Physical Medium Gary Mannion Exposed Committing Fraud

Videos now exist showing a well-known UK physical medium engaging in fraudulent activity during a séance.  Nic Whitham of Banyan Retreat smuggled a night-vision video camera into a séance room to reportedly catch physical medium Gary Mannion leaving his ‘cabinet’ to act out phenomena attributed to the deceased.  These videos were released recently and may have been covered extensively in the UK, but I really want to be sure my American audience sees these videos as well.  It is really important to see how fraud can be achieved easily in these situations.  I am a believer in mediumship in general, and it makes fraud all the more repugnant to me.

I have to extend my sincere appreciation to Dave Haith for always keeping me up to date with the spiritual goings-on in the UK. This tip came from him a few weeks ago via email otherwise I may have never known about it. Thank you Dave!

The videos can be obtained here:

Here is the statement made by Whitman of the occurrence:

As you may be aware we had good reason and were morally obliged to offer a refund to all who attended a recent séance at Banyan Retreat with Gary Mannion on the 1st May, 2016.
We have decided to make everyone aware of our reasons for doing this and the source of our concerns. We believe the alleged phenomena and trance that took place throughout the evening was of this world and had no influence from the Spirit world. This is not and will never be behaviour we accept or endorse. It is most important to us to protect the honesty and integrity of the reputable mediums and tutors we host at Banyan Retreat, and also honour the trust placed in us by the Spirit world to do so.  Despite these despicable activities, there are genuine, although rare physical mediums who dedicate their lives to working with the Spirit world. Phenomenon in itself is not proof of life after life and any sitter in a physical séance should use common sense and rational and be open minded to assess that which is taking place is genuine. […] I am sure you will agree, this clearly demonstrates all that took place during this event is of this world and not the Spirit world.”

I am always saddened and disappointed when a medium is discovered to be a fraud.  For those people who believed, it destroys their trust and may do irreparable spiritual damage.  For those who are grieving, the pain is incalculable.  I can’t think of anything more monstrous than to take advantage of grieving people.  It also damages the credibility of genuine mediums, both mental mediums and the dwindling number of real physical mediums who exercise their gifts usually in obscurity and for little money – just for the satisfaction of being able to help others.

Each time a medium is caught engaging in fraud, the closed-minded skeptics pounce and reassert their belief that all mediumship is bunk.  I am sure they get more converts to their way of thinking each time fraud is revealed.  Unfortunately, the field is rife with frauds or mediums with mediocre ability (I call them half-frauds because they pepper their real demonstration with cold-reading and other tactics) but we should not become discouraged that real mediumship isn’t out there. Better education on fraudulent tactics and more rigorous certification of genuine mediums can help separate the wheat from the chaff.

The first video on the site shows the “medium” walking to each audience member and touching them with a trumpet. Can you see how close the medium comes to each person? Why did none of these people put out a hand when the medium was standing right in front of them waving a trumpet around?  One hand, thrust out straight while the trumpet was in front of the person would have taken down the whole game.  How did Gary Mannion know that none of the sitters would do that? Because they have been conditioned not to disrupt, question, or demand better.

Let’s demand better.  Check out the Scole Experiment, which was a 5-year investigation and demonstration of physical mediumship and overseen in part by the Society for Psychical Research, the oldest and most revered psychical society in England.

You can also read their report of their extensive tests and observations called The Scole Report which is described as “a 334-page, scholarly, scientific, illustrated record of the research conducted by the three principal scientific investigators, Professor Arthur Ellison (Electrical Engineering), former SPR President Montague Keen, and Professor David Fontana (Psychology). ”

You may think the results provide fantastic evidence of the afterlife, or perhaps you will believe at the end of the day the results are inconclusive.  The point is that a real investigation was done and properly analyzed by experts in the field.

Mediumship needs to be elevated from a common stage show to a real field of research.  Luckily, people like Dr. Julie Beischel and the Windbridge Institute are beginning to do this type of important work in the modern-day, along with many people in the great history of spiritualism.

Until then, it is up to us to refuse to accept with wide-eyed wonder every medium in sparkly shoes who dances across our television sets or publishes one book of platitudes after another.  Keep an open mind and critical eye – the truth is out there but its more rare and elusive than we have been led to believe by new-age publishers and television producers greedy to devour hope and hopelessness alike.  Belief and trust are sacred; be discriminating and bestow it only on the most deserving.  Remember that the shiniest coin may not be the most valuable.


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  1. Sad to see. I am still fairly new to studying mediums and I had not heard of Gary Mannion. But as you so eloquently said, “Mediumship needs to be elevated from a common stage show to a real field of research.” This is a predictable rant from me, too, especially when mediums become like rock stars and promote themselves (via their staff) as mystical commodities and charge sky-high prices. I look forward to the time when some better paradigms can be created for the study of mediumship to be taken more seriously by more than the few academic pioneers who have put their reputations on the line to study this stuff.

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  2. This man has turned Mediumship on its head – yet again – and caused untold damage.
    But it’s not the self-promoting ‘rock star’ Mediums that can really help us, we must seek out the humble, the dedicated and the passionate professionals of spirit communication…
    We should then try to educate ourselves on the subject, then perhaps experiment in similar ways privately at home, but only with trusted and willing friends or family.

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  3. Totally agree Jackson. Sadly all mediums become tainted when this sort of action takes place. Once ego gets in the way of true mediumship and psychic ability honesty seems to go out the window.


  4. The scole experiment was nothing but fraud and David Fontana is not reliable he claimed the fraudulent materialization medium Helen Duncan was genuine amongst other charlatans. There is no such thing as a genuine medium, even Daniel Dunglas Home was caught in fraud. Once your dead your dead. It’s silly that people still cling to ancient superstitions like spirits.

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    1. Hi there, Bill. Certainly you are entitled to your opinion, though I prefer to be an open-minded skeptic and avoid sweeping generalizations. Until every medium in the world has been investigated, it would be unfair to say that there is no such thing as a genuine medium. Sadly, many mediums have been caught in fraud – that I do not dispute. Even mediums who may have been genuine in the beginning might later succumb to fraud because of the pressure of performing, greed, vanity, etc. Mediums are human beings after all.

      I can appreciate that you believe that ‘dead is dead’. I thought that way too for a long time. Then I decided to keep an open mind and really study the evidence, research and literature and realized that beyond just wishful thinking, there is something tangible and real worth exploring. I don’t have the answers, that’s why my site is called “The search for life after death”. I am still searching. Its possible that my search may end up being fruitless, but I believe the possibility of life after death is worth exploring, I mean – it’s a pretty important question. Certainly millions of people have had very real-to-them experiences in 11 different categories of spiritual phenomena that suggest that dead is not just dead. A good portion may be deception or hallucination, but are we sure – really sure – that all of it is?

      There are still a lot of mysteries to uncover in this reality and science is far from having all of the answers. I know there is no chance I can convince a skeptic who has made up his mind, but I think life is just more interesting when you start from the position of ‘anything is possible’. Thanks for commenting, have a good one!


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    2. “Scientific research on mediumship has also witnessed a small resurrection within the last decade. More recent research has examined the accuracy of statements provided by mediums under double- and triple-blind conditions (e.g., Roy and Robertson, 2004; O’Keefe and Wiseman, 2005; Beischel and Schwartz, 2007; Jensen and Cardeña, 2009; Kelly and Arcangel, 2011) as well as mediums’ phenomenology (e.g., Rock and Beischel, 2008; Rock et al., 2009), psychology (e.g., Roxburgh and Roe, 2011), neurobiology (e.g., Hageman et al., 2010), and the therapeutic potential of mediumship readings for the bereaved (Beischel et al., in press).

      “Recent research has also confirmed previous findings that mediumship is not associated with conventional dissociative experiences, pathology, dysfunction, psychosis, or over-active imaginations (Roxburgh and Roe, 2011). Indeed, a large percentage of mediums have been found to be high functioning, socially accepted individuals within their communities (Krippner, 2007; Moreira-Almeida et al., 2007).”

      From: Electrocortical activity associated with subjective communication with the deceased
      Front. Psychol., 20 November 2013,

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    3. i don’t want to fight about this but scole is real there is to much evidence for it there was over 100 scientist working on they did not fine one thing tell me how a locked box with nothing but film in it get writing on it they did not do any school they did not know how to do this they made no money did it for free and the other medium most are real some think they are better then they are bill what i am trying to say its keep your mind open i have a mom who is a medium she never charged any body every once in a while she would walk up to some one and give the ma reading a lot are like that so i don’t like when u say they are all fake
      there are real one and its a fact now that some part of the mind not saying afterlife but can go beyond brain remote viewing is a fatc i would say we use its still in army its easy to study and use energy healing also very very good evidence and david thompson is the best physical medium there is has been tested over and over i went to a sitting and held the gag in his mouth why my brother held his hands down so he did not move or talk but yet people were touched and the spirit thing was talking so yeah


    1. There is no evidence that all mediums are frauds. No one has tested all mediums, and very few are today engaged in scientific publication and testing of mediums other than Windbridge — and their results are favorable to the mediumistic position.

      Neither fraud nor error nor gullibility have erased the reality of psi. The case under discussion in this article is simply thinning of the herd of bogus seance artists.

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        1. if u look at the james randi thing the reason no body does the challenge is because they have to pay to get it set up one medium said that he would be in ligth be naked in front of randi and have some thing fall out of know were then the guy that told him said u would need to pay to have it set up never heard from him agian and mediums do get study and they either talk to the dead or have super esp


      1. “No one has tested all mediums”, true, but all mediums who have been tested under proper controls have been found to be without paranormal ability. If psychic ability was real it would be perfectly simple to prove and would have been accepted long ago. That is the difference, science holds no prejudice. If a claim is made, is tested and proven accurate, it ceases to be a theory and becomes fact.
        As for nobody testing mediums, the James Randi Educational Foundation will not only test mediums but will give them $2,000,000 yes two million dollars if they can prove their claims. You may think they would be queueing round the block to grab the loot, but no, none of them have the guts.
        Please wake up people.


        1. Ah yes! The magician who seems to have become a guru. I thought he had stopped accepting applications since his retirement last year, but now you say it’s two million?
          I understand the criteria was so ridiculously impossible to stick by, people gave up, or inevitably failed.
          JR aside, ‘paranormal’ contact has been made many times. And ignored, many times. From ITC, both video and audio to ADC, after death communication between the bereaved and the deceased which is so common it is known to psychiatrists and is in their DSM as a hallucination. Now that’s ridiculous. Anything else and the evidence would be undeniable.
          Mediums aside and the human factor aside, there is undeniable evidence of an afterlife, and that’s what should be examined, not whether the humans are telling the truth. And we have the means, through electronic equipment now. No longer does the JRF have to rely on humans. They can do their own experiments with ‘talking to the dead’ there’s bound to be one of them there that is supposed to get through.


          1. Dear oh dear, determined to believe aren’t we? The Randi prize was NOT ridiculously impossible to attain, in fact it was a rule that the test protocols were agreed between both parties. The preposterous charlatan Derek Ogilvie, self named “the baby mind-reader” attempted the test in a documentary made by channel 5. Predictably he was a complete failure when tested by the JREF and by the Goldsmith Institute.
            The test procedure was designed to be perfectly simple to pass if you are truly psychic. Ogilvie, like every other fraud with the courage, or the self delusion to take the challenge, proved he was not. Over 40 years and not one person passed even the preliminary stage of the test.
            If as you say, there is undeniable evidence of the afterlife, it is unknown to me or to science. Bring on the proof and you could claim the Randi fortune, also, a Nobel Prize is in the bag.
            Funny isn’t it how the answer to all these questions is always “no”? Did aliens create crop circles? No. Is the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Yeti, fairies, goblins etc real? No. Does Uri Geller bend spoons using his mind? No. Levitation, dowsing, faith healing, mediumship, all wish thinking, all delusional.


            1. Randi purposely chooses the most ridiculous claims so that he can embarrass and humiliate the person who is most likely delusional and then just throws up his hands and says, “I gave him a chance!”. Go do some research on the Randi foundation and their ‘rules’. It would shock you how rigged it is.
              Merrick, please understand that afterlife researchers are skeptics too. We may not have the funding for scientific research into much of what we study, but there is evidence of the afterlife – and lots of it. Many Nobel Laureates believe in life after death, as well as quantum physicists and biologists, such as noted stem cell researcher, Dr. Lanza. Real study of the afterlife isn’t about woo-woo new age bullshit, Merrick, we have higher standards than that. Please don’t lump us all together with the charlatans, crackpots, liars and frauds. Avoid sweeping generalizations and realize that we are not wide-eyed idiots who believe everything that comes our way.


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            2. So glad you took the time to read all the way through my post! Cynics are not open and cannot be persuaded their point of view is not ‘God’. Therefore talking to you and your ilk is a waste of time. I post not for you but for the open minded.

              I am not, as you put it, ‘determined to believe’. That would suggest a faith based belief, and I have no such thing. A continuing consciousness is not up for debate, sir, it’s a fact. Perhaps one that dogmatic science will catch up with in our lifetimes, perhaps not.. Dimensions is the key.

              The other things you mentioned with a sneer have nothing to do with continuation, but I know very little about them so will keep my opinions to myself.


        2. Merrick, psi has already been proven scientifically in hundreds of experiments. Even materialist science has finally bowed to that fact. In addition, a triple blind study was done by the windbridge institute of mediums and have found them to be accurate above chance, even controlling for telepathy. Telepathy experiments also show statistically significant results that deserve more time and research. I can link all of these scientific, peer-reviewed research papers if you like, but I’ve learned that hard skeptics are never convinced because they’ve wrapped up their reasoning in their sense of pride. The reason you don’t know about the real science is because the materialist scientific community has no interest in promoting it, funding it, or sharing it with the public. Science itself holds no prejudice, yes, but people definitely do – especially academic institutions who can ruin someone’s career if they focus on areas that are considered ‘fringe’.

          The Randi prize was always rigged in favor of Randi himself. He’s not a scientist, not qualified to judge scientific experiments, doesn’t allow repeated trials which is the cornerstone of scientific experimentation, changes the rules in the middle of the demonstration, forces people to give up their rights to liability and also has assured his own right to change the results or the interpretation of the results at will. He’s also a proven liar. Randi doesn’t care about actual science, he just wants to humiliate people. When you start with a position of “all psychic, supernatural stuff is BS”, it doesn’t make for a very scientific starting point for a fair experiment, does it? No real scientist or medium would ever take him seriously, or give him the time of day. He’s a grumpy old man without a shred of scientific credibility. For those who have taken the time to look at it with an open mind, the Randi defense falls apart and just seems amateurish.
          But thanks for commenting, Merrick. If are you willing to have an open mind and consider the evidence as it stands, I’d be happy to have a real conversation with you – not an adversarial one.


          1. Hello Jenn, you seem like a nice lady so I will try not to be adversarial, but as we disagree so fundamentally it may be unavoidable.
            Randi seems to touch a nerve with you as he did with many frauds like Geller, Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh etc. ( I am not calling you a fraud here). But you are wrong when you accuse him of being close minded. He never ever said there was no such thing as paranormal power, just that despite fifty years of searching for it he had found not a trace of evidence for it. He did not do repeated experiments because when the chance to cheat was removed, no one even passed the preliminary test, which to a genuine psychic would be supremely easy.
            I suspect that psychics, spoon benders etc irritated him so much because he could do all their tricks but made no attempt to dress them up as magic powers.
            You may find the odd scientist who is a believer, Francis Collins, who sequenced the human genome is a believing christian while Richard Dawkins the great genetic biologist is not. Most scientists laugh at the notion of the afterlife.
            In exodus we are told that God gave Moses and Aaron the power to change their rods into snakes and the power to change water into blood, (hard to see the practical application for this). This was supposed to awe Phaoroah and persuade him to release the Israelites from bondage. But guess what? Phaoroahs magicians could do the same tricks without divine help.
            In Victorian times there was a great craze for seances, which was challenged by Harry Houdini who knew a magic trick when he saw one and exposed every seance he attended, often in disguise. I believe Randi is inspired by this. I believe the persistence of belief in this type of thing is a response to the great trauma and grief of the great wars of the 20th century, which we have not recovered from and possibly never will.
            The modern world offers so much wonder it seems unnecessary to look to the supernatural to get a glimpse of transendence.


            1. Hi Merrick,

              Of course there is a place for James Randi just as much as there is a place for anyone. Everyone is always welcome to their own opinion. But that is all it is – opinion. Randi plays a role like everyone else. Life isn’t life without characters, now is it?

              Please feel free to share any research you’ve done or experiences you’ve had yourself.

              If we’re quoting names a good place to start is this page:

              And I’m gonna throw some info in here also for anyone who says there’s no evidence. (pasted from somewhere else). That’s completely ludicrous. There’s more “evidence” than any one person could read or research in a lifetime. But each person will find their truths in their own way, in their own time.

              1. For starters, watch this video on Marcello Bacci in Italy. He’s been having people in spirit come through radio and talk to sitters for at least 40 years I believe and he has been working with radio since the 50’s or 60’s – I’m not exactly sure. The video has been out in English for less than a month. He has never been proven a fraud.

              2. If you want to see what is recognized as one of the best documentaries on the subject of Instrumental Transcommunication (communication through electronics) then please check this out: It’s an hour and a half long.

              3. Visit Victor Zammit’s site or read his book.

              4. Visit – some of the best evidence for survival.

              A person could spend a lifetime reading on the subject – first, one has to determine which area are they interested in?
              Reincarnation, Instrumental Transcommunication, Physical mediumship, Channelling, Mediums, etc. etc.

              Looking for websites? Try this link:

              That’s all the energy I’m expending in this arena. Thanks for a wonderful site Jenn!

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              1. Keith! Thank you so much for these great links and for jumping into the conversation! I’d like to echo what you’ve said – there is a place for skeptics (thought zealots I could do without) because without skepticism, there is no push to find better evidence! I agree, the evidence is overwhelming but we need to do more to get it out there. The average person isn’t exposed to it, and doesn’t realize how much science doesn’t know yet. Most people believe that science understands how consciousness works, or how the brain stores memories, but there are still so many mysteries and plenty of room for alternative theories, many that support the survival of consciousness. Bacci’s work is an amazing example of ITC, I am so looking forward to watching the link that you posted. Thanks for the compliment on the site and I am thankful to have intelligent contributors like yourself who add so much to the conversation and teach me too!


            2. Dear Merrick,

              Thank you for explaining your position, and I think we disagree without being adversaries :). Maybe I can explain my position and also explain where I agree with you.
              First, I am a strictly secular researcher. When it comes to religion, I probably have more in common with atheists. I think that if the afterlife exists, it must agree with science, which is the cornerstone of our understanding about reality. I don’t have absolute proof of the afterlife, nor am I 100% convinced myself but I do believe there is enough evidence that cannot be completely explained by science that it is worth researching. I have no issue with people who debunk frauds because no one hates a fraud more than I do. I do believe mediumship abilities exist, based on the evidence, of course, and therefore frauds do nothing but give it a bad name. I think Randi crosses into the role of zealot, so yes – he does strike a nerve with me. I would say (quite unscientifically) that frauds outnumber people with real talent by double digit percentages. I am always glad when a fraud is exposed because taking advantage of grieving individuals is truly sick. most scientist laugh at the notion of the afterlife because 1. they’ve been taught to, .2 they would lose their academic credibility and funding, and 3. they haven’t been exposed to the research and the evidence. Millions of people have experiences that would be classified as paranormal, whether its after-death communications, near-death experiences, death-bed visions, etc. I guess all of them could be lying or hallucinating, but hallucinations in a generally healthy subject is extremely rare, and most people don’t have anything to gain from lying. One study of NDEs showed that more than half had never told another person of their experience for fear of ridicule. Although science has tried to explain away NDEs as brain-based, they haven’t really succeeded, especially since the mechanism for consciousness is unknown. There is more to research of the afterlife than mediums and psychics. They form a very small part. Some of the work done with ITC by real researchers has been incredible, as well as the decades of study into psi and telepathy, which have yielded real, statistically significant results. If consciousness is not limited to the brain, based on psi and telepathy research, then there is a chance that consciousness doesn’t die with the brain. Even quantum physics support multiple dimensions and many-worlds interpretations – how is the notion that our consciousness may stay in-tact after death via particle entanglement more outlandish than suggesting that every action we make creates an entire new universe? Merrick, don’t be so quick to write afterlife studies off as the wishful thinking of idiotic people who are desperate and willing to believe anything the promises salvation. I know that if the evidence showed that death was the end, I would be prepared to accept that. But the evidence doesn’t show that – science can no more prove that death is the end of consciousness than I can prove that it is. Let’s agree to keep the question open, despite closed-minded skeptics who have made up their minds without looking at all of the evidence available.
              Have a great day, and thanks for continuing the conversation!


              1. Hello Keith and Jenn, thanks for your comments. I only came on here to have a pop at the 100% proven fake, fraud and charlatan Gary Mannion being busted, but I seem to have kicked a wasps nest.
                Belief is a strange thing isn’t ti? I have just looked at proven fake, cheat, fraud Gary Mannions facebook page and he says he is booked solid until January 2019. Enough said.
                Keith, I am familiar with Zammit and his ramblings, I particularly remember his childish “counter Challenge”, which invited skeptics to disprove the afterlife To illustrate the fatuousness of this challenge I could say that, on entering my bathroom last night I was surprised to see a gorilla sitting on the toilet, playing a banjo and singing ‘Waltzing Matilda’. No one in their right mind would believe it, but you cannot prove it to be false.
                As for the Italian gent twiddling knobs on the radio and getting crackly voices, I half expected to see a Dorothy throwing a curtain back to reveal the wizard of oz. If that counts as proof to you I can only say that you are more trusting than I am.
                Jenn, you say that scientists laugh at the afterlife because 1. they’ve been taught to; 2. they lose funding, and 3. they haven’t been exposed to research. I would say that it is more likely to be because they think it’s all a waste of time. Scientist after all are by definition among the most intelligent of us all, and all the miracles which we enjoy today and take so much for granted have been given to us by science, not the supernatural.


                1. Hi Merrick. I know I can’t convince you, but maybe you could do a little experiment. Decide to keep an open mind and really look into the evidence. That’s what I’m doing and although I can’t say that I’m totally convinced by everything, there are some unexplainable by science things happening that even a science loving intelligent person such as yourself could appreciate as worthy of investigation. It all depends on if you are willing to give it a chance or if you’ve already made up your mind. Either way, I wish you the best.


                  1. Hello Jenn, I won’t deny that I am a skeptic, that is too obvious. But I do deny being close minded.
                    ALL the supposed ‘evidence’ for the supernatural that I have seen has been questionable at best. Mostly it is fraudulent, often laughably so. Here is a little experiment for you too. The next time you witness an inexplicable event, like a dead man talking, or someone bending a spoon using their mind, or someone levitating, ask yourself this; were the laws of nature broken just then, or was I being tricked?
                    There are other possibilities such as emotional delusions, drink or drug induced hallucination, mental illness etc. I find all of these more likely than selective breaking of the laws of the universe.
                    I wish you the best too.


            3. haha most scientist no i did a study online sent and ask scientist if they think is most do even the ones that say they did not on tv or some thign say they did and not to let this out like what do u mean gary schartz robert lanza are the best of the best in science and they think there is and its a fact people that do better in school are more open or think there is phychic stuff and life after death


    2. not true another close minded person who does not know what they are saying my mom is a medium does not charge walks up to soem one every once in a while tells them the name of the dead person and she is good at getting the phone number of the person who passed


  5. Poppycock! Although I have never been nor never will be allowed in a seance room due to my beliefs in Modern Spiritualism (nonhomophobic) it is easy to tell that Gary Mannion was under the influence of other beings most probably extraterrestrials. Nic of Banyan should be arrested for endangering the lives of all sitters, mediums and aliens alike.

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  6. Hi Jon. I still have faith that there is genuine mediumship in the world. Leslie flint is an interesting case, I have do more research on him. What fraud are you saying he was involved in? Aside from ppl saying the voices sounded like him, which isn’t evidence of fraud (how are we to say how paranormal ectoplasmic voiceboxes work), I don’t know what the charges are…


  7. Hi, I can only comment on the following section because it’s the only one of which I feel I may have actual knowledge….

    “Why did none of these people put out a hand when the medium was standing right in front of them waving a trumpet around? One hand, thrust out straight while the trumpet was in front of the person would have taken down the whole game. How did Gary Mannion know that none of the sitters would do that? Because they have been conditioned not to disrupt, question, or demand better”

    To answer this particular question – yes, sitters are conditioned to not touch the mediums due to the presence of ectoplasm. This undoubtedly has its base from the Helen Duncan experience and the resulting injury. So, in that regard the sitters certainly cannot be blamed. It would also be unwise to suggest that any sitters should consider wildly flinging their arms out in front of them and abandoning any practices of safety and courtesy normally afforded to a physical mediumship seance.

    That being said, I’ve sat in 6 physical mediumship seances, all with the same person. It took 6 before I was finally actually convinced – and I can say that I am clearly convinced of life after death – and not just because of physical mediumship. Personally, I will always lean towards things we can see and hear with our own eyes and ears…..and unfortunately seances in the dark truly only make use of our hearing faculties (for all who do not receive direct information or touch the person in spirit).

    Sure, this event is sad.

    One really has to ask a question here which I haven’t seen yet…..

    We lean towards focusing on “was the person who did the recording endangering the medium?” and “if so, are we still glad he did it?” – which of course, we are.

    The question I ask is this:

    With all of the mediums that have been filmed in darkness or red light using various forms of infra-red – and none of them (to my knowledge) have been injured, why is it not considered to make this a common staple of seances (recording by the host of the event as a precaution)?

    I have heard various things about facilitators in spirit saying that it cannot be done (infra-red) unless permission is given, and I know there are very sensitive energetic variables that have to be manually mixed, and perhaps the medium has to be evolved to a certain point before this danger is presented…..

    Still, I feel that at least one medium could be doing it – and it would set the best example.

    Other than that, I have hopes for new energy and all other forms of mediumship which can be seen in light.

    If it’s not clear, I am definitely slanted (by personal experience) in favor of life after death.
    Like everyone else, I hope for improvements and standards that can eliminate all of these other factors as best as possible, given the conditions.


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    1. Hi Keith,
      Thanks for the comment and the for the links to the articles! Yes, I do know about the Helen Duncan situation, and I realize that it has been said that it can cause harm to the medium. I wouldn’t have suggested tackling the medium and snapping flashbulb pics, but I guess I don’t know if touching a manifestation would be so disruptive as to completely mess up the whole séance. I suppose it would be the last time I’d get invited to one. On the other hand, being in complete darkness with friends and associates seated next to you, ensuring that you don’t move doesn’t feel right either. How many mediums use the excuse that fatal harm can come to them unless they have complete darkness and no one moves or talks? It’s also very convenient for covering up fraud.

      Would I have put a hand out when the trumpet was in front of me? I might have been tempted to, if I really thought that I was witnessing fraud. Gary Mannion was shown pulling people from their chairs!. At that point, yes – they should have grabbed hold of his shirt. If a “spirit” or a man wants to touch me, get physical, and pull me out of a chair.. then obviously they are demonstrating that human contact is not disruptive.

      I guess I have serious doubts about modern physical mediumship. But Keith, you’ve said that you believe in the afterlife because of a physical medium? Can you tell me what it was about that particular séance that you feel was absolutely real and not the product of trickery?



      1. Hi Jen,

        Sure thing – not a problem. I need to start by saying that no one piece of evidence by itself convinced me of life after death – it was all of the pieces of the puzzle put together. I consider myself practical, but not necessarily skeptical – and most certainly analytical.

        Regarding the physical mediumship seances I have attended, they were all with David Thompson. It’s quite well-known that I support life after death so I’m not even going to represent myself as anything other than a bona fide advocate – due to personal experience.

        At the 6th seance in two years I was finally convinced – and not because I had doubts…..I had never been touched, had not been spoken to directly, and did not see spirit with my own two eyes. It was because of Louie Armstrong and ectoplasm.

        At this last seance I was sitting 3 or 4 chairs down from the CD player. The CD player was to my immediate left, and the person singing was to my 1 o’clock. It is well known that there are constants in the seance room with David – certain personalities, among which is counted Mr. Armstrong. As I sat there with the CD playing Louie Armstrong singing “what a wonderful world” in my left ear (9 o’clock position), and Mr. Armstrong himself about 7 feet in front of me singing to the crowd, (1 o’clock position) I analyzed what I heard.

        I am a singer and consider myself to have a very sharp ear. I’ve also worked with Morse Code, and foreign languages. In addition, I’ve been working with people in spirit over radio (developing) for a decade. Because of this, I consider my listening faculties to be quite acute. What I can say is this: I am positively sure that one of the following two must be true:
        David Thompson is the worlds best ventriloquist, escape artist, impersonator, and singer – all wrapped up in one
        I was listening to the genuine voice of Louie Armstrong

        As we know – it doesn’t take that much skill to alter our voices – not everyone can do it, but many people can. I can do quite well myself in false setto. But I’ll be a damned fool if I wasn’t listening to the original artist singing in front of me. it had the right cadence of a performer (you know, like when people sing Happy Birthday in accompaniment with a piano – but not in same timing), it had his unique sound (and he was belting the tune out in full force), and it was just too good.

        Wasn’t the first time I heard him – either in previous seances recordings or in person. But it was the first time I knew fraud was as close to impossible as it could be for me. Why?

        David is bound, gagged, hands and feet tied to the chair, zip ties run through the holes in his cardigan.
        When done, the cardigan is still on David – but backwards, with zip ties still in place in cardigan, as well as hands, feet, gag, etc.
        While David has had different people travelling with him in the past – he is the only constant variable. Therefore, the voices would need to be from him or people
        in spirit.
        David has at least 5 different personalities that come through regularly. William Cadwell, Timothy Booth, Quentin Crisp, Louie Armstrong, and others.

        What I heard was a voice – not a recording, nor a speaker. It was in a square room with only one door, no attic access, no access below feet.

        If David Thompson had the ability to:
        Sing exactly like Louie Armstrong
        Mimic 6-30 different vocal characteristics
        Mimic 6-30 separate personalities
        Be a comedian
        Escape zip ties on legs, hands, zip tie on back of gag, take off and reverse his cardigan – and put all of the zip ties back cut exactly the same way
        Use night vision goggles that had to be snuck in without anyone knowing or any light showing whatsoever

        Then I would absolutely consider the man to be one of the most skilled stage acts of our time, and encourage him to travel world-wide. For if I had those skill i would not endure what he does.

        Of course, the realization I came to is that it is genuine. I can only speak for my own experience.

        The second kicker was: they have a luminous trumpet. When that trumpet was done being used, it was set to the right of the circle facilitator on the floor. There was nobody to that person’s right. What nobody except myself knew was that I could see enough of the luminous band to tell if anything was moved in front of the trumpet.

        What I saw was like what we see when we look at stars at night. You know how stars twinkle because clouds are moving in front of them? That’s what I saw from that luminous band on the trumpet across the room. It flickered – not as if something solid passed in front of it, but as if a cloud kept moving in front of it. i knew it was likely ectoplasm, and I continued to watch it for 20 minutes at least to ensure nothing solid ever passed in front of it – and as far as I could tell – nothing did. If a foot or chair had been drug in front of it – I would have known. I intended to write an article, but it is sitting, unfinished – like many other ideas and experiences.

        Again, I don’t think there’s any substitute for personal experience – no matter who says what to whom. And this is not a forum for David or comparison of his character with the subject in question.

        This was my experience.

        Keith J. Clark

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        1. Keith,

          Thank you so much for writing out your experience here, and what an incredible experience it was! I do believe that it would be difficult to mimic Armstrong’s voice live in a small room, certainly if I were a medium who was only interested in performing trickery, I’d pick a voice less distinctive than his, which is known the world over. Although Skeptics give no credence to personal experience, I believe that personal experience is important evidence for life after death. Sure, any one person could be lying or delusional, but millions of normal, everyday people with nothing to gain by lying have incredible personal experiences. It all adds up to evidence that something is going on.. something beyond delusion or deception. Your personal experience with this medium will encourage me to do more research into him and try to find others who can testify to what they’ve seen and heard. Plenty of people get fooled by fraudulent mediums, but its sounds like you went into this with an open and analytical mind. As you’ve said, there is no substitute for personal experience – I wouldn’t be able to use your experience as definite proof of the afterlife for myself, but the fact that your experience convinced you beyond the shadow of a doubt is important. I give credence to the weight of a person’s convictions when they otherwise have nothing to gain but skeptical ridicule. Thanks again Keith, I know a lot of people will enjoy reading about your experience!


        2. Keith, here is Donna Smith-Montcrieffe’s report on the Thompson seances we attended, FYI –

          Donna Smith-Moncrieffe is the director of Metaphysics Research conducts a series of non-believer experiments under controlled conditions.The the study’s findings with 88 sitters and 10 mediums and a review of the most up to date literature on the afterlife can be reviewed in the book: Medium7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions.

          The validity of real physical mediumship continues to roll in like a tsunami 🙂


          1. Thank you Waller – I should know Donna – I sat next to her during the seance! 🙂 I was there when she was touched on the top of the head perfectly with the trumpet after it precisely swirled about the left and right of her head, as well as her viewing fingers on a chalkboard.This is the same night I described above. Donna and I didn’t know each other then, she may not know of me, but I know of her well – her work has blossomed greatly since.



  8. About ten years ago the two mediums that participated in the Scole Experiment commenced the Norfolk Experiment. This was started to address the concerns of the critics of Scole, particularly with regards to darkness. I don’t know much about it, but did find this which are the results of their crystal photographic experiments which are basically ITC pictures.
    As I understand it, these are two physical mediums, so perhaps ITC is the way mediumship is going.


    1. Hey there Nicola,

      Some people classify ITC as a form of physical mediumship, and based on my research they aren’t off the mark with the suggestion. I always assumed ITC was purely a technical experiment, whereby spirits interact only with the equipment. Apparently, though, ITC won’t happen unless the ITC researcher or the person conducting the experiment has some mediumistic abilities. I don’t have any psychic or mediumistic abilities myself, and have never caught so much as a single EVP. You seem to get amazing EVP every day, so Nicola, you are an integral part of your own experiments!



      1. Jenn, Hi,

        Thank you.
        I don’t think my contact is down to mediumship, but a prior arrangement to get back in touch before I was born.
        I don’t think everyone can get in touch but thats a matter of whether they are supposed to rather than ability.



        1. Hey Nicola, that’s true too – I think many people have contracts or arrangements to try to further the spiritual movement. Well, you are definitely successful and I enjoy your blog and appreciate the time and effort you are taking in your research!


  9. When you interact as a physical being with spirit, when your Spirit Guides sometimes have direct interaction with you,sometimes you can literally feel them. Not only the idea of emotionally, mentally but sometimes even physiologically. What is happening when this occurs, more often that not, is that they may be matching their
    frequency in Spirit. In electromagnetheric terms, that is, electromagnetic and etheric which is almost synonymous in those terms, they may be matching their frequency to the electromagnetheric body you also have to the Spirit Body aka etheric template.

    You also have Spirit vibration that is a part of the frequency of your collective aura, your energy field, which is actually a compilation of many frequencies. But what they are doing at that moment is matching the frequency of your etheric body, your Spirit body and in matching the frequency and vibrating in harmony with it, then making slight adjustments.

    You can actually receive a physiological sensation of being touched, of being communicated with. A resonate identification is formed, a connective linked is formed in that the matching of frequencies and communications in
    one form or another can commence.


    1. Waller,

      Along those lines my team often talk about being ‘at one’ with me and I get the impression this is a literal joining of souls. Rather ghastly for them, I would think, and a reminder for me about just how hard they have to work just to make contact.



      1. Nicola, the hierarchy of existence is as follows: there exists The One who had no self-reflection, split itself and by doing so became All That Is. Collections of these “shards” of All That Is collect as an OverSoul from which all incarnations are realized. So yes, your guides are speaking to you about this “oneness”, you are they and they are you all alive (conscious and sentient).

        As part of our agreement in this physical, very dense, low vibration environment, we purposefully dis-remember this association with All That Is and, hence, your guides, through and with the approval of your True Core (spirit) Self aka Higher Mind have assisted you in remembering who you are, an infinite, eternal being.

        The difficulty in contact stems from their relative capabilities to manage energy (vibration and frequency) since there can be no communication, physical or telempathic, unless there is a matching of our lowered frequencies and their higher vibrations. What you are displaying is a willingness and ability to allow for that matching, your vibrational state increases, theirs decrease and find common energetic ground so to speak.

        Congratulations are in order. 🙂

        FYI – If you choose, click on the link embedded in my name and listen to the interview about Materialization Mediums.


  10. Keith,

    Helen Duncan was a fraud. You can see photographs of her online with cheesecloth ectoplasms. She was exposed by the London Spiritualist Alliance in 1931.


  11. Then name a genuine historical physical medium (PM) who was not caught in fraud. All of the historical ‘greats’ of PM such as Eusapia Palladino, Helen Duncan, Carmine Mirabelli, Einer Nielsen, William Eglinton, Mina Crandon, Kathleen Goligher or Daniel Dunglas Home were caught in fraud employing charlatans tricks and all of their exposures can be found a click away on the internet.

    The spiritualists ignore all the exposures. Instead of admitting the fraud you are pushed into a small hole that ignores Occam’s Razor by defending the only position you are left with “mixed mediumship”, but this position makes no sense at all. It is just a desperate attempt for believers to keep on believing. If a medium is genuine then they would not have to cheat. I am sorry but all the evidence indicates when we are dead we are dead. Take care.


    1. Now, “Paul”, don’t get your panties in a bunch, you have chosen to live this life of yours with the preposterous notion that you are a finite, limited being. What a fun and exciting experience for you in your physical illusion. 😉

      Write a book on your life! Here’s a title “How Physical Mediumship Made My Life Miserable By Repeatedly Pointing Out My Lack Of Self Worth” 😛


  12. Nellie Duncan’s early married life was a real struggle for the young couple who had little income and an ever-increasing amount of mouths to feed. In total, Helen had six children; Bella, Nan, Lillian, Henry, Peter and Gena as well as two that died in infancy. During these years, Helen tried to supplement the household income by repairing and washing bed sheets and shirts for one penny an item and also took a job in a bleach mill.

    I would find it nearly impossible to believe that she would do whatever possible, including fraud, to feed her family. This, however, doesn’t reboot the fact that she was an excellent physical medium who was so confident in her mediumship agreed to let Mr. Harry Price witness and test her psychic abilities. Price was a prolific author and media personality of the day who had written several best-selling books on the supernatural and was director of National Laboratory of Psychical Research the President of which was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, Price was a complete cynic and was determined to prove that Helen was a fraud – as many mediums of the day undoubtedly were.

    Helen had a kindly and compassionate nature. She believed she was using her talent to help people so a smarmy cynic like Price who, on first meeting Helen, announced that he thought all mediums were “guilty of fraud until proven genuine” was never going to end amicably and so it proved.

    I do have to ask this question, who among you that have responded have ever sat in a physical mediumship seance? Careful now, I have sat in more than I can remember, I know all of the modern physical mediums personally, communicate with them regularly, and you will be required to give a date (Keith you’re off the hook 🙂 and other information to validate your attendance. 🙂

    Because if you have never attended a seance, then you are spouting out your teapots, my friends.


  13. Wow, this gets better. You are referring to the proven and convicted fraudulent medium Helen Duncan?
    What a joke. Have you seen the pictures of her with the bog roll hanging out of her mouth? Even proven fraud Colin Fry made a better fist of it.
    Just to prove how easily believers are fooled, the poor mug who was pulled round in his seat by proven fraud Gary Mannion was convinced it was a wonderful spiritual phenomenon until he saw the cctv.
    What the hell does “spouting out your teapots” mean? I think you need to see a nice friendly shrink.


  14. merrick forrester if you click on the user “Waller”, you will see his profile is listed as “Waller Joel”, if you run a Google search on this term you will see he has a history of impersonating people online and trolling people. No reason to take anything he says seriously. This was the same person behind the ‘MU’ trolling. An online radio interview Waller did with Roberta Grimes claims aliens are responsible for some séance phenomena. I believe he is making a parody of pretending to be a spiritualist believer.


    1. “Steve” how many troll names do you have? So far two “Paul’s”, a “merrick forest”, “Steve” , “Bill”, how many did I miss? You’re like a rabid Muppet on crack. When you write your book ” “How Physical Mediumship Made My Life Miserable By Repeatedly Pointing Out My Lack Of Self Worth” I wouldn’t buy this book if the 20 cm of height it provides by standing on it would save me from a hanging.

      You are obviously NOT a smart fellow and have nothing to contribute, but being a pompous ass shaves many, many points off your attempts to be considered a low grade intellect.  Perhaps a personal exercise program would be a good thing for you?

      You seem to be incapable of maintaining coherent thought for any length of time, enjoy playing with words and attempting to obscure the truth with them. You imagine you are prefect at it, but you are not. A squirm is a squirm is a squirm.

      I would gladly explain to you how your posts are nothing more than repetitive imbecilic blithering except it is impossible to explain repetitive imbecilic blitherings to an imbecilic repetitive blitherer.

      You sound like the one-eyed wanderer in the Forest of self-deception.


    1. Anything I write, broadcast or pen is a waste of your time since you have purposefully incarnated with a box for a head (empty and enclosed), to experience your version of this physical illusion in a severely, limiting way. This isn’t Pine Cone science , Darryl, we are trains on two different paths, both starting from the same station but your train veered off into the deep depths of NowWheresLand never to be near the Truth of eternity.

      Here’s a few facts for you:

      1) I have never attended a Spiritualist Church, never claimed to be a Spiritualist, never will.
      2) Here’s a link for your perusal especially the Dr. William Treurniet piece. He’s not in college like you, he pays for his internet connection and lives outside his Mommy’s house, now retired from the physical sciences, uses the scientific methodologies as his basis for ferreting out the truth. Didn’t they teach the scientific method in Conifer 101?

      3) You need to back off on your irrational pursuit, it’s so unbecoming and oh so telling. lol

      One last thing. When you die, you will have already created the place where you will land. There are very, very terrible astral and spirit realms that are specifically set aside for trolls and miscreants whose C.I.A (Cynicism = Ignorance and Arrogance) sets your vibrational level and, therefore, automatically assigns you there. You can only be the (extremely low vibration) that you are. Karma. A bitch. 🙂

      Best to you!


  15. ENOUGH. This comment section has devolved into useless accusations, name calling, and other BS. Its needs to stop. This is your only warning, next step is deletion & comment holds.

    Play nice, please.


    1. Bloggers think they are cool stuff and all but I havent found many that will get their butts off their stools and actually GO VISIT A PHYSICAL MEDIUM and see the fraud for themselves. Including you, Jenny From Jersey (right near Lilly Dale). duh


      1. “John” gaining entry to a Thompson, Muegge, Caylor or other modern physical mediums takes a lot more than filling out paperwork and pushing your credit card through a registration website. The screening process is thorough and having a blog isn’t considered a credential. Typically, you will have to be known, invited and sponsored. The screeners (Lee, Newman, myself, the mediums, others..) share their lists and information.

        WTS, anyone who wishes to attend a physical mediumship seance, is ready to have a Skype conversation and supply indisputable proofs of identity, can email me. If you don’t have my email, then don’t bother, you ain’t getting in. 🙂


  16. I sat with Mannion and for the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone with any physical mediumship experience could have thought he was anything except fraudulent. Nic Whitham must have known he was a fraud or he would not have introduced electrical equipment into the seance room. Or at least I would hope to think so. The wrong equipment in the wrong sitting and you could have a very nasty occurrence, one that could be criminal and premeditated in nature.

    Possibly. that is the reason for this:

    Regardless, the outcome was good news, truth better than supposition.


  17. Sadly, comment moderation has been turned on for now. The accusations have been flying from both sides. It’s very simple: comments will be deleted if they are off-topic, vulgar, spam, etc. Engage in polite conversation and we don’t have to have any more issues. I am not discussing this further.


  18. Jen, I have been trying to find a way to address possible trickery without harming the paranormalist community. So far, no ideas. You clearly practice suspended judgment, I suspect, because you understand how difficult it is for us to change our mind once it has been made up. The momentum of belief is part of the problem … that and the assumption of intellectual authority by many of us as we judge experiences.

    The fact is, we do not understand all of the ways trans-etheric influences occur. An example is Electronic Voice Phenomena. After more than fifty years, we kind of understand how audio recorders can fool us with mundane artifacts, but we have little experience with some of the computer-based programs/apps. I have seen way too many reports of phenomena which were actually mundane artifacts. Yet, the claimant almost always insists with great certainty that they have captured proof positive of survival.

    Mediumship is no different. I know first hand how matter-through-matter is often demonstrated in physical mediumship circles. Combine the ability to easily pass arms through cable wrap and restraining jacket with the medium being in very deep trance, and you have the makings of a trance puppet. I know some psychical mediums are fearful of this, which is partially why Kai Muegge likes to be restrained by sitters when the lights are out.

    I do not know if Gary Mannion was faking as the video shows or if he was a trance puppet at the time. Has he admitted this? He certainly has been punished for it. I do know that public airing of the possibility is and will continue to do great harm to our community. I have sparred with enough super skeptical editors in Wikipedia to know that these public discussion will be used to further convince mainstream society that paranormalists are frauds who need to be pushed aside to protect society. That is why Pseudoscience, Fringe Science and Paranormal have been made Wikipedia policy (

    Our ability to openly study these phenomena is not a given. There are powerful organizations that do not want us to seem rational. The more Gary Mannion reports we publish, the less likely it becomes that we will see serious researchers join in our search for understanding.

    To keep this in perspective, the continuum of the study of frontier subjects is from psychology (mind is brain), anomalistic psychology (mind is brain and phenomena is delusion), exceptional experience psychology (mind is brain plus psi), parapsychology (mind separate from brain plus psi) and a few survival phenomena researchers such as Beischel and Schwartz. (OOBE, NDE and reincarnation are studies of human experience that fits best under parapsychology and do not actually contribute much to survival studies.) My work and similar by others who are not aligned with the doctorate only associations are way of this continuum. In fact, the assumption in mainstream academia that we are all delusional is so prevalent that there is hardly any movement by academically trained researchers toward the study of survival phenomena.

    I accept that you needed to report it, but Gary Mannion article only accelerates our contraction.


  19. Mel Phil Myself and my partner attended all three of Gary’s seances in January 2017 at Wallacia, and can confirm the transcripts and the other sitter’s experiences to be true, having been involved in searching the room (and chair), checking the Medium and securing the cable ties.

    In particular what stood out was the voice box which formed at the end of the trumpet, visible for all to see, dispelling any ideas that this may be a clever trick of the Medium when previously experienced in darkened rooms.

    These experiments, and proof of survival shown to us by Jimmy and the Team will revolutionise the way we communicate with Spirit, especially when scientifically verified, and I urge those who may be feeling betrayed by recent events to have Faith in Spirit and allow them to clear Gary’s name.

    Perhaps this whole chain of events of recent months was used to test our Faith and prepare us for bigger challenges ahead, perhaps as Science once again lock horns with Religion, and we may find that those very scientists, once considered to be our adversaries, may now in fact become our allies?

    If you are unable to consider the idea that these seances were not faked, then if possible, please dig deep into your Spiritual values and allow for the Truth to emerge, including forgiveness and reconciliation?

    Love and Light,


    1. Hi Mel, thank you for your comment. I cannot speak for all of Gary’s séances, and I could understand that even a real talented medium might feel some pressure on an ‘off’ day to do something rather than disappoint all of the sitters. Perhaps that is what happened in this instance. I am not angry with Gary, just disappointed – as the skeptics predictably run with this as proof that all mediums are fake. I do think this particular séance was faked, based on the video evidence. However, I would be willing to suspend judgement of his abilities as a whole at least until I could myself participate. If Gary Mannion is a talented medium who simply had an off day, then I hope that he learned to have the courage to be honest with his sitters instead of doing what we saw on the video. I do believe there are talented mediums out there, and I appreciate your vote of confidence. I’m glad you had a good experience with Gary, and I will keep that in mind. I don’t hold grudges, and I hope Gary can work to regain the trust of his audience.
      Thanks again for your comment,


  20. […] Phänomen geschah bei der Messung des Energiefeldes von Gary Mannion, obwohl der Psychiker später von Betrug angeklagt wurde . Obwohl viele PIP-Fransen-Wissenschaft nennen, gibt es mehrere wissenschaftliche […]


  21. I can’t wait until David Thompson is exposed and is prevented from hurting any more grieving and vulnerable women.

    A number of us who had the “pleasure” of attending a Thompson seance are on record with one of the foremost afterlife investigators / researchers / authors about the fraud we had just witnessed. We gave our names and our testimonies. In my case, since I was one of the two “checkers” (we inspected Thompson’s “restraints” and whatnot), I also gave a pretty detailed description of how Thompson pulls off his little stunts. (It’s too stupid for words. If you’ve ever simply read a description of one of his shows, then you know exactly how he’s doing it.)

    Anyway, this was two years ago. The investigator in question – wishing to remain neutral – sort of challenged Thompson in a public journal. He basically proposed a way Thompson might be tested. Of course, Thompson essentially backed down. I have no idea what, if anything, will ever become of all our testimonies.

    At any rate, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets good ol’ crazy Dave on camera. I’ll do a little dance when he’s finally been nailed.

    [ The subsequent screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth will be from Victor Zammit down in Australia – because Zammit has, for some reason, wrapped his entire identity around his claims about the veracity of Thompson’s abilities. (mainly because Zammit is easily fooled, has no understanding of logic or the scientific method, and is a terrible, horrible arbiter of any kind of facts.) ]


    1. Hi Didymus,
      Thanks for letting us know about David Thompson and your experiences. Frauds are beyond contempt in my opinion. Even for those of us who believe that real mediumship exists, it is extremely important that all of us remain skeptical, rational, and not let our desire to ‘prove’ our point get in the way of honest appraisal of any situation. Frauds only hurt the cause of believers, and I think we as proponents of mediumship should be even more stoic and determined in rooting out frauds wherever they prey on people. Thank you for the warning about David. I have no personal experience with him myself, but it is always valuable to hear the experiences of those who do in order for others who are considering participating in one of his demonstrations to be aware of any issues that have arisen.


  22. I attended a D. Thompson seance and I have completely changed my mind. I have no idea what “Didymus” is talking about and no one else who has attended the many seances with David do either. He is the real deal as I saw the entire seance in visible white (florescent) lights.

    I can admit my mistakes about physical mediumship, I am off to see Kai Meugge and Scott Milligan next !!! Yahoo!!!!! Once a tosser, no more!!


      1. To be clear, I’m talking about Thompson’s “physical mediumship” performance. He’s never performed that in any kind of light, white or red or infrared.

        However, he does sit in the light in a circle or on stage when he does his little “talking like an old Englishman” schtick while answering questions in a vague and ridiculous manner.


        1. Stop being ridiculous.

          Thompson has never done a PHYSICAL mediumship performance in any kind of light.

          He’s been challenged numerous times but won’t do it.

          Do you even know the difference between PHYSICAL mediumship and MENTAL mediumship?

          His lapdog Zammit has promised that someday Thompson will perform in red light – but no one is holding their breath.


          1. I’ve got to learn how to turn off email alerts for this thread 0:)

            Mr. Thompson is off for most of 2017 and 2018 from *public* demonstrations of physical mediumship. However, his *private* demonstrative life is in full development. Those who have been in private, “home” development circles know that full light demonstrations are on going.

            I’ll leave it to David to tell about those sittings when he decides to do so.

            But amazing isn’t even close to that which has happened and what is expect as a consequence of concentrate, focused development heme he has chosen.

            Sorry, “Didymus” maybe someday you will get an invite to attend a development sitting.

            Prolly not though 😉


            1. That’s okay.

              Having been a checker and witnessed his routine up close and personal, I know he’s a fraud.

              When he’s finally unmasked (assuming he ever returns to public performances) I’ll come back to this thread and get your apology.


    1. Say Hi! to both, those boyz and tell Kai that the group picture he has with me in it flatters him but it isn’t my best profile. lol He needs to checkout Warren Caylor’s FB page, now there I look great!

      Drop me an email, I may have a seat on the bird available for you…if you aren’t in Tanzania or some such place. Might want to wait until Kai restarts the Scole Project, that will be a treat, yes?


  23. whoa there merrick forester, are you trolling or did you actually come to your senses? My impression is that despite everything that’s happened to you and is still happening, your approach, your thinking, your perspective are very much colored by mainstream religious conditioning and biased skepticism.

    If I am wrong, then SKIDAD~!!! 🙂


  24. Wow. I’m getting pretty close to believing you’re just joking now and this is all a trolling attempt. Since you can’t possibly be serious to believe the other trolls. Or maybe I had you wrong all along and you’re just not very bright. Didypus is so in tune with his inner nutcase that he actually believes the things he makes up, that’s some serious therapy work there. Is Didypus aka Oliver Smith Esq aka Master Troll the president of the welcoming counsel or did he run out of unicorn milk for his rainbow dust this morning?

    Jenn, Tell us about your personal experiences with physical mediumship please. Oh, you can’t be cause you have never been to a sitting. Oooops.

    “A closed mouth gathers no foot”


    1. eveshi, go fukk yourself in your nose. Desperation can do amazingly stupid things to greed-driven, wild-eyed and blood-thirsty bullies in pursuit of expanded turf. You sound like the one-eyed wanderer in the forest of self-deception who had his balls cut off and never noticed. If you had a poofter on your back, would you leave him there or pull him
      off? Don’t answer, we know what you would choose, you bent over cumsucking shithead.

      Anyway, you guys have fun. We’re all entitled to our beliefs and opinions, even when we disagree. I’ll stop back in after another six or seven pages of hysterical wide eyed believing as hard and as loud as you can.

      Until then, all of you, whose credibility went out the window for you and your buddies ages ago. That leaves unverified personal stories which could just as easily, and with much much higher probability, be lies, distortions, factless mental masturbations, delusions, quasi-dreams, drug induced ramblings and a dozen other worthless states of mental relapse.

      In less words, your fucked.

      DidyMus not Pus


      1. @eveshi – Out of place are your comments? Perhaps but I can attest that Jenn has been offered seats at various PM seances but due to timing and distance, she has not been able to take up the offers.

        @DidyMus – a speck of data for you to mull.

        Children are allowed to ‘act out’, adults rarely do.

        Just sayin; 🙂


  25. Okay.. let’s all cool off. 🙂 I’m not sure how I got dragged into this, but Waller is correct. I have been kindly invited to some sittings, but they were far from where I live and I have both a full time job and family responsibilities. That being said, I don’t offer my opinions about physical mediumship and aside from this one post, never post about it either precisely because I have no personal experience with it. I maintain my disgust with frauds in general in any capacity, but I haven’t offered my opinion on any except for Mannion who was clearly caught red-handed. I do welcome the opinions of others who have been to sittings and what they thought about them – whether we all agree with them or not. We are entitled to our personal opinion – but let’s try not to let it devolve into name calling and personal attacks.


  26. I did not write the 12/1 post attributed to “Didymus” full of bad language.

    That is someone attempting to get me booted or something.

    I would not use that language.

    David Thompson, Victor Zammit, and their mindless disciples — they do use that language.


  27. Futhermore, I will gladly explain to anyone gullible enough (as I was – but I needed to see and experience for myself) to pay to attend a Thompson performance exactly how he does it.

    Honestly, it’s too stupid for words. Unless you have 3 or fewer neurons in your head, or possess NO ability for rational, critical, skeptical thought, you will figure it out for yourself – esp. if you’re a checker, as I was.

    I’ve written pages on it for other more well known bloggers, and have given my testimony to a researcher you all know. He recorded me for over a half hour. What he does with the video and the other testimonies he collected in AZ is up to him at this point.

    Instead of cut-n-pasting the tome here, in a nutshell it’s this:

    Thompson isn’t bound at all.

    He wears a very bulky sweater. A stretched out, frayed cat collar is loosely fastened around each sweater-covered wrist. For show – because it serves no practical purpose whatsoever – a zip tie is placed through the buckles of the very loose cat collars around his bulky sweater covered wrists. I watched him and saw how loose it was.

    My mind swirled when I saw how stupid it all was, but I played along. I asked, “Are those tight?” And he made a big exaggerated motion with his hands, splaying his fingers and pretending to pull against the restraints. “It’s tight, mate.” I stood there gobsmacked, and again played along – because I knew if I challenged him I could get the seance cancelled because of my “negative energy” or whatever. I ultimately consented that he was secured because I wanted to see him go through with this.

    He has 2 rubber “friction” straps on his lower legs; i.e. they’re not buckled; they’re just those kind of straps you slip through a buckle and they stay in place. But it wouldn’t matter if it was buckled because, again, his hands aren’t really bound and he easily slips his wrists right out of the cat collars.

    The zip ties that are placed through the button holes on his very bulky sweater are also for show, as they also serve no practical purpose. You have to be MONUMENTALLY stupid to believe those zip ties are preventing Thompson from popping that very large, bulky sweater up over his tiny head – like a pullover sweater – and simply reversing it.

    *fast forward* *fast forward* *fast forward through all the stupid Timothy/Louis Armstrong & Quentin Crisp stuff*

    At the end of the performance, when they have everyone singing at the top of their lungs, and after he’d “secured” himself back in his seat, I clearly heard him wobble-walking his creaky chair to the center of the room. Even though his ankles are secured, his feet touch the ground and he can easily wobble back and forth and “walk” the chair across the room.

    He plops the chair down in the center of the floor with a bang. The music eventually stops. His helper turns on the light. Thompson sits there pretending to be all exhausted, with his silly big, black, bulky sweater on backwards. The True Believers gasp. And….

    Congratulations. You’ve been scammed.

    Read the comment in Michael Prescott’s 2008 blog posts on Thompson. Many other from all over the world have had the same experience as myself. Of course, there are also the True Believers who just can’t accept that they’ve been fooled by a 3rd rate con.


  28. Well, guess who’s never going to be tested in accordance with the Arthur Findlay College…





    The purpose of this policy is to protect the reputation of both the Arthur Findlay College and Arthur Findlay Centre, and tutors working at these establishments. Most importantly it is also to safeguard the wellbeing of any mediums working with physical mediumship within both College and Centre. In compiling this important protocol, we received guidance from the Spirit World as we recognise that no two mediums abilities function in the same way.
    1. In principle there should be no seances held in total darkness. Subdued lighting including coloured lights or Natural light is preferable at all times. If there is to be consideration given to ‘Dark Seances’ then the following is required:-
    (a) they must be filmed with infrared cameras. It would be invaluable if the AFC invested in a video system that uses multiple cameras that could be linked not only to a recording device but also to a monitor outside the seance room.
    (b) night vision viewers are made available to watch events live during the seance and so have independent witnesses acting on behalf of those present. With these conditions in use there would be no need to secure a medium to the chair with cable ties.



  29. @Brian Obsession is a positive expression (of a negative state of being) that you can explore! …when you are not offering advice on multiple alien forums. My full support!

    Gary Mannion? Take whatever point of view that fits for you.


  30. You are now in breach of GDPR laws and are not authorised to use this personal information. The material is an unauthorised recording of a private gathering which was done outside consent (the host Gary) and the law. This material must come down immediately. Those publishing the material will be held accountable.


    1. Dave, Dave…all of this publicity is for the best even for Gary Mannion, do you not think? Let me quote his spirit team “Sometimes we must destroy and establish structure in order to change. Indeed, you yet have to understand physical mediumship. Many of your world will not understand and that is fine, as has been happening in the past with physical mediumship as well. Many who have been put down and were neglected by your side of life are now revered. (Inge Crosson of Wallacia Development Center note: read about defamation of Helen Duncan, Gordon Higginson, Alec Harris etc.)”

      Gosh, Dave, that statement from spirit is accurate to the nth. Are you brighter than Mannion’s spirit team, more informed or are you one who “yet have to understand physical mediumship”? Methinks the latter.

      Or you could be one of the many drive-by trolls like Brian (aka BrianTheChristian in alien circles).

      Methinks the latter. 🙂


  31. Lordy, just when the world is in full crucifixion mode re: Gary Mannion, an intelligence speaks with information that many will find surprising.

    “The phenomena I experienced, measured and recorded during Gary’s seances left me with no doubt that I witnessed authentic and real phenomena of physical mediumship. ~ Edward Kruse

    Mixed mediumship? A case of false allegations? Remember Colin Fry?

    Yes, do remember Colin Fry.


  32. Waller.. make no assumptions about me. I am simply advising the publisher of this site they are in breach of GDPR laws by using information that personally identifies Gary without his permission. The publisher of this site and its host company are the Data Controllers and Data processors. Both of you hold liability no matter where in the world you are located.


    1. How can anyone make assumptions about you, “Lawyer”, “Dave”, “Didymus” “eveshi”, “Brian” you are like a multi-headed hydra. You have more identities than Medusa had snakes! lol .Which hurts you more, your stretched-out-of-joint elbow for patting your back so many times, or your bruised-up back for patting it so hard? Here: This’ll make you happy:

      Whoa! You’re one badass dude! Feel better?

      Wait! Good news for you! When most cynics are confronted with info that is fundamentally inconsistent with their own deeply cherished beliefs, the mind of the cynic will delete that information, experience unbearable anxiety, a disturbance of his “comfort zone,” and will go into complete denial. The most aggressive cynics will even cheat, mislead,use fake identities and lie about the real situation.



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