Is it Unfair to Ask a Medium for Validation? Channeling Erik Medium Annoyed by Request for Evidence of Abilities

Warning: Rant ahead.

Jannecke Oinaes (that’s her in the picture above) is a spiritual researcher from Norway who has been interviewing many of the new and popular new age authors, mediums and spiritualists and posting these interviews to youtube.  Her website is Wisdom From North, and she posts on youtube under the same channel name.  I find many of her interviews fascinating, and you should definitely check out her work.

Most recently, she interviewed one of the mediums used by Channeling Erik, a woman by the name of Kim Babcock.  You can see many of her “celebrity interviews” on my post here, and if you aren’t familiar with Channeling Erik, a phenomenon that has captured a lot of attention, both positive and negative (including from me), you can read my post on it here.

Anyway, Jannecke procured a skype interview with Ms. Babcock with the intention of speaking with Erik Medhus, the deceased son of Dr. Elisa Medhus, founder of the Channeling Erik blog and author of two books about her communications with her son in the afterlife.

Right in the beginning of the interview, Jannecke asks a simple question for the purpose of validation.  Before I get into that, however, let’s discuss the roles and responsibilities of an evidential medium.  This definition is from Bob Olsen’s website.  Bob Olsen is the author of Answers about the Afterlife, and he also runs the BestPsychicMediums page which [claims to] test and certify mediums as genuine to avoid people getting ripped off by frauds.  [Updated 4/9/16 – see mindful’s comment about Bob Olsen in the comments section.  I’m keeping the definition in the post because I believe it is accurate, but I will be more closely investigating Bob’s vetting process for mediums]

What is “evidential” psychic mediumship?

by Bob Olson,, &

An evidential mediumship reading usually begins with messages that give you evidence that your loved one in spirit is truly communicating with the psychic medium.

The reading with the psychic medium generally starts with physical evidence, such as what your loved one looked like, how she died, her age and her sex. The messages then describe your loved one’s personality, including what she liked and disliked, identifying speech patterns and unique characteristics about her that serve as evidence that it is truly her who is coming through in the reading. The psychic medium will likely even use words or phrases that your loved one would typically use. Then there will be some messages to describe your loved one’s history growing up, her family situation, marital status and if she has had any children or pets.

The purpose of evidential mediumship is to help you overcome any skepticism you might have about spirit communication. Evidential messages are the messages that people often describe as, “The psychic medium knew things about her that he could never have known unless he was in direct contact with her.” Then, after the evidence has been delivered, the psychic medium will present the messages that are meaningful though non-evidential.

© Copyright 2011 Bob Olson,, All Rights Reserved

Before we get into what happened between Jannecke and Kim Babcock, you should understand that Channeling Erik makes a lot of claims.  The mediums of Channeling Erik supposedly connect to Erik to get his views and opinions on everything from quantum physics to the Illuminati.  Erik can also supposedly bring in  any celebrity requested at the drop of a hat for an afterlife interview, including Jesus and Tupac.  And yet, despite all of these claims, I have never – not once – seen an interviewer ask for proof, evidence or validation that the medium is truly connecting with Erik (or any of these celebrities).

So imagine my glee when Ms. Jannecke Oinaes, in one simple question, encapsulates all of my frustrations and skepticism with regard to the Channeling Erik mediums.

After she verifies that the medium has a strong connection with the spirit of Erik, she asks if Erik can tell her “What is on my bed?”

So how does Ms. Kim Babcock, spirit translator, answer this question?

See for yourself.  Please skip forward to 4:08.

Kim, clearly uncomfortable, responds basically by telling her that Erik is annoyed by the question and that he can’t tell her what is on her bed because he can’t ‘see’ like we can.  Kim admonishes Jannecke for even asking the question, telling her that she should take what the spirit is offering on faith alone.  Kim claims that Erik says “I know I’m here, I don’t have to prove it to anybody.”  So Jannecke persists and asks if he can say anything about her as validation.  Kim responds weakly by telling Jannecke that she has disruptive sleep cycles.  Wow.

Kim continues her explanation with “It’s not the way I typically work with spirit”. So, she’s a medium that doesn’t provide validation or evidence?  To be honest, I don’t know how Kim works with spirit.  Perhaps she has a different kind of ability.  But she does represent herself as a medium who can channel various celebrities.  In fact, she even claimed to interview the spirits of the San Bernadino terrorists!

As for Erik’s excuse that he doesn’t have physical eyes to see, perhaps that’s true.  Who am I to say how the spirit world works?  But since Erik is so adept at bringing in celebrities for his mother to interview like Hitler, Jesus, John F. Kennedy and you name it.. couldn’t he have simply brought in one of Jannecke’s deceased relatives to give her the evidence she was asking for?  I can’t imagine it would have been too much to ask for a spirit who has claimed to bring in aliens and Einstein and Abraham Lincoln to go get Jannecke’s deceased Norwegian grandpa for a brief little validating chat.

Just seven hours ago, Kim Babcock supposedly connected with none other than The Virgin Mary.  Yes, the mother of Jesus Christ.  I won’t embed the video, but if you want to watch it, here’s the link:

So Kim Babcock wants us believe that she is communicating with the mother of Jesus Christ and take it at face value, and yet she gets ‘annoyed’ by a simple question asked by Jannecke to validate her abilities?

I am disappointed.  Until Channeling Erik and the mediums they promote provide the type of evidence that good mediums give to their sitters, I will be suspect. I don’t feel I’m asking for a lot compared to the claims that are made by CE and their mediums.  The readers and members of the Channeling Erik blog should demand better.

I believe in the gift of mediumship, but my search for life after death is based on evidence; not blind faith or wishful thinking.

Do you think I’m being too harsh and unfair to Kim Babcock?  Do you think the Channeling Erik blog and mediums have a responsibility to provide some evidence with their claims or do you think that I should leave Channeling Erik to those who are willing to believe on faith alone?

[UPDATE 4/23:  Jannecke also had an interview with Channeling Erik medium Jamie Butler earlier than the interview with Kim Babcock.  In that video, linked here, she asks Jamie to ask Erik for validating evidence to prove that Jamie is really speaking with Erik.  Jamie tells Jannecke that he sees her getting out into nature when she’s feeling overwhelmed, and that she jogs down to the end of this pier by a large lake in loose drawstring pants with the cuffs rolled up.  I was curious to know if this was a true vision, so I contacted Jannecke herself and got this response:

“All I would like to say is that Erik or Jamie was 100 % correct about the visions at the lake. It amazed me.”

It is very interesting to compare the experience Jannecke had with medium Kim Babcock and medium Jamie Butler, where one was able to produce a true psychic vision (whether it was from Erik or not) and the other refused to, and claimed Erik the spirit became annoyed by the question.  Take from it what you will.]


98 thoughts on “Is it Unfair to Ask a Medium for Validation? Channeling Erik Medium Annoyed by Request for Evidence of Abilities

  1. Dude. DUDE! I was just thinking about this over the last day and a half. I found channeling Erik a few months ago and was intrigued, watched probably every show. Maybe it’s male logic but I never understood why if they had this ability why they won’t go all out with legitimate testing. I think the mother is honest and believes whole heartedly, perhaps that’s enough for her.

    I saw the episode where she asked for validation a while back and my stomach was in knots listening to the awkward response. Then I saw the Virgin Mary episode where there are obvious conflicting answers versus the Jesus channeling. I actually was going back and forth in the comments section with a guy who was calling them frauds.

    I have a few theories what is going on but in my gut I don’t believe Kim, or the other 2 mediums I’ve seen channel Erik, are flat out lying. If Kim were going to lie her way through the Virgin Mary interview you don’t think she would be bothered to watch the Jesus one to make sure they line up? Without getting too far down the rabbit hole, the answer that fits for me right now is that they are channeling something that isn’t exactly what they think it is. Either it’s just an aspect of their own psyche, an entity pretending to be that being, or there are multiple versions of that entity. Kinda like an egregore, or astral thoughtform that exists because of peoples’ belief in it. I’ve seen accounts of people channeling sponge bob characters for example.

    Ive also read accounts where someone has channeled so called dead relatives that allegedly turned hostile when pressed for proof. They were religiously biased though so take that for what it’s worth.

    People assume either it’s real or they’re liars but there’s dozens of possibilities in between.


  2. Terry,
    This is so funny! I think you must have inspired me to write this post, because I decided to address it after reading all of the comments on that video! I also remember listening to the Jesus video, and I was struck by the fact that Mary said one thing and Jesus said something completely different about the manner of his birth. I was glad that Elisa Medhus did actually bring it up in the video. I suppose that if Kim had forgotten what was said in the Jesus video, she could have gotten out of it somehow, but she did stick to her guns. So, here’s my theory on the Channeling Erik mediums. First, I haven’t made up my mind on Jamie Butler, however in one of the comments someone (was it you, maybe?) mentioned that in the same interview from Wisdom from North, she asked Jamie Butler the very same question, and Jamie answered it (I guess through Erik). I’m going to try to find that video and verify if its true. If that’s the case, then first I’d want to know if she got the question right. Secondly, I’d want to know why if Erik was willing to do it the first time, why not the second?

    To address the second part of your question, yes – it is possible that they are channeling an aspect of the entity of the virgin mary or something else completely. Seth talks a lot about his higher self, Seth 2, which has a totally different perspective than he does. I’m reminded of the interview that Jamie Butler did with Hitler where she started attempting to speak with the very stiff and unrepentant Hitler, then the higher aspect, or ‘soul aspect’ of Hitler comes through to talk on behalf of not only his experience in that lifetime, but who he is as a summation of lives. It gets confusing.

    My other practical answer is that mediumship or channeling is a continuum of outside and inside thought. Spirits always complain about the contamination of thought through various mediums, and mediums are typically judged by how little distortion they can provide while connecting with spirits. It may be that Kim and some of the other CE mediums (specifically Ailfinn) have a high level of distortion. Its also possible that mediums who aren’t as well developed can only feel emotions, not necessary ‘hear’ facts.

    I did a post where I listed every “celebrity” interview I could find on youtube. Not surprisingly the vast majority came from CE mediums. In one instance, the medium Alison Ailfinn contacted Jane Boleyn. The woman who was interviewing her asked all kinds of emotional questions which were answered in lengthy detail. When she asked Ann what age she was when she died, Alison couldn’t give her a number. She said something to the effect of, “I’m feeling that she was on either side of 30?” So what is the difference between facts and emotional detail? Why can some mediums pull out names, dates and locations and others can’t?

    That’s hilarious that you’ve heard people channel sponge bob. Interestingly, there could be something to the idea that we can create independent thought forms that have a sort of consciousness of their own; I believe that’s why super religious people are the only one that ever seem to get possessed. Over the centuries so many Christians believed in these demonic forces that their shared belief gave energy and identity to them. Now, when belief and fear of these thought forms are strong, they attract these artifacts of fear into their lives and give them energy and validity. That does give me hope that I may finally meet the Jolly American Santa Claus on the other side. I’m sure generations of children have created this magical figure. It would be really interesting to know if that is true, does he haunt houses at Christmastime, adding Christmas spirit to the mix, eating the cookies and thumping around on the roof? I’m going to have to see if I can dig up stories of Santa Claus hauntings. Could make for a light-hearted post next Christmas. 🙂

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    1. If you haven’t found it yet, here’s the same video with Jamie Butler

      She gets into the validation deal at about 15 minutes in…. interesting to see Jamie handles in completely differently than Kim did and even appears to challenge Erik on the lack of information at one point. Not a concrete validation in my opinion but it seamed to be enough to convince the host. In this interview Erik says he can come over to the hosts home and look around, in Kim’s he said he can’t because he doesn’t have physical eyes.

      To me, Jamie seams leagues better than Kim, in an almost too good to be true kind of way. Also, the fact she’s charging $600 a session, and has become too expensive for Elisa to even use, bothers me. In any event, something seams a little ‘off’ with this group, and I honestly don’t believe it’s flat out deception on the part of the mediums. I hope it’s only a matter of time before Elisa starts getting suspicious enough to start forcing some hard questions.

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      1. Terry, thank you so much for finding this video! So, this is a fantastic comparison. The question happens about 15:30. Jannecke asks if Erik can tell her anything about her, something Jamie wouldn’t know. Jamie doesn’t hesitate, she tells Jannecke that she ‘sees her jogging down to the end of this dock’ by water, like a large lake and that she wears loose pants with the cuffs rolled up. He also says that when she feels crazy, she needs to get out in nature. So at first its hard to read Jannecke’s face, but a few minutes later she verifies what Jamie says exactly, saying that she does go to this dock by the water, and yes – she does need to go out to nature when she feels crazy or stressed. I would say that is a hit though a quick google search reveals that Jannecke lives in Oslo, Norway – a city on the water with many small bodies of water inland, so I suppose it could be a good educated guess too. I guess it depends on how right the guess was – does she really jog to a dock at the end of a lake with her cuffs rolled up, or does she maybe visit a lake in a car and just made it fit because it’s “close enough”? As you’ve stated, Jamie also says that Erik can go to her apartment and look around. So this is directly opposite from what Kim says about Erik. I’m going to contact Jannecke directly and ask her.

        I’m still unsure about Jamie. It does feel too good to be true. I want to believe that she has the abilities she claims, but without any real evidence, I just don’t know. Unfortunately, I could never afford the $600 she asks for a session. Her prices are astronomical and only were raised after she received so much publicity through Channeling Erik. When the blog first came online, Jamie was charging a far more reasonable $150. You would think that Jamie would give Elisa a discount for the publicity, but I’ve heard Elisa say that Jamie was too expensive. It might be why she reached out to other mediums that I would consider.. eh, iffy. My point with all of this is that Channeling Erik makes a lot of claims that aren’t backed up with evidence of any kind. I would have liked to see more rigor and a higher standard applied to these mediums, ensuring themselves and us – the readership – that due diligence was done and these mediums have been vetted. With an open Wikipedia page and a little psychology, I could probably reproduce any one of those celebrity interviews, no psychic abilities needed. I suspect that in some cases, that’s exactly what is happening. That bothers me. Thanks again, Terry!


  3. You can go and listen to the Annie Nanji tapes with Flint, where she describes what’s in her husband’s house all of the time, among many other areas of evidence. If it’s the real deal, there’s no issues with detecting what’s in somebody’s bedroom. For Pete’s sake, I can go out of my body myself and see what’s down the hall, using my ethereal eyes, without any problem, so why can’t they? It’s just that ‘the real deal’ involves seances and a medium dedicated to months of work building the connection. As for Channeling Erik, I really lost respect after the acclaimed San Bernardino shooter came through. I know it’s not objective to say it, but it just… didn’t feel right.

    ~ Cyrus Kirkpatrick

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    1. Cyrus! I’m so glad to see you around the site! [Hey everyone, Cyrus wrote an amazing book on the afterlife, called “Understanding Life After Death: An Exploration of What Awaits You, Me and Everyone we’ve ever Known” Go check it out, or read my review.] Cyrus, it was from your book that I learned about the Leslie Flint tapes, and I am fascinated especially by Annie Nanji and her conversations with her husband. [For those that do not know, Leslie Flint was one of the best physical mediums of the 20th century. He could produce a type of voice box that allowed people to speak with their loved ones directly, hearing their own voice. In this case, a husband was able to speak to his beloved wife over years through Leslie. Their conversations were highly evidential – she would say, “I saw you fixing the picture frame yesterday” or “You are still putting the sheets on wrong.”] Cyrus, you brought up a great point by comparing this to the evidence of other spirit communications where spirits definitely could ‘see’ what was happening. Your out of body experience and those of others that I have read have also shown that it is possible – for example, people have tested themselves by attempting to read letters in a remote spot (very hard to do & remember when you wake up!) and apparently, many have been successful. I’m glad that you have shared your honest feelings about the Channeling Erik mediums, or more specifically, Kim Babcock who supposedly channeled the San Bernadino shooters. I was very disturbed by it also. First, it seemed in poor taste. Secondly, it just didn’t feel real. I think you hit the nail on the the head.. it doesn’t feel right. I agree. Thank you so much for visiting and for your comment! Hope to see you around soon!


    2. Thanks for the info on the Annie Nanji stuff…I had never heard of this medium before. Fascinating stuff. I got very little done at work today once I started reading into some of the transcripts.


  4. This is just flat out embarrassing to watch 🙂 And I give a lot of props to the interviewer for pushing a bit – because truth (and trust) matter more in these sacred spaces, than just about anywhere else. Any “spirit” that doesn’t intuitively understand that, seems to be a spirit not worth paying much attention to one breath later.

    But here is the larger problem. By dint of quoting Bob Olson as a harbinger of what “an evidential medium is”, you are sort of adding to the problem. Bob Olson runs a paid Yelp like directory for mediums. He has built a thriving business on listing “the best psychic mediums” in the world….without speaking to a fraction of them directly. The vast majority of folks featured on his site as the best of the best……are paying for that privilege. This is no different than the financial bubble of 10 years ago – where you had stock advisors recommending dot com investments that they were overpriced, overrated and doomed to disappoint……but the broker made a profit everytime a client bought the stock. In the end – the folks holding the bag – are the public.

    Bob, who is a super nice guy – has yet to meet and interview a medium he hasn’t been super impressed with 🙂

    His interviews are credulous…..he asks questions that very rarely are designed to press, prod or push for truth and would much rather ingratiate the interviewee with effusive praise for their poetic “prose”…even when it’s not warranted. (much like the “medium” in this interview started to default to a word salad of silliness about “awareness” or telling the interviewer she was “empathic” or on the spiritual growth continuum……the same spiritual silliness of empty noises most folks make after reading one Depak Chopra book too many) In my view – if, as folks who are interested in this in a way that matters – it’s up to us, as an audience – to demand more, and better and prove that we aren’t sheep who nod and bob our heads in agreement just because we want to believe.

    As a side note –

    I know many of the same psychic mediums listed on Bob’s site (as I run a business that does similar work – happy to share that with Jenn privately if she wants a link) – and i can tell you with 100% certainty…….you ain’t gonna be all that impressed with many of these folks when the cameras arent’ rolling. Many (most) are very nice people – but in terms of actual intuitive ability beyond the ordinary, or TRUE evidential mediumship that would convince an open minded but self aware skeptic who values truth, trust and empirical information (and inspiration) good luck! 🙂

    I recently saw Roland Comtois (known for his “Purple Paper” readings) in a super small setting here in south Florida with a close friend – a doctor – who had lost his father a few years ago. I’ve known Roland a bit from my work – although only online and via email – and there was no way for him to recognize me or that in this setting. IT was quite an interesting experience – where for about 3 hours – he said a lot of things – to a lot of the people in the room (about 16 of us) that were very general – very universal – and not all that evidential. (to me) Nonetheless – some of what he said was clearly so specific….and so detailed – and so personally powerful to the people in the room – that people were in tears for most of the session. During a brief intermission, my friend (the doctor) and I went outside to his car and sat and discussed what we had experienced thus far. He was more impressed than I was, but said – “you know what – I DON’T want my dad to come through – I wouldn’t be comfortable in this room hearing from him with other people around – and it just feels to private of an experience to share with others – if any of this is even real. I’d love if he pulled me aside after the event to tell me something in private, but I hope he doesn’t talk to me in front of the group”

    Anyway – when the session was winding to a close – Roland, out the blue – points to the 2 of us and says – would you mind staying for a few minutes afterwards? He proceeds to pull a chair up for my friend – and tells him – almost verbatim – what he said to me in the car – and in about 10 minutes – says about 25 things about my friend – his father – the death – and our work that was eerily accurate and on point, and absolutely impossible for him to know.

    This is the strength of this work to me – the mundane and the misses – mixed in with the magic. The interview above – the channeling erik silliness for book sales and private membership sites and other nonsense – the “medium” above with her defensive facial expressions and body language that revealed much more than her words ever could….those of are the people the rest of us should have a zero tolerance policy for – when they sell us one thing….and try to tell us another when pressed. And until that day comes – very few will take this work – our our words – very seriously.


    1. HI mindful,

      Wow, I’m glad that you’ve been honest with me about Bob Olsen. I guess I honestly thought that he was one of the few that stuck by his word – that he personally vetted all of the mediums on his site. I will now have to look more closely at what Bob is trying to do with his site, and reach out to him to find out what his methods for ‘vetting’ and ‘testing’ these mediums are. If you are suggesting that Bob Olsen is prioritizing money over quality of service and presenting mediums who are either mediocre or outright frauds, then that is unacceptable and I will take a closer look. Thank you.

      I sounds like you had a really incredible experience with that medium. It’s wonderful to hear about an experience that was clearly so evidential that it leaves you with the knowing that, despite all of the charlatans and lairs out there that seem to be far more numerous than those with genuine talent, mediums with real abilities do exist and mediumship – real mediumship – is worth fighting for. For mediumship as well as any other aspect of spiritual phenomena to have an ounce of credibility, the consuming public must demand more from those who make such grandiose claims. Also, to try to get through to those who look on with awe and wide eyes anyone who claims to be a medium, even when they don’t provide a shred of real evidence as ‘evidential mediums’ do. The ‘sheep’ as you’ve said. I see far too many sheep around these new-agey sites – to the point that I promised myself that my blog would not be blue and not have clouds, rainbows, crystals, prisms, angels or any of the other new-age symbols that I feel very allergic to. I’m sick of it. Can we not have a real, rational conversation about evidential spirituality? Anyway, that’s what I hope to do.

      Thank you for your insightful post and for the warning about Bob; I will surely take what you’ve said into consideration and I will put a note in the post for readers to see your comment so they can make up their own minds.



    2. Would you please pm me the link to your site? I am taking notes on your thread and you make some great points. Thank you!


  5. Thanks, Jenn – on much of this stuff, I think we agree!

    I don’t mean to “warn” anyone about Bob Olson though – I would simply ask you to go look at his site. He is running a business. There is nothing wrong with that – unless of course, you think he’s not.

    For example –

    Is he charging to be “featured” on the site – in a more prominent way, yes or no? (last I looked it was $99 a month for a featured ad and there were about 100 people per month paying that – meaning just on the “premium” listings, it’s a 6 figure income stream)

    Is this a carefully collected list of obscurely talented psychics and mediums…..or can many of the psychics found on the directory also be found on sites like Yelp, YP (yellow and local directories, yes or no?

    Do some of the “best” mediums found on his site also work for KEEN, and pay per call phone psychic networks, yes or no? (simply follow the links from many of their profiles to their websites to test this yourself)

    Watch the video interviews Bob does on afterlife TV. Does that level of inquiry meet the level of what one would expect in a vigorous testing of a psychic or medium worthy of being deemed “the real deal”? Compare that against what the Windbridge Institute does to validate mediums, or even an organization like the Forever Family Foundation?

    (both of which AREN’T profiting from making recommendations to the public – which is obviously a critical point in ANY industry that is regulated or has some sort of certification body that governs it – clearly “ours” does NOT 🙂

    Simply stated – I’m not judging. But It’s a business.

    Bob Olson runs a business that is predicated on ranking highly in the search results for psychics and mediums across the USA – (he also runs paid Google ads to accomplish the same) – which leads to people in the general public looking for mediums to end up on his site – feel like the site is a credible collection of the best mediums – and click through the links to individual sites to get a reading…..and feel like the psychic they’ve picked has been carefully chosen as one of the “best” in the world. (by virtue of having been found on Bob’s site)

    This is 100% untrue of course – and while there ARE some mediums on his directory who are very well known (James Van Praagh types, and many other talented local mediums worthy of attention) – the VAST majority are just local yokel struggling people trying to make a name for themselves as mediums. (and are often school teachers, nurses, firefighters, accountants, etc….in real life 🙂

    I run a similar site with partners – and many of these same people pay us to be “featured” on a monthly basis – although we don’t make any claims about how good they are on that basis. (we just feature them more prominently on the page, which means they get more attention from our audience)

    Anyway – my apologies for the long winded comments – I’m passionate about this field – and frustrated as much (if not more) by the home team….as i am with the guys on the other side of the field.

    For some good news – as a counter point to the interview above – check out the interview Rick Archer did last week with Suzanne Giesmann. She is also a very well known author and medium (and former high ranking Navy officer) – and while I still found some of her answers to more pressing questions a bit ambiguous and unclear – she emanates a sort of authenticity and sincerity that is hard to miss.

    PS – I’m also from NJ – Moorestown, not Morristown – but everyone always thinks it’s the same place:-)


    1. mindful,

      I think you made very valid points that are worth considering and because, as you’ve mentioned, you work with something similar, I’m sure you understand the ins and outs in a way that I don’t. Your questions are something I wouldn’t have considered. For that, I really appreciate your input. I still like Bob Olsen’s book, but I will be less willing to throw him out there as a paragon of saintly service to the medium community until I look a bit closer. Never apologize for long comments! Conversation is good, healthy and important. Thank you for the link – I did read a book by Suzanne Giesemann; she did the book “the priest and the medium’ if I remember correctly. I will look forward to her interview. Moorestown! At the opposite end of New Jersey from me, then! I live near Morristown, funny enough. Well, it’s always nice to have another Jerseyan around, tough people we are. 🙂


  6. Hi Jenn, thanks for the warm welcome.

    A medium worth their salt should participate in having their own abilities questioned, and should avoid credulous shoulder patting. Why? Because a medium, especially a mental one, is subject to their own subconscious mind. In other words, they can be at risk of self-deception.

    Physical mediumship leaves a lot less to the imagination. I’ve been following some physical mediums at the moment, and it takes months / years for their circles to develop. I see them posting weekly updates. Dedicated mediums sitting every other night, usually with no results, in the dark for hours. When something does happen, the medium is often as shocked as the sitters. This isn’t the behavior of a group of frauds trying to make a buck. Unless having a part time job for 5+ years with no pay or recognition is appealing to con artists (talk about the long con).

    I think there’s a couple of fake physical mediums floating around (I won’t name names), and there was a lot of fakes back in the 1900s. But there’s far fewer today because you just can’t get away with faking outstanding phenomena anymore when you can analyze video and photographs.

    Based on recent investigations, I am leaning toward even David Thompson, the famous Australian physical medium, being the real deal. There’s a couple of others I know about who don’t demonstrate publicly, but they reinforced to me that yes, the dead really are materializing in certain conditions and interacting with people.

    I’ll be going into this topic a lot more in the sequel to “Understanding Life After Death” i’m working on called “Understanding Spirit Communication”. Although I have no ETA when it’ll be finished. I need to get off my butt, travel to these different circles around the globe (and try to raise the appropriate money to do so). So, maybe next year at this point 😉


    1. Cyrus,

      One of the things I really found fascinating about your book is that you went far more in depth about physical mediumship than most. Many writers and researchers are more than willing to disregard physical mediumship as an embarrassing relic of the past, but you made me think of it in a new way. Thanks for the recommend of David Thompson, I’m going to check out his work. Congrats on starting a new book! I’m sure it will awesome and I have no doubt that if you are meant to write it, the funds will somehow appear. 🙂


  7. There is a whole spiritual movement of interaction occurring right now at this stage of the evolution of humankind. Here in Brazil., the spiritist and spiritualist lines of faith are expanding constantly. Both work with direct mediumnistic communications. At the house I frequent, every fortnight, Saturday night sessions are held, as they are also held in thousands of other similar houses around Brazil, and in these sessions there are indeed mediumnic incorporations and spiritual communications. It is a reality that is spreading, despite all the skepticism and religious fanatics, as is the knowledge of this reality, hesitantly and slowly but steadily, and in its time…


  8. Jenn, Terry, Mindful, Cyrus, Charles — I find this kind of exploration extremely useful! I am currently trying to find my way beyond rock star mediums and the marketing machine of New Age business enterprises in search of the truth. I am an open-minded skeptic searching for validation to offset my eagerness to believe in an afterlife and a much more loving and organized universe. Last year I attended my first afterlife conference to get more information on how mediums work, and that is where I first encountered the research work of Gary Schwartz. I must say that one of the motivating factors that got me to take that trip to Arizona was my fascination from watching Jamie Butler’s celebrity and historical character sessions on YouTube. They intrigued me (even if the questions were often frustratingly banal for what was alleged to be happening) and I wanted to get more input about her apparently easy, no-trance-needed conversational style with spirits. I saw a lot of wonderful potential in the idea of connecting with the so-called dead, and I was also intrigued with Gary Schwartz’s work on the so-called soul phone.

    Bottom line is that I think it is entirely appropriate to seek proof/evidence that the entity coming through a medium is who s/he says s/he is. My flashing amber lights go off when spirits (or mediums) duck questions that seek specificity, answering instead with spiritual platitudes and material easily found in books about spirituality. To me, especially since the departure of Jamie Butler, the Channeling Erik enterprise seems more like party entertainment than serious spiritual inquiry. I applaud those open-minded skeptics who push back with follow-up questions to cheesy answers. (In Jamie’s case, I so wish that her friend Marco Pardi would conduct interviews with historical characters!)

    I must also add that I had a negative reaction when I first found out about a year ago that Bob Olson ran a paid referral site for mediums. Something about it did not feel right, and now after reading what Mindful wrote, it seems even more suspicious. Of course I would want to know how Mindful came up with the information about Bob’s practices, especially about not vetting. If it’s true it’s sad, just like another kind of referral service that takes advantage of people’s vulnerability. I think there is much material here in a general way (for a book?) about how some of what goes on in mediumship circles clouds the whole area of serious afterlife research. Sometimes I even catch myself even wondering how sincere Gary Schwartz is. He seems very sincere to me, and I loved his books, but is that just my wishful thinking? Of course a working soul phone would dispel doubts.

    I don’t get very excited about the concept of fraud. If it happens, it happens. I get much more excited about cases where certain mediums do their best to aid and assist afterlife research. Cooperation is what gets me going!


    1. Joshua, I have been “working” on and off as an incorporation medium for almost 20 years now. In Brazil there are 2 lines of religion known as Candomblé and Umbanda that derive from native religions and rituals of Africa, brought to Brazil in the times of slavery, which was only abolished here as recently as 1888, less than 130 years ago.

      Umbanda derives from the original African Candomblé, practised by the Yoruba tribes of Congo and Angola, but blended with the philosophy of Kardecist Spiritism, or Christian Spiritism, whose foundations of reincarnation and spiritual evolution were laid out in the 5 books compiled by Frenchman Alan Kardec (a pen name) with a system of questions and answers given by diverse incorporated mediums. I would definitely recommend you read “The Spirit’s Book” and “The Gospel According to Spiritism”. Both are excelent.


      1. That is fascinating! I don’t know much about native and indigenous religions of Africa. That sounds very interesting – I’ll have to put that on my book list for further study. Thanks for enlightening me to this.

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        1. Alan Kardec’s books are excellent, Jenn. I read “The Spirits’ Book” when I was just 15. I believe it is the most comprehensive book ever written on spirituality. Another of Kardec’s books is called “The Book of Mediums”. Also a very worthy read. His 5 books were written and published in France in the 1850s and 60s, and are not related to the African line of Candomblé. They formed the basis of what is known as Kardecist Spiritism or Christian Spiritism. The essence is mediumnic communication with spiritual entities and their teachings concerning the spiritual evolutionary process of sequential reincarnations. “We are born, live, die and are born again. Such is the law.”

          The African heritage was mostly oral and ritualistic, but both converge on the issue of mediumnic manifestations. Umbanda is a line which developed here in Brazil from the combination of Spiritism, initially developed by Kardec and his research, published in his books, and the African rituals and traditions of Candomblé.


    2. I totally agree with you – and trying to wade through the sensationalism and fraud is very taxing. Mindful mentioned the Forever Family Foundation which has a certification of sorts for mediums – I haven’t investigated it more than a cursory glance but its on my list of things to do.


  9. Kim just did an interview with Mother Mary and Jesus again and completely contradicted what Jamie said. I wanted to believe in all this and now I feel shaken. I want to believe what Jamie said. It made the whole world and everything make sense to me. Now Kim is saying the Bible is true and it really goes against everything else that we have learned through these channelings. Kim said in the channeling that Jamie had it wrong with her “filters”. From my perceptive, Jamie had detail and the story made sense and Erik was helping through out the channeling and with Kim’s no specific information in fact she went on and on about how she didn’t understand what his signals to her meant, he was silent when she asked questions and 3 waves were there that she didn’t understand and Erik wasn’t helping. It’s kind of upsetting because I really feel Elisa is trying to set the record straight, but Kim is getting in the way????? IDK! With Jamie Butler: Most recent with Kim:

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    1. ignore all of that look at the real evidence like physical mediums good mediums evp its past life stuff ndes obes death bed visions and all that


    2. Mary,
      That is disturbing. I have my issues with Kim Baabcock. I have no proof that she is a fraud, and yet I don’t have much faith in her channeling abilities either. I would believe Jamie over Kim if I had to make a choice. Then again, my advice to you would be to compare what they have said against other spirits who have claimed to contact biblical figures. Widen your reading and research so you can compare and contrast. Check, there are a lot of free channelings there and several that are Christian oriented. Channeling is difficult to trust because of lack of any proof or validation. Look deeply into the personal life of the channeler, their motivations and reputation. Do they seem to want fame and fortune? Is the material sophisticated and full of detail or does it seem made up on the spot? Does the channeler miss detail that the spirit in question should know? Is it a bunch of platitudes? After all this time, I still only trust one channeler. .. Jane Roberts. So don’t lose faith. Channeling is the hardest thing to use as evidence of the afterlife. Maybe switch to reading some NDE or death vision reports for a while. They always lift my spirits when I’m doubting.


      1. Hey, thanks for your reply, and thanks for the website suggestion! Did you watch the two videos? You know. I am going to do a little more NDE research because I wonder if people from different religions see different things when they die. I have a suspicion that our belief systems effect what we see when we first pass because it is so hard to separate from them. I sincerely believe that Kim is genuine. I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt for now, but I think your belief system can effect changelings. I think she is a strong Christian that would be to overwhelmed if her belief system was shaken and so she couldn’t filter the info correctly? I really don’t know any of this. I am just surmising because I really do believe that Jesus was a man and the Bible is full of stories were blown way out of proportion. Once again though, even though that is what makes the most sense for so many reasons, and I do believe in a higher power, by the way, I don’t claim to know these things. I’ve had my beliefs turn upside down and I just want to know the truth about this Jesus thing. I’m going to keep searching. thanks for telling me about Jane Roberts too!


        1. Hi to both of you.

          As it seems that it is indeed the “Soul-Consciousness” that can and does create “reality”, this appears to be even more so upon the more subtle energies of the “Spiritual Realms”, and therefore, to a large extent, it is said that yes, what we encounter after physical death is very much in ressonance with what we believe and “create”. It is the vibrational ressonance of thought-consciuousness that also very much determines in what “Realm” we will find ourselves after physical death. Apparently there are nine realms, or dimensions, and our three-dimensional physical realm (four, if we consider “time”) is the central one. Therefore there would also be four “higher realms” or dimensions and four “lower ones”. This is mediumnistic.

          In the African lines of belief, there is an Orisha known as Oxalá (pronounced Ohshallah), whose name means “The Son of Allah”, the “Son of God”. When I learned of this, and having been raised an Anglican Protestant in my childhood, I could not help to be struck by such a “coincidence”. According to the African legends of the Yoruban tribes from Congo, Angola and Moçambique, brought to Brazil, where I live, by African slaves, Oxalá was the 1st created male being, to whom Olorun, the “Creator God”, delegated his powers of Allahbalasheh, which means “he who detains the power of Creation”.

          Oxalá is reverenced as “the father of all the Orishas”, the eldest, whose element is the air, and in Brazil the African Orishas were synchretized with several of the Catholic Saints. Oxalá, I believe only too obviously, was associated to Jesus Christ.

          No, Jesus was not “God”. How could he be “God” if he prayed to God? “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing…” He was, and is, the “Son of God”, the “Master of Masters” and “King of Kings”.

          Jesus also spoke very clearly of reincarnation. Sadly the interpretation of men has always been the interpretation of men, and much of what is in the Holly Bible is just that – the interpretation of men:

          John 3:2-12

          “Master, we know that you have come in the name of God to instruct us as a doctor, for no one could perform the miracles that you have made if God were not with him. And Jesus replied to him: In truth I say to thee. No one can see the kingdom of heaven if he is not born again.

          Nicodemus then asked: How can a man who is already old be born again? Can he enter his mother’s womb, to be born a second time?

          And again Jesus replied: In truth I say to thee that if a man is not reborn of water and spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit. Do not be startled by what I have said to thee, that it is necessary to be born again. The Spirit blows where it will, and you hear its voice, but you know not where it comes from or where it goes. It is the same with every man who is born of the Spirit.

          So Nicodemus asked him: How can this be? And Jesus replied: What then! Thou who art a master in Israel ignores such things? In truth I say to thee that we do not speak of that which we do not know, and that we do not witness if not what we have seen; but still you will not receive our testimony. If you do not believe me when I speak to you of the matters of the Earth, how then will you believe me when I speak of the matters of heaven?”


          1. Wow, that was a well-put together comment, and very interesting. Have you read the gnostic gospels? Especially the gospel of Mary is fascinating. Jesus talks about the fact that there is no sin, and that the kingdom of heaven is inside of each of us. I can see why the power-hungry early church didn’t want to include these in the bible! Thank you for that interesting information about the African gods – I confess that I know little of the religions and beliefs of that region.

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            1. I have read parts of them, Jenn, and know a bit about them, yes. Have always been interested in anything related. It has actually been quite a ride, I must say… 🙂

              The “Orishas” are said to be emanations of God. All things hold a form of consciousness as they all derive from the Greater Consciousness that gave origin to all things. Hence each Orisha corresponds to a force of nature. Yemanjá, who is associated to the Virgin Mary, is associated to the sea. Ogum, associated to Saint George, to steel. Oshum to the rivers. Iansan to the winds and rain. Oxalá to the air…

              The African mythology is really quite beautiful. They were much more in close contact with nature than our ancestors up North, so they were far more in syntony with the forces of nature. Sadly they were terribly persecuted by the white Christians, and their beliefs regarded as devil worship and witchcraft, when in fact I can tell from experience that it is not that at all. It is truly quite beautiful, and yes, it is based on mediumnistic phenomenon.


        2. Hey there! I confess I didn’t watch the two videos, but I have seen more than my fair share of both Kim and Jaime’s videos to know what Kim’s video is probably like. I will try to watch it, just been a bit busy this week. With a figure such as Jesus, I think it going to be very hard to get at any sort of truth because like you said – so many people have pre-concieved notions about who he was that their filters are going to get in the way, and their truth will become distorted. As for NDEs – all of my research suggests that especially with regard to near-death experiences, the ‘afterlife’ the person experiences is highly subjective and tailored to who they are and what they need to see. The afterlife has often been explained as a thought based reality – even Seth says that we will hallucinate the afterlife we expect because otherwise the change will become very disorienting. So when I read or watch NDE experiences, I always take the imagery as a clue into who the person is and how the NDE was most effective for them. Read my post on “Miracles from Heaven’; I talk about why Christians tend to have religious-themed NDEs and why it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is any sort of religion in the afterlife. Since you are looking for things related to Jesus – let me also recommend reading the writings of Silver Birch. This was a highly developed spirit guide who came through a medium in the 1930s. Although Silver Birch calls him “the Nazarine”, I feel like what he has to say is really interesting. Plus, in the 1930’s, this was waaaaay before the new-age stuff. I linked to the Silver Birch Anthology in my post “Resurrecting 19th Century Spirit Writings”. Check it out – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Spoiler: Silver Birch thinks that modern Christians have gotten most of it wrong. You could also check out a book called ‘Facts’ written by the deceased Hugh Benson, a priest. The entire book was supposedly written from the afterlife through automatic writing from Anthony Borgia. In ‘Facts’, he devotes the entire book to reinterpreting the bible, and how wrong we are about what Christianity was meant to be about. Really fascinating stuff!! Last Christian themed thing that I’ll recommend is Emmanuel Swedenborg. He was a Christian and a mystic, and really considered the founder of modern spiritualism. He lived in the 1700’s and many spiritual experiences that he wrote about. There is also a youtube channel that interprets his writings and its surprisingly good. It’s called “Offthelefteye”. I think I linked to all of these in that post about the 19th century spirit writings. Best part – all of these writings are FREE! Enjoy!


          1. Thank you so much! I am so grateful that you are here, sharing your wisdom and resources! Your website is awesome! I will be around.


      2. Hi Jenn, I thought you might like this clip of the proven fraud and fake medium Gary Mannion channeling his ‘spirit guide’ Abraham of biblical fame. That’s right, the original patriarch of the old testament, no cut-price prophets for our Gazza.


        1. Oh my gosh.. it seemed like he spoke for 20 seconds in a cheesy accent and said nothing of substance. I would demand my money back if I paid to sit for that channeling. Did you know that he claimed that in the video where he was caught in fraud that he was a ‘puppet’ for spirit?


          1. That is exactly what you would expect a cheap fraud like him to say. If he didn’t say that, the only other explanation is the truth, that his act is all trickery and he is a fake like all the others. Sad to say he is still in business, cheating people out of their income.


            1. I agree with merrick forester it is logic. If one is a fraud it follows all are frauds, just my 2 pence, I am not anyone of importance so be it. Take care.


                1. Why the hostility? I was agreeing with you, a person, your logic is that one fraud = all frauds is true nature of sceince. As it is, you keep derailing your own thread. I am making these criticisms not to stifle your self expression, but to encourage you to grow as a contributor. It is so rare that someone who understands the value of punctuation and proper paragraphs posts in a forum that I would like to see you hone your craft. It would be nice to have an intelligent discussion, perhaps even a debate here.

                  This is an open forum. All comers welcome. If you are going to open a topic that will attract such as myself and others, and this upsets you, merrick, then, I’d recommend to avoid getting upset, you may consider not posting anything that will attract anyone that may give you any insight aligned to what you want to believe in. This is best affected by simply never posting anything. If you don’t say anything, no one can come along and say anything about what you’ve said that can upset you.

                  The other alternative, since you seem to be immune to reason or logical debate, is to grow a thicker skin. Stances aligning yours exist. Deal with it. Simple. Take care. Namaste!


                  1. Whoa there Hoss! I thought your post was sarcastic, so I responded in kind. If I am wrong, I apologise and withdraw my comment.
                    You misunderstand me in every way. I do not assume that because Mannion is a proven fraud, it follows that all mediums are frauds. That would be neither logical nor fair. My belief of course, is that they ARE all fake but are motivated by different reasons. Some for attention seeking, some by self-delusion, and some, like Mannion, for financial gain.
                    You suggest that I grow a thicker skin as I found your post so upsetting. I assure you my state of mind was not affected in any way, it takes a very great deal more than that to spoil my day.
                    I am not, as you say, immune to reason or logical debate, although I admit to being skeptical. I am skeptical because all the evidence I have ever seen for the supernatural has been unconvincing at best, or transparently bogus.
                    As for your suggestion that I do not post anything, you can leave that decision to me.



                    1. Merrick, excuse me for butting in a bit, but when you say you are sceptical with reason, and based on your logic and outright claim that all mediums are frauds, you are a sceptic, plain and simple. Kindly research further and attempt to be more biased. Are you familiar with the work of Brazilian medium Francisco Candido Xavier, better known as Chico Xavier? He evidenced his mediumnistic capacity to thousands, sold thousands of mediumnistic books, which sold by the hundreds of thousands, and never received a cent. All his work was based on charity, and the proceeds from the book sales were all donated to charity, because, he said: “I cannot receive for what is not my work”.

                      One true story of his was that of a sceptic TV diretor in Brazil who had lost a son because of what was being alleged to have been na accidental gun-shot made by a friend of the boy’s. On a TV program on which Chico was being interviewed, at the end of the program he was asked if he would make a psychography, aka an automatic writing.

                      When the program was over, he approached this TV diretor, whom he did not know, and handed him the letter telling him that he had been instructed to give it to him, though he did not know him. The diretor asked him what it was about, and his reply was that he was like a postman, he just delivered the letters, but knew not what they contained…

                      When the diretor read the letter, it was a message from his son, telling him that it had indeed been an accident, that he was with his grandfather, the director’s father, who wished to tell him that he was very proud of him, and repeated to him what had been said by the director to his father when his father was in a coma at his death bed.

                      The director knew this was impossible, for only he and his father were in the room and his father never came out of the coma, and was so impressed by what he read, that he asked that the letter should be used as evidence in the court of law when the young boy who had made the accidental gun-shot was under trial.

                      So, you see, do not instantly discard what cannot yet be proven. The problem with most sceptics is that they simply have not investigated far enough, or deeply enough, and just because they do not hold the answers, they instantly discard anything of the sort as untrue. Scepticism is just a belief, just like any other, Merrick…


  10. I agree, Brandon. Hardest thing in these cases is to manage to discern what is “real” from what is merely the imagination of the mind or the interferfence of the medium… To “separate the wheat from the shaft”.


  11. I actually paid for a reading with Kim when she was first introduced through her work with Erik. She is 100% not legitimate. Kim was rude and everything comes through really as her opinion on the topic. I also find her promoting her on views and opinions.

    Jamie Butler is the real deal she started it all and is why the blog and you tube channel is so popular. It leads me to wonder why Jamie left and now there is Kim. I would never recommend anyone get a reading from this woman. Kim is an opportunist. Her own medium shop went out of business. I think Kim is using the platform to gain a following like Jamie did and make money. Again I did have a reading with this woman and she was absolutely terrible.


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    1. I really appreciate your honesty reply. Although every medium can have a bad day, it is vitally important to get the honest opinions of people who have actually had readings before choosing a medium. I’ve listened to Kim’s readings and they aren’t very evidential, I’ve not been impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Thanks again for your comment!


  12. There has to be an uncertainty margin associated with any paranormal event. That’s the way it works for humanity as agreed upon by our group consciousness. It is essencial to keep us in the separateness experience that we have here.
    The purpose of life as a human or any for that matter is not to acquire more information, for that can be done at will where we come from. It is the purpose of reorganising ourselves so we can have a bigger potential. It’s not about getting more, but rearranging what we have already, since we are whole to start with.
    Validation questions, especially specific ones done in public greatly violate the principle of uncertainty and serve only the purpose of providing the person with useless information. There’s no earned experience, no wisdom, it’s nothing but empty information.
    You would better understand if you were to integrate a greater view into your perspective.
    Would you play a pretend game as a kid and start calling people out on the pretense? Of course not. You would probably just annoy the other kids.


    1. Rafael,
      I appreciate your point, but evidential mediumship is by design, evidential. I do allow that it might be impossible for a medium to pick and choose what evidential information they are ‘given’. Perhaps this medium couldn’t answer that question specifically, but evidential mediums are taught to provide specific information to the sitter that can convince them beyond the shadow of a doubt that the person the medium is in contact with is really their deceased loved one. I would expect that a medium might say, “I don’t have that information, but I can tell you..[x]” Good evidential mediums can tell the sitter things like what the person died of, what they enjoyed in life, what they looked like, their hobbies, some special words that prove to the sitter who they are. Only after that is established, does the medium go on to give them whatever intended message they have for the sitter. If Kim had done any of the above, I certainly would have understood her inability to give an answer to Jannecke’s question. There are plenty of people out there that can provide spiritual services without using mediumship. But Kim calls herself a medium, and even if she couldn’t answer the question, she could have attempted to provide other evidence to the sitter that demonstrated that she was truly in contact with the deceased. Jamie Butler, by contrast, handled it differently when presented with a similar question. She couldn’t answer the initial question, but offered different evidence to Jannecke. When I emailed Jannecke privately to ask if Jamie was correct, she told me that she was, and she was impressed with her abilities. I understand your point that we should be looking for quality information that can give us more wisdom or experience, but I think that’s the role of channelers and spiritual intuitives and gurus. Evidential mediumship, by design, is used to give real evidence of contact for a specific person – to provide information that could not be obtained in any other way aside from real communication with a spirit person. Otherwise, what would be the point of mediumship? It isn’t supposed to be a pretense, nor is it supposed to be spiritual guidance. The point of evidential mediumship IS proof of contact.
      I think I probably would be the kid that annoyed the others by pointing out the pretense, but I guess someone has to be the killjoy. 🙂
      Thanks so much for your comment, Rafael, all the best!


  13. Hi. I really enjoyed reading this article and the comments. 🙂 Is there someplace I could look to find mediums you feel are valid for a personal consultation?


    1. Thank you, Holly! Although I have no personal experience with them myself, I always recommend the forever family foundation. They are a non profit organization and have a rigorous certification process for their mediums. I think you would stand the best chance of getting a good reading through them. Best of luck and if you do pursue a reading, let us know how it went!


  14. Okay, this might be a bit long but I’ve had no one to disclose to about it until now.

    This all makes me very sad though I’m glad I found it. I think it’s good to question when we are suspicious, after all its part of our own intuition. I found the CE youtube channelings a couple years back, and then the blog, read the books, joined the FB groups for CE. I started out feeling incredible about it, as though I’d finally found the answers I’d been seeking, that has slowly begun to erode. I do believe Elisa is pure in her intentions to have communications from her son and the other side and I applaud her for her bravery in doing so for the benefit of not just herself but others too. I also believe in Jamie Butler. I think she has real talent and I feel that through her body language and ease that she is the real deal and is speaking with Erik. Jamie seems to have a lot of spirit activity around her during readings with Elisa. EVPs and that odd chirping sound that seems to be there only when she is listening and orbs are a few of the things I’ve noticed and I can’t say I have ever noticed that in any of Kim’s readings (correct me if I’m wrong). That said, I don’t understand why she is choosing to charge so much money, it doesn’t make sense to me and she does not seem like a greedy person. I wish I knew why. The only other CE medium I think I trust at this point is Robert.
    Kim has been fishy to me for a while and especially after that awkward and very telling interaction between her and Jannecke. I joined Kims FB when she first debuted as a featured medium on the CE youtube channel after Jamie’s departure. One thing I’ve noticed with her is the CONSTANT look at how pretty I am selfies. She likes attention. A lot of attention as do most who fish for adoration comments from their constant selfie posting. This to me says a lot about her.
    I have also recently had my own new found faith shaken by a reading with a CE medium who is prominent and featured on the CE mediums page. I had one fairly good reading with her but after that, the next few became very predictable and felt like advice anyone could give really. I thought, okay, maybe there’s just not a lot they need to say to me this time but then the last one really caused me a lot of sadness and disappointment. The CE medium claimed to be in contact with Erik during my reading near the end. Like many CE peeps, I had longed for one of the amazing and undeniable signs he leaves others so I asked if he would leave me something specific in a specific place. His answer was that he’d be glad to do that for me. Well, I checked said spot for said item daily for a couple weeks and nothing. So I mentioned it to the medium and she said to me that she was currently asking Erik again and again Erik agreed. Well, it never happened and it’s been months. Was that medium legit? I think so but I think she might be embellishing her readings when she isn’t getting enough to work with. I now question everything she had said to me. The Erik I have come to know would never let someone down like that. I don’t think she was channeling him at all. I think she just threw him into the last part of my reading as some sort of CE bonus. Maybe I am wrong here but I feel duped and betrayed.
    I have seen other CE mediums lie/contradict themselves such as Heather who said that she couldn’t see spirit, just hear them but in a CE channeling video with Elisa, she is clearly watching and even states to Elisa at one point that he is pacing. I don’t know what to make of that. the video was done long before she stated she could not see them.
    I do %100 believe in something on the other side. Long before finding CE, I had been watching a youtuber (who at the time had few subscribers and still doesn’t have that many) by the name of MichaelDMgee. He has a lot of hard evidence to support the existence of spirit. The kind of evidence that those not into going to mediums might seek from a scientific standpoint.
    Anyways, I’ll stop then. That was my two cents. I have no idea where I stand with mediums right now, I seek the truth and not some sort of faith I’m supposed to blindly have. I commend Jannecke for pushing Kim. There is no room for frauds here if that’s what’s going on.

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    1. Dear Susana,

      I feel for your disappointment. I was also intrigued by Channeling Erik when it first came online. I was taken with Elisa’s tragic story about her son, and Jamie seemed almost too good to be true. I really wanted it to be an intelligent, evidential discussion. Jamie claimed to see spirits physically in the room with her – as far as I knew, this is an extremely rare ability, one that can certainly be demonstrated. And yet, as time went on, Jamie never provided the evidence that ‘evidential mediums’ are known for. She succeeded in convincing Elisa, and I clung to that for a little while – thinking, surely Elisa would know if Jamie was simply pretending to speak with her son? The afterlife interviews just made things worse. Contradictions, wrong facts, and absolutely zero evidential or hard questions ensured that no one could ever prove or disprove what these mediums were saying. Jamie’s prices raised to astronomical levels and it just left a really bad taste in my mouth. I don’t mind anyone getting paid for what they do, but $650 dollars per hour? Anyway, the parade of mediums claiming to speak to Erik after that just seemed to drag the entire site into a circus. It became a mockery of itself. Combined with cult-like followers who attacked anyone who questioned mistakes in the readings, deleting comments, and the rest.. and well. It’s just sad. As for your reading – I’m very sorry that you had that experience. I can understand the kind of ‘dark night of the soul’ feeling when you’ve been completely betrayed by a spiritual source that had uplifted you. I do have some good news for you though. Beyond all of the glitz and marketing of outfits like Channeling Erik and TV mediums, there are real mediums out there, and to address your doubts about mediumship altogether, I would invite you to listen to the groudbreaking work that Julie Beichel has done with her triple-blind tests of mediums with the Windbridge Institute. You can hear all about it on the podcast Skeptiko’s interview with Julie here: Here’s what I’ve learned about mediumship. Real mediumship is rarer than rubies. Real, highly-skilled mediums do not need to advertise or go on television shows, or even produce youtube channels. They get enough business they can handle by word of mouth alone. The best way to find one of these mediums is through the two non-profit organizations that independently test and certify their mediums. The first is the Forever Family Foundation ( and the second is the aforementioned Windbridge Institute ( Let this negative experience and disappointment help you to hone your intuition and find that ‘ring of truth’. There are some amazing spiritual sources out there – in books, even on youtube.. but their main purpose is usually not to make money, but spread the message that life doesn’t end at death. Again – anyone who is a medium for a living will charge something.. but it shouldn’t cost more than a root canal to access their services. When it comes to evaluating new-age and spiritual people online, go with your gut. I felt the same way about Kim Babcock.. she’s pretty but there is little evidential substance. A whole lot of word salad and platitudes. I want to thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences, I sure it will help others who find their way here after being disappointed by CE. That being said, CE might still help and inspire a lot of people – I think the afterlife interviews are awful, but I haven’t heard anything really damaging in a spiritual sense from their ‘hour of enlightenment’ series. Maybe for some, it will be an introduction to more substantial works. I guess the worst of the CE effect is that people incorrectly assume that the behavior exhibited by these mediums is standard. A good medium will ask your name and that’s about it. They will provide evidence of the person they are contacting – names, descriptions, the way they looked and died, BEFORE they move on to the platitudes, so that clients can be assured that a medium is really in contact. That’s the very definition of evidential mediumship! I think you are right to feel duped and betrayed, but I hope it doesn’t discourage you from seeking your spiritual path and understanding. There is a lot of hard evidence for life after death out there, and plenty of better sources to be had.
      Best of luck to you,

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  15. Jenn, thank you for the reply. I will look into the Julie Beichel link with skeptico. Yes, the whole thing was very disheartening. I hope to find my path again soon. Much love 🙂


  16. This may be a little late in the conversation but I noticed that not all mediums advertise as evidential, I would like affirmation, But perhaps people like Kim are more abstract in their readings and are not comfortable in being tied to specifics. She should probably state that up front. I thought at some point in the past I heard Erik state something to the point of having things he wanted to discuss without spending all his time on validation. That makes sense too. I think if he wants to help people we are creatures who need validation. If its the doctor, our peers, or people we seek counsel with we are in constant need of validation as part of our process. My other thought was having Erik contact non related persons unlike traditional channeling by our connections with loved ones. Lets get evidence on that regardless of who the medium is.


  17. I wanted to mention that it doesn’t help these mediums’ reputation that I got blocked from their Channeling Erik Mediums Facebook group after one of them SUGGESTED I join by email. I requested to join and had to answer three questions about why I wanted to join I was polite and honest. The next day, I noticed it still said Pending, which I realize takes awhile sometimes. I wrote one of the moderators to make sure I had reached them and they got my answers. Next thing I know, I’m BLOCKED! Why??? I checked from my alternate account and noticed I could see the group from there. Hm, sounds fishy to me. But I agree with many posters above. Even if all the interviews and claims were 100% true, they are wearing this poor ghost kid out, treating him like a celebrity with too much fan mail. Although I like a lot of the mediums’ ideas and logical answers, they give vague answers a lot, and beat around the bush when confronted by anything specific. Also, why would one spirit be expected or even interested in spending all of his time(or whatever they call it over there) discussing so many topics that seem more like the interests of the mediums than anything? Also, I find it hard to believe he can just go fetch any celebrity like Prince. When asked what his favorite instrument was, he said “guitar” and then the medium seemed to guess that he also played a saxaphone too, common knowledge anyway. Why can’t they tell us things we DON’T know? The mediums study these celebritiy’s mannerisms and facts about them and try to imitate how they’d act in an interview, which isn’t very good by the way. I also find it hard to believe Erik would have so much knowledge about everything and everybody, including the disgusting grey aliens. And when it came to Trump, they lost me when they claimed Erik said people needed to chill out and stop hating on him so much. The mediums and the mother all come from red states. They are Trump supporters. Think about it. It’s not Erik saying that, it’s their opinions. It’s things like that all bundled together that convince me that this whole channeling thing is as fake as the channelers were in 2012 for Loki in the old Google chats. What a fiasco that was. They did a lot of damage and manipulated a LOT of women. I’m suprized “Erik” hasn’t found the norse gods yet.

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  18. hi- i am from the uk (as if that makes any difference) i have also looked in on some of the ce posts and like a lot of people i have believed in the afterlife for several decades and like most hate frauds as it gives the whole concept a bad name – i will wrap it up in one go and say the words (celebrity medium) i would never trust anyone who’s prime function is to amass fortunes or seek glamour or popularity- any power mediums have is given to them free and should be used for helping the rest of us poor mortals- that is not to say that i think it should all be free (preferable) however i have nothing against a medium charging a meager rate for their time as does a medium i know who charges £25 or 33.4 $ she has said to me that she finds it hard sometimes justifying even that- she also seems to tick all the boxes and does verify who she has on the other side – this lady has also shrugged off fame in the way of tv work – she does not advertise and works only on word of mouth- i would never trust a celebrity medium – not to say that all these have no gift at all but i think some of them get seduced by fame and fortune even if they did not intend to start that way- jamie butler in my opinion is such a medium (the real deal who has become greedy) such a shame – i would advise everyone not to give up as there are many cases of true mediumship – in many ways i am a sceptic as i analyse everything for fear of being conned which over the years has caused terrible crisis’s of faith (to use a bad word) however i always come round to what i believe in which is life after death and the continuation of spirit and reincarnation – well thats my penny worth – happy hunting all , bob


    1. Bob, I think you are right on the money and I agree with you whole-heartedly. Many people don’t realize that behind all the glitz and fame, there are real hard-working mediums who only charge what they need to in order to make a living. Some don’t charge at all, if they don’t need the money. If you have found a medium like that, hold on tight! They are rare. They usually don’t advertise because often have all of the work they can handle through word of mouth alone. I always direct people to the forever family foundation and the windbridge institute – both organizations that test and certify their mediums. It doesn’t of course guarantee a good reading, but it’s a better place to start than paying out the nose for someone looking for fame and fortune. Thanks for the comment, Bob!


  19. I have had multiple readings from both Jamie Butler & Kim Babcock. JB is more accurate and gave me tangible evidential future info that did manifest with a high degree of accuracy, approximately 85%. KB gave me future info that intuitively seemed made up on the spot and never came to be true. I did notice different trends with both women. JB got too expensive and KB’s approach included pining for fashion model status. I have seen during my research, that some psychics do eventually outprice us or have future plans that include a calendar clearing by no longer accepting phone clients at some point. Maybe JB needed some relief from so many readings by over charging? I personally accept donations for my word of mouth distant healing work. No website, no YouTube channel, no business cards, no brick n morter shingle hanging. I feel that an even exchange of energy between client & healer is best for all involved and money or bartering is energy. But I still do free stuff as a healer, as a musician and as a computer technician.

    I have been following a Bob Olsen type of path myself hiring many psychics over many decades, and doing my own research. I did have metaphysical evidence happen to me on my own during my “Erik years.” Where between readings I would talk to Erik and he or some benvolent spirit would prank me by moving and/or hiding objects, dimming an incandescent light bulb twice in a row on command or messing with my electronics (phone & computer during readings to include right now as I type this). But when JB left the CE scene and I began desiring more evidential proof during readings, I pressed KB one time to have Erik tell me what is on my bed and to move a pencil on my desk, but Kim blocked my request. I relented and did not fill her in on the metaphysical goings on at my house inbetween readings with either medium.

    Personally and loosely I give JB 85% accuracy and KB about 35% fluffy accuracy. From a CE blog member standpoint I resonate blindly with both women for having to withstand Elisa’s bullying and enduring lack of gentle interview skills on the CE YouTube channel. I also did not care for the differing conclusions when Elisa & we CE fans pitted one medium’s results against the other regarding biblical fantasy where KB has the unfortunate position of second fiddle. Similarly, recently when the Vegas shooting was reviewed by Erik and two newer CE mediums came up with differing conclusions on Paddock’s motive. The ensuing catfighting caused at temporary 2018 CE shutdown due to emotional distress.

    Elisa feels betrayals, and I dont know if this can be prevented, but she still has her friendly neighborhood male medium, who does not give public readings (I asked) to fall back on for support at their private gatherings.

    In my psychic mediumship research outside of the CE umbrella, I have found very few powerful and highly accurate paid for readers, but they do exist and they sure are impressive. I place Jamie Butler and a select few others, at the very top of this list.

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    1. Thank you, Aaron, for your interesting and insightful comment! I really appreciate you sharing your experiences with the CE mediums, and also appreciate that you were objective and honest in your appraisal. I know other readers will find what you have to say interesting as well. I do feel sorry for Elisa. She was thrust into this crazy metaphysical world unprepared, and likely had no idea how dysfunctional it can be at times. I remember the issue over Mary’s virginity, if that is what you are referring to with the ‘biblical fantasy’. I did watch the first video they put out about the Vegas shooter and I was absolutely disgusted and horrified by it. I think Elisa is learning the hard way that spirituality attracts a lot of unscrupulous people who see Channeling Erik as a way to ‘make a name for themselves’. It sounds like you have the right perspective on your own spirituality, though, to go out and find your own truth.

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  20. I am so frustrated with the fact that there is NO place to leave a review for mediums. If you try to on their page, it will be “pending approval”. So here I leave my review of Jamie Butler in hopes that others will understand a different perspective.

    Most of what you hear/read about her is positive because it is either written by her team or, those that spend $600 – $700 do not want to believe they just wasted their money. So their minds will come up with every shred of evidence that “yes she was accurate!”. It’s the justification bias that is human nature – until you suspend your emotions for a moment to view your experience objectively. However, maybe for others she’s truly been able to connect. Who knows.

    I have had 3 phone readings with Jamie and have watched several of her youtube channelings. What I find most remarkable is her ability to “act”. Nothing in any of my 7 minute group readings made sense – and when she would be called out on it, she’d simply pause with a “hmm” and presumably “think” which took up several minutes, and then before you know it your call is over! Very clever. This was also heard by other callers on the same line. In each of my group readings, a caller would tell her something did not make sense or did not apply to them and she would skirt around it or pause, or tell them it will make sense in a few months.

    Also, I find it interesting that she states she doesn’t swear often and it was “so uncomfortable” for her to get used to Erik’s swearing. Yet… when you watch her post-Channeling Erik involvement videos, she carries on talking the same way; same mannerisms/cuss words etc. And no, not when she’s channeling him. So it seems she almost gets “caught” acting like “Erik”. Also too, I think the biggest LOUDEST giveaways of her inability were her channeling of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. She’s grasping at straws. For Chris Cornell, she doesn’t even know how to answer the question, it’s as if she’s going “shoot, I didn’t google this beforehand!” you can view it here.

    She also does a reading with Chester Bennington and gets everything about the song incorrect. It’s a pretty big fact to miss. If someone in one video can so clearly come up with details and answers to every question (e.g. about gray aliens) but yet can’t even answer a simple “was this person on drugs?” Makes you go hmmm. Well of course it’s easier to answer every question about aliens, because you can make it up on the spot.

    Oddly enough, she’s now working with another Mom, who’s lost her son. When does this become bizarre? When does it become bizarre that you no longer do private readings, but will continue to read for anyone that provides you a public forum? Has anyone seen her readings with others… it’s cringeworthy. I don’t know if these people have never had another reading before, so don’t know what to expect. After Jamie I’ve had a reading with someone through word-of-mouth, and she was spot on! This woman actually has done readings for celebrities but you cannot find her online, on Facebook. Nothing. She is only word of mouth. She’s incredible and charges next to nothing.

    Jamie clearly likes the spiritual world, likes to teach and wants to turn people into believers of her belief system. But she has ZERO ability to channel from my personal experience. I trust the Universe will send back to her what she’s taken at exorbitant costs from vulnerable hearts everywhere. I also trust that all of us seeking answers understand there are no guarantees and it is always a gamble. Wanting to share my gamble here in hopes it helps people realize that asking for proof or more clarity should come with the TERRITORY of calling yourself a medium. Sick of them putting out videos of “what not to ask a medium”… ok then, don’t call yourself a medium.

    #jamiebutler #medium #jamiebutlereview #gamble #personalexperience

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    1. Thank you for your review, I’m really happy I read this before spending money on a reading with her. With respect to the medium that you went to and heard of by word of mouth, can you provide contact information for them? I’d love to get in touch.


  21. Channeling Erik is just the kind of ridiculous pantomime skeptics point out to when they refer to mediumship. And rightly so, because this thing is beyond terrible. If all evidence was of this standard, then I wouldn’t even bother thinking about the phenomenon.


    1. Judgment without facts is always a mistake… Check out the VERITAS research project ( a FOUR year study ) by the Arizona State University that set out to prove or disprove that consciousness CONTINUES after we leave our physical bodies>……. 4 years & numerous psychic mediums tested and this was PROVEN again & again… Also check into the WINDBRIDGE Research Center that tests mediums for a YEAR & certifies them. There IS proof… if you look in the right places.


  22. I too have had psychic vision proof from Jamie Butler. Proof that came true. It simply validated itself. Kim Babcock however, at the start of my paid time with Kim, when I asked Erik through Kim to move the pencil on my desk, Kim blocked my request somehow and told me that she doesn’t ever ask Erik to validate himself or do tricks because she feels it is insulting to Erik. My pencil never moved. During the rest of this reading I recall asking about trusting my old vehicle on a two hour round trip. Kim claimed I would have wiring problems. That never happened.

    I have had four readings from Jamie Butler back when she did not charge so much money. And I have had two from Kim Babcock. Jamie is more accurate.

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  23. It is NEVER unfair to ask a medium for validation! That should be the very first thing that happens in a session. I am a psychic and medium and I won’t even begin a session until I validate, myself, that I have contacted the person my subject wants to hear from and I Always ask the spirit to validate by moving something, turn lights on and off or tell me what’s on the bed! Hahaha! I very rarely charge for my readings but when I do, I exclude the time it takes for validation. That should always just be a “given.” I am working with a woman Now who’s son committed suicide and not only am I doing it for free because of the terrible grief she is in but it took me a few weeks to even get started with the actual reading and communication because I refused to rush it and kept asking her to confirm everything I have seen, heard, and even dreamed so I know for sure, in such a delicate situation, that it’s really her son I am communicating with so even the medium themselves should want and require validation and you can bet if she asks for some type of proof, I will ask her son to do what she wants. Spirits want to be validated. They want their loved ones to know they are here and will try to prove it in any way they can so “offending” Erik or any spirit by asking for proof is absurd! Now, I have had people try to take advantage of myself and my gifts so it goes both ways but fake mediums can cause way more harm so everyone just be careful and always expect validation up front or run the other way! Lol. If anyone has anything they would like to ask me on what to watch for or be wary of, please feel free to ask me. Love and peace to you all!

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    1. Thank you, Sherry. I’m glad you agree. The great mediums of the spiritualist movement always provided validation, often in ways far more astounding than we’ve come to expect from mediums today. I believe validation is an important part of mediumship, and it’s nice to hear from a medium that agrees! If I were so blessed, I know I would want validation for myself, as you mentioned. No one wants to be decieved, and it’s a way to further develop your own skills. That’s why mediums often train in development circles. Thanks for your comment! -Jenn

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      1. You’re welcome and so true. Honestly, would anyone higher a plumber, electrician, a babysitter, even, without knowing their credentials? Some Mediums need to realize people are giving their hard earned money for their services and they need to give good service just like any other person/business.


    2. What do you change an hour? I certainly was considering Jaime for a a reading but after finding out how much she charges For one hour i can’t afford that.
      Thank you for times.


  24. Spirits don’t have negative emotions like annoyance. Kim was fired from CE because, although she was good at first, her ego and religious filters got in the way. As Erik’s mother, I will say that she is no longer the voice of my son. She is no better than an opportunist charlatan as many-but not all-mediums are.

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    1. The day you wrote this comment was also the one-year anniversary of the day I had to give my child back. The day I had to bury my child. As the saying goes, time flies. However, time won’t heal, not a Mother’s heart anyway. And I am under no delusions it ever will!
      When I close my eyes, I see him.
      My son, my Chase.
      When I open my eyes, I miss him.
      My baby boy, barely 22. My Chase.
      Rooted deep within my soul, there he is.
      🙏❤️ Ashely Baldwin

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      1. Hi Ashley
        How do get by everyday? I too lost my son Jakob at 22. I have struggled tremendously to stay ‘alive’ in the moment. It’s been one year and this so far has been the hardest most painful year. I have not asked for help or joined any support group because I’ve never been very good at sharing my personal problems with any one.
        I pray every single day for strength and courage to ease my pain. It’s so hard to live again.

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        1. Hello, my name is Kerry Alderuccio and I’m a Medium and Author from Melbourne, Australia.
          I’ve been reading many of these posts and comments with great interest. I too have lost a child. Our beautiful son, Sam died in a tragic car accident on May 3, 2012, thirty four years to the exact date that my wonderful father, Jim Bell died, trying to save the life of one of his work mates.
          My belief in the Afterlife has been with me my entire life and those instinctive beliefs have never wavered. After Sam passed, I was desperate to learn more about where he went and how could I stay in contact with him.
          Mediumship was something that I knew nothing about, I could still feel Sam’s presence and hear his words of comfort, but I needed more than that. My husband and I went to see a wonderful Medium, who I chose randomly on the internet. She knew only my first name and nothing more. Her opening words to us, were that I was a mother grieving the loss of my son, aged between 18 and 20, Sam was 19 years old.
          Her reading brought us both incredible hope, joy and a sense of purpose to keep living happy and fulfilling lives. Because of her, a switch was turned on inside of me. I joined a spiritual circle here in Melbourne, not actually knowing what one was, I was just meant to be there.
          After Sam died I was desperate to find books that would help me in knowing how to continue living, how do we keep going? Nothing really helped, but I did discover Dr Medhus’s book, “My son in the Afterlife” at the Namaste bookshop in New York, when I was holidaying there with our daughter in 2014.
          Prior to going on our USA trip, I had a very powerful dream and in that dream I found myself in an unknown bookshop in New York. It was the most vivid dream imaginable and I remembered very detail the next morning, so I knew that it was an actual premonition and not just a dream.
          One morning, I headed out from our Airbnb in Nolita and walked towards an address that just ‘felt’ right. I found myself standing outside Namaste bookshop and it looked exactly as I imagined it to. In my premonition, I could see pendulums swinging at the rear of the store and I nervously headed to the back right hand side and there they swaying in the breeze of the air conditioner! I was amazed.
          It was here that I saw Dr Medhus’s book and I just had to buy a copy. I read it with much interest and also with hope in my heart. Thank you for writing it.
          In 2015, I attended for the first time, Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom, a training college for Psychics and Mediums. My life was forever changed here and I now work as a Psychic Medium, giving hope, trust and essentially evidence of survival in the Afterlife. Every year I go to this amazing place of learning and to date I’ve attended 10 weeks of tuition here, I’m booked in for another fortnight next June, 2020.
          I decided to write my own book to help other people who have lost a loved one, it’s called “A Mother’s Journey- A story of everlasting love and evidence of life after death”. It was released on December 1st, 2018 into bookshops nationally in Australia and New Zealand and can be bought online through Amazon, Book Depository, Book Topia, Barnes and Noble and so on internationally.
          The positive responses that I’ve received have been awesome and humbling and I have Sam, Dad and the spirit world to thank for making my life worth living again. I now teach my own spiritual circle from home and speak at events and Mind Body and Spirit Festivals about the Afterlife. Who would have thought this possible.
          Kindest, Kerry


    2. Elisa-
      The comment I wrote was to you..not sure if I made that clear before.
      Very connected feeling with other mothers who have lost their son..our precious baby boys.


  25. I must say I find channeling Erik very intriguing I have found Jamie to be spot on with many things and that channeling different ppl she has given validation without problem. I’m not quite sure as to why Kim would say that it had me confused myself. If you watch them the mom and a few others with the E board they ask validating questions all the time! I always seem to like Kim when she channeled but I’m a little suspicious myself now!


  26. Unfortunately there in no emperical evidence of psychic phenomena. There are many theories regarding psi phenomena and the paranormal, theories as old as 100 years old, but all of this time later the same questions are asked and not answered with certainty.

    I for one would be over the moon-happy as a lark if there was absolute proof of the afterlife. But there isn’t. Just theories.

    As science and technology advances the world’s people will someday know the answers with absolute certainty of life’s greatest mysteries.


    1. “Unfortunately there in no emperical evidence of psychic phenomena”. Really? Come to my home and I will show you a few thousand EVPS that have convinced my Atheist family members. I posted about Ten EVPs with their accompanying stories to YouTube. Those I posted are not my best work, just EVPs that were interesting to me at the moment. Here is an EVP, and its story most people find especially interesting.

      Listen to the twelve or so posted under EVP Kiernan, and if you like, contact me using my e-mail.
      About me. I record alone. I use no “Toys” = Ghostboxes. I belong to no “Ghost Hunting” group. I could care less about Money or Fame.

      Neil Kiernan

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    2. You are mistaken about there being no empirical evidence of psychic phenomena. There was a FOUR YEAR research study done by ASU (Arizona State University), named VERITAS… It was a study of psychic mediums … not to see if the mediums were good or bad but to prove or disprove that CONSCIOUSNESS either continues or doesn’t continue after we leave our physical bodies. FOUR YEARS of EVIDENCE… OF PROOF that there absolutely IS afterlife and the beings that left their physical bodies proved that again & again & again… This was not theory. This was FOUR years of experiments…. AND… several of these mediums went thru another entirely DIFFERENT testing program for a whole YEAR at the Woodbridge Research center for research on afterlife…. I personally experienced a session with one of these mediums and the evidence was not theory or guessing… Soooo BE happy as a lark, because the “dearly departed” may not be in their physical bodies anymore, but they ARE around us… and “I” personally have had experiences that PROVE that… no…. not theory here either… Good luck in your searching & resolving within yourself of the TRUTH of afterlife.


      1. My Grandmother visited me when I was a Nanny to a famous family in Sanfrasisco , on the day she died .. no one told me she was dying .. I was called a week latter .. I could tellbthrm the time died.. Shevspoke to me telepathically ot seemed .. I could see all my fsmily looking sad snd Grey and shevlooked radiant..I have had many experiencess even with people never met ..All proven after questions of whi lived in various places … I inheritedvthis gift from my Mothers side they all have experiences like that..I used to be cynic..I wasTop of Physics in School .


    1. I’m very sympathetic to your situation. My question, in no way questions your quest. I wonder when to believe that Erik has been actually channeled…is it ever given brie less than $650.00? What I’m asking is, how do you discern when a medium is telling you truth? I now watch these women with a jaundice eye. Who do you believe?


      1. I guess I only completely trust those who I vetted, the ones on the Trusted CE Mediums page on the blog. The Kim I’m referring to that has religious filters is Kim Babcock, not Kim O’Neill.


    2. Hi Elisa. Thank you so much for committing yourself to finding answers for not only yourself, but for others who have lost their loved ones. You are so brave and such a cool person! I was wondering, do you still recommend Kim O’Neill?

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  27. There are many mediums some get corrupted by greed., some are not true .. Many are amazing.
    A lot say ego would distort the truth.
    I met a famous street artist in New York who predicted everything from Princess Diane dying the World trade centre War in Iraq over oil and more to come .. Critical when William becomes king.. He was not being paid.


  28. I just want to say that I enjoy this site. I believe that it’s important to get to the truth and weed out the people who are taking advantage of the ones who suffer great loss and will pay great amounts to fill in the void. I read all the comments and took down some names to check them out and I truly can’t believe the Leslie Flint tapes. Marilyn Monroe did not speak with an English accent. Neither did Rudolph Valentino. How was this fact missed?


  29. Jamie Butler claimed that Sai Baba manifested in a room she was in before he died. Then she asked him do so after he died, and she said that he did so. She did a supposed channeling session with Sai Baba, as if he is an ascended master. Page 256 of the book “My Son and the Afterlife” speaks of Sai as if he was an incarnated chunk of God.

    While he was in this world Sai Baba claimed to be an Avatar, incarnation of God. He sexually molested some of the male children of his followers. He did sleight of hand tricks with the intent of fooling people into believing that he had magical powers.

    If a person pays Jaime $450.00 for a 30 minute reading, they could ask her why she represented a scandalous guru such as Sai, in the way she did so.

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