Channeling Erik – Miraculous Conduit to the Afterlife or Exploitation of a Mother’s Grief?

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I’ve been wanting to review the breakout phenomenon that is Channeling Erik for some time.  Dr. Elisa Medhus and her blog have become the newest spiritual darlings of the new age sect.  I’ve been following her blog for about a year now, and have seen it grow into a brand; she’s penned two books, holds events and workshops of her own, and is now being interviewed by all of the usual denizens of the new age circuit.  I’m surprised she hasn’t been interviewed by Bob Olsen yet, but I’m sure that’s bound to be in the works sooner or later (if it isn’t yet, at the time of this writing).  That being said, Dr. Elisa Medhus is in a club that no parent ever wants to join.  Her son sadly committed suicide by self-inflicted gun shot wound.  Dr. Medhus, being a doctor and an Atheist, was struggling with her grief and all of the guilt and questions that accompany a tragedy of that magnitude.  After receiving a few tantalizing clues that her son might still be around in some form, she sought a medium that could connect her with her son, Erik.  She found that medium in the person of Jamie Butler.  After a few sessions, Elisa started a blog entitled Channeling Erik to journal her grief, connect with other bereaved parents, provide suicide outreach and chronicle her sessions with Jamie.

I actually found this blog through youtube.  Elisa posts some of her sessions there, and I was intrigued but hesitant. In most cases, mediums are lucky to get a half-dozen facts that are verifiable by the family.  In this case, Jamie claims to physically see Erik standing in her room, and describes both his mannerisms as well as parrots him word-for-word.  If she is the real-deal, she could very well be the most talented medium in the world.  On the other hand, I’ve never seen anything close to her talent anywhere else, which of course, makes me a bit suspicious.  In fact, she doesn’t call herself a medium, rather a spirit translator and the description, based on what she seems to do, is accurate.  On youtube, you can see her regarding someone off camera, listening and sometimes laughing, and asking for clarification at times.  If she’s faking it, she’s honed her craft well.  Dr. Medhus seems to believe that Jamie is real and that she is sincerely speaking with her son which does carry a lot of weight for me.  I would think that a mother would be able to instantly tell if someone was lying about their child, including getting facts wrong about Erik’s death, his family and other assorted issues.  I cannot believe that Dr. Medhus is so desperate to believe that she would overlook glaring mistakes and I can’t imagine that Jamie Butler could lie so well and so completely for this long without any major slip-ups.  Jamie has expanded into full trance channeling; which they do as organized events.  I’ve watch these events, and see where her body is supposedly taken over by Erik.  It’s very convincing to my eyes.  The first time that Jamie trance channeled Erik, Dr. Medhus described how it felt to “hug” her son.  She said that he loped over to her in the same sheepish way he would have when alive, and the hug, even in the wrong body, felt real to her.  I asked her if the mannerisms were truly Erik, which she emphatically agreed they were.

Dr. Elisa Medhus

Although some of what Jamie and Dr. Medhus post is hard to swallow, I am loath not to trust a mother, especially a doctor who is trained to pay attention to details.  In my opinion, there are only three possibilities.  First, Jamie could be a tremendous fraud, spending all of her time researching deceased personalities and honing her acting skills to the level where she can fool a grieving mother.  Secondly, Jamie might be a lackluster fraud, getting a lot of facts wrong and yet because Dr. Medhus wants to so desperately to believe, she edits out Jamie’s mistakes.  Third, everything on the Channeling Erik blog might be actually as its portrayed, in which case, it’s worth our attention and respect.  If you aren’t already familiar with the Channeling Erik blog, or the two books that Dr. Medhus has written about Erik and the afterlife, I would advise you to visit the blog, read from the very first post of the archive, and after following for a few months minimum decide which of the three realities you believe in.

After many personal sessions, Dr. Medhus and Jamie began to branch out in their conversations.  Somehow, Erik is able to bring forward various celebrities and historical figures for Elisa to interview.  Usually, mediums can only bring forth people emotionally connected to the sitter, so celebrity interviews are not possible unless the sitter is themselves connected.  This garnered the attention of a lot of new-agers and spiritual seekers, and began to propel Dr. Medhus and Jamie into the spotlight.

One interview was with Jesus himself.  This attracted a lot of interest, but also ire.  The interview itself was interesting, and Jesus admitted that his birth was common and also that he survived the resurrection.  It doesn’t quite square with what I’ve read about Jesus through other channeled sources, namely Seth, but it doesn’t exactly disqualify it either.  Seth gets very technical in his explanation of the crucifixion, bringing up probable Christs and multiple realities.  I would think that the real Christ would spare us the highly technical spiritual aspects and just go along with the party line.   Regardless, an interview with Jesus Christ is an extraordinary claim; this is the man that millions of Christians around the world revere above all others and would likely do almost anything to be able to see and speak with the almighty.  So, it felt oddly disjointed to be watching a video where Jamie is claiming to speak directly with him in the middle of her living room.  Elisa was not raised with religion, so some of her questions were a little cringe-worthy.

As always, I like to keep an open mind but a level head.  When she interviews celebrities, I like to research what was said to look for errors.  Elisa doesn’t get into scandalous topics on purpose, as she says, this is not meant to exploit.  Nevertheless, there is information that the real celebrity should not get wrong.  Every celebrity interview that I researched gave information that could be readily found in the wikipedia entry for that person; which, for a skeptic might be a strike against Jamie Butler. There are times after a difficult question, where Jamie tends to temporarily change the topic, or laugh, or have some sort of difficulty.  This is the time when perhaps she could be glancing at her wiki page or thinking of an answer.  Again, I haven’t made up my mind either way, I’m just putting it all out there.

I did find some really glaring problems with her interview with John Lennon.  John claimed his aunt inspired him musically and gave him his first guitar.  This is completely incorrect according to his own quotes while alive, where he discussed how he felt stifled by his aunt.  Moreover, his mother gave him his first guitar.  Jamie also got information wrong about how he died and his religion. [Updated 1/31/16: Dr. Medhus addressed the inaccuracies in the lead up to her John Lennon Interview, Part II: “And now for part two of John Lennon’s interview. Please know that I make a point not to fact check after any of these sessions. Because all mediums are human, and all humans have some filtering, of course we can expect an inaccuracy or two. Taking that into account, I continue to be amazed — no, awestruck— by Jamie’s gift. She is the most open channel I’ve ever had the honor to know.”]

I went to the blog and found a few people who mentioned these inconsistencies, but their comments were ignored.  Apparently, there have been distortions in the interviews from Walt Disney and Buddy Holly as well, though I didn’t research them myself, but read comparisons that others had done.  I understand that distortions are part of mediumship.  No medium is every 100% accurate all of the time.  The whole thing feels a bit strange though, and it definitely sticks in my mind when I’m evaluating the blog.

Jamie Butler, Spirit Translator

The next issue I have is with money.  When I researched Jamie Butler initially, I found that she was charging around $200 per session.  It’s a little on the expensive side, but taking her talent into consideration and the fact that most people only sit for one hour, I think it’s appropriate.  I would pay $200 to have a deceased love one’s words translated word for word for me, including descriptions of what they look like and their mannerisms.  However, since her stratospheric rise in popularity from the Channeling Erik blog, she has since raised her prices to $500 [$600 as of 2016] an hour.  I have nothing against professional mediums charging for their work; but it seems to me that this price is exorbitant.  I know that Elisa is still paying Jamie, because she has mentioned that Jamie is very expensive and she was starting to look at other mediums to share the load.  I would think that Jamie would give Elisa a deal, since Dr. Medhus has increased her popularity and visibility 100-fold.  I don’t know what kind of system they have worked out – I don’t know if Dr. Medhus is paying retail prices or not, but I certainly do have a problem with someone charging $500 an hour for their services.  If I were gifted in the way that Jamie claims to be, I would keep the prices reasonable so that grieving parents could access these services.  Charging this much for a session prices out many people who could really benefit from her abilities.  Instead, she’s catering to the rich or the seriously desperate.  According to her website, she only accepts phone or Skype appointments, and if you bring another person, there is an additional $75 dollar fee.

In this world, we do pay more for rarity.  She supposedly has a rare gift; and sure, it’s worth more.  But keep in mind that she has few overhead costs.  She isn’t running a store, she doesn’t need inventory.  She was given this gift freely; she didn’t have to attend school or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a degree.  While I’m sure she has put time and some money into this, it can’t possibly justify costing two or three times as much as seeing a medical doctor for an hour.  Dr. Medhus is, in fact, a medical doctor.  If I spent an hour at her office, the bill surely would be far less than $500.  The costs of a doctor go toward insurance, office space rental, staff salaries and more, not to mention the decade spent studying to become a doctor and all of the school loans that invariably go with it. Jamie Butler works out of her home and uses nothing except the skill she was born with and a computer.  What about this requires charging people $500?  She’s not the only medium that does this, by far, but I think it smacks of greed.

A lot of people would disagree with me, I’m sure.  They might say – a rare painting can cost thousands, a rare diamond can cost millions.  What price can you put on having an hour to speak directly with a cherished love one?  I can understand why people would pay it.  Maybe it’s unfair that I would hold mediumship abilities to a higher standard.  But when you come into this life with a spiritual gift, I think it’s wrong to use it for greed.  Again, I am not against her charging enough to have a comfortable life.  But consider that if she does only four sessions a day – four hours total – she’s making $2,000 dollars a day.  That’s $40,000 dollars a month, or a whopping $480,000 a year.  That’s a half-million dollars a year, ladies and gentleman.  For a part-time job.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Again, I want to say that I don’t believe that Dr. Medhus is anything but an honest woman who is grieving terribly.  I sincerely hope that she is not being taken advantage of, because honestly I can’t think of anything more monstrous than for a person to take advantage of a grieving parent.  When that parent realizes that their communications were a lie, you’ve just destroyed their faith and basically killed their child all over again.  There are a lot of mediums out there that would gladly take money and lie with a smile.  Aside from the money she charges and the dubious celebrity interviews, I still have some faith that Jamie Butler isn’t a fraud and it mostly rests of my belief that Dr. Medhus, after all of this time, would have finally noticed.  I just don’t think anyone could keep up the lie that well for that long without being called out.  In addition, Jamie, speaking for Erik, gets into some deep, difficult spiritual topics.  I think it would be difficult for Jamie to make up long complicated answers on the spot and stay consistent over time with her philosophy.

Then, there is the spiritual information itself.  I have read both of Dr. Medhus’s books.  The second, “My Life after Death’ was supposedly written by her son, through Jamie.  The information is consistent with my research about the afterlife.  I didn’t find any contradictions, and I really enjoyed the book in spite of myself.  I noticed certain turns of phrase that Erik uses that match Dr. Medhus’s speech as well, which you would expect if she had raised him.  For example, they both say “fussed at” instead of yelled at, or nagged at.  It’s a small thing, but I noticed it.  The book goes into great detail about Erik’s family and the circumstances around his death.  Unless Dr. Medhus is unknowingly complicit by reminding Jamie about what happened, the info is correct.  I would hope that Dr. Medhus, in her desire to believe Jamie, wouldn’t overlook fact distortions.

In summation, I want to believe that Jamie is real.  Partly because I can’t fathom the evil that she must possess to take advantage of grieving families, and partly because there is a lot of great spiritual information available here.  If she is truly in contact with Erik, then his descriptions of the afterlife can teach us a lot about what we will encounter when we get there one day.

I think it would be wrong to dismiss Channeling Erik out of hand.  It does seem too good to be true, particularly when they post celebrity interviews.  They are one of the only sitter/medium pairs that have done this, and it has attracted the attention of a lot of skeptical ridicule.  However, it is important to note that we don’t become all-knowing in the afterlife, so distortions and errors can come from either Erik or Jamie, or both.  We shouldn’t convince ourselves of their fraudulence just because of a few mistakes in translation.  However, it would be equally wrong to believe with wide-eyes every tantalizing thing channeled by Jamie Butler.  You must always keep an open mind and learn what you can from every source of information about the afterlife, and yet, always be on the lookout for liars and charlatans.  Sadly, there are many out there and they aren’t always so easy to spot.

Channeling Erik could be a one-of-a-kind phenomenon or the result of a mother so lost to grief from losing her son to suicide that she has convinced herself that Jamie Butler and her wall-street CEO-level salary is the salvation that she needs to cope.  Through her desperation to believe, she might overlook fact distortions or subconsciously edit them out to preserve her need to believe.  The one thing I can say for sure is that Dr. Medhus truly believes.  I feel there is zero chance that she is complicit in any lie.  I do not believe she would exploit her own son’s suicide.  In addition, she has stated many times on her blog that she doesn’t make a cent of profit from either the blog or the books, nor does she accept charity.

Ultimately, the truth may never be known.  In this case, it will likely be a matter of faith- your faith- that you feel this is real in your gut.  Similarly, you may visit the blog and decide that it feels completely wrong.  Either way, I do encourage you to put the time and research into it.  It it is an honest connection to the afterlife, it might very well be one of the most amazing introductions to the afterlife through the experience of a very entertaining young man.  Don’t take the chance of missing out on the possibility by dismissing this out of hand.  On the other hand, make sure you read and watch with a critical eye.  Look for fact distortions, especially with the celebrity interviews.  Take the time to really study the blog and watch the videos before you make a decision.

If you do take the time to research the blog, I would love to hear your opinions and comments.  Until then, I will continue to follow the Channeling Erik blog and report back with any updates.

UPDATE JULY 2017: I was recently contacted by a very polite gentleman who wanted to put his recommendation in for one of the mediums currently working with the Channeling Erik group, Michelle St. Clair.  This gentleman took the time to write to me expressing his positive experience with Michelle, and his two evidential readings.  In the interest of fairness, I wanted to share his recommendation on this post.

101 thoughts on “Channeling Erik – Miraculous Conduit to the Afterlife or Exploitation of a Mother’s Grief?

    1. Dr. Medhus, thank you for the invitation. I would be interested in hearing your actual experience and opinion. Thank you. I’ll contact you soon. Take care, Jenn


  1. What brought you to this level of certainty? I’m more or less viewing it as the author is. I’m trying to remain unbiased while exploring, but PLEASE give me an authentic reason to discontinue (so I can utilize this free time elsewhere). My frame of mind is how the U.S. justice system SHOULD always operate – which is ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Be a hero, and please post your findings here. (;°)
    I’d appreciate it!


    1. “Be a hero” – “so I can utilise my free time somewhere else”.
      Take your own advice pal.
      If you’ve only come here for a fight, then yes – go spend your time somewhere else.
      I have enormous respect for Jenn and I’m not about to sully it by getting into a tit-for-tat argument with an Elisa/Erik fan boy.
      Go back to Channeling Erik.
      You’ll be welcomed with open arms.
      (And do your own research. I’m not going to spoon-fed you).


  2. Dr. Elisa Medhus needs support from those with an ability to write for her cause. She recently was bombarded with so much negative feedback that she is considering stopping her channel and going back to work as a Doctor. It’d be easier to read her recent blog posts to get what I’m saying. Maybe you can help her, as she has selflessly helped us all.
    Angel G.


    1. Dr. Medhus should reach out to the forever family foundation or the windbridge institute and get their feedback on working with mediums. I think much of the issue is that she’s been taken advantage of by unscrupulous people who have damaged her reputation.


    2. She doesn’t need support. She’s done very nicely out of stringing this along for many, many years.
      The reason she’s being bombarded with negative feedback is because it’s all being exposed for the fraudulent circus sideshow sham that it is.
      Most people realised this 6 or 7 years ago.
      So you’re kinda late to the party.
      ( But – in your defence – newcomers are what the site relies on).
      Til they too cotton on.
      And move on.
      Then more newcomers take their place.

      There’s a VAST difference between true mediumship and the fiction Elisa Medhus & Co. keep pushing.
      You have to be discerning about sifting the wheat from the chaff.
      And sadly the Channelling Erik site is all sideshow-carnival and chaff – sucking in newly-bereaved parents, partners and families.
      I once posed the question, in a review “how long can Elisa Medhus keep spinning all her plates”.
      2 years? 5 years? 10? 20 years?
      I think the time has come. (And I can’t say I blame her. It must be relentless and exhausting to keep it going).

      (And she can’t go back to work as a doctor. She was struck off. See Texas Medical Board v Ribelles, Elisa, M.D., Lic. No. F7093, Houston on February 10, 2012).


  3. I have had doubts for a while about this site. You know that little niggling voice inside you that says, “proceed with caution?” That’s the best advice I would have for anyone who wants to take this site seriously. I have watched a few of the videos. It’s easy to deceive people when the interviewees are subjects who give information which is hard to verify. It’s harder to deceive people who actually know something of the subject. Example: I watched the interview with Charles Manson. Even the basics of his life were incorrect, things that a quick read on WIkipedia could verify. When asked if he had met SHaron Tate in “heaven” , Mason said no. WHy? He was “too embarassed.”
    ” I shore nuff didn’t mean you no harm” says Charlie. “I am just so mortified….you now, about how I ordered your murder and all, and that of your unborn son.” Boy, is my face red.” Really? Please stop.


  4. I saw quite a few of their videos and to be honest Dr. Elisa Medhus doesn’t look like a grieving mother. All those interviews with celebrities, Jesus, aliens and so on looks more just like cheap circus. Nobody ever thought that many spirits of those celebrities could possibly would be reincarnated and it will not be possible to contact them?? Jamie said Erik appeared in her room?? So that’s demonic spirit then because in most cases suicidal spirits doesn’t leaving this earth as it wasn’t their time to go. Suicide is the biggest sin human can commit. And by the way to contact dead is forbidden by God. So all this channelling is a pure joke


    1. Diana Where did you get your information? I’m sure from your church teachings. I have never heard or read these beliefs. Which sound to me horrible. I don’t think a loving caring God would do these things to someone who was struggling so hard with their life that they had no choice but to kill themselves. Harsh words and narrow minded.

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  5. We may never know or understand the mystery of life and death, but I do believe God has a way of spiritual guidance. With that, I believe it is important to trust your experiences and know that our family members and friends will always love us. Maybe it is God’s gift to bring healing when our coincidental experiences remind us of them. I choose to not pass judgement on Channeling Erik. I have watched several episodes and choose to reflect on some of the messages. I also chose to read the messages posted on this blog, which leave me pondering the insights of others. There are no easy answers to this question, and we may never know until it is our time to cross over.


  6. I loathe Dr. Medhus. I don’t care if she’s a “grieving mother”. Firstly, where was she when her son was suicidal? Where was the help she got for him?

    Erik is being horribly exploited on that channel. This is a young man who obviously had a very painful life. Now he’s being made a mockery of by “interviewing Jesus” and all that other bullshit.

    Dr. Medhus, go have a seat.


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. This must be the lowest anyone would go in deceiving hopeful and gullible human beings with the purpose of creating a false sensation and a million dollar industry. The view of Heaven as presented by all these con artists also reflects a very childish fantasy that has nothing to do with reality and certainly presents no real acumen and respect for the intricacies of the fabric of life and death. I hope the extremely disgraceful and stupid way in which this fantasy is presented will nonetheless help open people’s eyes and inspire confidence that there will eventually be more scientifically and philosophically valid depictions of the other side. Please let’s expect more from reality than the contents of a 2 dollar gossip magazine. And do remain patient – there are researchers who are making strides in understanding the real nature of death.


    2. You have hate in your heart. How could you be so cold and so deaf, dumb and blind Girl? Ive known this was how The afterlife was as well as how Jesus really was since I was a little girl. I lost my dad when I was 9 and thought he was in a cold, dark grave til Judgement day per my Mother. That is until my Dad came in a dream to reassure me that he was Not Dead but, Alive More Than Ever. I knew it but, that dream really confirmed things for me. I have great discernment, very intuitive and open minded n an open heart for This Huge Phenomenon that Only Our God Could be so Loving, kind n Cool to allow for something like this to be n to stump people like you that obviously dont know the God I do. If you despise her then DONT WATCH IT-ITS THAT SIMPLE ….VERY SIMPLE FOR YOU TO DO SO, MAYBE YOU CAN START THERE AND BY LETTING GO OF THAT HATE GIRL. HATERS ARE NOT GOD INSPIRED -GOD IS LOVE NOT A HATER AND EVERY1 ON THE SHOW- THEY SHOW LOVE N THATS A GOOD THING. YOU FEAR WHAT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND SO, QUIT WATCHING N GO BACK TO SLEEP…TAKE THAT HATE ELSEWHERE…I LOVE U ELISE, ERIK, JAMIE, KIMBERLY, ROBERT N EMMA…YOU ALL ROCK. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK. I FOR 1 LOVE THE SHOW KNOW ITS REAL N WISH ALL OF U CONTINUED SUCCESS AND BLESSINGS GALORE…GOD KEEP BLESSING YOU ALL💖💖💖


  7. Like a lot of people, I guess I’m on the fence with this entire topic (Afterlife, not Channeling Erik), but the longer this channel goes on, the more damage I think it is doing.
    There’s too much of a carnival feel to it. It all just seems a bit silly.
    I have no idea about the credibility of these mediums. I went through a phase of watching almost every video uploaded a few years ago, and couldn’t help noticing glaring contradictions. For example, I remember a session with Jamie, where it was said that we could reincarnate as any other living thing on Earth, from an ant to an elephant, (which at the time I thought went against everything I have learned on this subject) then a more recent video uploaded (which I think has since gone) with Vanessa where it was said that was not the case and we could only incarnate as other human beings.
    And I don’t mean to sound cruel, but every time there’s a glitch with the technology, “Oh Erik!!!!!!!”. We all have glitches with our computers, all the time. Every little pause, mute, static is all attributed to Erik. I find it annoying. I’ve lost faith in this brand now. It’s become too unrealistic for me to take seriously. It’s like carrying on for carrying ons sake.
    I’m not denying that Elisa and her family have had their experiences as mentioned in the early days of the blog, but I struggle to believe that every time a blog member’s lightbulb flickers, that “Erik has played a prank”. It’s all documented and taken as gospel that Erik is responsible. Grieving people are going to be more credulous than they would otherwise have been, and the way this is portrayed makes me uncomfortable.
    I think this channel/blog/brand has become an obsession for Elisa to be honest. I understand that she’s a hurting mother, and I sympathise. But this has gone beyond the comforting notion I believe it was set up to acheive. As I said at the beginning of my post, it’s damaging. Whatever seems too good to be true, is.


    1. Kate, I think you’ve summed up the problem perfectly. CE has become a mockery of itself. It started out as something interesting, perhaps sincere, and turned into a brand. Elisa seems oblivious to the ways the mediums are using her for marketing purposes. As for life after death in general, it’s ok to be on the fence. It’s a good place to be. Keep an open mind, stay critical. As soon as you decide that you are a believer or non believer, you’ll stop looking for answers. There are far more high quality people out there, maybe check out April Crawford. She is an excellent trance medium. She isn’t famous but she has work some great books and has a few videos. Definitely not at all like the fame hogs on CE. Take care! Jenn


  8. I just listened to a channelling regarding the Dogon people and it was full of inaccuracies. The biggest one being they no longer existed. They are very much alive and are a truly fascinating group. I have listened now to about a dozen channellings and don’t believe the information is from a high source or being channelled clearly. However I send much love and compassion to the family involved.


  9. I believe Jamie Butler to be a fraud. My ex husband discovered her and has been “taken in by her” and now “believes” he is one of a group of elite mediums being “trained” by her. One of the ways she convinced him was that she bent a spoon in a restaurant she took them too. My ex has done horrible things and crossed many boundaries supposedly and unwarrantly channelling my dead parents to me in order to threaten me. Keep away from them all. It’s disgusting and the worst kind of manipulative exploitation of people when they are at their most vulnerable.



    Please avoid Jamie. She is a fraud. Read Adela Rogers St Johns.

    No Goodbyes: My Search into the Afterlife

    Out of print, but find it.

    Her son BIlly, died in WWII and she fell apart. He made direct contact with her.

    May more.

    Jamie…just avoid. And now avoid the CE website. Mom has reached out to others to validate her stake…and they oblige. Jamie got too expensive. Why did Doc Mom lose her license in 2012?


  11. dan- i have heard it said that the hardest thing is for a parent is to lose their child and i know instantly that you would agree but rest assured that your precious son is on the other side – (so to speak) when i lost my mother a couple of weeks later i heard a song on the radio which was a favourite of hers and probably thought ok its a coincidence then some weeks later i heard it in a local store who have their own dedicated radio station then i went into another store where they had just normal radio and it was playing their also (coincidence) ? i have thought of my mom and turned on the radio and immediately heard – i want to break free by queen (her favourite) also if i go into one or more stores and hear – let your love flow by the bellamy brothers i think hi – yes thats you alright – a medium i know said to me that my mom just said yes it was me before i even asked the question-( i was thinking was that you with music again)- thoughts are energy we are energy matter is energy all be it denser – you yourself will may be get things happening which you put down to coincidence but think – how many coincidences does it take ?
    personally i believe there are very few coincidences in life as we come back with a life plan which having free will we can ignore until something nudges us back on course- its a really wide concept that only someone who has been interested in it for years can even begin to understand- just keep an open mind and look and listen for signs from your boy – they will come- and ignore all the sceptics – BTW when it comes to mediums i am the biggest sceptic of the lot untill they prove themselves but unfortunately there aren’t many good and genuine ones who are not greedy or sheer con artists but don’t let this make you believe its all fake – just look out for signs from your boy and rest assured when its our turn to return back home he will be there to welcome you – i will pray to the light source for you and your wife – take heed- love bob,,,,, .


    1. I’m sorry, and I know you want to believe. Bt have you heard of the “law of large numbers” and “confirmation bias”? The world is full of coincidences that hit us all the time and we notice them when our minds are tuned into wanting to notice particular things. I really do encourage you to think critically about these things. Read Prof Richard Wiseman’s amazing book “Paranormality” and perhaps also listen to Brian Dunning’s poscast “Skeptoid”. The world is such a beautiful and magical place and human brains are extremely clever at making sense out of what we want and need them to. And it can be really comforting. But believing in mediums and psychics opens is up to being manipulated, controlled and violated by other human beings making an awful lot of money at the expense of sometimes extremely vulnerable people.


  12. Hi. I read this with interest since I sometimes go to the CE blog because I find it intriguing – – even though I remain a bit skeptical and find it exploitive.

    As for John’s (Lennon) interview, it was fake, or Jaime spoke to someone she THOUGHT was John.. but it WASN’T him. I can’t discuss how I know this, but I tell you the truth. He NEVER spoke to her.

    The other thing is how easily all these “celebrities” come through. I agree that they’d likely connect with people they had a connection with in their last life over just any random stranger. The way it comes across, it almost seems like there’s an auditorium of celebrities that Erik goes to “fetch”. Suspicious.

    That Jaime Butler charges SO much is another sign (to me) of possibly Elisa Medhus being taken advantage of. Interestingly, I recently discovered Jaime on a YouTube channel a mother made in honor of her deceased son called, “Griff’s Gift”. Sure enough, she was in charge of channeling the young man (who was 18 at the time of his death). I thought it very telling how she apparently jumped from channeling one tragic young man to another (Griffen Kramer was a young football star who died of a heroin overdose in, I think, 2011). I accidentally found the channel when looking for afterlife information on the late Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington. Even though I wasn’t an LP fan, Chester’s death caught my attention because of the way he died (by suicide), and since I personally lost my father the same way and battle depression, I am interested in how Chester is doing on the Other Side. The thing that irked me is that Griffen (just like Erik before him) supposedly brought forth Chester.. and a question came up about the latest LP song, “One More Light”. “Chester” said that he wrote it for his good friend, Chris Cornell, (who died by suicide in May, nearly two months before Chester). The thing is, Chester DIDN’T write “OML” for Chris, because their latest album with that song on it was released just two days before Chris’ death! Mike Shinoda (from LP) actually wrote the song in honor of a friend from their record company who passed away from cancer.. so there you go. Jaime either misinterpreted what Chester said, or she lied.. but wait… Celestine Grace, when channeling “Chester” on HER YouTube channel, said the SAME EXACT THING!

    Anyway.. All this to say, I wouldn’t trust someone who asks for that kind of money an hour for “rare” psychic gifts. The truth is, we’re ALL psychic, but our abilities have been conditioned out of us. Jaime isn’t anything particularly special, and she just may be a rather convincingly good liar.


    1. Well that is really interesting about the song ‘One More Light’ and I find it particularly interesting that another “medium” said the same.. So Jamie is now ‘channeling’ another young man who died tragically? This sounds highly suspicious. I wonder if Celestine Grace saw the ‘channeling’ by Jamie Butler and simply copied this erroneous fact? I forced myself to watch the CE video about the Vegas Shooter. The entire time I was so angry. I was tempted to do a post on it, but I try to stay away from posts that are overly negative and exist just to attack others, but I thought it was highly insensitive and distasteful, not to mention, there were contradictions throughout the piece and statements that seemed outright made up. It’s such a shame – CE had potential and I still think Dr. Medhus is a victim here, so caught up in this entire CE world that to back out of it and admit that she’s been taken advantage of would make it seem like her son had died all over again. I can’t say for sure if any of those mediums are delusional or simply lying, but if they are knowingly taking advantage, then I honestly don’t know how they can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning.


      1. Well she just closed the site. There was big falling out with the mediums. Not sure what she is going to do in the future but said she needs a break


  13. Hi. I am sure you will meet your son again, om the other side. To my own surprise I was Abel to do the automatic writing. It started many years ago. I do not know if it is right to do it so often, I have had some interesting messages, but do not praktic it often any more. I do not think it is right to take money for this. Connections.


  14. Thanks for your investigation, and opinions, as well as offering the opinions of other good folks. I have thought about this in great detail myself. I have read Elisa Medhus book in which Jamie Butler is said to be translating Eriks words, word for word. I have thought about all the details mentioned of concern, as well as many others. I think about these kinds of things now pretty much day and night. You see I tragically lost my beloved 16 year old son 8 months ago in a violent car crash. When this happens it Turns your entire family upside down, dumps you on your heads and leaves everyone that loves him hanging there helpless to do anything….so believe me when I tell you….I have obsessively explored things like this. As a parent you want to desperately believe people like Jamie Butler, But it is hard to believe when you receive very little possible signs yourself, when you are so desperatly open to them and seeking them.
    The money thing is a HUGE red flag to me in this case. Dr Medhus has the means to do the things she is doing. Many of us have no such ability. I was always raised believing that money and worldly things have no value in Heaven, but it appears that money can buy you an inside view to Heaven…at least that is how it looks? I will continue looking into this and everything I find about connecting with lost loved ones. I find it hard to believe that only people of means get to have contact with their lost loved ones. Like the gentleman from UK pointed out. I certainly hold no ill will toward Dr Medhus, quite the opposite. I feel very bad for her because I know she is going thru her own hell on earth, just as my family and I are. It is very difficult to know what to think ? Many people tell you to believe, of course it is real, then the next person tells you it is all nonsense, dont believe those monsters trying to take advantage of your grief, dont be so gullible. I guess we will all know when we close our eyes for the last time….or will we ? maybe our loved ones will be there to greet us and there will be great joy and celebration!….or on the other hand, if that is all wishful thinking, maybe you close your eyes and your light is forever extinguished? This never worried me about myself because whatever the case, I had lived my life. But now my perception has done a 180, because I NEVER EXPECTED any of my children would lose their precious lives long ahead of my own. Now I desperatly want to know if my son lives on, and is happy. It kills a parent inside out to think anything else. I dont know if there is a way to know? I dont know if this is fate? I dont know if this is punishment? I dont know if this is cruel chance? I dont know if this is a test or lesson? I dont know hardly anything at all obviously. What I do know is that this seems so unfair and unjust, and it is this way to my son, who to me is far far more cherished by me, & his mom, than our own lives. It is so different than losing a parent or even a spouse. It is impossible to express to people that have never felt this kind of pain, how it feels. so many people have told me of their grief of losing a loved one….but unless it is your child it is not the same. I have lost both parents. I loved them dearly and grieved their deaths, but still it does not even register in comparison grief wise. I feel the true question to ask yourself if your grief is beyond earthly bounds is this….If you could trade your life for the life of your lost loved one, would you do it?…..If you are a parent that grieves as I and many other parents do….. You would instantly scream out with the greatest joy you ever believed possible to resoundingly do that in any possible way asked of you! You would with great joy give all and everything you ever had, you would be in a great hurry to do so….you would feel you won the greatest lottery of life ever imagined ! That is what a parents grief is like…24/7-365, That is how bad it hurts to lose your child. It is beyond definition, because it is so much bigger than your own life, your own happiness.
    Sorry for rambling. I imagine my thoughts are disjointed, and probably even off topic, but that is how a parents mind works, or maybe malfunctions. Very damaged and disjointed. I barely remember what or why I started talking. Anyway, thanks for listening if you read my ramblings. Again, sorry if I lost track of the topic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I wanted to reply because your journey seems much like my own. My only child was killed in a car accident 3 1/2 years ago. Since that time I have sought many ways to connect to him.
      Here are two other options outside of using a medium.
      This is a site that teaches you a self guided meditation so that over a series of session you can connect yourself with your son. It’s free.
      If it doesn’t connect you, google dr Craig hogan and afterlife connections.

      Also, Rochelle Wright, LCPC a counselor near Seattle developed a grief process called Repair and Reattachment that open the portal between you and your son, the connection you feel, hear, see and touch is not through a third person. She has trained hundreds of people world wide (I got the training and it’s amazing effective, like 95 % of people make the connection). The connection can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. During that time you are with your loved one, and it is unmistakeable. You are having conversation, you may physically feel them, smell them etc. Rochelle only trains licensed counselors in her technique so there is quality control. Also you can connect people to animals spirits that have passed.
      I just wanted to pass these along- also look at Institute for Noetic Research, they are doing a study now of connecting to afterlife, and I believe Afterlife Research Center is as well.
      ❤️ My heart is with you!


    2. Hi Dan, reading your comments my heart just ached for you. I didn’t lose a child but lost the love of my life (after 15 years) when I was 44 and he was 46.
      Regarding CE I have no doubt that the whole Channeling Erik thing is a money-making nut job. They “channel” everyone and everyTHING – even symbols (that can’t speak!) like Mother Earth.
      For Jamie Butler it was a game-changing money spinner, no doubt about it. Her fees went from $50 an hour to $800 at last count. That alone tells you everything. Her falsehoods about her mythical abilities are well-documented. And now – since the bust-up with Elisa – there’s been a passing parade of replacements all hoping to emulate her good fortune (the latest one “channelling” the Las Vegas shooter, just days after the event). This particular “medium” slipped up when Elisa asked “why target a country music festival?” She put her head in her hands and said “let me think” before catching herself. (Surely a “medium” doesn’t need to “think” up an answer? I thought the shooter was supposed to be conversing thick and fast, with her just being the mouthpiece and Erik along for dictation).
      Don’t fall for it. It’s bogus, it’s obvious, it’s juvenile and it’s outrageous to prey upon the emotions of people deeply grieving for their own lost loved ones.
      But… saying that…
      It doesn’t mean communication after death doesn’t exist (it just doesn’t exist like this carnival sideshow).
      I wanted to reply to your comment to tell you a couple of things that happened to me (& which turned this doubtful and dubious (almost-atheist) into a true believer overnight).
      One thing I’ll mention is that the mind/body seems to try to minimise your suffering by limiting night time dreams of your loved one for a while. This was really distressing to me at first because sitting beside my partner’s casket at the funeral home the night before his funeral, it was the last thing I asked of him. But I didn’t dream about him for at least a year. Now I do. And often.
      The first experience I had was one night in bed asleep, about 4 months after his death, I was woken – immediately and WIDE awake – when I heard him say hello. Just that one word but it was said so clearly that I was startled awake and I fully expected to see him standing in the doorway.
      The second incident happened about 4 months after that. Again I was in bed asleep (& I think these experiences specifically happen at these times because the conscious mind has switched off and the unconscious mind is in control – perhaps being more receptive to influences we can’t and don’t normally comprehend). I remember I was deeply asleep, dreaming some jumbled non-related dream, when I vaguely became aware of movement on the bed (like a small dog or a cat walking around). I was still 90% asleep but it registered. Indeed I vaguely thought “that’s just the dog” while still dreaming my jumbled dream. Then vaguely thought again “hang on, we don’t have a dog anymore”. I was now starting to wake (say 50%) and then, just as I was beginning to regain consciousness I FELT my partner sit down beside me on the edge of the bed. I felt the weight of him as he sat down, I even felt the sheets tighten around me. Not only did I FEEL him but I’d bought a new quilt cover that I’d put on the bed that day so it was still quite stiff and I HEARD his hand pass over it as he reached out to touch me (I still get emotional now just thinking about it). All of this happened within the seconds it took to start coming back to full consciousness. I was almost too scared to open my eyes, and of course when I did there was nothing there. But that experience changed my perspective forever.
      I now KNOW without a doubt that consciousness survives after physical death. To have not only FELT it, but to have HEARD it as well, completely altered my views on what happens when we die.
      There’s been one other experience (which I won’t go into because it will make this too long). But I think I was such a pragmatic “realist” at the time, wanting to believe in life after death but not really being convinced of it – that I needed to be. I think that was the whole point of these experiences and my partner’s message.
      I also wanted to say don’t be disheartened if you’ve not yet seen any signs. They can be as subtle as thinking about someone (a memory or a song) then walking into the supermarket and that song starts playing. These experiences can be illusive and they can be rare. It’s now been 10 years and I’ve had nothing else except I frequently dream now.
      Something else I wanted to tell you. There was a young 24 year old girl named Phoebe Handsjuk who died in mysterious and suspicious circumstances here in Australia in 2010. She’d fallen 12 floors through a garbage chute and compactor and, despite a Coronial inquest, it was passed off as a suicide. In the days after, one of her closest friends (Sarah I think) shocked, grieving and devastated, says she was driving, and just kept driving, for around 4 hours. She eventually ended up on a deserted country road late in the afternoon and got out of her car. She says she was leaning beside the car, thoughts consumed by Phoebe and her horrific death and was watching two butterflies flitting around when she says she uttered out loud the hardest words she’s ever had to say. “Goodbye Phoebe”. Within seconds of uttering those words, she says she was ENGULFED by an absolute swarm of butterflies – they were on her clothes, in her hair, on her face. She put up her arms and was covered in them and she said that in the middle of her distress and her tears, she just laughed out loud (& cursed Phoebe!!).
      It was such an amazing story. (Particularly because butterflies are so rarely seen at all these days).The Age newspaper did a very good 6 episode podcast called Phoebe’s Fall and it’s at the end of Episode 5.
      So my apologies that this is long, but I hope it’s helped rather than hindered. And my sincere condolences on the loss of your precious boy. But know that he survives. The signs may not always be as overt as a swarm of butterflies. They can be as subtle as a dream or a song or even just a thought. I remember reading a book which said our deceased loved ones know and appreciate when we’re thinking of them, and I can’t see why that would not be true.

      ADDENDUM: I’ve just remembered something else. It was the 10th Anniversary of my partner’s death. I’d been reprinting photos of him (of which I have precious few) and with the anniversary he’d been in my thoughts all day (as well as hours spent looking at his face in the photos). I now live alone which I mention because when I got up the next day one of his old cheque books was laying on the carpet in the middle of my living room floor. How it got there I have no explanation for. (I’d hoped the numbers were going to be of significance, maybe the key to the lottery? but no luck so far!!). But very strange and I have absolutely no reasoning for its’ sudden appearance there on that day.
      I just accept it as the rare gift that it is, and know it was his way of showing me he was still with me – particularly at such a difficult milestone. (I think our loved ones sometimes just have to use whatever means they can to get our attention). Whether that’s the radio or other electronic devices, butterflies or birds, or completely inanimate objects like coins and cheque books. Antonella Gambotto, an author who lost both her brother and her partner to suicide (& wrote a book called “Eclipse: A Memoir of Suicide”) reported smelling cigarettes in the days after her brother passed.
      We just have to be open to the signs, subtle as they can sometimes be.


  15. hi- bob again from the uk– in my previous post i stated that in my opinion any mediums charging exorbitant rates are most likely frauds or at least someone who holds the filth of money far and above their spiritual gift in which case this probably means in any case they are at least questionable in their so called gift – also any GOOD medium will know that fame and fortune in the physical world do NOT go hand in hand with spirit – just the opposite – i know a medium in the uk personally and she has a hard time justifying charging £20 a sitting which equates to $26.99 for those from the other side of the pond – she will give one hour but if not overly busy will go into nearly 2 hours and yes things come across that only the sitter knows – she by the way has shunned popularity such as tv and the like as she feels it isn’t right – what a contrast with the scum moneygrubbers – as for elisa medhus i believe the person who made the comment that elisa has been caught in a tidal wave – a tidal wave of greedy mediums – this must play on her honesty and make her wonder if all that comes across is the truth – however like others i refuse to believe that elisa would use her son as a cash cow – i also wish karma sorts out those who wish to use elisa and us for their own greed – they are the lowest form of existence and in my opinion could well do with exterminating big time – in fact the main reason why spirit gets such a bad press is through these money merchants in the guise of mediums and their fakery quite often leading people to believe that they are all fakes and spirit just a myth – which makes it harder for the real talented spirit mediums as they are also portrayed as fakes – also like in elisas case when things started to spiral (possibly out of control) that she would be inundated with insincere people just looking to make as much out of it as they could and this does not only apply to mediums either but to anyone looking to make big bucks out of channeling erik – as for erik – what a character – just wish i had known him when he was on this side – by the way as anyone heard scrambled type words in some of the archived recordings ? this is probably a sign of authenticity – however back to mediums – mediums themselves who for want of an alternative expression WHO PUT THEMSELVES OUT THERE are also just as vulnerable to being exploited once on the money treadmill – for instance tv stations just looking for good ratings and would do anything to make a program look more authentic than it might be – in fact all third party enterprises just looking to make money out of anything of interest – i am sure elisa sometimes wonders that she should have kept channeling erik private – once again what a wonderful spirit erik is – i just hope that anyone abusing him and his mother for money meets a very very nasty end – bob


    1. I can understand your frustration. I remember that little inconsistency with the two Jesus interviews well. Mediums do get things wrong from time to time, they aren’t perfect. If that was the only problem CE had, I’d let it go, but CE is rife with problems that you’ve already listed. I feel badly for Elisa.. this whole thing has just spiraled out of control. Its a shame because I believe she had good intentions to start, but was taken advantage of by certain people who look at CE as a marketing opportunity.






    1. If you read a Bible or Old and New Testament then you would know that is forbidden to contact dead and that’s the word of Jesus. And by the way friend of mine wanted contact her suicidal brother. Medium explained to her very clearly that honest medium will never contact suicidal because they are in our dimension they did not go on other side as it wasn’t their time to go. As punishment for a biggest sin they suffering on earth. That’s why many people seeing ghosts and strange energies. And also she was explained that can’t contact dead one year after their dead because spirit going thru cleansing phase.


  18. i come from the uk and no one the other side of the pond would probably give a fink about me or my opinions but all my life i have been interested in all matters paranormal (so called) and my opinion is that most mediums are charlatans – and the ones who charge high exorbitant rates have succumed to the lure of the filth of money which in my eyes they have totally invalidated their gift (if they ever had it to begin with) as surely earthly desires of power and fortune run totally opposite to spirit- the only REAL mediums and channelers in my opinion are the ones who never put themselves out there and shun popularity and do what they do at home as a service for free or at least for a moderate charge- what they have is a true gift and should not be used to amass fortunes – popularity mediums and mediums who use their gift for fame and fortune are sheer scum – mediums (so called ) who charge a grieving person a fortune just to gain contact from a past relative are beyond the pale and should be avoided – the reason why spiritisme gets such a bad press is because of all the charlatans and fakery and if mediums (so called) insist on charging anything above peppercorn rates then they should have to be licensed and be subjected to stringent and rigorous tests or else face the law –


    1. Dear Bob,
      Sadly, I must agree with you. True mediumship is a very rare gift. Either those with some skill don’t have the discipline or patience to really hone their skills and they are mediocre at best, or they are simply outright frauds. I’d say maybe 1 in 50 or even 1 in 100 are worthwhile, and it wouldn’t be someone that is on television, most likely. I’m grateful for the Forever Family Foundation and The Windbridge Institute who both are non-profit and rigorously test their mediums. Both have rather short lists.

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    2. Friend of mine wanted contact her suicidal brother. Medium explained to her very clearly that honest medium will never contact suicidal because they are in our dimension they did not go on other side as it wasn’t their time to go. As punishment for a biggest sin they suffering on earth. That’s why many people seeing ghosts and strange energies. And also she was explained that can’t contact dead one year after their dead because spirit going thru cleansing phase.


      1. Dear Diana, I don’t have any issues with the bible or Christianity itself, but I don’t beleive the prohibition against mediums is really what was intended. The original translation is closer to ‘thou shall not suffer a sorcerer (or necromancer) to live’, which was changed to ‘witch’ during the witch hunt craze and ‘medium’ in modern times. The bible also tells us to ‘test’ spirits to see if they are of God. One cannot do that without some mediumship. As for your friend – Modern spirituality does believe that some people who die violently, including suicides, do not cross over. But they are certainly welcome to, whenever they want to. Modern spiritualists do not believe in punishment other than how we punish ourselves. Spirits do often go through a cleansing phase – she was right about that, but it’s hard to put a time frame or time limit on it. Now, the bible has no prohibitions on reading and learning about the spiritual practices of others, so if you are interested in what our experiences and beliefs are, check out some of the books on my recommended reading page. You don’t have to practice or follow any of it, but maybe it would make some sense instead of seeming like just evil practices. By the way, there are plenty of Christian-oriented mediums out there, and also check out Emmanuel Swedenborg (an early Christian) through the Swedenborg foundations’ Off The Left Eye youtube channel. You might find some interesting Christian theology there.

        All the best!


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