Telepathy in Children with Disabilities

For many people with disabilities, their ability to communicate is hampered by mechanical, physiological or neurological issues.  Although great strides have been taken to create assistive devices to allow for greater communication, loved ones and caregivers of people with disabilities have been presenting anecdotal evidence for a long time that suggests that in the absence of typical verbal communication, these amazing individuals have developed the ability to communicate telepathically.  Scientists have ignored research on telepathy for decades, will the medical and psychiatric community finally provide the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for?

Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors.”


For the parents of children with autism spectrum disorder, life can be variously beautiful, struggling, heart-breaking and just day-to-day tough.  Around 1/3 of those children are categorized as ‘non-verbal’.  Many of these children learn how to communicate their needs using other methods.  For some children, that may include telepathy.

“Chandrakanth is eight years old and he can read the minds of his teachers and the doctors who examine him and he is able to write their thoughts, in their own language even though he does not know any language.  

“Even if you think in Chinese or Russian or any other language, he will reproduce it on paper,” said C.P. Aboobacker, retired civil surgeon, who has examined him and tested him.  All those who attempted to test Chandrakanth testify to his exceptional telepathic skills.

“If anyone thinks this child is a nuisance or difficult to handle, he will sense it,” said Dr. Aboobacker.

Telepathy is not just reported in children with autism, of course, there are anecdotal reports of telepathy occurring in people who have cerebral palsy, paralysis and other types of communication-limited disorders as well.  Due to the prevalence of autism and the wonderful community of support that parents of autistic children have developed, parents of telepathic autistic children have been able to find each other and discover that the phenomenon is not limited to their children, nor is it something they are imagining or projecting on to their child.

Most parents share a frustration that doctors and scientists have ignored the telepathic abilities of their children just as they have tended to ignore telepathy and psi testing in general because it doesn’t fit with the medical and material world-view.  Luckily, there is one researcher who is trying to break through.

Her name is Diane Hennacy Powell. Trained as a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins and a formerly practicing Psychiatrist, this is no academic lightweight.  She developed an interest in telepathy, but admits that she is up against a rigid bias prevalent in science with regard to anything considered paranormal:

“Solid proof of telepathy would radically shift how we see ourselves… as humans, and in our relationships with others. It’s only after people come to believe in telepathy that many report experiencing it. This might be the “Catch-22” that keeps analytical scientists from changing their minds.  The implications of telepathy are so profound that it is met with fierce opposition, even though many Nobel laureates and other eminent scientists have supported it for over a century. Most scientists don’t look into it or want to go out on a limb.”

Dr. Powell has created The Telepathy Project in an effort to study these children.  She is currently working with two autistic children who have displayed telepathic abilities.

Hayley’s Story

“Hayley is eleven years old, and just recently started to say letters and numbers, but otherwise can’t speak. She also can’t do simple math, but she can give the answers to complex equations.  She’s not a mathematical savant, but her parents initially thought she was, because she could answer increasingly complex equations. Then they learned she doesn’t know the answer unless the person working with her does.

This startling discovery was made by her therapist while doing math exercises. Without seeing the calculator, or being told of the change, Hayley’s answers switched from ordinary numbers to scientific notation… right after the display on the therapist’s  calculator changed to that.  When asked how she had done that, Hayley typed back, “I see the numerators and denominators in your head.”

Hayley then answered many questions she shouldn’t have known the answers to, such as the surname of her therapist’s landlord, and the name of a book the therapist was thinking about. Hayley was correct each time! The therapist was shocked. Hayley’s parents were equally surprised when they witnessed it for themselves, but became concerned about how people might react to their daughter.

Without knowing any of this, another therapist suspected Hayley was reading her mind.  Hayley’s errors were exact copies of her own spelling mistakes.  Half-joking, she asked Hayley to translate “I love you” into German, a language she was fluent in and to which Hayley was never exposed. Hayley correctly typed,  “Ich liebe dich.”

You can visit Dr. Powell’s page on The Telepathy Project here and learn more about both Haley and the other child she is currently studying, Ramses.  Ramses is considered a savant, but his mother also claims he also displays telepathic abilities.

You can see more about Ramses through his youtube channel, Genius Ramses.  Although what incredible feats this child displays on these videos are amazing, I cannot confirm nor deny their authenticity.  I am never thrilled by a parent who flaunts their children, but if Ramses really is all that his mother claims, then I’m also glad that Dr. Powell has included him in her research.

Alex Tsakiris from Skeptiko interviewed Dr. Powell about The Telepathy Project, listen or read the transcript of the interview here.

Peter’s Story

Peter and his brother Paul are twins, both born healthy to mom Caroline 10 years ago.  Peter contracted chicken pox and had a devastating reaction, leaving the twin with cerebral palsy and a host of other problems.  Peter cannot communicate or take food orally, nor can he see.  But his brother, Paul, seemed to know exactly what his brother needed.  Although they were only four months only when Peter was stricken with the illness, Paul began speaking for his brother as soon as he himself could talk.

The family was devastated as they tried to learn how to deal with a youngster with such challenges. But suddenly into this maelstrom came Paul.  As he grew older and became able to talk for himself he suddenly began to pipe up for Peter too.

To his family’s astonishment he would tell them: “Peter wants his nappy changed”, “Peter’s looking for his teddy bear”, “Peter wants a bottle”.  Without any prompting and without being asked he began to look after his more fragile brother.

Even as the years passed and his own life became more packed with all the fun of growing up, he stayed close to his housebound twin.  And Paul has a simple take on the amazing connection he shares with Peter. He said: “I think I understand him better than other people because he is my twin.” Caroline said: “Peter still can’t talk and can only communicate by smiling really, so Paul does his talking for him.”

Read the rest of the story at the Daily Record here.

Raegan’s Story

Raegan was born with a rare brain malformation three years earlier leaving her without the ability to walk, talk or develop normally. Although her initial prognosis and life expectancy were quite grim, this beautiful, angelic child had been thriving, despite her many physical and developmental limitations.  But, things just didn’t seem right to me.

I understood what I was being told by the medical team, yet I just kept feeling as if something was being missed. My pleas for more tests were met with condescending remarks about over-reactive parents. I was advised not to question the wisdom and experience of a gifted surgeon.

As I sat there in the dark, physically and emotionally exhausted, the phrase “It’s growing” popped into my mind. 

I asked out loud, “What’s growing?”

I heard in my mind, “In my throat, Mommy.”

I leaped from my position on the bench to my daughter’s side and said to her in a teary voice, “Are you trying to tell me something, AngelBaby?”

A resounding, “Yes” was the reply that flooded my body. Yet, she remained sleeping with no physical indication that she was communicating with me. I knew it was Raegan, as we had similar moments at other points earlier in her young life.  I didn’t know how she was doing it, however I decided at that moment and believed with all my heart it was the Truth she was conveying. So I pressed for immediate medical intervention.  And, to the doctor’s surprise, Raegan was correct.

A surgical stitch had been misplaced during her procedure and caused scar tissue to grow. This blocked her esophagus and left her unable to swallow. This fact was confirmed by a simple test we insisted on being performed.  She was required to have additional surgery to correct the problem. In fact, she had numerous procedures to try to reverse the harm done. Throughout the many months she was hospitalized, Raegan continued to teach me how to use our hearts to talk.

This unusual form of communication seemed especially acute during times of crisis and when we were both sleeping. At that point, I decided I would no longer make any decision regarding her care without checking in via our heart connection. It seemed to me, Raegan was operating from a higher place.

Read the rest of the story from here

Nandana’s Story

“We don’t know how this is happening. But, she can feel my emotions and read my thoughts,” said Nandana’s mother, Sandhya.

“I used to feel strange when she would come to me and say the name of the food I was thinking of preparing for her. The same way, if my husband and I had decided to take her somewhere, she would know about it without being told about it and would start reacting to it.”

Sandhya said the understanding power of the child, who was found to be autistic when she was one and a half years old, saw drastic changes in the last couple of years.

“Initially, it was very difficult for me to teach her even the concept of some objects. I had to really struggle to make her understand a cup is a cup. It took about a month for her to grasp it. But, these days it is very easy to make her learn something. She is good at Maths. But sometimes I feel when she does her class work it is because I am thinking about it that she is able to do it so fast.”

Nandana was initially diagnosed as a highly functioning child with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD). During her routine clinical assessment sessions, she has shown very good improvement.

“Now I strongly doubt that it was because of my presence with her that she was doing very well during assessment in the past two-three years. She used to answer questions so intelligently that was not expected of a child with her disability level or of her age. I think it was because the answers were in my mind that she was able to do so.”

“I taught her to type in the computer to tackle this. Now, if I prompt her to type what I am thinking of, she can do that. Sometimes there could be spelling mistakes and she cannot understand the concept of punctuation marks and the space bar. If I say space in my mind when she types the words, she might start typing the word ‘space’ instead of leaving a space between the words,” said Sandhya.  It was after this letter from Nandana’s father, Unnikrishnan, was received that Khaleej Times decided to visit the nine-year-old, to test her unique skill before revealing it to the world.

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa in the living room, Nandana showed no unfamiliarity to the KT reporter and photographer, as if she knew we would be visiting her. She was making some weird gestures with her hands and rocking herself in between. But when her father asked her to sit properly, the little girl with bright eyes and two side braids, obeyed at once.

When her mum asked her who this is, she said something that sounded close to the name of the reporter. Albeit with difficulty, we could also figure out that she did say something that sounded like the Khaleej Times. But we were not satisfied and convinced.

In our test, Sandhya was first given a note. It read “044050799 – the office number of Khaleej Times.” As soon as she read it in her mind, Sandhya sat with Nandana across a table. The computer was kept in such a way that the keyboard faced the daughter and the monitor faced the mother.  When her mother asked her to start typing, Nandana started keying in the numbers without even constantly looking at her mother. As she typed 044050799, it became evident to us that the child can actually read her mind! We were witnessing something unseen and unheard of.   Whenever Nandana’s pace slowed down, Sandhya had to prompt her saying type next. The mother had already told us that Nandana doesn’t understand the concept of a leaving space between the words. Because of that, we allowed Sandhya to press the space bar wherever it was necessary. In between, she also had to press backspace (with our permission) to delete any wrong spelling Nandana  had typed.

When Nandana successfully completed the first test, we decided to try her telepathic skill. This time the note given to her mother read: “Can I have some warm water please?”

The result came out as a sentence without any space between the words and with some minor spelling mistakes in between. But, it was still as amazing as the first instance.

To determine how the child would react when the mother is away, we sent Nandana to the bedroom and asked Sandhya to think about an object. When she decided the object as “biscuit” and told us that, without letting Nandana hear it, we called Nandana to the living room. Sandhya was then sent to the bedroom.   When Nandana’s father Unnikrishnan asked her what the object was, the child was initially reluctant to say anything. Then her mother prompted her from inside, saying aloud, “say what it is Nandana.” Looking very shy, the child leaned on her father and started pronouncing the word slowly. “bis…ki..t,” she said.

Read the rest of the article from Khaleel Times here

These are just a few of the many anecdotal stories of amazing children around the world who have developed a skill that scientists say is impossible.  Although funding and serious research are almost non-existent for studying these children, I believe that in the future as more parents and children speak out about their own abilities, not only will telepathy become a way that parent and child can finally break the silence and frustration of their condition, but perhaps a society that looks as these children as ‘less then’, will see them differently.

My interest in the telepathic abilities of children with disabilities was inspired by Tracy Norton’s incredible, beautiful and heart-breaking comment that she shared with us about her granddaughter, Lexie.  She and her husband cared for Lexie full-time and although Lexie couldn’t see, hear or speak, Tracy and her husband were in full communication with their little one both before and after her passing.  Tracy left her story in the comments section of the After Death Communications post.  It really touched me, so I’m reposting it here, in its entirety:

“I totally believe in ADC’s. My husband and I were privileged to care for our grand-daughter Lexie who was born in 2010 with a life limiting condition. She came to live with us when she was 11 weeks old because her parents couldn’t care for her. She had profound physical disabilities and was deaf and blind. However, I sincerely believe we communicated with her on a telepathic level throughout her life. She has given us ADC’s since her death, and prior to her death we believe she communicated with us to let us know it was time for her to leave.

Lexie suffered a major gastro-intestinal bleed aged two and a half following routine surgery. She was resuscitated and remained in hospital for three weeks. We stayed by her bedside all the time but most days my husband had to return home to feed and exercise our two dogs. At the beginning of the second week when I was alone with Lexie I kept hearing a song within my mind – it was ‘time to say goodbye’ by Katherine Jenkins. I didn’t want to accept this as a sign and didn’t mention it to my husband – but I couldn’t get the song out of my head. As the week went on Lexie deteriorated, and the doctors muted the idea of a limitation of treatment agreement. We didn’t want to believe it, and were reluctant to let her go.

On the saturday of that week I looked at my gorgeous girl and saw how tired she was. I spoke to my husband and asked him what he thought, he also felt that Lexie looked tired, and was perhaps ready to let go. During this conversation he divulged that he had been hearing a song in his mind all week ……. I finished his sentence for him and said – Time to Say Goodbye by Katherine Jenkins. He couldn’t believe I knew what he was about to say but we understood then that somehow our beautiful girl had been telling us to prepare ourselves for her journey home. On the monday we brought her home for compassionate extubation. A few minutes after the extubation one of Lexie’s favourite toys started to sing ABC – it was at the other side of the room and no-one was near it. Lexie remained alive all night, and we were surrounded by medical professionals in case she took a turn for the worse. She was settled, calm and happy and we slept with her and cuddled her all night. The next morning, the medical professionals left us, and said new staff would arrive at lunchtime. We spent the morning washing and changing our girl, then picked her up for a cuddle. Immediately on picking her up there was a change in her breathing, and we knew she was going to leave us. She passed away gently in our arms, alone, with only us present. She had waited for the perfect moment.

Soon after she passed away she started to let us know she was still around. One night I was desperately upset and couldn’t get to sleep – I was crying and inconsolable. I couldn’t believe my eyes when my husbands mobile suddenly lit up and shined directly on a picture of Lexie on his bedside table. The picture remained lit up for about 7 or 8 minutes, and I just knew she was there. Her picture smiled at me from the other side of the bed. We then began hearing bangs on the wall behind our bed. Every night when we went to bed we would say goodnight to each other following which would be a loud bang on the wall – reminding us to say goodnight to Lexie. We visited her graveside every day and filled it with windmills and toys. Even when it was perfectly still, one of the windmills would start to slowly turn as we approached. We began talking to the windmills as if they were Lexie, and noticed that if it was something Lexie liked the windmill speeded up. We were convinced that she was letting us know she accompanied us on these visits. In the year following her death my husband had an important talk to give and as he was waiting for his slot, he saw a child’s ring in the middle of the floor which he hadn’t noticed before – when he picked it up it had an inscription which said ‘best friends forever’. On my birthday that year, we were travelling along country roads, and suddenly out of nowhere a child’s balloon drifted into the path of our car. The balloon was a winnie the pooh balloon and said happy birthday. Winnie the Pooh was Lexie’s favourite toy, and her headstone was in the style of winnie the pooh. We had just been to the cemetery to visit her grave. We just knew that this was Lexie’s way of letting us know she was with us for my birthday. We regularly have butterflies land on us when we are sitting on the bench by her graveside. I dream of her often, and things which belonged to her or were of interest to her move around the house. Her toys will start up and her pictures change position. When my grandma was poorly and my mum was caring for her she slept in a spare room at grandma’s house, and was very upset because we all knew that grandma who was 96 wouldn’t be with us much longer. One morning mum woke up holding a little sixpence in her left hand. She said she didn’t know how it had got there and was mystified by it. We had placed a silver sixpence in Lexie’s left hand in her coffin for good luck on her journey – we believe she had been to comfort mum who she loved very much.

About a year after Lexie died we went to an evening of mediumship with John Edward in Manchester UK.  We received the first message – of course it was Lexie. She told us all about the gratitude she felt for us ‘rescuing’ her when she was young. She told us she could see and hear now, and lots of other things which made complete sense and confirmed that she lived on. The final thing John told us was that she had the scarf with her. Lexie had stolen a woolly scarf from my mum. Lexie loved the feel of the scarf and took it everywhere with her – it was like a comfort blanket. Because she had loved it so much we had draped it around her neck in the coffin. We believe that all of these ‘signs’ are irrefutable proof that Lexie has communicated with us in a variety of different ways since she went home to the world of spirit. We know she is always around and the comfort this brings is immeasurable.”

-Tracy Norton


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