Is it Unfair to Ask a Medium for Validation? Channeling Erik Medium Annoyed by Request for Evidence of Abilities

Warning: Rant ahead.

Jannecke Oinaes (that’s her in the picture above) is a spiritual researcher from Norway who has been interviewing many of the new and popular new age authors, mediums and spiritualists and posting these interviews to youtube.  Her website is Wisdom From North, and she posts on youtube under the same channel name.  I find many of her interviews fascinating, and you should definitely check out her work.

Most recently, she interviewed one of the mediums used by Channeling Erik, a woman by the name of Kim Babcock.  You can see many of her “celebrity interviews” on my post here, and if you aren’t familiar with Channeling Erik, a phenomenon that has captured a lot of attention, both positive and negative (including from me), you can read my post on it here.

Anyway, Jannecke procured a skype interview with Ms. Babcock with the intention of speaking with Erik Medhus, the deceased son of Dr. Elisa Medhus, founder of the Channeling Erik blog and author of two books about her communications with her son in the afterlife.

Right in the beginning of the interview, Jannecke asks a simple question for the purpose of validation.  Before I get into that, however, let’s discuss the roles and responsibilities of an evidential medium.  This definition is from Bob Olsen’s website.  Bob Olsen is the author of Answers about the Afterlife, and he also runs the BestPsychicMediums page which [claims to] test and certify mediums as genuine to avoid people getting ripped off by frauds.  [Updated 4/9/16 – see mindful’s comment about Bob Olsen in the comments section.  I’m keeping the definition in the post because I believe it is accurate, but I will be more closely investigating Bob’s vetting process for mediums]

What is “evidential” psychic mediumship?

by Bob Olson,, &

An evidential mediumship reading usually begins with messages that give you evidence that your loved one in spirit is truly communicating with the psychic medium.

The reading with the psychic medium generally starts with physical evidence, such as what your loved one looked like, how she died, her age and her sex. The messages then describe your loved one’s personality, including what she liked and disliked, identifying speech patterns and unique characteristics about her that serve as evidence that it is truly her who is coming through in the reading. The psychic medium will likely even use words or phrases that your loved one would typically use. Then there will be some messages to describe your loved one’s history growing up, her family situation, marital status and if she has had any children or pets.

The purpose of evidential mediumship is to help you overcome any skepticism you might have about spirit communication. Evidential messages are the messages that people often describe as, “The psychic medium knew things about her that he could never have known unless he was in direct contact with her.” Then, after the evidence has been delivered, the psychic medium will present the messages that are meaningful though non-evidential.

© Copyright 2011 Bob Olson,, All Rights Reserved

Before we get into what happened between Jannecke and Kim Babcock, you should understand that Channeling Erik makes a lot of claims.  The mediums of Channeling Erik supposedly connect to Erik to get his views and opinions on everything from quantum physics to the Illuminati.  Erik can also supposedly bring in  any celebrity requested at the drop of a hat for an afterlife interview, including Jesus and Tupac.  And yet, despite all of these claims, I have never – not once – seen an interviewer ask for proof, evidence or validation that the medium is truly connecting with Erik (or any of these celebrities).

So imagine my glee when Ms. Jannecke Oinaes, in one simple question, encapsulates all of my frustrations and skepticism with regard to the Channeling Erik mediums.

After she verifies that the medium has a strong connection with the spirit of Erik, she asks if Erik can tell her “What is on my bed?”

So how does Ms. Kim Babcock, spirit translator, answer this question?

See for yourself.  Please skip forward to 4:08.

Kim, clearly uncomfortable, responds basically by telling her that Erik is annoyed by the question and that he can’t tell her what is on her bed because he can’t ‘see’ like we can.  Kim admonishes Jannecke for even asking the question, telling her that she should take what the spirit is offering on faith alone.  Kim claims that Erik says “I know I’m here, I don’t have to prove it to anybody.”  So Jannecke persists and asks if he can say anything about her as validation.  Kim responds weakly by telling Jannecke that she has disruptive sleep cycles.  Wow.

Kim continues her explanation with “It’s not the way I typically work with spirit”. So, she’s a medium that doesn’t provide validation or evidence?  To be honest, I don’t know how Kim works with spirit.  Perhaps she has a different kind of ability.  But she does represent herself as a medium who can channel various celebrities.  In fact, she even claimed to interview the spirits of the San Bernadino terrorists!

As for Erik’s excuse that he doesn’t have physical eyes to see, perhaps that’s true.  Who am I to say how the spirit world works?  But since Erik is so adept at bringing in celebrities for his mother to interview like Hitler, Jesus, John F. Kennedy and you name it.. couldn’t he have simply brought in one of Jannecke’s deceased relatives to give her the evidence she was asking for?  I can’t imagine it would have been too much to ask for a spirit who has claimed to bring in aliens and Einstein and Abraham Lincoln to go get Jannecke’s deceased Norwegian grandpa for a brief little validating chat.

Just seven hours ago, Kim Babcock supposedly connected with none other than The Virgin Mary.  Yes, the mother of Jesus Christ.  I won’t embed the video, but if you want to watch it, here’s the link:

So Kim Babcock wants us believe that she is communicating with the mother of Jesus Christ and take it at face value, and yet she gets ‘annoyed’ by a simple question asked by Jannecke to validate her abilities?

I am disappointed.  Until Channeling Erik and the mediums they promote provide the type of evidence that good mediums give to their sitters, I will be suspect. I don’t feel I’m asking for a lot compared to the claims that are made by CE and their mediums.  The readers and members of the Channeling Erik blog should demand better.

I believe in the gift of mediumship, but my search for life after death is based on evidence; not blind faith or wishful thinking.

Do you think I’m being too harsh and unfair to Kim Babcock?  Do you think the Channeling Erik blog and mediums have a responsibility to provide some evidence with their claims or do you think that I should leave Channeling Erik to those who are willing to believe on faith alone?

[UPDATE 4/23:  Jannecke also had an interview with Channeling Erik medium Jamie Butler earlier than the interview with Kim Babcock.  In that video, linked here, she asks Jamie to ask Erik for validating evidence to prove that Jamie is really speaking with Erik.  Jamie tells Jannecke that he sees her getting out into nature when she’s feeling overwhelmed, and that she jogs down to the end of this pier by a large lake in loose drawstring pants with the cuffs rolled up.  I was curious to know if this was a true vision, so I contacted Jannecke herself and got this response:

“All I would like to say is that Erik or Jamie was 100 % correct about the visions at the lake. It amazed me.”

It is very interesting to compare the experience Jannecke had with medium Kim Babcock and medium Jamie Butler, where one was able to produce a true psychic vision (whether it was from Erik or not) and the other refused to, and claimed Erik the spirit became annoyed by the question.  Take from it what you will.]

98 thoughts on “Is it Unfair to Ask a Medium for Validation? Channeling Erik Medium Annoyed by Request for Evidence of Abilities

  1. Jamie Butler claimed that Sai Baba manifested in a room she was in before he died. Then she asked him do so after he died, and she said that he did so. She did a supposed channeling session with Sai Baba, as if he is an ascended master. Page 256 of the book “My Son and the Afterlife” speaks of Sai as if he was an incarnated chunk of God.

    While he was in this world Sai Baba claimed to be an Avatar, incarnation of God. He sexually molested some of the male children of his followers. He did sleight of hand tricks with the intent of fooling people into believing that he had magical powers.

    If a person pays Jaime $450.00 for a 30 minute reading, they could ask her why she represented a scandalous guru such as Sai, in the way she did so.

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