Over time, it may get easier for her to communicate with you more directly. Suzanna, I don’t blame you for questioning your faith – you’ve suffered the most excruciating loss that a person can in this life. What is the point of that suffering? It’s hard to fathom sometimes. I pray that your daughter can reach you, and give you some comfort. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to support groups in your area, or seek out grief therapy. I might also recommend a book that was written by a mother who lost her son and many years later developed a way to communicate with him. It’s called ‘Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven’ by Suzanne Ward.
        Take care,


    2. I replied to your other comment, but I wanted to add that there are around 20% of people who report not getting signs at all. I wish I could understand why some people get signs – great signs – right away, and some don’t. But there are other ways. You might consider a medium? The Forever Family Foundation certifies their mediums and while no one can guarantee a great experience, it’s a good place to start and maybe something to consider since it has been two years.


    3. Suzanna, it’s good that you are open to communication from your daughter. They say being open to it is the first step. Be open to it, without expecting it.

      My beloved father passed away last summer and for a few months afterwards, I am sure he was communicating with me. With my mother, too.

      It was not wishful thinking; that sort of thing had never occurred to me at all. It wasn’t until a few really weird incidents that I went ‘ka-thunk. This is Dad!’ It just had to be. There were no other possible explanations, and of course I am open to the possibilities.

      One night my daughter and I were staying with my mother. My daughter was sleeping on the livingroom couch. The lights were all off. I was very aware of not wanting to wake her. So when I had to get up in the night to use the bathroom, not only did I not turn on the lights in my room, or the hallway, I didn’t even turn them on in the bathroom. I peed in the dark! When I came out I was disoriented for a few seconds before I realized something: the lights were on in my room (my father’s former room). He was lighting the way for me.

      Another time, in that same room, I woke up and found the table light on. I turned it off. It came back on again. It’s like we were having a contest of wills. I think my father was playing with me.

      The weirdest incident came a few months after his death, when I had the TV on beside me as I sat at my desk. I was beside myself with grief. I was crying and saying to my Dad, “why did you leave me? I need you!” Suddenly the TV crackled and sputtered, and went out. Then, about 30 seconds later, it came back on. But it wasn’t finished yet. It did the same thing a second time: a great fiery crackling and fizzing before finally dying, then coming back on. I think he heard me.

      Once, I looked down at my cellphone. The text message screen was up – even though I had not brought it up – with just one word on it: ‘Hi.’ I looked away, or blinked a few times, and it was gone as suddenly as it had appeared.

      My mother has experienced similar electrical events, as well as a visitation dream and one period where she was getting a flurry of empty, silent or crackly phone calls .

      For us, periods of intense grief seemed to be the catalysts. I am sad that none of this has happened in a few months. Has he left us for good? I hope not.

      None of this was wishful thinking on our part (though it would be now!), and in fact we resisted believing it at first. So were were not looking for signs – just perhaps open to them.


  14. I was writing Christmas cards in December, with the shopping channel on television, when I heard static noise, like tuning in to a distant radio station, then my son’s voice shouting “mum”, then static again for a second. I turned my head in the direction of the noise and when I turned back again there was no reaction from the presenters of the live programme so the noise didn’t come from there. I realised it didn’t anyway as I recognised my son’s voice! My son died from a fast-acting cancer in the summer of 2016, so not long ago. He died the day before his 23rd birthday and had married his girlfriend at the hospice two weeks earlier, with dozens of friends turning up unexpectedly, on the day itself, and from the time he’d been admitted to hospital three weeks previously. He had to have a booking-in system after eleven of them turned up one evening. Although it was so grim they did the best thing possible for him. He had quality of life and no horrible treatments which couldn’t cure him anyway. I was thrilled when I heard him and told many people, before coming to my senses and realising I sounded quite mad, which was the reaction I was receiving, although at the same time I was fascinated to hear that some had similar stories. I had never believed in the possibility of life after death, although I have been wondering for the past six months, but I find it difficult to believe that my researching online had somehow influenced my brain to hallucinate like this (although is that not what everyone says as no-one wants to think they are imagining things). But I know I was busy with my cards at the time and not day-dreaming. For the first year I was content to think death is nothing at all and I’ve always trusted in what can be assessed scientifically. Now I don’t know what to think but it’s never far from my thoughts!! I still feel elated about it on the quiet, but just plain crazy when I read the science stuff. I can’t help thinking that my thoughts on this is the way most people would react, which is a good reason to post. Also I am enjoying your blog!


    1. Dear Alison,
      I am sorry that I am replying so late to your comment. Your son sounds like a truly strong spirit and a beautiful soul. Don’t let anyone dampen your exuberance over hearing from your son. People tend to have that reaction out of fear, but they really have no right to tell you what you experienced was not real. I don’t believe for a second that people – even grieving people – who are mentally sound will spontaneously hallucinate. And for those that say that you heard some stray static – well, there is no mistaking the voice of your child. I am glad you are being open-minded about the possibility for life after death. After all, that is what the search is all about. It’s not about belief or faith, but looking rationally at the evidence and coming to your own conclusion. I hope you keep up your research, and I’m glad to welcome you here – the ‘search’ is what we do!
      Warm regards,


  15. To lose a loved one is never easy and people go through this pain in different ways.
    Ilost my mother few years, we were very very close so it made it difficult for
    me to let go. i was in pain physically, i missed her so much it started affecting my
    personal life, work and family.
    My husband was scared because i was depress as hell, He came across a man that is
    that practice divination, reincarnation etc…..
    My husband employed is service, and it works! i saw my mother in my dreams it felt real.
    i started feeling better, my husbad asked me if it was okay to reincarnate my mother,i didn’t knew
    it was possible…. so we tried it and it works. I gave birth to twin and they bother have my mother
    qualities and character. I am still amazed that is why i am recommending him to others who desperately
    needs is services like me.
    you can reach him yourself…….
    You will thank me later it’s a promise.


    1. This has just come across as a spammy comment advertising someone who i bet charges money for his services. I absolutely would abhor the thought of reincarnation. Our loved ones not waiting for us on the other side but born again with no memory of us at all? No thanks.


      1. Reincarnation is a heavily debated topic, for sure. Though in all of the deathbed visions and LBL regressions that I’ve read, it seems like our loved ones are always waiting for us. I’ve never encountered someone who has said, ‘X isn’t here because they are on earth’, so either they don’t reincarnate until all of their loved ones are ‘back’ or some part of their spirit energy can stay in the afterlife to meet us. Those seem to be the two predominate theories on this issue for those who do believe in reincarnation. Of course, there are many spiritualists who do not believe in reincarnation. Ultimately, I think the choice is ours either way.


  16. I just told the 4 of dads ADCs. My fiancé died in my car the ADCS seemed non stop. The first was I went to our house to get clothes and told my friends it felt like London FOH Be aS there everywhere I had to get put in like 2 min it was so strong. I had never heard of ADC yet.
    2. My mom who he loved had him redo the patio. Really redid. That day I was sitting on sofa facing back
    Locked pAtio and a full size shadow went gliding by with a light tracer behind it. That pastio is locked and bolted. His watch appeared on my head board I gave him for valentines. On my phone I got a clear image of an angel above the tree begind my flipped car. This pic came off the new but not noticeable until blown way up. I have that pic. I got a text message from both Bethlehem , Pa,out of the blue 7 min after I called his mom. My bday 7/7. It’s worded as if talking to me. I have those in my phone too. Our picture spontaneously jumped off the wall to floor while I was on phone with insur co. He hit 2 cars. They never filed against my insurance. To fix their cars. They aeard d me 4200
    For a 2000
    C RV fAirbcondition. One night I wS falling asleep and heard a loud enough voice that I woke up and drive to my moms scared. My sister got the dream And my mom a small one.


  17. My mom passed away July 25, 2017. She had this little plastic bird she kept in the kitchen. I kept it and put it in our kitchen. It tweets for a couple seconds if you shake it. In October, I put my mom and dad’s ashes in a beautiful companion urn and the night I brought the urn home, my wife and I were sitting in the living room and that bird began to chirp, for at least 5 minutes non stop. Hasn’t chirped since. i think she was happy to be with my dad.


    1. Dear Rick,
      That’s amazing! I think you are right – your mom and your dad both approve. Besides their undeniable joy at being reunited, I would think they are also happy that you care so deeply for their memories that you have taken the love and care to keep their cremains in a prominent spot. My grandmother had a similar experience after my grandfather passed away – a music box on her mantle started playing on its own when she walked in the room. It happened twice on two separate occasions, then never again. I think my Grandfather was signaling that he “made it across okay.”
      Thanks for writing – if that little bird tweets again, please let me know!


  18. A couple days after my boyfriend died I went to turn the light on in the bedroom. It went on, then off for a second, then back on. It wasn’t a flicker, just a distinct off that has never happened like that before.


  19. One of my family members recently lost a very close friend and their entire family in a tragic accident. I never met this friend but felt like I knew them through pictures and Facebook posts. I feel like I was visited by my family members friend to give them a message for them. I was compelled to give the message and once I did I felt very peaceful. Am I crazy? Would someone I never met reach out to me to pass along a message? I feel like it might be because I am not personally involved and devastated by the loss of this beautiful family. Am I crazy?


    1. You are not crazy, Diane. In fact, what you’ve experienced is not as uncommon as you think and your inclination is exactly right. Because you care for this family but are somewhat removed is the reason why you were contacted with this message. Heavy grief makes it really hard if not impossible for messages to get through from the spirit world, so spirits will often seek out someone on the edges to bring their message to their loved ones. The tragedy is that many people never pass the message along, fearing that it will upset people. Spirits will also try to find a person who is naturally a little more connected to that energy. Perhaps you have some latent mediumship ability or are just sensitive. You did the right thing in my opinion and intuitively you knew that already when you passed along the message. Far from being crazy, when some people write to me frustrated because they haven’t gotten a sign, I sometimes suggest they check in with extended family and friends to see if the sign has come through them first but they were too afraid to share it. You followed your intuition and in time, it will become even more precious to the grieving that you shared your experience with them.


  20. my son was killed in a horrible motorcycle accident just 3 months ago im having a very hard time with losing him ive not had any signs from him i talk to him everyday all day what can i do to know he is ok and happy


    1. Vicky, my heart goes out to you for such a terrible loss. I’m so sorry. I know the grief is probably overwhelming. 3-6 months is around when people typically report getting their first signs, so hang in there. Keep talking, keep alert for signs and if you still haven’t heard anything by 6 months you might consider finding a reputable medium. I recommend the Forever Family Foundation – their mediums are certified and that will give you a better chance of having a successful reading. You could also look into IADC, a new type of therapy which combines grief therapy with after-death communications. For some people, it has made a world of difference in their grief. In the meantime, you might try traditional grief therapy or even just support groups to help get through the pain, which can also have the effect of making it easier for your son to get in touch. Often our deepest pain is a wall that can prevent communication. Its is possible, check in with friends and family members – often the first signs will be to someone who was close to the person but not immediate family, just for the reason that the communication gets through better to someone who is not grieving so heavily. In many cases, the person who gets the sign feels like it will be too upsetting to pass on, and the person who the message is intended for never gets it.
      I am praying that you hear from your son, Vicky, take care.


      1. Hi Jean so sorry for your sad loss, I lost my husband in June last year, the pain of grief can be unbearable I know, I contacted Lee Jameson , Welsh medium, he did me a reading on the phone, it really was good and helped me knowing he was ok.
        He has a Facebook page,

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Vicky,
      My name is Jim, and I have been reading lots stories about death. I never thought I would be looking at sites like this, but here I am. Your story kind of hit home with me. My son got killed in a motorcycle accident on Aug, 23rd 2017. He was coming home from Marine training. I don’t have to say how hard this is, since unfortunately you know what I am going through to.If you ever need a friend, my email is I would be glad to share any form of help we could share. Thank you


    3. Hi Vicky,
      I am so sorry for your terrible loss and I can only imagine how your heart is hurting.

      Although it’s not the same circumstances as yours, my husband went out for a run and died of a heart attack three years ago. I hadn’t heard of after death communication at that point, but I wrote him letters every day in a notebook, sometimes three or four times a day. I always said ‘I love you. Thankyou for being my friend. Thankyou for looking after me’ and I remembered all the things we’d done together over the years. It felt like the only way that I could manage my pain. I started to get messages from him through a friend but he also contacted me through songs, messages from living people and miraculous events. I have discovered over time that I can contact him best through letters or when I’m out for a run and doing things that always made me happy.

      I am sending love and hope.


  21. The man I’ve been dating died suddenly Dec 3, 2017. It’s now Dec 29, 2017 and I’ve been asking and pleading, ok, maybe bargaining for a sign. I woke up to an email from him oin my inbox. The email was completely blank but it was a newly composed email, not a reply, and it was from his email address.


    1. Dear Shalon, I’m so sorry for your loss. You just received one of the rarest types of ADC, a technological ADC. Other people have reported texts, words typed on their screens, even phone calls. If your loved one has the ability to use technology to contact you, then you might try EVP. I hope that his email has given you a little comfort during this painful time and I hope it leads to more contacts. I’m always amazed when I hear about technological ADCs and I’m so hopeful that he’ll try some other ways to contact you as well. Some people have also gotten missed calls from unknown numbers or voicemails with faraway voices that have been identified as ADCs. Please let me know if you get another sign, until then, know that your loved one is still around and wants you to know that you aren’t alone.
      Take care, Jenn


  22. Thank you so much for replying to me,any help and guidance I can get I will take and appreciate very much.I will try the things u suggested,if there is ever a medium on here and u pick up on absolutely ANYTHING please leave a message for me.Im grasping at straws here just to try to hear from my sis and know she’s ok at peace and around.Thank you for all the help.


  23. For four days I felt light and free – less anxious, less pre-occupied. Then I got the notification that my daughter had died and realised that she was letting me know how free and unencumbered she felt. That evening when I allowed myself to cry I could feel her presence and weight on me, giving me a hug.
    It was three weeks before the Coroner allowed the funeral. On the day a bee landed on me, it was somewhat stubborn and wouldn’t go.
    Some weeks later I was walking down the street and smelt her favourite flowers – but there weren’t any in any gardens.
    Now, just shy of five months, she visited me in a dream. The day before, every song I heard – every where I went – reminded me of her. The next day I had a nap and dreamt. It’s been sometime since I remembered my dreams but this one was vivid and has not left me.
    I saw her, she sort of ‘manifested’ and gave me a hug – it was so real, so tight that it was tangible in the dream. It was a short visit, didn’t last long at all, I asked a couple of questions but there wasn’t any communication from her. When I woke I felt a sense of love and a calmness I hadn’t felt since she passed. As there was no good-bye a hug is what I’ve been missing the most. My grief, although still intense, isn’t to the degree where it interferes so much with my day to day functioning.
    When she first appeared in the dream it was hard for her to ‘come through’ – in the dream I thought maybe because it was the first time she had done and the first time for her spirit to access that personality since passing. She also kept melding and transition between ages.
    My concern though is that she was actually confused and maybe she hasn’t ‘moved on’. Perhaps, my grief and/or the circumstances of her death have bound her here somehow.
    How do I help her should she need it?


    1. Dear Jill, thank you for sharing all of the incredible ways that your daughter has remained in connection with you. I can’t imagine the pain and grief you are feeling, especially during this time of year. To me, it doesn’t sound like your daughter hasn’t moved on. She doesn’t seem to show herself in distress and you didn’t mention that you sense her around you physically. Her signs have all given you a sense of peace and well-being, which is not the case with spirits in distress or who haven’t moved on. In addition, she has been able to communicate with you in quite sophisticated ways – something that earthbound spirits can’t quite manage. Nevertheless, the best way to help anyone who has passed on is to offer your love and forgiveness, if needed. It sounds like your daughter is already in the light, and so I would just accept the beautiful blessings she is offering you through her love for you. You will always remain connected together and ultimately, your daughter would want you to know that she is happy and free of the pain and uncertainty of life. Take comfort in her signs and know that she will remain with you until you meet again.
      Take care, Jill, and thanks for writing.


  24. Hi there.
    I have experienced lately (the last 2months) a very odd and strange physical message from, I figure, the other side or spirit. I have read through these comments and articles and my description doesn’t come forward anywhere. I started getting images, symbols, letters or words of some form of communication on my t-shirts. I am hoping I will receive a response from this email or comment as I would really like to upload the images on my shirts to prove this as actual evidence. These markings on my shirt has now come forward 6 times on various days the last 2 months. The images appear on my sleeping t-shirts and at first I wiped them off as they were nothing. The 3rd appearance I showed to my wife as a matter of interest and concern. I did take a photograph as such to keep as evidence. Since then I had an appearance or marking on a red t-shirt very clearly marked `D9`. the next one appeared again on a grey t-shirt marking either `9i` or `9l` or it could be an `e` reversed. These markings seems to be made in white chalk and the last 2 markings appeared on my t-shirts at night during 5pm – 10pm while I was awake, 2 Fridays consecutively. Not me nor my wife had made any markings or writing on my shirts whatsoever and cannot explain this at all. The shirts were clean when I put them on. Both my parents are deceased and the only explanation I could have is communication from them somehow through this markings. I really need some comments on this or a possible motivation.
    Regards Jan (South Africa)


    1. Hi Jan, sorry for the delayed reply. That is very unusual. Do you have any reason to suspect that your house is haunted? Secondly, is there anything going on in your life for which your parents might be concerned or want to get a message to you? Anyone who has passed on your wife’s side? Have you been having any odd dreams lately or anything strange going on in your house? I’m sure you are frustrated to figure out what this means. I might suggest asking whomever it is to please be more specific or try another way of communicating their message. I would not suggest using a Ouija board to communicate though, if this is a mischievous spirit then taking the bait could encourage a negative haunting. For now, I could continue to simply record what is communicated and take pictures when it happens. If it develops further, the messages begin to make sense, or you detect a presence in your house, then let me know and we can figure out the next steps. Feel free to email me at


  25. My Dad died just over 2 weeks ago. I am desperate to know he is okay and would gain so much comfort if he were able to communicate with me.

    I love him and want him to know x


    1. Emma, I’m so sorry for the loss of your father. I can assure you that your father knows you love him. He can hear you when you say it and he can feel it in his heart – spirits are very attuned to our emotions. Two weeks must feel like an eternity for you and your grief is understandably very heavy, but your father is only at the beginning of his journey. While some people get communications quickly after someone passes, it is more common that it doesn’t occur until a few months go by. Part of the reason is because it is hard for a spirit to get through to a person who is so sad. Don’t lose hope, though. Tell you dad how much you miss him, and how you feel. Give him some time and keep your eyes open to possible signs. If you don’t hear from him after 3-6 months, then you might consider a reputable medium. I pray that he comes through to comfort you well before then, though. Sending you peace, Emma. -Jenn


  26. As I was reading through I was surprised to see I have experienced 7 out of 12 types of signs! My son passed away only 3 short months ago (forever 11), suddenly in his sleep. His whole life I felt he and I had a stronger bond than just Mom and child, he and I were a team. He was an old soul, and very empathetic. He was also very intelligent, wonderful, amazing, etc… So I guess it makes sense that now he’s the most amazing spirit guide I could get! I miss him physically so much every day, but when I am able to meditate, and really focus on our love I hear him (spiritually) loud and clear. I have already seen a medium she was fantastic, he came through right away. Lol, I knew it was him because he wouldn’t let her talk to anyone else before he could talk to me. Not in a rude way, but in an 11 year old boy wanting to talk to his Mom after being unable to for so long. I absolutely 150% believe he is with me all the time, and we will be together again one day.


    1. Lara,
      To suffer such a loss, my heart goes out to you. I am inspired by everything you are doing to keep the connection to your son strong – you are a wonderful example of the way we can continue to have our loved ones close and involved in our lives, even from beyond ‘the veil’. Of course, it will never replace the grief and loss of his physical presence, but it can mean maintaining that love connection until we are all reunited with our loved ones again. 7 out of 12 signs is amazing – especially after only three months, but then again kids have such high energy and their connection with spirit is strong, I don’t doubt that you are still and will always be front and center in your little boy’s life. The meditation is so important and you’ve already discovered how it can bring that communication into clear focus. I’d love to hear how your relationship evolves and grows over time, please let me know how things progress. Sending you strength and hope, Lara… Jenn


  27. My loved one died three weeks ago his death is a slight mystery he was my soul mate and nine days after his death he came to my bedroom it was 6 in morn I communicated with him physically spiritually he answered all my unanswered questions a felt his hands around Me like electricity the room was filled with colour a pink and purple he stayed with me for two hours a seen his face but I was fully awake I had my eyes closed for most of the time asifelt anxious and a little afraid but not scared but unsettled he said he was in a hurry to get to me and explain his hurtful behaviour on earth like a full deep soulful conversation about he was troubled it was nt him and I was the love of his life and how this world was nt for him he was troubled and was meant for the next World were he was at peace he said we got separated like he gave his life up to save mine and that only our souls could reconnect if he passed as on earth a was so troubled by his behaviour his anxiety his mental health his constant betrayal he said to begin his journey he wanted my forgiveness to go forward the next realm of his journey was to see his loved ones that had passed I neva forgot one word he said even tho a can’t even remember wot I did most days his words that morning a remember every word word to word this was deffibetly a surreal experience I will never forget that’s all for now as I waited a lifetime for those words a guide a special visit touched by an angel I truly believe in the after life I feel truly blessed to have experienced it it has changed me as a person that’s all for now it’s not something I want to share but to tell everyone he came back with all the answers to tell me there’s a beautiful after life awaiting but if you leave a trail of destruction behind you must revisit and gain forgiveness to move on in spirit x


    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Eunice. Three weeks – I know the pain is so fresh and so real for you. Your experience illustrates how important forgiveness is for those who pass into the next world. On earth, we often don’t understand or realize the ways we hurt the people who love us, but it becomes painfully clear when we are shown how our actions have caused such pain in others. It was likely that he was a little ‘stuck’ until he could get forgiveness from you as you mentioned – he needed to gain your forgiveness to move on in spirit. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things we can offer – both the living and those in spirit. Many people don’t realize that how we feel about those who have passed has a real effect on their ability to move forward. Although I can imagine how difficult your grief, I am glad that his visit has given you the strength and knowledge that love is eternal. I believe your soul mate will be a kind of guide for you through this life; as you clearly were for him in his.


  28. I have got many signs from my youngest Son who passed away ..
    My favorite one is when I went to his Tombstone Bench and as my friend was video taping me I felt someone touch my hand , but I didn’t pay it any attention cuz nobody was by me .. After I released two Birthday Balloons in the Sky and they disappeared I looked down and seen a Shimmery Silver Substance and it was round and in the middle of it was a Perfect Cross and above that looked like a Fingerprint ..
    I knew my Son was in Heaven when I seen this .
    I also sat up in bed around the time my Son died and I never do that when I wake up , not long after I woke up my Oldest Son called me and told me that they found him unresponsive on the bathroom floor ..
    I wish I could post a picture of the Shimmery Silver Substance with the Perfect Cross and Fingerprint , but I can’t on this post cuz it doesn’t give me the option to post a picture here ..


    1. Hi Patrice,
      My condolences for the loss of your son – I cannot fathom the loss of the child and the grief you must bear. It definitely sounds like your son is communicating with you. When my friend lost her father, she was tapped on the shoulder – similar to feeling someone touch your hand. Its wonderful that you were able to get a picture of the cross and fingerprint. That is a treasure. I love the symbolism. Fingerprints are unique. Your son is loved uniquely by God who knows him, loves him, and is holding him close. Of course he is in heaven, but I am sure he’s always visiting his family as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story.


  29. hello my name is Jennifer Collins. My sister I LOOK JUST LIKE passed away at a very young age of 39,She was a nurse and also the nurse to her husband who had just a stem cell transplant from 2nd time with stage4 lymphoma cancer, ill never forget her having signs of sickness but no one could figure it out,long story short on THanksgiving 2014 she told us the most horrifying words I HAVE A RARE CANCER……WHAT WHY HOW BOTH MY NEPHEWS PARENTS???? 3 mos later February 15th 2015 she took her last breath.My parents my other sister have had encounters with her. I have had dreams here and there but I don’t know if she was really here seeing me or not.She loved spirits after life I thought she would come through so easy to me.How can I open my mind body soul to her to come to me?i seriously need her so bad and I actually crave to hear her see her or something I know she for sure did,Is there ANYTHING I can do to help her come to me?and do u know if she has and if so how??ive begged for help I pray you answer and guide me anyway you can…with love Jennifer I MISS YOU BIG SIS SO MUCH AND LOVE U ALWAYS..please post here or email me


    1. Hi Jennifer, so sorry for the delay in answering. It’s tough to know why some spirits come through very quickly and some do not. It is possible that your sister is still coming to terms with her death at such a young age. She may need to come to terms with it before she can face her family. It is also possible that your grief and desire to communicate is actually blocking the communication. Here’s what I would suggest. First, talk to her out loud. Once a day or every few days is fine. Most importantly, tell her that you miss her but you aren’t angry with her. Make sure she knows that you just want her to be happy. She might need that reassurance. Secondly, try daily meditation. 5 minutes to start is fine. Focus on happy times with her, send love, then let your mind go blank. That will help with the emotional and spiritual connection. If you still don’t get a sign after a few months of this, then I would seek a medium – you can find a good one through the Forever Family Foundation or the Windbridge institute. Its possible that she might need the services of a professional to communicate (not all spirits are great at sending signs, unfortunately, but that’s where a medium can be a great help!).
      Good luck and let me know if you hear from your sister!


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