Incredible Apparition of ‘Girl in a Floral Dress’ Caught on Camera in Glasgow Museum

As evidence of life after death, most paranormal images tend to be pretty inconclusive.  With anyone able to manipulate images today with the barest of skill, most images I come across simply cannot be viewed without suspicion.  Once in a while though, you come across an image that seems like it has the hallmarks of authenticity.  Although I could never in good conscience say that I believed this picture was 100% genuine or that it presented any real proof of life after death, it is one of the more startling “paranormal” images I have seen that aren’t blatantly obvious photo manipulations.

Louise Murphy and her 9-year old son Owen were visiting The Riverside Museum in Glasgow when they entered the Mitre Bar, one of the museum’s seven Victorian-themed reconstructions as part of their “step-back-in-time” main street project.  Murphy took photographs of the pub on her Galaxy S5 phone and claims that only she and her son were in the room and nothing unusual was seen while the pictures were being taken.

When reviewing the images later, Murphy found this image of what looks like a little girl in a flowered dress waving at the camera.

Original Image Credit: Mercury Press

In answer to skeptics that claim that the photo has been manipulated, Louise Murphy has responded that she doesn’t know how to use Photoshop, and is willing to submit the image to experts to verify her claim of authenticity.

The Daily Record interviewed Murphy and one of the former owners of the pub, who claims that there were “stories and alleged sightings of a young washer girl who tragically died in the area during the Victorian period.”

Could it be a hoax?

We simply don’t know yet.  What would be Louise Murphy’s motivation for the hoax?  Was she paid money by Mercury Press for the photo?  Is she looking for notoriety?  Is it possible that this image was produced to drum up business for the museum?  These are all valid questions.

UPDATE 9/4/16: Awesome blogger and artist/writer Sally used her magic with Photoshop to test the waters and see if she could create something relatively similar as the above image.  She claims she produced the picture below in only a half-hour and all I can say is WOW.

Many thanks to Sally for her artistic contributions!  Please check out her page here:

Sally’s work has now made me re-evaluate the museum image.  If Sally can produce the image below in less than 30 minutes, what could a team of dedicated graphic designers do with unlimited money, technology and motivation?


You can read the original news report at the Daily Record here.


12 thoughts on “Incredible Apparition of ‘Girl in a Floral Dress’ Caught on Camera in Glasgow Museum

  1. Hey Jenn,
    Interesting pic I must say ! I’ve seen pics before as you’ve mentioned. I saw a video once a couple years back, believe it was in Mexico or South America some where were an apparition appearing somewhat human walking thru some chain link fence. It was caught on security video and scared the security guards who observed it. It appeared to be a male just walking along right thru the fence. Ethereal, is that how it’s spelled ?, anyway sure looked that energy in human form like the pic you’ve shown here in this post. I’ve seen others too as you’ve mentioned also. So, we’ll just have to wait on an update and see what’s what… Im inclined to believe some people are still here right close to us and our dimension “reality”


  2. Oh dear. This is a tricky one. I must start by saying that just because something can be faked, doesn’t meat to say that it is faked. And I would love to see an image that is totally convincing and could never have been faked. But I never have, and that includes this one. Personally I love using Photoshop as an art medium. This now means that I could make a pretty good job of creating a spirit image and could easily find a way of recreating a picture such as this one. One of the most convincing factors is often the genuineness of the photographer. But there are strange things that can happen to digital equipment that the operator may be unaware of. Like -traces of previous images may be left on the memory card after deleting, which then show up on a new shot. The photographer may well be perfectly innocent and thus be fooled themselves. Sadly, this one doesn’t convince me at all. Disappointing. Damn it! Sally.


    1. Thanks for your honest appraisal, Sally. I agree that with images you just can never know. I don’t think images can ever be used as evidence for life after Death for the reasons you specified. It will always remain inconclusive. Out of the thousands of ghost photos I’ve seen though, this one looked interesting enough to post. I hope an expert analyzes it. That’s interesting about the digital bleed through you mentioned, I guess that is a possibility here though I would hope she’d recognize the girl in the photo. I think it would be an interesting exercise to try to recreate this using Photoshop just to see if we could make something this convincing. I’m probably not good enough to do it myself but maybe I’ll give it a shot anyway.


      1. Jenn,
        My biggest thing would be to actually see one of them over there on the other side in this realm. I can feel them for sure as I’ve felt them around many times. That would be a real “kick in the pants” ! Lol ! No one would believe me but, it would settle some issues as to why they just can’t show themselves to us who believe from time to time… I read something some where from years ago having to do with the advent of cameras. Maybe the first cameras every made had something to do with capturing something on film… Don’t know but Im still gonna think and contemplate, meditate and talk to them on the other side and keep asking for one of them to show themselves to me cause I wanna know !

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Tim,
          I do too!! I might be scared out of my wits if a ghost suddenly appeared in my bedroom, but I’d know for darn sure that the afterlife was real and my search would basically be over, lol!


  3. Last March in Spanish fork Utah 3 police officers heard a women’s voice pleading help us we are in here. They had observed the driver was already deceased but immediately entered the icy river to turn the car over. The found 18 month old lily upside down in her car seat frozen. The baby was successfully revived at the hospital

    I watched an interview of the police after the incident and although they appeared very uncomfortable they all emphatically stated there was a women’s voice pleading for help

    The body camera recorded the entire rescue and you hear the police reassuring someone they are trying to help as they turn the car over

    Officer Tyler has written a book about this and how he believes it was an angel voice guiding them to the baby.

    I was wondering if you had read about this and what your opinion is of this voice heard by several law enforcement officers


  4. Any normal camera (and especially smartphone cameras) are within the boundaries of the lightspan the human eye can observe – Meaning – the human eye can see a larger span of wavelengths than the camera in the phone – Meaning – that if the eye couldn’t see it, the camera can’t capture it.

    This includes most cameras but not the ones that is called infra-red (higher wavelength) or ultra-violet (lower wavelength) cameras.

    So yes – this is a museum PR-stunt.


    1. That is fascinating, I had no idea that the human eye was superior. Very interesting, yang. Thank you. I think the museum did get a good crowd after this so I guess it worked.


  5. Jenn,

    Meant to say….

    Suspect this image may have been created [by] a ghost prank type of smartphone application.

    Apologies for the re-transmission.


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