My name is Jennifer.  I am an ordinary mortal who seeks to unlock the mystery of life after death though careful study and analysis of the evidence. When I was 16, I experienced an event that compelled me to discover the truth.  I started this blog because I wanted to connect with others who are on the same path, as well as find some meaning for the countless hours I spend poring over old spiritual literature.

I call myself an Afterlife Researcher.  My quest for knowledge and truth is my Search For Life After Death.

I have no agenda other than sharing wisdom.  I do not sell anything, nor am I any kind or guru, psychic or religious nut.  In fact, I encourage leaving all of your beliefs behind and looking solely at the evidence for life after death.  I heartily welcome spirited discussion and new ideas as this is how we grow and learn.  Please also feel free to share the spiritual books, ideas or people that have inspired you.  Do you have an exciting new project related to life after death, have an experience you’d like to share, or questions to ask?  Just leave a comment on this page below.

My philosophy

The name of this site implies an ongoing action.  To search; to seek knowledge not predefined by any religion, creed or scientific dogma is the foundation of an evidence-based belief system.  Millions of people have spiritual experiences; they glimpse the other side or have the skill to perceive it.  What is the wisdom they return with?  Is there a consistent message?  Does the evidence prove life after death?  These are some of the questions that started me down this road, but my journey is my own.  The Search for Life After Death asks you to build your own understanding of spirituality through evidence, experience, research and observation.  At the end, we may come up with different interpretations of the evidence, and that’s okay.

On this site, I will attempt to make that process a little easier for you by presenting you with new and interesting evidence, analysis and perspectives that you can either take or leave, depending on if you think it contributes positively to your own search for life after death.  At the end of the day, it is you who must decide.

Tips on how to start your search for life after death

To make it easier to remember, I have used the acronym A.F.T.E.R.L.I.F.E. to share my method of evaluating the evidence of life after death.


Assume nothing. Become a blank slate. Let go of your preconceived ideas, beliefs, faith systems, opinions and prior judgements.  When evaluating something, watch yourself for knee-jerk reactions and judgements.  Take the time to look at everything carefully and from all perspectives.


Familiarize yourself with the eight areas of afterlife research.  These include spiritual phenomena and scientific study that are used as evidence for life after death.  Check out my Resources for Afterlife Research page for information on each one of these topics.

They are:

  1. Near-Death Experiences
  2. Out-Of-Body Experiences
  3. Death-Bed Visions
  4. After-Death Communications
  5. Mediumship and Channeling
  6. Past-Life/Pre-Birth Memories
  7. Instrumental Transcommunication
  8. The Science of Consciousness and Duality


Take nothing at face value.  Trust no statement or experience until it can be validated against many other people’s experiences, or you can find validating evidence in the claim yourself.  Some things, like channeling, cannot be proven easily.  In this case, you cannot weigh it as heavily in your search for life after death.  Near-death experiences where a person can prove that they saw their resuscitation out of body is better evidence than a person who claimed to see God.  All experiences might be spiritually instructive, but only evidence can and should be used in your search for life after death.


Examine the motivations of the experiencer or spiritualist.  Is the medium in question prioritizing money over helping grieving people?  Is a channeler searching for fame?  Does the person claiming to have a spiritual experience seem like they are lying or unstable?  Do they contradict themselves over their entire body of work? Is the person sharing their experience seem to be borrowing new-age platitudes or psychobabble from someone else, or is it original and sophisticated?  What does a person have to gain or lose by sharing their experience?  It may take time to judge some people properly.  The Gary Mannion debacle is a good example of a popular medium who was caught cheating well into his career.  Don’t devolve into cynicism, but always keep your wits about you when evaluating claims.


Read and Research.  Reading technical papers, scientific research, books published by experiencers and spiritualist literature is a huge part of The Search for Life After Death. If you need to start somewhere, check out the books on my Recommended Reading page.  Every book on the list is, in my opinion, a must-read for anyone on a search for life after death.


Look for evidence, not scientific proof.  Evidence beyond Reasonable Doubt is the basis of most legal systems and is currently the best way to evaluate life after death evidence.  While there is plenty of scientific research into life after death, science is not advanced enough to accurately and objectively test the survival hypothesis.  Until the study of consciousness advances, science cannot prove nor disprove life after death.

When using the evidence-based approach, evaluate cases as a jury would.  Look at eye-witness statements, look at character and motivation, examine probabilities and veridical statements.  Finally, where scientific research exists, read the technical papers and judge the merits of the study.  Although the only person you need to convince is yourself, make sure you are confident in your findings.


Integrate the evidence judged by you as ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ with your new evidence-based belief system.  The evidence should check out in multiple lines of research, be consistent, and be from several high quality resources.  Alternatively, if someone you trust tells you that their aunt Mary appeared to them in their kitchen, you might decide that this is enough to believe that after-death communication is a reality.  Only you know if the weight of the evidence is beyond reasonable doubt and appropriate to include in your new spiritual belief system.  Should you discover difference evidence in the future that causes you doubt, your belief system should be flexible enough to change as well.


Find like-minded people to discuss your research with.  it also helps to discuss your findings with someone who is naturally skeptic.  They might help you to look at every possibility for fraud, or see natural explanations that you’ve missed.


Experience some spiritual phenomena for yourself.  This can catapult your belief in life after death to knowing.

Options include:

  • Visiting a medium or attending a channeling demonstration
  • Having a past-life regression
  • Receiving an After-Death Communication from a loved one in spirit
  • Learning out-of-body experience techniques
  • Contacting spirits using ITC or EVP

Hope to see you around..


44 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jenn, Thanks for your blog. The link has ben shared to me us a friend.

    We Very Appreciate your “legal like” method as it is already Far Better than we used to find around as approach 🙂

    Nevertheless, we no more follow You on the following items and wish our critic will help You in any way or any reader here:

    Look for evidence, not scientific proof. Evidence beyond Reasonable Doubt is the basis of most legal systems and is currently the best way to evaluate life after death evidence.

    . . . True that it is Very Good to Evaluate Data but the legal system still has big failures and can mistake.
    . . . It is not because we deal with a POSSIBLE Spirituality that the Scientific Method cannot be applied.

    While there is plenty of scientific research into life after death, science is not advanced enough to accurately and objectively test the survival hypothesis. Until the study of consciousness advances, science cannot prove nor disprove life after death.

    . . . How can You say that? Do You claim to know Everything Everywhere to make Such Absolute statement? ^^
    . . . If a Free From Body Being (free from a dead or unconscious/conscious body) can COMMUNICATE THROUGH The Physical Universe so that MACHINE (computer or else) can RECORD this communication and that the IDENTITY of the being can be PROVED, then we have a Scientific Method to be used and we got reports scientology (note: I am not part of the said “Church Of Scientology” but I have a Very Friend who is The Highest Trained Ever whose last in the domain, Pierre ÉTHIER, who has leaved this “church” by disagreement with its greedy tendencies) that is indeed possible, thanks to their “e-meter” (kind of sophisticated body ohm-meter). Here what Pierre has to say about past lives:
    . . . https://pierreethier.wordpress.com/scientologist-upper-bridge/past-present-and-future-lives/
    . . . We recognise that then, as an OBJECTIVE COMMUNICATION IS REGISTERED WITH EFFECTIVE MEANINGFUL INTERACTION, like in Mediumship or Channelling, the Big Problem is THE PROOF OF THE IDENTITY.
    . . . Hubbard, the alleged Founder of the previous cult, wrote a book maned something like “Travel Through Time” we couldn’t find on the web, he claimed he found a ship he sank with in the Mediterranean Sea centuries ago, right at the place he saw, with the objets which corresponded to what looked like a memory of past life.
    . . . If I ma NOT Confident AT ALL in all the Hubbard’s claims but it suggests a SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF PROOF.
    . . . Nevertheless, as a Friend, Christian GODEFROY, pointed out to us: these data could come from A COMMON DATA BANK WHERE ALL PAST EXPERIENCES OF ANY OF US ALL (and maybe POSSIBILITIES OF FUTURES) are contained and accessible under certain circonstances.
    . . . So, as we see it, the Question now is: HOW TO BE SURE IT COMES FROM OUR MEMORY OR OF A COMMON DATA BANK?
    . . . We had ourselves several Experiences which can be INTERPRETED// AS past lives memories. We FELT them AS “past lives memories” but a “feeling”, just by itself, is not a SCIENTIFIC PROOF at all!
    . . . The good thing is that the Practice of the Technique used has freed us from a recurrent pain our body got. Were they just AWAKEN SYMBOLIC DREAMS? enough to be treat and have Positive Consequences?
    . . . To start to answer this question, comes the need of CROSS CHECKING, like You indeed recommend: IS THE PHENOMENON CONSTANT OR AT LEAST REGULAR AND PREDICTABLE RESPECT TO SPECIFIC STIMULUS AND PRACTICES?
    . . . Here an old version of a scientology book but Interesting in our opinion because it shows the possibility of the REPLICATING ASPECT BY THE NUMBER (only 42 cases but a Practitioner as Pierre ÉTHIER looks have treat thousands of these cases with Great Results – btw, never met Him in person, just talks at phones and mails):
    . . . ANY DATUM GIVEN ONLY ACTUALLY KNOWABLE BY THE BEING WHO HAS LIVED THE LIFE CONCERNED, ARE CHECKED TRUE FOR EACH ITEM CHECKABLE IN THE PRESENT BY DIRECT OBSERVATION*; the proof is then AS STRONG AS THE NUMBER OF DATA CHECKED IS GREAT. (*: like a vault bank number proved not having been opened in between and with the objects contained predicted by the case studied).
    . . . \\ To our knowledge // there is no BROADLY PUBLISHED PAPER which would present such a study but we guess it would do 😉

    . . Regards.


    1. Hi there, thank you so much for your valuable critique. I appreciate it. Let me explain better what I mean by ‘science’. I mean mainstream science – which is currently materialistic. I believe PSI and telepathy have been scientifically proven (Read Chris Carter’s excellent trilogy on the history of the matter), and yet when faced with actual science that has been repeated by independent labs ad nauseaum, science prefers to just ignore it. The root issue with the survival hypothesis is based on consciousness. Until we can prove that consciousness itself does not require a body to exist (whether it uses quantum entanglement or some other scientific method not yet discovered), mainstream science will always find a way to disprove evidence. I believe a full-bodied apparition of Albert Einstein could appear in the Parliament and skeptics would blame fraud and trickery, and science would blame mass hallucination. Science has a long way to go before it will culturally accept the possibility of a human soul, and I would always advise my readers to evaluate the evidence for themselves rather than wait for science to unequivocally claim that an afterlife exists.


  2. Hi Jennifer,

    My name is Pieter. I am from South Africa. In my own research i came across your blog. Thank you very much for your site and your view on this most intetesting topic. I apreciate your sistematic and logical approach.

    Through my whole life, i was always pondering about the life after subject. I grew up in a conservative christian environment. This topic was always debated among the church people. I had my own ideas and more or less followed your principles to evaluate the life after phenomena.

    Three years ago, my wife passed away suddenly from an aneurism. Then my serious journey started to try to understand the life after and if there is indeed something like that. After talking to many people from all different walks of life, scientists, theologists, professors, mediums etc, the one thing i realized is that nobody knows anything. I might be wrong but i got better answers from normal people than from the so called “educated” persons.

    I tried and am still trying to stay as objective as possible. I had my own personal spiritual experiences in my life. I don’t want to use specific words or terms do describe my experiences because people are very quick to “label” something. For example, when i was five years old, i saw figures or people, a woman and a man, and when i told people about it, they labeled me as someone who believes in ghosts. Whether it was ghosts or spirits or whatever, i do not know. What i know is what i experienced.

    I have had many other and totally different experiences. But, nothing that i can PROVE to anyone else. From an analitical and scientific perspective i am looking for PROOF and not just evidence. At the moment, i think that the evidence can only be proof to someone who has experienced these things themselves.

    Please share any new ideas, evidence, proof or anything interesting with us.


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