Channeling Erik – Miraculous Conduit to the Afterlife or Exploitation of a Mother’s Grief?

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I’ve been wanting to review the breakout phenomenon that is Channeling Erik for some time.  Dr. Elisa Medhus and her blog have become the newest spiritual darlings of the new age sect.  I’ve been following her blog for about a year now, and have seen it grow into a brand; she’s penned two books, holds events and workshops of her own, and is now being interviewed by all of the usual denizens of the new age circuit.  I’m surprised she hasn’t been interviewed by Bob Olsen yet, but I’m sure that’s bound to be in the works sooner or later (if it isn’t yet, at the time of this writing).

That being said, Dr. Elisa Medhus is in a club that no parent ever wants to join.  Her son sadly committed suicide by self-inflicted gun shot wound.  Dr. Medhus, being a doctor and an Atheist, was struggling with her grief and all of the guilt and questions that accompany a tragedy of that magnitude.  After receiving a few tantalizing clues that her son might still be around in some form, she sought a medium that could connect her with her son, Erik.  She found that medium in the person of Jamie Butler.  After a few sessions, Elisa started a blog entitled Channeling Erik to journal her grief, connect with other bereaved parents, provide suicide outreach and chronicle her sessions with Jamie.

I actually found this blog through youtube.  Elisa posts some of her sessions there, and I was intrigued but hesitant. In most cases, mediums are lucky to get a half-dozen facts that are verifiable by the family.  In this case, Jamie claims to physically see Erik standing in her room, and describes both his mannerisms as well as parrots him word-for-word.  If she is the real-deal, she could very well be the most talented medium in the world.  On the other hand, I’ve never seen anything close to her talent anywhere else, which of course, makes me a bit suspicious.  In fact, she doesn’t call herself a medium, rather a spirit translator and the description, based on what she seems to do, is accurate.  On youtube, you can see her regarding someone off camera, listening and sometimes laughing, and asking for clarification at times.  If she’s faking it, she’s honed her craft well.  Dr. Medhus seems to believe that Jamie is real and that she is sincerely speaking with her son which does carry a lot of weight for me.  I would think that a mother would be able to instantly tell if someone was lying about their child, including getting facts wrong about Erik’s death, his family and other assorted issues.  I cannot believe that Dr. Medhus is so desperate to believe that she would overlook glaring mistakes and I can’t imagine that Jamie Butler could lie so well and so completely for this long without any major slip-ups.  Jamie has expanded into full trance channeling; which they do as organized events.  I’ve watch these events, and see where her body is supposedly taken over by Erik.  It’s very convincing to my eyes.  The first time that Jamie trance channeled Erik, Dr. Medhus described how it felt to “hug” her son.  She said that he loped over to her in the same sheepish way he would have when alive, and the hug, even in the wrong body, felt real to her.  I asked her if the mannerisms were truly Erik, which she emphatically agreed they were.

Dr. Elisa Medhus

Although some of what Jamie and Dr. Medhus post is hard to swallow, I am loath not to trust a mother, especially a doctor who is trained to pay attention to details.  In my opinion, there are only three possibilities.  First, Jamie could be a tremendous fraud, spending all of her time researching deceased personalities and honing her acting skills to the level where she can fool a grieving mother.  Secondly, Jamie might be a lackluster fraud, getting a lot of facts wrong and yet because Dr. Medhus wants to so desperately to believe, she edits out Jamie’s mistakes.  Third, everything on the Channeling Erik blog might be actually as its portrayed, in which case, it’s worth our attention and respect.  If you aren’t already familiar with the Channeling Erik blog, or the two books that Dr. Medhus has written about Erik and the afterlife, I would advise you to visit the blog, read from the very first post of the archive, and after following for a few months minimum decide which of the three realities you believe in.

After many personal sessions, Dr. Medhus and Jamie began to branch out in their conversations.  Somehow, Erik is able to bring forward various celebrities and historical figures for Elisa to interview.  Usually, mediums can only bring forth people emotionally connected to the sitter, so celebrity interviews are not possible unless the sitter is themselves connected.  This garnered the attention of a lot of new-agers and spiritual seekers, and began to propel Dr. Medhus and Jamie into the spotlight.

One interview was with Jesus himself.  This attracted a lot of interest, but also ire.  The interview itself was interesting, and Jesus admitted that his birth was common and also that he survived the resurrection.  It doesn’t quite square with what I’ve read about Jesus through other channeled sources, namely Seth, but it doesn’t exactly disqualify it either.  Seth gets very technical in his explanation of the crucifixion, bringing up probable Christs and multiple realities.  I would think that the real Christ would spare us the highly technical spiritual aspects and just go along with the party line.   Regardless, an interview with Jesus Christ is an extraordinary claim; this is the man that millions of Christians around the world revere above all others and would likely do almost anything to be able to see and speak with the almighty.  So, it felt oddly disjointed to be watching a video where Jamie is claiming to speak directly with him in the middle of her living room.  Elisa was not raised with religion, so some of her questions were a little cringe-worthy.

As always, I like to keep an open mind but a level head.  When she interviews celebrities, I like to research what was said to look for errors.  Elisa doesn’t get into scandalous topics on purpose, as she says, this is not meant to exploit.  Nevertheless, there is information that the real celebrity should not get wrong.  Every celebrity interview that I researched gave information that could be readily found in the wikipedia entry for that person; which, for a skeptic might be a strike against Jamie Butler. There are times after a difficult question, where Jamie tends to temporarily change the topic, or laugh, or have some sort of difficulty.  This is the time when perhaps she could be glancing at her wiki page or thinking of an answer.  Again, I haven’t made up my mind either way, I’m just putting it all out there.

I did find some really glaring problems with her interview with John Lennon.  John claimed his aunt inspired him musically and gave him his first guitar.  This is completely incorrect according to his own quotes while alive, where he discussed how he felt stifled by his aunt.  Moreover, his mother gave him his first guitar.  Jamie also got information wrong about how he died and his religion. [Updated 1/31/16: Dr. Medhus addressed the inaccuracies in the lead up to her John Lennon Interview, Part II: “And now for part two of John Lennon’s interview. Please know that I make a point not to fact check after any of these sessions. Because all mediums are human, and all humans have some filtering, of course we can expect an inaccuracy or two. Taking that into account, I continue to be amazed — no, awestruck— by Jamie’s gift. She is the most open channel I’ve ever had the honor to know.”]

I went to the blog and found a few people who mentioned these inconsistencies, but their comments were ignored.  Apparently, there have been distortions in the interviews from Walt Disney and Buddy Holly as well, though I didn’t research them myself, but read comparisons that others had done.  I understand that distortions are part of mediumship.  No medium is every 100% accurate all of the time.  The whole thing feels a bit strange though, and it definitely sticks in my mind when I’m evaluating the blog.

Jamie Butler, Spirit Translator

The next issue I have is with money.  When I researched Jamie Butler initially, I found that she was charging around $200 per session.  It’s a little on the expensive side, but taking her talent into consideration and the fact that most people only sit for one hour, I think it’s appropriate.  I would pay $200 to have a deceased love one’s words translated word for word for me, including descriptions of what they look like and their mannerisms.  However, since her stratospheric rise in popularity from the Channeling Erik blog, she has since raised her prices to $500 [$600 as of 2016] an hour.  I have nothing against professional mediums charging for their work; but it seems to me that this price is exorbitant.  I know that Elisa is still paying Jamie, because she has mentioned that Jamie is very expensive and she was starting to look at other mediums to share the load.  I would think that Jamie would give Elisa a deal, since Dr. Medhus has increased her popularity and visibility 100-fold.  I don’t know what kind of system they have worked out – I don’t know if Dr. Medhus is paying retail prices or not, but I certainly do have a problem with someone charging $500 an hour for their services.  If I were gifted in the way that Jamie claims to be, I would keep the prices reasonable so that grieving parents could access these services.  Charging this much for a session prices out many people who could really benefit from her abilities.  Instead, she’s catering to the rich or the seriously desperate.  According to her website, she only accepts phone or Skype appointments, and if you bring another person, there is an additional $75 dollar fee.

In this world, we do pay more for rarity.  She supposedly has a rare gift; and sure, it’s worth more.  But keep in mind that she has few overhead costs.  She isn’t running a store, she doesn’t need inventory.  She was given this gift freely; she didn’t have to attend school or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a degree.  While I’m sure she has put time and some money into this, it can’t possibly justify costing two or three times as much as seeing a medical doctor for an hour.  Dr. Medhus is, in fact, a medical doctor.  If I spent an hour at her office, the bill surely would be far less than $500.  The costs of a doctor go toward insurance, office space rental, staff salaries and more, not to mention the decade spent studying to become a doctor and all of the school loans that invariably go with it. Jamie Butler works out of her home and uses nothing except the skill she was born with and a computer.  What about this requires charging people $500?  She’s not the only medium that does this, by far, but I think it smacks of greed.

A lot of people would disagree with me, I’m sure.  They might say – a rare painting can cost thousands, a rare diamond can cost millions.  What price can you put on having an hour to speak directly with a cherished love one?  I can understand why people would pay it.  Maybe it’s unfair that I would hold mediumship abilities to a higher standard.  But when you come into this life with a spiritual gift, I think it’s wrong to use it for greed.  Again, I am not against her charging enough to have a comfortable life.  But consider that if she does only four sessions a day – four hours total – she’s making $2,000 dollars a day.  That’s $40,000 dollars a month, or a whopping $480,000 a year.  That’s a half-million dollars a year, ladies and gentleman.  For a part-time job.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Again, I want to say that I don’t believe that Dr. Medhus is anything but an honest woman who is grieving terribly.  I sincerely hope that she is not being taken advantage of, because honestly I can’t think of anything more monstrous than for a person to take advantage of a grieving parent.  When that parent realizes that their communications were a lie, you’ve just destroyed their faith and basically killed their child all over again.  There are a lot of mediums out there that would gladly take money and lie with a smile.  Aside from the money she charges and the dubious celebrity interviews, I still have some faith that Jamie Butler isn’t a fraud and it mostly rests of my belief that Dr. Medhus, after all of this time, would have finally noticed.  I just don’t think anyone could keep up the lie that well for that long without being called out.  In addition, Jamie, speaking for Erik, gets into some deep, difficult spiritual topics.  I think it would be difficult for Jamie to make up long complicated answers on the spot and stay consistent over time with her philosophy.

Then, there is the spiritual information itself.  I have read both of Dr. Medhus’s books.  The second, “My Life after Death’ was supposedly written by her son, through Jamie.  The information is consistent with my research about the afterlife.  I didn’t find any contradictions, and I really enjoyed the book in spite of myself.  I noticed certain turns of phrase that Erik uses that match Dr. Medhus’s speech as well, which you would expect if she had raised him.  For example, they both say “fussed at” instead of yelled at, or nagged at.  It’s a small thing, but I noticed it.  The book goes into great detail about Erik’s family and the circumstances around his death.  Unless Dr. Medhus is unknowingly complicit by reminding Jamie about what happened, the info is correct.  I would hope that Dr. Medhus, in her desire to believe Jamie, wouldn’t overlook fact distortions.

In summation, I want to believe that Jamie is real.  Partly because I can’t fathom the evil that she must possess to take advantage of grieving families, and partly because there is a lot of great spiritual information available here.  If she is truly in contact with Erik, then his descriptions of the afterlife can teach us a lot about what we will encounter when we get there one day.

I think it would be wrong to dismiss Channeling Erik out of hand.  It does seem too good to be true, particularly when they post celebrity interviews.  They are one of the only sitter/medium pairs that have done this, and it has attracted the attention of a lot of skeptical ridicule.  However, it is important to note that we don’t become all-knowing in the afterlife, so distortions and errors can come from either Erik or Jamie, or both.  We shouldn’t convince ourselves of their fraudulence just because of a few mistakes in translation.  However, it would be equally wrong to believe with wide-eyes every tantalizing thing channeled by Jamie Butler.  You must always keep an open mind and learn what you can from every source of information about the afterlife, and yet, always be on the lookout for liars and charlatans.  Sadly, there are many out there and they aren’t always so easy to spot.

Channeling Erik could be a one-of-a-kind phenomenon or the result of a mother so lost to grief from losing her son to suicide that she has convinced herself that Jamie Butler and her wall-street CEO-level salary is the salvation that she needs to cope.  Through her desperation to believe, she might overlook fact distortions or subconsciously edit them out to preserve her need to believe.  The one thing I can say for sure is that Dr. Medhus truly believes.  I feel there is zero chance that she is complicit in any lie.  I do not believe she would exploit her own son’s suicide.  In addition, she has stated many times on her blog that she doesn’t make a cent of profit from either the blog or the books, nor does she accept charity.

Ultimately, the truth may never be known.  In this case, it will likely be a matter of faith- your faith- that you feel this is real in your gut.  Similarly, you may visit the blog and decide that it feels completely wrong.  Either way, I do encourage you to put the time and research into it.  It it is an honest connection to the afterlife, it might very well be one of the most amazing introductions to the afterlife through the experience of a very entertaining young man.  Don’t take the chance of missing out on the possibility by dismissing this out of hand.  On the other hand, make sure you read and watch with a critical eye.  Look for fact distortions, especially with the celebrity interviews.  Take the time to really study the blog and watch the videos before you make a decision.

If you do take the time to research the blog, I would love to hear your opinions and comments.  Until then, I will continue to follow the Channeling Erik blog and report back with any updates.


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  1. Something that I have noticed about Jamie, that I find a bit peculiar: she claims to be uncomfortable when Erik swears and that it’s not in her natural vocabulary to swear so it was hard for her to get used to when channeling Erik. However, I have found, on many occasions when you watch her videos (e.g. the one she posted yesterday on her Facebook page about karma/contracts) and she willingly used the word “asshole” and “boom” – which appear very much in line with how Erik talks. So I have two thoughts on this: either she has “taken on” his style of communication, or from the get-go this was the persona she provided Erik. I’m not sure if she’s the real deal, or if she simply 100% believes in her abilities to the point where she’s convinced herself and can disassociate and “turn” into someone else. For “Grace” a spirit she channels, she uses a British accent. I would like to know if she could then do any accent…? You would assume she could, because it is “spirit” talking through her right? It’s unfortunate there are not many more reviews from others about their reading with her. I think the content she provides is interesting, engaging. I am just not sure if I believe in her mediumship abilities.

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    1. Interesting. I heard from a person who works on a radio show with her in no uncertain terms that she has ‘broken ties’ with Channeling Erik. When I had asked about it, I was reminded again that she was definitely not working with them anymore. I wonder if there had been a falling out? As for her abilities; its too hard to know. I listened to a mediumship session she did with a client who posted it on youtube and it didn’t sound anything like the stuff she used to do with Erik; I don’t mean in content, just that she claimed to respond word for word with Erik, and with this client it was more vague. The client also volunteered a lot of information – a no no when seeking mediumship services. So I don’t know. There would be lots of ways that she could prove her talent, but if she doesn’t feel like proving it to people like me, I guess she isn’t required to. Unfortunately, there are a lot of would-be supporters who can’t get in line without it. As for the accent; a lot of channelers use accents. Jane Roberts, Elias, Bashar, Veronica, etc. Some don’t – Lee Carrol, Geoff Hoppe, etc. The way it was explained by Jane Roberts was that Seth created a psychological bridge, relying on her vocabulary to form ideas into words. Others have said that the medium moves his or her consciousness aside to allow the spirit to speak through them. Leslie Flint also used accents, though oddly, some were wrong. For example, his ‘Chopin’ sounded French, when he was Polish. Now, Channeling isn’t understood from a scientific perspective, so who’s to say what role the medium has? Skeptics often point to the fact that mediums can’t speak additional languages while in trance (well most, anyway). If the channeler is relying on the medium’s vocabulary, then it makes sense that they can’t. On the other hand, then why the accent?

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  2. Absolutely I agree with you on her readings with clients being so vague and her readings with Erik and celebrities being so specific. She would answer questions more quickly, whereas with client readings she takes a very long time in a round about way.
    I hope this next comment isn’t offensive, however I find it very odd that she has as much post-secondary education as she does but her own vocabulary, knowledge is very limited when you hear her speak or channel. There is only one interview that had me thinking she was 100% legitimate, and that would have been Gandhi’s. He was a very well spoken man and she struggled to say some of the words he did, which to me felt authentic to who he probably was. But many other videos/interviews/changelings have me questioning more than believing.

    Here is something interesting, apparently the producer of her recent podcast “the lighter side” has left the show and/or was fired. He’s posted this on some website and I’m curious to know what happened. It should be noted, he has a picture of Honey Boo Boo as the profile picture instead of Jamie.

    “HEY LUMINAIRES Producer Andrew is no longer with The Lighter Side show due to irreconcilable differences. For those who have followed Jamie since channeling Erik we can tell you it is those same differences which brought that relationship to an end. While we do not speak for Channeling Erik we were privy to the split. The same can be said for the departure of Jamie’s former Co-Host Amy Nyland. Sometimes greed can mire the good. If you have any questions we are happy to address them at this time.”



    1. Hi there,
      I wanted to let you know that I did follow up about what happened with Jamie and ‘The Lighter Side’. I’ll be posting about it soon. Thanks for the heads up! I’m going to listen to the Ghandi interview – interesting. I wonder, though, if her intellectual presentation is intended as contrast?


      1. Looking forward to hearing about what you learned. I still find it peculiar that there are virtually no reviews on her online. You bring up a good point regarding her creating contrast. I find she’s a very good actor. Even in her video clips for the “Lumineers” she’s quite animated, I think she can play the part of Maitland and Grace well if she wanted too. That said, it would be interesting to hear from someone who has seen her channel live. Truly, I’d like to hear from someone who has had a reading by her and was blown away with her accuracy; a balance to my incredibly skeptical view of her. I think it comes from wanting to believe, but seeing too much that “doesn’t add up” to be able to actually believe.


  3. I appreciate everyone’s posts, and my comments are all given with due respect to Erik and his mother, as well as the mediums. About nine months ago I heard Elisa and a medium, I didn’t really pay attention to the name, on Jennifer Mcclean’s podcast. They were promoting a book and there was a “channeling Erik” during the show.
    I was painting a bedroom at the time. I found the interview and channeling to be odd. It was tedious and I felt like I was listening to a 13 year old boy much as described above.
    I paid little attention and hadn’t thought about it again until recently. Last night I watched a YouTube of Eriks mom questioning Kim Babcock channeling the higher selves of Hillary Clinton and Donald trump. At some point they delved into questions of the candidates”lower selves”/current consciousness. What did Hillary do with her missing emails. Again, odd and seemed biased and perhaps lacking in ethics. I can’t imagine either Donald or Hillary had been asked and given consent.
    I lost a 19 year old son in a car accident two years ago. Several hours after he died, he woke up a medium 1/2 way across the US in the middle of the night. The medium was unknown to my son and me. She was a family friend of a friend of a friend of my son. She described the accident with great accuracy, including the names of the kids in the car. She had the personality down etc etc. very evidential. Since then I’ve been to many mediums and studied extensively myself. Most channel my son with much evidential material. Most of the mediums channel him from a very high place. One channeled him (repeated sessions) like a 19 year old stoner; focusing the session on the feelings of him being high, and seemingly from a low astral plane. Kind of like listening to Erik. A different medium suggested it was the ability of the medium or that the deceased hadn’t ascended to higher realms. She also said my son was similar to Erik in that he would be channeled through many people?? Who knows.
    What I don’t get is the whole concept: mediums who need to channel thru Erik. Most mediums I have seen just channel, thru the sitters guides, thru their own guides. Can anyone explain what’s that’s about? Why do they need Erik?
    It’s all very superficial. I have watched Pamela Aaryln channel higher spirits Jesus and company. The sessions have great depth, historical accuracy and beyond information I also feel healing and spirit.
    Oh, for reference Jamie Butler is booked out 5 months and starting 2017 she will be charging $800/hr.
    Sorry for the long ramble. Peace.


    1. You are perfectly allowed to ramble! That’s why we are here, to share thoughts freely. What an incredible story about your son waking up the medium! What a treasure to get such an evidential reading – especially when it was unsolicited. As for Erik, I don’t think any medium ‘needs’ Erik. It’s really hard to say if they are using Erik because he’s now so beloved, or if they are really channeling him. I agree with you – a good medium connects with loved ones of the sitter, that’s it. Since you’ve used a lot of mediums, do you feel that your son truly came through 100%? Did mediums give you information (besides the first one) that they couldn’t have otherwise known from your facebook page or google?
      Warm regards,


      1. Hi Jenn
        Ive found the difference in mediums to be very interesting. Some are hard core evidential and super accurate, which is important to a lot of people, I might not have gotten a spiritual/healing feeling from them, and that’s is something imp for me.

        I think I’ve gone to 6+ since my son died. My last name (and sons name) are very unusual; so when I’ve made appts it has been just with my first name and usually spur of the moment. It’s not in my personal interest to “test” mediums (I think I use my own skills for that) but I don’t give them information about anything when I go- I prefer them/spirit to lead, and I guess that’s how I get my confirmation. I don’t pay ahead of time or give any indication of identity. My siblings and I started filming the sessions so were were quite good at zero info. I saw mediums in AZ; FL;UT; ID and I am certain he came thru in all.
        Only from one or two have I been told that I would receive a specific type of info that I did not know at present. And it was accurate.
        One medium said my son was at his funeral (of course) and that someone had already or would soon give me proof. Months later I put in a flash drive I had been given by my sons coach of all the pictures he had taken of him over the years (600+). He also took pictures at the funeral. And the day I opened my computer, it opened to photos and there were giant orange orbs in the 8 pictures taken while his friends were putting him in and out of the hearse. And the coach had given that drive to me right after the funeral.
        On a side note: six weeks prior to his accidental death, I had one appt with a medium id never met. Randomly out of the blue I was at the gym with a friend and she was talking about it- she got me in on a cancellation 2 hours later. The first thing she said was you are hereabout your son; he is going to be in prison or paradise. (He had called me that morning out of the blue saying he wanted to leave college/ 1 hour after I made the appt). Anyway, because of all the psychic/ medium stuff that happened right before his death/ and the contact from the unknown psychic that came via a friend that also had no Facebook conne tion with the medium. I offered to send any of his friends that were interested to the “local” psychic/medium to help with their grief. Maybe 25 went, they were all 17-19 years old. I scheduled the appts; the medium only had their first name but she knew they were connected to me and my son. Each person that went got validation- my son complimented people on their new hair styles; glasses; noted their birthdays and if they were wearing clothes of his; what they had left at his grave. One had put up a mini shrine in his room. He apologized to one friend that he had picked on and didn’t realize how bad it hurt him. And admitted to someone else the truth about a lie he had maintained while on earth. Talked about very personal issues that happened. The sessions then went on to issues in the kids lives that had nothing to do with the loss of my son/ troubles in their own lives. Some of the kids were directed to focus on friends that were silently suicidal. We filmed many of the sessions, most of the kids went back for second sessions about a month later. Additionally I was later told one of my sons friends booked an appt maybe a year later- and the sitter was crying because of a loss, and my son popped in 1/2 thru the session. The medium had no idea there was a connection and the girl had been in love with him.
        I hate to say my only experience that resembles some of the casualness and lower astral level is with a medium I worked with recently for 6 months. She channeled a boyfriend ffrom my past- on his birthday. But initially it was his father that came thru and it was the fathers death day. She had good skills just struggled with my son and probably because our relationship interfered. Those were the sessions that resembled Eriks; like he was a stoner, blah blah.

        I have to say I’ve seen folks with large national followings and small town local folks and the cost was $65/hr to $175 (conference rate). And I’ve never seen anything quite like the channelingerik stuff. I just don’t get it. I think the mediums don’t need Erik and maybe channel better without all the distraction of Mom and Erik. The sitter and the “spirit coming thru” seem to get lost in all the commotion.
        Staying true to my name, another long post!
        I love your site! Thanks for your info!

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  4. Please remember that when the blog started off, correct me if I’m wrong but, I believe Jamie said she could never filter celebs with such consistency as she did with Erik. This may be why others talents are expanded in their sessions with not an overly gifted channeler but a bright enthusiastic afterlife student who has enlightened all of our lives. I have read volumes and CE corroborates spot on with others I respect to dismiss out hand. Not to mention the quantum k knowledge about physics and the almost effortless way he breaks it down though graciously he would deny this. Elisa and Erik, bless their souls, are the real deal. Jamie may have taken advantage of a situation financially but certainly not metaphysically. God bless their hard work and soulful revelations.
    Reverend Lambert Scalvini


    1. It is interesting that you mentioned the physics. I wasn’t impressed in the least with her alleged channeling of Einstein. I appreciate your enthusiasm though, and I’m glad you’ve been inspired by Jaime. I wish there were more tangible evidence that can’t be dismissed so easily. And I can’t help but be bothered by what I perceive as greed. On the other hand, what I think doesn’t matter and I always encourage people to be open minded. I wish I could believe but as of now there are too many open questions. Take care, and Thank you for your comment!


  5. I am not impressed with Jamie Butler, Elisa Medhus or Channeling Erik. Period. Aliens? Give me a break. It smacks of fraud at least on Butler’s end. I find it interesting she is not mentioned by Bob Olson on his site. I have had sessions with several mediums over the past ten years and I can say that Glen Klausner is the real deal but Thomas John, without a doubt, has me convinced that he is the cream of the crop. Both gave me specific details but Thomas gave heart-rending *messages* (“He is showing me…”) from my father that only my father and I shared when I was a child (I am in my sixties.) and I was so astonished I cried after the session. Fortunately, I had sessions with Klausner and Thomas John when they were virtually unknowns and their fees were low. Currently their fees are too high for my budget.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences with these mediums. It’s always nice to hear that there are still genuine talented people out there. Thanks for your comment!


  6. Hi Jenn,

    Just wondering when you were going to post about Jamie and what you found out about producer Andrew’s departure from “The lighter side” radio show?

    It seems things are always changing there. I have to also say, I’ve mostly stopped watching the videos she puts out because I am finding more and more parallels between how she talks and how she said Erik talked. For her to always “blush” when she would use a cuss word, yet now in her own shows she does – she also says “dude” all the time and does the “ding” sound, that apparently Erik uses. So if Erik isn’t there… and she’s not channeling him… and his character makes her “blush” at times… then why is so much of that coming out in her own shows without him? Could it be because it was all made up?

    I sure hope not. Curious to hear what those that don’t rave about her, have to say.

    I do feel Kim Babcock, the new medium Elisa uses is far more believable and does not backpedal on anything she says.


    1. Hi there,
      Andrew and I had a lovely and informative conversation in September, then things got ultra-busy for me for the holidays. If I do decide to write about their experience now that I have more time it will be more about Andrew’s year-long attempt to market a medium into an everyday world and the stresses that ensue which I think is interesting in and of itself. It is interesting what you have observed about her mediumship without Erik and the similarities. The ding sound was definitely credited to Erik so its interesting if she’s using it elsewhere. Ultimately, we have no real evidence of Jamie’s abilities without the ability to gather a large number of testimonials from people who have had one-on-one sessions and know what they are looking for. Unfortunately, the cost for her sessions are prohibitive for most people and it looks like Jamie is trying to head in a different direction anyway.


  7. Thank you for your response. It is too bad there isn’t enough testimonials or reviews to be able to capture client experiences with her. I’d be interested to hear his perspective. From the outside, she appears very marketable – her personality, look and cheerful presence makes her quite relatable and not as “odd” as some other mediums can often present.

    I did partake in a learn-it-live session with her. It was a total waste of money and time. My question was never answered and so I can’t speak to her validity.


    1. What I learned in our conversation was truly fascinating. I hope to do the experience and story justice. I’m sorry you did not have a good experience. Maybe you’ll find a more traditional medium in the future who can give you a better reading. I’ve had bad experiences too and it’s frustrating to waste the money.


  8. A CE reader asked who would win the 2017 US Presidential Election and Kim Babcock said Trump would win almost before Elisa was finished with the sentence. (This while channeling Erik).

    One could wonder why on earth a fake medium would even go into that position, when ALL POLLS indicated the opposite? For example, Bashar predicted Hillary with 87% accuracy. Kim Babcock – 100% Trump.

    Yes – from a scientific standpoint, this is not conclusive but highly indicative.


    1. Eh, I’m not sure Yang. After all, she did have a 50/50 chance of getting it correct. There were others who predicted a trump win as well. I’ll give her credit for getting it right, but I would have to see fat more to be swayed. That’s interesting that bashar even attempted to predict and got it wrong. Seth, another channel, has said that we create our reality and have multiple probable realities so I think it’s tough for any psychic to really get it right. Nevertheless, I appreciate your vote of confidence in Kim. She may have some talent as an intuitive, but I haven’t personally seen enough to have an opinion. In terms of her abilities as a medium, she doesn’t provide evidence so it’s impossible to measure.


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