Mediums who Speak with the Dead and Famous: 68 Celebrity Afterlife Interviews

Recently, I’ve noticed an interesting trend – a handful of mediums and sitters bringing through celebrities, historical figures and infamous people from the past and present for the purpose of an afterlife interview.  This took me by surprise; I had always thought that mediums could only make a connection with spirits who have an emotional connection to the sitter.  Mediums of the past may have been able to bring through a famous figure from time to time, but the occurrence was extremely rare.  What does it mean that certain mediums of today claim no barrier to bringing forth the deceased famous at will?  Have we entered a new paradigm of highly-skilled mediumship where access is no longer limited to family and friends, or is this simply too good to be true?

The collection of video-recorded interviews that I have gathered in this post include a wide range of historical figures, celebrities, movie stars, musicians, comedians, even religious figures.  Villains and heroes of history include the terrorists of the San Bernardino shootings, Vlad the Impaler, and Adolf Hitler to Sir Winston Churchill, Princess Diana and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Three US presidents have been interviewed as well as ancient historical figures such as Cleopatra, Plato and Socrates.  The list includes movie stars such as Farrah Fawcett, Brittany Murphy, Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley, as well as musicians like John Lennon, Elvis, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson, among others.  Religious figures such as Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mother Theresa and even Judas make an appearance as well as George Carlin, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Henry the Eighth and all six of his wives.  The list goes on.

The Channeling Erik blog run by Dr. Elisa Medhus; and their flagship medium Jamie Butler began posting celebrity interviews around four years ago.  Mediums such as Jamie Butler claim to see spirits nearly in the flesh. They call themselves ‘spirit translators’ as it better captures what they claim to do.  Unlike most mediums who receive impressions via images or sound or feeling, spirit translators can simply tell you word for word what a spirit says.  It goes without saying that this type of talent would be extremely rare.

If you aren’t familiar with Channeling Erik or Jamie Butler, you should read my post on it to get the back story.

Besides Jamie Butler, other mediums have also produced celebrity interviews.  They are all mediums featured and promoted by Channeling Erik through the page  Their names are Kim Babcock, Robert Burke, Alison Allen and a few by a woman named Mimi Bonhomme whose channel is called Psychic Punx.  Bonhomme also collaborated with Alison Allen on some interviews.

The two mediums not featured by Channeling Erik that have also contributed celebrity interviews are Andrew Russell-Davis and Dr. Rob Cissna.  Russell-Davis only has one celebrity interview on this site – a series on Princess Diana, but I included it for the comparison value to the Allen interview.  Dr. Rob Cissna, however, contributed quite a few back in 2011 through his channel called backwoodstech.

Without a personal experience with these mediums and access to testimonials, I can’t make any judgements on their abilities. I’m not willing to completely dismiss the work of any medium  out of hand without evidence of fraud.  On the other hand, extraordinary claims call for extraordinary evidence.  I’m open-minded, but definitely skeptical.  The first step is to analyze the evidence as best as we can.  I don’t expect to make a determination of honesty or skill based on these videos, but I am hoping to facilitate a conversation.  Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments – how do you feel about these interviews?

[Update February 6, 2016:

In case you don’t read the comments, medium Barbara With left a comment to introduce us to her own book of Celebrity Afterlife interviews.  Here’s her description and a link to the book.  I think it will be interesting to compare the information she has gathered to the videos from other mediums who have interviewed the same personalities.

“I published what was one of the first collection of interviews in 1999, Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews. I went on to channel Albert Einstein in an intensive interview and since then, have channeled a unified field theory with maps including maps of human consciousness and a process called Conflict REVOLUTION.” ]

For your enjoyment and evaluation, 68 afterlife interviews of celebrities and historical figures.

Afterlife Interviews

Medium Key:

JB = Jamie Butler; KB = Kim Babcock; AA = Alison Ailfinn Allen; RB = Robert Burke; AR = Andrew Russell-Davis; RC = Dr. Rob Cissna

Current Events

KB: San Bernadino Shooters –

Religious Figures

JB: Jesus Christ –

JB: Buddha –

JB: Moses –

JB: Mother Theresa –

JB: Judas Iscariot –

Celebrities, Musicians and Entertainers

RC: Richard Pryor –

RC: Anna Nicole Smith –

RC: Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor –

RC: Patrick Swayze –

JB: Sonny Bono –

AA: Janis Joplin –

RC : Kurt Cobain –

RC: Brittany Murphy –

RC: John Lennon –

RC: Amy Winehouse –

RB: Paul Walker –

JB: Farrah Fawcet –

RC: George Carlin –

RC: Jerry Orbach –

RC: John Lennon –

RC: Chris Farley –

RC: Bruce Lee –

RC: Corey Monteith –

RC:  “Macho Man” Randy Savage –

PP: Peter Steele (Type O Negative) –

AA: Bettie Page –

AA: Bill Hicks –

RC: John Candy –

AA: Elvis –

Historical, Political and Business Figures

JB: JB Amelia Earhart –

JB: Ronald Regan –

JB: Jack the Ripper –

JB: John F. Kennedy –

JB: Adolf Hitler –

JB: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. –

JB: Mahatma Gandhi –

JB: Abraham Lincoln –

JB: ? Nikola Tesla –

JB: Madalyn O’Hair –

JB: Einstein and Erik Medhus –

AA: Pocahontas and John Smith –

AA: Henry the Eighth and his 6 Wives –

AA: Queen Elizabeth the First –

AA: Cleopatra, Mark Anthony(sic) and Xerxes –

AA: Plato –

AA: Sakagawea –

AA: Napoleon –

AA: Templar Knight Jacques deMolay, King Phillippe IV France, and Pope Benefice VIII –

AA: Alexander the Great –

AA: Saint Nicolas –

AA: Socrates –

AA: King Leonidas, Queen Gorgo feat. Xerxes –

AA: King Xerxes the Great –

AA: Vlad the Impaler –

AA: Sir Winston Churchill –

AA: Wizard of Oz with L Frank Baum Margaret Hamilton Ray Bulger Bert Lahr and Jack H –

AA: Gerald Gardner –

AA: Karen Carpenter –

AA: King Charles II Feat John Wilmot –

AA: Deloris Cannon –

AA: J. R. R. Tolkien –

AA: John Wilmot 2nd Earl of Rochester, Libertine –

AR: Princess Diana –

AA: Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth –

RC: DeForest Kelly and James Doohan –

RC: Steve Jobs –

PP: Myra Hindley –


40 thoughts on “Mediums who Speak with the Dead and Famous: 68 Celebrity Afterlife Interviews

  1. Excellent work Jenn. I can see you’ve been busy on your break! I will enjoy perusing this. Did you take my advice to join the various FB groups to post your work? BTW Gandhi – not Ghandi Dave x


    1. Dave, thank you. I really hope we can get some history buffs and celebrity fans to watch these interviews and comment. I find the concept interesting. I’d like to reach out to a few well-known mediums to ask about the process of contacting spirits unrelated to the sitter. I thought it was impossible, but maybe the rules on the other side are changing. Anyway, I checked out a couple of the groups you sent me but I haven’t joined as of yet. Thank you again for your proofreading skills – I count on it! -Jenn


  2. Sorry you missed my work in this collection. I published what was one of the first collection of interviews in 1999, Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews. I went on to channel Albert Einstein in an intensive interview and since then, have channeled a unified field theory with maps including maps of human consciousness and a process called Conflict REVOLUTION.

    I will look forward to listening to these above interviews. So far, the Erik interview with Einstein is vaguely similar, although my work is highly detailed and provides an answer for how each individual can find peace and contribute to world peace using Con Rev.

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    1. Dear Barbara,
      Thank you for your comment and for the link to your book. I have updated the post to include your description and link. In this post, I was initially looking for videos only, but I am happy to include any published celebrity afterlife interviews. I’m looking forward to reading your book myself. As a medium/channeler, did you find it difficult to connect with personalities not emotionally connected with a sitter? Was the process different in any way?
      Thanks again, and I hope to see you around the site. I would always love to have a medium’s perspective on the subject of the afterlife; mediums have the inside track!


    1. And you can add The Holy Grail to that list if ya wanna. Frank Zappa was interesting, Johnny Ramone and Bob Marley were very interesting.


    2. I’ve heard some interesting theories put forth that suggest that a part of our energy stays in the spirit world so that we can still meet our loved ones when they die. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, just putting it out there. A lot of people worry that someone will reincarnate before they ‘get there’ to see them, and that’s one of the various answers put forth; the other is that “most people don’t reincarnate until after all of their direct loved ones meet them in the afterlife”. Going further, I’ve heard that because we incarnate with all of our lives simultaneously and time doesn’t really exist, we can be any of our personalities in the afterlife that we want, it’s just a matter of perspective and spiritual development. I guess I really haven’t made up my mind on it; what’s your take?

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  3. Jenn – the fact that you just responded to someone who makes the argument the Lincoln case is “fraudulent” by dint of the fact that Lincoln “reincarnated in 1971″…..good grief. The really unfortunate thing about being interested in, or exploring the amazing experiences that are on offer to human beings….is the sheer amount of nutty new age nonsense you have to sift through to find some kernel of real truth, or a community that is committed to keeping it real. (and sane sounding to boot 😉


    1. I agree with you, but I try not to be too judgemental and despite the fact that I may not agree with many of my commenters, im pleased and grateful they choose to express their opinion. I agree it’s generally tough to get thru a lot of new agey stuff, but I’m committed to keeping it real in my posts and hopefully I’m sane enough lol! Thanks for your comment. 🙂


  4. The one thing I have learned doing this “work” – and I say “work” by virtue of running a whole bunch of psychic/spiritual development online communities – is, from a professional standpoint – there is never a lack of people (the “professionals” and the public alike) who will make incredibly emphatic, self important statements of fact, about things that, in the best of cases….. they are really only qualified to offer up a good guess based on their own adventures. In the worst of cases….this whole area of conversation is so rife with small minded spiritual silliness, that it makes heavy lifting for those of us who on an individual level, are really super curious and open (in not amenable) to the idea that we are “bigger” than our bodies.

    There is a great quote you would probably like – from the woman (Tami S.) who runs/owns Sounds True publishing……one of the bigger spiritual publishing houses around. She says – her new rule is, she only pays attention to the gurus and true believers who say “in my experience” when they offer up their word salad of wisdom…..rather than those who believe they’ve got the inside scoop on the “secrets” or have it all figured out already 🙂

    There is a lot of value, in valuing everybody’s comments, especially the site is yours – I do agree! I am slowly but surely finding myself on the other side of that street these days – where keeping it real – or at least honest – about what we know – and don’t know – is what matters most

    (I found your site as I was collecting links for a newsletter update – and saw your Randi article on FB – the comments of which, were also entertaining to read 🙂

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  5. Hi Mindful,

    Sounds like you have a ton of experience! I’ve been a long-time researcher, but I’m really new at blogging and reaching out to other spiritual communities. You are absolutely right though with regard to how self-important some people can get in the spiritual and new-age community. I try not to name names, but there are some self-appointed ‘gurus’ that simply parrot well-worn spiritual statements and hokum without even knowing if it works or not, or has any basis in fact or experience. Not to mention the arrogance of some. My very first post on this site was called “The plague of the new age movement: frauds, charlatans and liars” because I really want to warn people away from relying so much on spiritual teachers and gurus and steer them more toward developing their own beliefs and opinions based on research, evidence and most of all, personal experience. I am 100% with you on keeping it real and honest about what we do and don’t know. Even as general “believers” of spiritual phenomena, it behooves all of us to remain open-minded skeptics. Honestly, I was shocked at the amount of traffic and vitriol suddenly on my site after my rant about the JREF; normally my blog is pretty sleepy lol. Well, thanks for visiting and I hope to see you around!

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  6. Perhaps the concept of an ’emotional contact’ has been taken too literally and we’ve been looking for family and friends in this lifetime. Who’s to say that these people celebrated (or infamous) in recent years do not have an emotional bond with the medium or sitter formed eons ago. Perhaps we are all related and all have emotional bonds that we have forgotten about in this lifetime. This seems more likely to me than the popular thinking that we are all separate and ultimately alone.


    1. Hi Nicola,
      That’s a good point, and something I haven’t thought of. I shouldn’t get hung up on any rules, because there really aren’t any. Its unusual for mediums to be able to contact spirits that aren’t emotionally connected to the sitter, but it doesn’t mean its impossible. Perhaps more mediums will be able to in the future. Thanks for your comment. By the way, I really like your EVP/ITC blog – I’ll will be perusing it for sure.


  7. Thanks for the reply Jenn, and your interest in my blog. I’m not condoning these interviews by the way.
    I have to see or hear survival evidence for myself – and that’s why I work within ITC, where results are tangible and you can actually hear for yourself what spirits are saying.
    The signal at the moment is appalling so please forgive some of these recordings. I’m hoping that one day in the near future it will be as clear as talking on the phone.


    1. Nicola, I know well how difficult the study of ITC is, and I’m just grateful to people who work hard to keep improving it! ITC is one of the best and most convincing examples of afterlife evidence around for there is no denying hearing the voice of a loved one. Keep up the good work, and I will be following your blog with interest.


  8. Hi, Jenn. This is my first visit here. (Bravo on a very interesting site!) A few years ago, I saw my first celebrity interview which was Jamie Butler “spirit translating” for Robin Williams. Right after that I watched the Abraham Lincoln interview. I was pretty charmed by Jamie’s apparent ability to chat with spirit so conversationally. Other mediums seemed to struggle so hard to make sense of spirit, and this included big names like John Edward. Jamie seemed to chat in such a relaxed and casual way, and the difference in her delivery between Williams and Lincoln (their way of talking) impressed me. Besides that, Jamie was refreshingly cheerful, smiley, and easy-going. But I was also quickly frustrated at the level of questioning. I would often wonder what humanity could learn if a medium that skilled dealt with questioning by a professional researcher (ie, Craig Hogan, Gary Schwartz) skilled in asking relevant questions. If we could actually listen to and learn from people we recognize who were now in spirit, wouldn’t it be amazing? I was jazzed.

    Celebrity in and of itself doesn’t much thrill me, but the idea of learning from people who played a significant role in the world does. Why? Because I assume that they learned quite a bit in their passing and maybe they have opinions worth hearing. Even people like Hitler and Jack the Ripper could provide great insights if, as with many near-death experiencers, they made some crucial discoveries about the big picture of reality when on the other side. So I watched more CE videos. I should add that at the time I had not paid much attention to mediums. I dislike the rock star mentality and the marketing that has invaded the psychic medium circuit. So I thought I might be seeing state-of-the-art mediumship in Jamie. I read your other post about CE and Jamie. I have become disappointed in the direction she seems to be taking, but I have a hard time thinking of her as an out-and-out fraud. She just seems so relaxed and joyous most of the time. Yet I do wish that she would use her gifts (and perhaps increase her credibility) by helping afterlife researchers do the work that they do.

    All that said, I find celebrity and historical character interviews very entertaining, even though I write many of them off as fiction. Fiction can be a great purveyor of truth, too. Jamie’s videos intrigued me enough to attend an afterlife conference last year where I discovered a much broader picture of what mediums do.

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    1. Dear Joshua,

      Welcome! Thank you very much for your comment. I agree – lately, I am thinking of Jamie Butler as less and less of an outright fraud. I think she has talent. Unfortunately, we cannot gauge how much real information we are getting vs. what distortion might be coming from the medium because there is no evidence. As I said in my post, if Jamie is really that talented, she could very well be one of the best mediums living today. If that is the case, should we expect more from her? I read her book because I was interested in getting more info about her background. She says that she cannot handle police work because its too stressful emotionally. Okay, I guess I suppose I understand that? I guess if I were Jamie, I would want someone to test me – and I would be putting up videos that were truly evidential. I think she is selling herself short by doing celebrity interviews that unfortunately prove nothing about her abilities. C.E. makes a lot of claims but does nothing to back them up. Anyway, despite the fact that I am very iffy on the celebrity interviews, I also do find them entertaining. Unfortunately, there is also disappointment. As a fan of science, I was excited for her interview with Einstein. It was just so disappointing. If I had the abilities that she did, I’d be bugging him for historical facts that could be verified, equations that I couldn’t make up on the spot, things like that – then, once I’d convinced my audience that I was the real deal, I’d try to ask Einstein for something that would really help humanity. Without the evidence that you are really speaking eith Einstein, no one will take anything else you say seriously and that is such a loss, in my opinion.

      Thank you so much for stating your opinion and for your compliments, I hope you stick around the site!


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      1. Hi, Jenn! Thanks for the welcome. I agree with you that if Jamie is as talented as she appears (and how she describes her adventures in her book, which I also read, infer that she is amazing), she would definitely be among the best mediums living today. I suppose that everyone has free will to use their gifts as they wish, but I would love to see someone like that be working with afterlife researchers to help solve some of humanity’s greatest mysteries. For example, people like Gary Schwartz and Craig Hogan among others are working on the so-called soul phone, a device that would literally be like a cell phone to spirit. Supposedly this is a joint-venture between scientists here and those in spirit. One would think that Jamie could be of great service to this project if she legitimately converses so easily with spirit. Even if she was not a go-between with scientists, she could certainly help establish more credible evidence for soul survival if she was of a mind to help humanity progress to the next level.

        As for evidence with someone like Einstein, I can see where this whole project would have to be undertaken with a little more seriousness and perhaps structure than what dead celebrity mediums and their sponsors seem to provide. These YouTube videos seem to be more like entertainment. I guess that is good for inspiring people’s curiosity, but not so appropriate for gathering serious evidence. My overwhelming feeling about them was “we (humanity) should get some serious researchers in on asking deep and meaningful questions.”

        Yes, I will be sticking around, thank you!



  9. I have been unable to locate the interview with Robin Williams from the Channeling Erik/Jamie Butler series. Odd. That was the first one I saw that got me intrigued about Jamie’s apparent talent. Then I watched the Abraham Lincoln one. If anyone knows where it can be found, please share a link.


    1. Hey Joshua, I can’t seem to find it either – I even used the internet archive to view their site from later in 2014 to see if it was there, but the wayback machine is limited. I keep looking though. I wonder why they took it down?



      1. Hi Joshua and Jenn
        Late to the show here (actually came for the Jurgen Ziewe part and decided to look around, very good website). The “interview” with Robin Williams was taken down by request from Mr. William’s family.


          1. Mr. Joshua Bagby,
            Hello. I remember looking for it myself and found a reference from Dr. Medhus on her website that they had taken it down due to a request from Mr. Williams (lawyer?) family asking for it being taken down. I can see that Dr. Medhus does respond here so maybe – if she sees this – she can verify? The layout on the website has changed since then and it has been some years so this reply is unfortunately the best I can do for now.


            1. Bach, thank you. In my own thinking, Channeling Erik is more of a religious/spiritual theater as there appears to be little vetting of the authenticity of the celebrities (we have to take it on faith) and I have no idea if the mediums have been tested. Meanwhile, FYI, there’s a new “panel discussion” on the CE site in which Robin Williams is a character. I discovered it just now by searching on Robin Williams on the CE site.


  10. I just found your blog today. Love it and look forward to reading more.

    On the topic of spirit contact with celebrities and the emotional link to the sitter or contactee (as in ADC’s where no medium is involved), if we do reincarnate and have X number of lifetimes, then the celebrity bit loses its importance in the bigger picture. Like Nicola mentioned, It also opens the possibility of emotional links to people who never met them (or were even interested in them) in this lifetime. Our society makes far too much of the fame and celebrity label. (Of course, that is why it’s also possible some publicity seekers could use this approach to get attention. I’m not making any judgements here about anyone, just pointing out the obvious.)
    For anyone wanting to check out a very compelling personal account, the book All You Need Is Love by Jewelle St. James is very good. It will give anyone with an open mind lots to think about.


    1. Thanks Karinj! And thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s possible that we could make connections thru past lives though I would imagine it would be unusual for one medium to be connected to all of the celebrities. Though, you are right. Celebrity means little in the afterlife as it is deeds that count for the most. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m always up for new books on spirituality. I hope to see you around!


  11. I am finally following your blog and found this article. So many celebrities to go thru but happened to find Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Again, like you I am a little skeptic since no idea if he can just google events of a person’s life or is the spirit truly present based on their responses? Since I am writing my blog about the Ultimate Warrior who was good friends with Randy, his interview interested me. Glad I listened and maybe soon, I will look at others… Am happy a pro wrestler was included since my ADC’s are possibly rare but real for me.


  12. hmm I’m on the fence with this. Because as I know is that most souls that physically leave the body either are tied to the cemeteries doing their “last dance” as the shamans call it. Yaqui shamans were extremely practical people with amazing psychic gifts. They were known as “seers”. Because of the third eye chakra. But these entities won’t stay tied to the cemetery forever. They either live on immortally, while keeping their awareness into the astral realms. Or they’re awareness gets eaten up by the Great Eagle they call it. Thoughts on this anyone?


    1. Interesting. Actually, I’ve often heard that souls only go to the cemetery when their lives ones visit, just to be with them. But I do believe that cultural beliefs continue to have an effect on afterlife behaviors so perhaps this is true for some and not others.


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