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  1. Hi Jenn – Been reading a lot of your blogs lately. I noticed you had Huff Paranormal listed in one of your reference sections. Not sure if you take requests or anything like that but I’d be really interested in reading your thoughts on the stuff he’s doing with spirit communication and EVPs. Ive been watching him a lot on YouTube lately and some of the stuff he puts together is very intriguing. The technical side of the audio equipment is a bit over my head but if he’s the real deal it’s pretty exciting to see the possibilities of what it could develop into.


    1. Hi Terry! A lot of people have varying opinions on Huff Paranormal, mainly with his personality. But honestly, he seems to be one of the best at what he does, even if he does think a bit highly of himself, lol. I have also been very intrigued at what he does, his Robin Williams EVP was amazing. I haven’t looked up what he’s been doing lately – anything standout good? Thank you for checking out my posts, I’m new at this blogging thing, and I’m trying to get better, learning some lessons along the way, for sure! I’m glad that you’ve decided to stick around – you’ve added a lot to the conversation. 🙂


      1. Actually a couple weeks ago he had an experience where he said he got attacked by something and almost quit doing these communications. That’s kinda what made me start looking into it a little more. Here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y68sk_dq4WU Not quite sure what to make of it but I have some theories. The thing about Steve is a lot of his descriptions turned me off at first, I kinda read them as the same kind of wording you get with a lot of BS videos. That being said he seams like a decent guy and it looks like this is much more of a hobby for him than a business. Not to mention the technology aspect of it is very intriguing to me makes me wonder if he’s on to something bigger. Funny you mention the robin williams one. I was not expecting much from it but the voice on the evp shocked me how much it sounds like him. I also saw in a later video Steve asked if robin was still there and the response was that he was gone, ‘they helped him’ or something to that extent.


  2. Hello Jenn,
    I found your blog ‘Multidimentional afterlife’ very interesting it seemed to confirm the direct voice medium Leslie Flint, i presume you know of him, what do you think of his recordings ? When those in spirit talk of working, making things, building things, i always wondered if an accident could happen since they speak of the plane that they are on as being much like earth,what would happen if a man building a tall house fell off the building on to a concrete floor would he go through a second ‘death’, feel pain, have broken bones ? If an afterlife followed natural laws and not some concept formed by a creator then it would seem only proper that all living things whether animal,plant or bacteria would have an afterlife but an animal or bacteria could have no issues with negative thoughts or evil actions. Would Neanderthal man have an afterlife ? presumably but his life would be formed by a struggle for survival,there would probably be no possibility for thoughts on moral precepts. Just a few thoughts from me.


    1. Hi David. Based on other spirit communications I’ve read, there is no way to damage the spirit body in the same way as the physical body. There are laws to the spirit world, but they are energy and thought based rather than physical. Our bodies in the afterlife are made of light and clothed in expectation. Then again, I’ve read that some people die and still have diabilities and illnesses bc they believe so strongly that they still have them. Once the belief is gone, they are well and whole.


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