Telepathy is Scientifically Proven by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (And Ignored By Science)

Have you ever had this experience?  You are driving down the road and come to a red light. All of a sudden, you look to your right and find the person in the car next to you is staring directly at you.

Have you ever thought of someone and then they called? Did you know who was calling you before even looking at your phone?

How do dogs always seem to know that their owners are about to come home even before they pull into the driveway?

Telepathy:  the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Standard materialist science has relegated telepathy to the fringes of pseudoscience.  But what happens when one of their own performs rigorous scientific tests and publishes them in prestigious scientific journals proving without a doubt that telepathy does exist?

Apparently, nothing.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake followed all of the rules.  He did scientific tests on telephone telepathy, the sense of being stared at and the question of telepathy in dogs using a rigorous methodology and thousands of trials with hundreds of people and got statistically significant results.  He published his papers for peer review in scientific journals.  The science community initially balked, but because his results could not be disproved or discarded, they simply buried his findings and spread disinformation about his methodology, even going so far as to insult his character and suggest his books “should be burned.”

When Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter through his new telescope, the establishment refused to even look, preferring to stick to their world view where the earth was still the center of the solar system.

The telepathy experiments are comprised of three studies that were performed by Dr. Sheldrake.  You can find out all the details on his site, including reading the white paper he submitted for scientific review.  I would simply like to highlight the one test he is most famous for: the Telephone Telepathy Test.

The test involves one person and either 2-4 callers.  In a test that was run with 3 callers, there were 2,080 trials.  In the test, a caller selects three people who they have a social bond with (telepathy works best apparently with people we are close with) and either the proctor uses a random number generator or a die roll to choose one of the three callers.  That caller is then selected to call the participant.  Before the phone is picked up, the participant is asked to choose which of the callers he or she thinks it is.  The results were incredibly significant: On average, participants guessed the caller 41.8% above chance (33.3%).  The odds of that happening are astronomical, P=1×10^15.  Dr. Sheldrake’s results were replicated with above-chance results by two other studies as well.

If you would like to see the telephone telepathy test in action, a segment was filmed with a famous UK girl-group, the Nolan Sisters.  The clip starts around 1:05:00, although the whole video is very interesting as well.

The telepathy test results are astounding in their own right, but Dr. Sheldrake doesn’t rest on his laurels.  Dr. Sheldrake is a crusader against ‘Scientism’ or science fundamentalism which seeks to deny or suppress any research that disagrees with a materialist assumption. He’s also no stranger to controversy.  Below are links to his banned TED talk, his recently published book and his debate with Richard Wiseman who attempted to discredit Dr. Sheldrake’s own animal studies tests.

The Disinformation Campaign and the Infamous Skeptiko Fight

Skeptics of Dr. Sheldrake are numerous, and most use disinformation to discredit him.   They suggest he hasn’t published in peer-reviewed journals, or that his findings weren’t replicated.  This is patently false.  On the Skeptiko blog, he engaged in a debate with Dr. Richard Wiseman who in the past has attempted to viciously debunk Dr. Sheldrake’s animal telepathy experiment.  When Dr. Wiseman essentially came to the same conclusion as Dr. Sheldrake, he attempted to change the interpretation of the results.   During the Skeptiko debate, Dr. Wiseman agreed to run a collaborative study with Dr. Sheldrake and two other prominent parapsychologists.  The host of Skeptiko, Alex Tsakiris, offered both to fund it and set up preliminary meetings.  Dr. Wiseman weaseled out of it by attempting to set preconditions that insulted the other willing participants.  You can read the exchange of the emails between Dr. Wiseman and Alex Tsakiris here and decide for yourself.

Dr. Sheldrake on the Morphic Resonance Theory

Beyond the telepathy experiments, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has a list of impressive credentials as a biologist and a reputation now as somewhat of a maverick.  Although he accepted the materialist worldview early in his career, he has become a proponent of a fascinating theory called Morphic Resonance and has rejected the idea that humans are machines and consciousness is an illusion.   Morphic Resonance attempts to explain the organization of complex structures using a type of consciousness, expressed in a field.  Although currently there is no testable hypothesis for the Morphic Resonance theory, Dr. Sheldrake does present some interesting evidence.  If you are interested in learning more, view the video below:

Dr. Sheldrake’s Book The Science Delusion (UK)/Science Set Free (US)

Dr. Sheldrake also takes on the rigid materialist worldview of Science.  In his book Science Set Free, (The Science Delusion in the UK) he turns the table on ten of the most fundamental dogmas of science and turns them into testable hypotheses.  For example, science takes it for granted the fundamental forces, such as gravity, in the cosmos are constant.  However, it is known that the force of gravity has actually fluctuated quite a bit, even as the measurements got more precise. He also looks at the mechanistic theory that the mind and consciousness are an illusion created by the brain, and that the universe operates as if it were an unconscious machine, which is a prevailing view of science.

Despite questioning 10 dogmas of science, Dr. Sheldrake is quick to point out that he is, in fact, pro-science.  He hopes to inspire scientists to throw off the shackles of taboos and dogmas in the field and have the courage to explore new territories that may go against that materialist worldview.

Dr. Sheldrake’s Banned Ted Talk

Dr. Sheldrake was invited to discuss his new book, Science Set Free, at a TEDxWhiteChapel event.  After the event, it was decided by an anonymous panel of scientists working for TEDx that Dr. Sheldrake’s talk should be moved to a dusty corner of their website or banned altogether because his theories crossed over into pseudoscience.  Of course, this has had the opposite effect, garnering renewed interest, and revealing the exact sort of dogmatic materialism that is rampant in academic science to begin with.

I highly recommend you watch his “banned” TEDx talk.  You can view it below.

When Galileo followed the evidence of a sun-centered system, he was vilified. Had the religious and scientific people of his day just had the courage to peer through his telescope, we might have advanced science by a few centuries.  Instead, Galileo was put on trial and forced by threat of torture to recant his testimony that the sun was the center of the solar system.  Although free thought is protected in the western world, a core of fundamentalism still exists in the halls of academia, protecting science from the threat of new ideas that clash with the materialist status quo.  Young scientists learn quickly which topics are ‘safe’ and which will threaten your career, grant money and tenure.

It is vital that any parapsychologists or Psi researchers use sound scientific principles to study these phenomena properly, but the science establishment also has the responsibility to allow submission of all credible papers with testable hypotheses into scientific journals so that other scientists can attempt to reproduce them. Without the courage to explore these possibilities, science will lose the very thing that makes it great: to explore the unknown with curiosity and progress the human condition toward greater sufficiency.


34 thoughts on “Telepathy is Scientifically Proven by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (And Ignored By Science)

    1. Thank you so much! I also hope that by raising awareness of alternative theories, we can do what we can to reinvigorate science. I am very much pro-science, and I’d hate to see it become so rigid and dogmatic. Of course, it is important that scientific methods always be maintained, but we have to have the courage to follow the evidence where ever it leads. Thanks again for your reply and your tweet. 🙂

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    1. Some do, some are, but it doesn’t work like you think. And military won’t use it for larger operations because of interference. You would have to have very good technology. Implants on all soldiers and an inhackable frequency. It is too costly, and that is why the military researched it, found conclusive results that telepathy is indeed a real phenomenon, but found it militarily inapplicable. Those who are truly telepathic know why.


      1. Very interesting. I suppose it would be hard to control the many variables and, as you’ve stated, not much improvement over current methods of secure communIcation. I suspect the military might still be using the remote viewing program though. Thanks for your comment, Ryan!


    1. Lol! Over a thousand people read this post, and you are the only one who caught that! I must have read it over dozens of times and never saw the typo. I’m tempted to leave it that way, actually, its pretty hilarious. Thank you for the laugh! -Jenn


      1. Telepathy ! Is that what that is ? I’ve had them over the years. Think about someone and then they call or think about someone and know they’re coming and they show up. Kinda funny how whatever it is works. I know it’s my Dad calling and don’t even bother picking up the phone to look. Know that a friend is coming over and then they show up. How about when a certain religious group is coming by and they show up. That religious group flipped out when I told them I knew they were coming. My girlfriend flipped when every time my Dad called I knew it was him or when a friend named Chuck was
        coming and a little while later here’s Chuck !!! My girlfriend asked me how I know and I said I don’t really know it just sorta happens in my mind is all can see it some how before the event actually occurs. I’ve had others too over the years but they’ve never made me feel uncomfortable at all…


          1. Noetic Sciences… I checked into it following your link. That site was adopted in September 2015 from the Boundry Institute, a think tank ! Makes me think anyway as I may take those tests just to see how far I get…I remember Edgar Mitchell mentioning that universal connection on his way back to earth… I remember another incident that I remember knowing ahead before it happened and that when some friends of mine were down and out needing a place to live. They stayed with me while looking for a place. One morning as they were leaving, Scott & Tammy, I felt it or knew it “internally” for lack of a better word, that they’d get a place that day. Sure enough they returned later on and Scott held up a set of keys to a house. Hmmm ??? I never said anything about knowing that until Scott returned that day but, he just kinda blew it off…Strange isn’t it ?


  1. so who do i turn to when i actually am very psychic, telepathic and im seeking to prove this phenomenom for the sake of modern science? unto the level of talking to people thousands of miles away from me… by using my brains?!? i know this is a kind of old site but… nobody anywhere can seem to help me with anything regarding this theme so i was like, what the hell why not just leave a reply here and see… anyways for anyone that feels spoken to, i’d be very willing to participate in any experiment that would in a scientists opinion prove that telepathy is real and im 99.9% certain i can prove this to anyone, even the skeptics so.

    do u think you can help me controll my powers or do you think you could actually make use of me for legit scientific research id like to hear from anyone in the position or with the power to help me.

    an experiment ive been thinking of myself is: put someone in a confined space (like modern science terms locked environment), and simply give me some info, or picture or song or anything humanlike experiencable, and ill send anything that should be sent to my partner in the locked room, him proving the telepathy by telling you guys whatever u handed over to my mind, so even whatever sense possible… (i could even send the taste of chocolate on my tongue).

    id love to hear from anyone though i doubt many people are still reading this site

    The Flyin Dutchman


    1. It may be an old post, but I do read and respond to all comments that come through my little site. If you aren’t the world’s most bored troll, I may have some advice for you. Forget science. 30 years of ganzfeld tests have already proven psi and mainstream science chooses to ignore it. What you might consider instead is putting your talent to some use in the purpose of helping others. Sign up over at and start running the trials. Make it into the top ten consistently and we’ll see. Sign up with the name you commented under. If you really do have talent, I’ll try to help.


  2. and btw i am truly telepathic and i wouldnt know why a telepath couldnt become the perfect soldier… i think i could even be ninja if i wanted to…
    war would be as rough on me as on anyone tbh and the pain you would feel all around u is something u can train to lock out of yourself u know, if i dont want to feel stuff i dont feel it… and im pretty sure id feel a sniper scopin in on me sooo… guess id have some huge advantages… also communicating instantly without any delays would be a huuuuuge advantage, as your whole squad would instantly be aware of what you are aware of so… if youre squad consists of 8 men and youre all telepathic youll have like a 500% awareness compared to normal… (wouldnt this be an advantage?)

    also im building this theory upon the fact that telepaths can consist of any kind of personality so… sure ull have telepaths who cant stand pain and crowds but… im sure u also will find telepaths who love those things because they have other mental drives than u have Ryan M.

    i know ive felt pain telepathically, but this doesnt mean im affected by it… to be affected by telepathic pain you should be able to be affected by normal physical pain in the first place… once u achieve controll of your own human emotions the environments stops controlling u, and u can begin controlling your environment..

    just sayin x3

    (i read the post of government researching telepathy after i posted my first post hehe ;P)


  3. well okay tbh, i dont put a lot of faith in tests cause they are allways derived from an average and i have Aspergers syndrome and ADD and so im not really the average joe normally functioning mind, in many ways from concentration to cognitive parts of the brain. but ill make the test a thousands times if it would help me though. (also im getting clean from smoking cannabis atm which doesnt rly help i guess xd)
    i would like to thank you for your lightningquick response to my post which gives positive vibes hehe x3, at least someone doesnt immediately respond to me as being a complete lunatic or looney tune xP which allready helps a lot i guess hahaha im so done with trying to prove my gifts to blind people ;P.

    anyways ill take the test a few times tonight i guess and lets give it a chance, last time i did an intelligence test at city hall, i blew some ladies mind with my results but im thinking this will be way different, as that test was derived on logics and calculations as well as language and patterns.

    thank you very much for at least sending me in a direction and i wonder where this will take me.

    The Flyin Dutchman


    1. What’s nice about the gotpsi tests is that there are different kinds of tests you can try to see where your strengths are. You might find you are better at one kind of test than another. Don’t worry if it takes some time to time into the different tests, you can try them over days or weeks. There’s no time limit or pressure. Gotpsi is run by the institute of noetic sciences, which is one of the only places where psi is studied seriously. Check out the work of Dr. Dean Radin if you are interested in learning more about it. They are some YouTube videos on his work out there. Good luck!


  4. well ive seen what you are talking about and i must conclude that this test is not for me, as my fixation is not upon the future but my fixation is in the present, i sometimes experience future hunches that turn out to be totally correct but my gifts manifest themselves more in the present, as in talking to people thousands of miles away (not just a word, like my complete thoughts), and feeling the emotions of anyone that concentrates on me and thinks about me.
    ive seemingly had control of electromagnetically controlled machines and i can make animals listen mentally, or calm them down, make them whistle(birds), talk to them, make dogs come over and that has been all i tried until now. (also animals never seem to be startled by me, if i encounter 2 ducks on the sidewalk they just stay put, while they make way for others.. i find this hilarious at times ;P)

    i dont think this test really tests your psi if your asking me and btw, half the times the images didnt load or were bugged so there wasnt an image behind the cards at all which, if you were rly gifted in that remote viewing way, would have ended in strange feelings and bad results of the test.

    conclusion: i wonder if this test really can tell if anyone has psi and if so, they can harnass it. i know im very psychic but i cannot seem to guide my gifts to use here (my gifts work with people or animals i know, not some computer program on a server that does not function like it is meant to). im skeptic about this one but hey i also was skeptic about having the gifts i currently have so… i could be a 100% wrong, though for me these tests do nothing… its meaningless pixels and electromagnetic computerwaves ive experienced my whole life… this has nothing to do with telepathic gifts if you ask me. you need an analog test for that, not a digital one if you ask me.

    anyways, im still hoping someone who does see potential in my story will end up reading this and replying to me so i have some way i can start putting these powers to use with maybe some form of experienced guidance?

    thanks a lot Jenn for trying to help me out allready but this is not for me so, im sure the test might help other people. and ive known my whole life im a mental exception so… try not to feel too bad about it hihi ;3 and sorry for not doing that much tests haha, i found out pretty fast that this just doesnt match my experiences of reality so ill probably only increase disbelief in myself and that wont help much either as you would probably know if you know what im talking about ^^

    anyways thanks a lot and the best of luck to anyone!

    The Flyin Dutchman


  5. oh and btw i did check out the work of dr radin and thats why im replying here cuz im seeking a way to prove this just like him, and i believe in his quantum mechanic theory of our “observer” brains which implies that us observing would actually influence the universe around us.
    i read about scientists going all crazy about sending one mental message over 5000 miles in the internet while the message even consisted of 0 or 1 ….. :O cant even be called a message… thats just a stray particle ;P… and i said to myself come on… one word?!?… ive talked conversations to a girl in turkey and i live in the netherlands so…. maybe im the proof the world needs? and not some stupid helm and goggles which translate brainwaves into an 1 or 0… (what an experiment……. an 0!!! or a 1!!!) …. sounds so intelligent that info…. 0…..1……. anyways in my perspective theres not a difference between an internet connection data and the data talked about in the experiment so… are u really testing telepathy here or… internet?

    anyways if anyone would be interested in having a telepath over to prove matter like this… im up for anything… broke as hell but up for anything… (which would give me a goal in life and help evolve science… jeez dont take ANYTHING too serious allready!!! xP).

    THE Flying Dutchman ;d


    1. Bullshit heaped up to make a pile. Randi required nothing more than performing, that which has been claimed, in front of other people.


      1. Lester, resorting to profanity and not providing a shred of counter-evidence is a clear sign of the “scientism” that Rupert Sheldake writes about. Thanks for the clear demonstration of the science delusion. Keep up the good work.


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