Physical Medium Gary Mannion Exposed Committing Fraud

Videos now exist showing a well-known UK physical medium engaging in fraudulent activity during a séance.  Nic Whitham of Banyan Retreat smuggled a night-vision video camera into a séance room to reportedly catch physical medium Gary Mannion leaving his ‘cabinet’ to act out phenomena attributed to the deceased.  These videos were released recently and may have been covered extensively in the UK, but I really want to be sure my American audience sees these videos as well.  It is really important to see how fraud can be achieved easily in these situations.  I am a believer in mediumship in general, and it makes fraud all the more repugnant to me.

I have to extend my sincere appreciation to Dave Haith for always keeping me up to date with the spiritual goings-on in the UK. This tip came from him a few weeks ago via email otherwise I may have never known about it. Thank you Dave!

The videos can be obtained here:

Here is the statement made by Whitman of the occurrence:

As you may be aware we had good reason and were morally obliged to offer a refund to all who attended a recent séance at Banyan Retreat with Gary Mannion on the 1st May, 2016.
We have decided to make everyone aware of our reasons for doing this and the source of our concerns. We believe the alleged phenomena and trance that took place throughout the evening was of this world and had no influence from the Spirit world. This is not and will never be behaviour we accept or endorse. It is most important to us to protect the honesty and integrity of the reputable mediums and tutors we host at Banyan Retreat, and also honour the trust placed in us by the Spirit world to do so.  Despite these despicable activities, there are genuine, although rare physical mediums who dedicate their lives to working with the Spirit world. Phenomenon in itself is not proof of life after life and any sitter in a physical séance should use common sense and rational and be open minded to assess that which is taking place is genuine. […] I am sure you will agree, this clearly demonstrates all that took place during this event is of this world and not the Spirit world.”

I am always saddened and disappointed when a medium is discovered to be a fraud.  For those people who believed, it destroys their trust and may do irreparable spiritual damage.  For those who are grieving, the pain is incalculable.  I can’t think of anything more monstrous than to take advantage of grieving people.  It also damages the credibility of genuine mediums, both mental mediums and the dwindling number of real physical mediums who exercise their gifts usually in obscurity and for little money – just for the satisfaction of being able to help others.

Each time a medium is caught engaging in fraud, the closed-minded skeptics pounce and reassert their belief that all mediumship is bunk.  I am sure they get more converts to their way of thinking each time fraud is revealed.  Unfortunately, the field is rife with frauds or mediums with mediocre ability (I call them half-frauds because they pepper their real demonstration with cold-reading and other tactics) but we should not become discouraged that real mediumship isn’t out there. Better education on fraudulent tactics and more rigorous certification of genuine mediums can help separate the wheat from the chaff.

The first video on the site shows the “medium” walking to each audience member and touching them with a trumpet. Can you see how close the medium comes to each person? Why did none of these people put out a hand when the medium was standing right in front of them waving a trumpet around?  One hand, thrust out straight while the trumpet was in front of the person would have taken down the whole game.  How did Gary Mannion know that none of the sitters would do that? Because they have been conditioned not to disrupt, question, or demand better.

Let’s demand better.  Check out the Scole Experiment, which was a 5-year investigation and demonstration of physical mediumship and overseen in part by the Society for Psychical Research, the oldest and most revered psychical society in England.

You can also read their report of their extensive tests and observations called The Scole Report which is described as “a 334-page, scholarly, scientific, illustrated record of the research conducted by the three principal scientific investigators, Professor Arthur Ellison (Electrical Engineering), former SPR President Montague Keen, and Professor David Fontana (Psychology). ”

You may think the results provide fantastic evidence of the afterlife, or perhaps you will believe at the end of the day the results are inconclusive.  The point is that a real investigation was done and properly analyzed by experts in the field.

Mediumship needs to be elevated from a common stage show to a real field of research.  Luckily, people like Dr. Julie Beischel and the Windbridge Institute are beginning to do this type of important work in the modern-day, along with many people in the great history of spiritualism.

Until then, it is up to us to refuse to accept with wide-eyed wonder every medium in sparkly shoes who dances across our television sets or publishes one book of platitudes after another.  Keep an open mind and critical eye – the truth is out there but its more rare and elusive than we have been led to believe by new-age publishers and television producers greedy to devour hope and hopelessness alike.  Belief and trust are sacred; be discriminating and bestow it only on the most deserving.  Remember that the shiniest coin may not be the most valuable.

103 thoughts on “Physical Medium Gary Mannion Exposed Committing Fraud

  1. Waller.. make no assumptions about me. I am simply advising the publisher of this site they are in breach of GDPR laws by using information that personally identifies Gary without his permission. The publisher of this site and its host company are the Data Controllers and Data processors. Both of you hold liability no matter where in the world you are located.


    1. How can anyone make assumptions about you, “Lawyer”, “Dave”, “Didymus” “eveshi”, “Brian” you are like a multi-headed hydra. You have more identities than Medusa had snakes! lol .Which hurts you more, your stretched-out-of-joint elbow for patting your back so many times, or your bruised-up back for patting it so hard? Here: This’ll make you happy:

      Whoa! You’re one badass dude! Feel better?

      Wait! Good news for you! When most cynics are confronted with info that is fundamentally inconsistent with their own deeply cherished beliefs, the mind of the cynic will delete that information, experience unbearable anxiety, a disturbance of his “comfort zone,” and will go into complete denial. The most aggressive cynics will even cheat, mislead,use fake identities and lie about the real situation.



  2. Lordy, just when the world is in full crucifixion mode re: Gary Mannion, an intelligence speaks with information that many will find surprising.

    “The phenomena I experienced, measured and recorded during Gary’s seances left me with no doubt that I witnessed authentic and real phenomena of physical mediumship. ~ Edward Kruse

    Mixed mediumship? A case of false allegations? Remember Colin Fry?

    Yes, do remember Colin Fry.


  3. You are now in breach of GDPR laws and are not authorised to use this personal information. The material is an unauthorised recording of a private gathering which was done outside consent (the host Gary) and the law. This material must come down immediately. Those publishing the material will be held accountable.


    1. Dave, Dave…all of this publicity is for the best even for Gary Mannion, do you not think? Let me quote his spirit team “Sometimes we must destroy and establish structure in order to change. Indeed, you yet have to understand physical mediumship. Many of your world will not understand and that is fine, as has been happening in the past with physical mediumship as well. Many who have been put down and were neglected by your side of life are now revered. (Inge Crosson of Wallacia Development Center note: read about defamation of Helen Duncan, Gordon Higginson, Alec Harris etc.)”

      Gosh, Dave, that statement from spirit is accurate to the nth. Are you brighter than Mannion’s spirit team, more informed or are you one who “yet have to understand physical mediumship”? Methinks the latter.

      Or you could be one of the many drive-by trolls like Brian (aka BrianTheChristian in alien circles).

      Methinks the latter. 🙂


  4. @Brian Obsession is a positive expression (of a negative state of being) that you can explore! …when you are not offering advice on multiple alien forums. My full support!

    Gary Mannion? Take whatever point of view that fits for you.


  5. Well, guess who’s never going to be tested in accordance with the Arthur Findlay College…





    The purpose of this policy is to protect the reputation of both the Arthur Findlay College and Arthur Findlay Centre, and tutors working at these establishments. Most importantly it is also to safeguard the wellbeing of any mediums working with physical mediumship within both College and Centre. In compiling this important protocol, we received guidance from the Spirit World as we recognise that no two mediums abilities function in the same way.
    1. In principle there should be no seances held in total darkness. Subdued lighting including coloured lights or Natural light is preferable at all times. If there is to be consideration given to ‘Dark Seances’ then the following is required:-
    (a) they must be filmed with infrared cameras. It would be invaluable if the AFC invested in a video system that uses multiple cameras that could be linked not only to a recording device but also to a monitor outside the seance room.
    (b) night vision viewers are made available to watch events live during the seance and so have independent witnesses acting on behalf of those present. With these conditions in use there would be no need to secure a medium to the chair with cable ties.



  6. Futhermore, I will gladly explain to anyone gullible enough (as I was – but I needed to see and experience for myself) to pay to attend a Thompson performance exactly how he does it.

    Honestly, it’s too stupid for words. Unless you have 3 or fewer neurons in your head, or possess NO ability for rational, critical, skeptical thought, you will figure it out for yourself – esp. if you’re a checker, as I was.

    I’ve written pages on it for other more well known bloggers, and have given my testimony to a researcher you all know. He recorded me for over a half hour. What he does with the video and the other testimonies he collected in AZ is up to him at this point.

    Instead of cut-n-pasting the tome here, in a nutshell it’s this:

    Thompson isn’t bound at all.

    He wears a very bulky sweater. A stretched out, frayed cat collar is loosely fastened around each sweater-covered wrist. For show – because it serves no practical purpose whatsoever – a zip tie is placed through the buckles of the very loose cat collars around his bulky sweater covered wrists. I watched him and saw how loose it was.

    My mind swirled when I saw how stupid it all was, but I played along. I asked, “Are those tight?” And he made a big exaggerated motion with his hands, splaying his fingers and pretending to pull against the restraints. “It’s tight, mate.” I stood there gobsmacked, and again played along – because I knew if I challenged him I could get the seance cancelled because of my “negative energy” or whatever. I ultimately consented that he was secured because I wanted to see him go through with this.

    He has 2 rubber “friction” straps on his lower legs; i.e. they’re not buckled; they’re just those kind of straps you slip through a buckle and they stay in place. But it wouldn’t matter if it was buckled because, again, his hands aren’t really bound and he easily slips his wrists right out of the cat collars.

    The zip ties that are placed through the button holes on his very bulky sweater are also for show, as they also serve no practical purpose. You have to be MONUMENTALLY stupid to believe those zip ties are preventing Thompson from popping that very large, bulky sweater up over his tiny head – like a pullover sweater – and simply reversing it.

    *fast forward* *fast forward* *fast forward through all the stupid Timothy/Louis Armstrong & Quentin Crisp stuff*

    At the end of the performance, when they have everyone singing at the top of their lungs, and after he’d “secured” himself back in his seat, I clearly heard him wobble-walking his creaky chair to the center of the room. Even though his ankles are secured, his feet touch the ground and he can easily wobble back and forth and “walk” the chair across the room.

    He plops the chair down in the center of the floor with a bang. The music eventually stops. His helper turns on the light. Thompson sits there pretending to be all exhausted, with his silly big, black, bulky sweater on backwards. The True Believers gasp. And….

    Congratulations. You’ve been scammed.

    Read the comment in Michael Prescott’s 2008 blog posts on Thompson. Many other from all over the world have had the same experience as myself. Of course, there are also the True Believers who just can’t accept that they’ve been fooled by a 3rd rate con.


  7. I did not write the 12/1 post attributed to “Didymus” full of bad language.

    That is someone attempting to get me booted or something.

    I would not use that language.

    David Thompson, Victor Zammit, and their mindless disciples — they do use that language.


  8. Okay.. let’s all cool off. 🙂 I’m not sure how I got dragged into this, but Waller is correct. I have been kindly invited to some sittings, but they were far from where I live and I have both a full time job and family responsibilities. That being said, I don’t offer my opinions about physical mediumship and aside from this one post, never post about it either precisely because I have no personal experience with it. I maintain my disgust with frauds in general in any capacity, but I haven’t offered my opinion on any except for Mannion who was clearly caught red-handed. I do welcome the opinions of others who have been to sittings and what they thought about them – whether we all agree with them or not. We are entitled to our personal opinion – but let’s try not to let it devolve into name calling and personal attacks.


  9. Wow. I’m getting pretty close to believing you’re just joking now and this is all a trolling attempt. Since you can’t possibly be serious to believe the other trolls. Or maybe I had you wrong all along and you’re just not very bright. Didypus is so in tune with his inner nutcase that he actually believes the things he makes up, that’s some serious therapy work there. Is Didypus aka Oliver Smith Esq aka Master Troll the president of the welcoming counsel or did he run out of unicorn milk for his rainbow dust this morning?

    Jenn, Tell us about your personal experiences with physical mediumship please. Oh, you can’t be cause you have never been to a sitting. Oooops.

    “A closed mouth gathers no foot”


    1. eveshi, go fukk yourself in your nose. Desperation can do amazingly stupid things to greed-driven, wild-eyed and blood-thirsty bullies in pursuit of expanded turf. You sound like the one-eyed wanderer in the forest of self-deception who had his balls cut off and never noticed. If you had a poofter on your back, would you leave him there or pull him
      off? Don’t answer, we know what you would choose, you bent over cumsucking shithead.

      Anyway, you guys have fun. We’re all entitled to our beliefs and opinions, even when we disagree. I’ll stop back in after another six or seven pages of hysterical wide eyed believing as hard and as loud as you can.

      Until then, all of you, whose credibility went out the window for you and your buddies ages ago. That leaves unverified personal stories which could just as easily, and with much much higher probability, be lies, distortions, factless mental masturbations, delusions, quasi-dreams, drug induced ramblings and a dozen other worthless states of mental relapse.

      In less words, your fucked.

      DidyMus not Pus


      1. @eveshi – Out of place are your comments? Perhaps but I can attest that Jenn has been offered seats at various PM seances but due to timing and distance, she has not been able to take up the offers.

        @DidyMus – a speck of data for you to mull.

        Children are allowed to ‘act out’, adults rarely do.

        Just sayin; 🙂


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