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My name is Andrew Kind. I run a blog about my unique spirit beliefs. The post you are about to read is my most recent and important one, yet it is about what society needs in order to survive. Please read it and pass the words on to all you know so that others may realize this as well.

Why love for your enemies is so important

To say we live in a divided time is a gross understatement, hate towards those who think differently from others is at an all time high, whether it be different political and spiritual ideologies or even differing opinions on things in pop culture, we find groups that think like we do and treat those who don’t think like we do as the other as less than human and we say the worst kind of things at them and sometimes even do horrible things like trying to drive them to suicide, for the crime of disagreeing of use, and the worst part is it’s not just one type of person or one type of group that does this, it’s not just evangelical fundamentalists or right wing fanatics that engage in this atrocious behavior, it’s our whole society that is like this now, every color, creed, gender identity, and sexual orientation treats their fellow human like garbage and if things don’t change it could lead to ruination for all, which is why we need to learn how to treat those who disagree with us not as enemies but as fellow human beings we need to stop seeing each other as republicans, democrats, gay, straight, black, white, men, women, binary, non-binary etc, and start seeing each other as members of the same species who share the same world, the same country, and we need to realize that all our live are connected and that what we do affects each other, because a civilization this divided can’t last and it won’t.

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