Forget Lailah and Remember Your Divinity: The Veiling of Consciousness

Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, `You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.

John 3:6-8

This is the tragedy of the human condition. Like the wind, we don’t know where we came from, and don’t know where we are going. Did we exist in some form before birth? Will we continue after death? If the answer to both questions is yes, then we must ask why our spiritual memory has been obscured from us, seemingly by design. What is the purpose of veiling of our consciousness? More importantly, what steps can we take to reconnect with the wisdom beyond the veil?

The concept of the veil is as ancient as the concept of the soul itself. In spiritual traditions that embrace reincarnation, the censure of the soul’s memory of prior existences is a crucial step before rebirth. The most well-known description of the process is from ancient Greece, where the soul is made to drink from the river Lethe, the river of forgetfulness. The soul falls asleep and awakens in a new body with no memory of its previous lives. In Chinese mythology, Meng Po, the goddess of forgetfulness, performs this duty. She stands at the Naihe Bridge, which connects to the only path in and out of the underworld. For spirits wishing to cross the bridge and incarnate into a new life, Meng Po serves them a soup (or tea) that will erase the memory of their previous lives and karmic debts. In some versions of the myth, Meng Po is herself unable to reincarnate due to her grief over losing her husband. In a compassionate gesture, she serves the soup to other souls to relieve them of their guilt and grief before embarking on a new life. It is said of children who remember past lives that they did not drink ‘the five-flavored tea’ before rebirth.

The compassionate gesture of Meng Po frames the soul veiling process as beneficial. The emotional attachments, guilt, fears and trauma of past lives may be too burdensome for a soul to make the most of a new life. In fact, there is some evidence to support this idea in the phenomena of children who are born with anamnesis, a Greek term for the memory of previous existences. According to research done by Dr. Jim Tucker, author of Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children who Remember Past Lives, children who remember past lives may recall a traumatic death, feelings of guilt or remorse over spouses and children left behind, and have difficulty adjusting to their current life. Often these children are plagued with nightmares, or yearn for their ‘real parents’. The psychological trauma of past-life memories in children can be intense and quite severe. Mercifully, the memories tend to fade by the time the ‘age of reason’ sets in, around seven years old.

As traumatic as spontaneous past-life recall can sometimes be in children, it can be therapeutic for some adults to explore past life memories. In Life Between Life regression hypnotherapy pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton, clients can access both past lives and the time in between lives. However, interestingly enough, there does seem to be an imposed limit on the information that a person is able to access; an extension of the pre-birth veil, even when a person seeks this information deliberately. In Dr. Newton’s book Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression, written as a guide for therapists, there is an entire chapter devoted to “Blocking by the Client’s Guide”. Dr. Newton provides this advice:

When a client forcefully states, “I am being blocked from going further,” I suspect a guide is at work. If you believe information is being blocked in some way by a spirit guide, it generally means this person has not progressed to the stage in life where they are supposed to have certain information. This individual’s guide may not want to preempt self-discovery. Perhaps a major fork in life has not yet been reached and a guide feels choices need to be made without advance coaching. This is one reason why I eventually stopped seeing most clients under age thirty. Moreover, there are personal guides who want the amnesiac block we are given at birth regarding who we really are, and our purpose, to remain in place for a lifetime because it serves our best interests.

Newton, Michael. Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (p. 85). Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.. Kindle Edition.

Those of us on a spiritual journey of self-discovery can look upon these blocks as frustrating. The veil not only blocks our past life experiences, but obscures our spiritual agreements and the major aspects of our life’s plan. Some near-death experiencers have experienced the blocking effects of the veil first-hand. While in the out-of-body state, some NDErs have described learning the details of their soul’s mission and purpose in this lifetime only to lose the memory again once they return to their body. In other cases, near-death experiencers are simply denied the information outright. An NDE submitted to the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation on by Wendy on February 24, 2021 describes this conversation with an angel:

I asked the Angel what my life purpose was meant to be and said that I so wanted to fulfill my purpose, but he just shook his head gently and wouldn’t answer my question. I looked around at the others and they pantomimed various versions of zipping their lips and throwing away the key, which struck me as so funny! One put duct tape over his mouth – several just shook their heads no, they could not tell me.” Wendy NDE, 2-24-2021

There are some rare instances when a person is allowed to retain some memory of their existence prior to life. Christian Sundberg, author of A Walk in the Physical, regained his pre-birth memories in adulthood, which was a condition of his agreement to incarnate at all. Incredibly, Sundberg describes in detail the excruciating process of having the veil applied to his consciousness before his rebirth. I highly recommend his book for Sundberg’s spiritual philosophy, but you can listen to his pre-birth story in his interview with host Luisa on the YouTube channel Passion Harvest.

Christian Sundberg’s Interview on Passion Harvest (Video)

Christian’s experience with the veiling process was difficult. He failed the first time around, and sadly it cost the life he was supposed to inhabit. Christian’s experience highlights the contrast between the security and joy we naturally feel as spirits to the painful loneliness and separation we undergo during the rebirth process. More than once I have heard Earth referred to as one of the most difficult experiences a soul can have specifically because the veiling process is so absolute. Here is how Christian explains the purpose of the veil in A Walk in the Physical:

When we come to have a physical lifetime, we have to accept a set of consciousness constraints that we as humans call simply “the veil.” The veil is an important and necessary part of the incarnation process. In order to actually be human and to have the full physical experience, we need to forget all of everything else that we are. The veil is the “spiritual mechanism,” or perhaps even “consciousness technology,” by which this is accomplished. It is like a great cloak the passes over your being, cutting you off experientially from your connection to all knowledge, and veiling the conscious awareness of your living connection with all things. From a state of both simultaneous individuality and blissful Oneness, you collapse into individuality only. You plummet from an extremely high vibration to an extremely low vibration as you interface into the physical reality system. After I accepted the veil, I experienced my “knowing” be cut off, and I suddenly felt separate, dark, and alone. Metaphorically, for me it was like going from rich, vibrant connectedness, straight into the airless, cold, and desolate vacuum of space!

Sundberg, Christian; Sundberg, Christian. A Walk in the Physical: Understanding the Human Experience Within the Larger Spiritual Context (pp. 4-5). Kindle Edition.

In the context of reincarnation, the veil makes sense. It would be difficult to live an authentic human life if we retained memories of past lives. However, that is not the veil’s only purpose. The veil preserves our free will to choose our life’s direction, develop deep and meaningful relationships, and live fully in the present. The veil also encourages us to explore our connection to source through our separation, something that cannot be done in the same way when we are in the spirit world. To observe a thing clearly, one must separate from the object one is observing and gain a new vantage point. Separation puts our spiritual identity into sharp contrast so that it can be better examined and defined.

This secondary purpose for the veil survives in the Jewish tradition through the story of Lailah, goddess of conception and teacher of souls. While a soul remains with God, Lailah teaches the soul the secrets of the universe and the laws of God. When a soul is ready to be born into the world, Lailah visits the baby in utero and presses her finger against the infant’s lips in a gesture of silence. The baby is born with no memory of their divine nature, but retains the philtrum (the groove above your lip) as a reminder of this lost knowledge. The purpose of Lailah’s act is to encourage each person to freely explore their connection with God through study and dedicated spiritual practice.

There is a lot of wisdom in the Jewish emphasis on ritual and devotion. Spiritual and religious practice are an integral part of our human experience. I believe spiritually-transformative experiences, divine revelation and religious inspiration are purpose-built into our human experience precisely to encourage our spiritual progress. Should we become so materialistic that we stop believing that life has extrinsic purpose, our experiment on earth will have failed.

So what can we do to thin the veil and gain knowledge that will enhance our spiritual and human experience? Well, it helps to remember that it’s a veil and not a wall: ordinary people reach across the veil everyday. Guides will always be present to ensure that you aren’t given access to information that will harm your life’s plan, but that doesn’t mean that all information and experience is off-limits. Near-death experiencers and out-of-body experiencers believe themselves to have literally traveled through the veil and they return utterly transformed. For the rest of us, the process of thinning the veil need not be so dramatic. We may wish to increase our intuition, learn how to connect with guides or loved ones in the spirit world, get creative or scientific inspiration (the ‘eureka moment’ felt by great innovators is said to originate from the superconscious) or simply get clues to our life’s purpose. Since I’m not an expert (unfortunately, I’m about as psychic as a rock), I’ve been studying the advice of mediums and intuitives who have successfully developed an ability to connect beyond the veil.

Their advice nearly universally begins with meditation. And before your roll your eyes at this earth-shatteringly obvious suggestion, let me explain a few things that helped me understand why meditation is so crucial. To begin with, it helps to understand how philosophical dualists and idealists understand the relationship between the brain and the mind, or consciousness. The prevailing view of non-materialist scientists and philosophers such as Dr. Donald Hoffman, Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Bernardo Kastrup and others, is that the brain acts as both a transmitter of consciousness and a reducing filter. The reduction of stimuli is important to our physical survival. It keep our focus sharply on our physical experience and enhances our awareness of threats – useful for avoiding lions, speeding cars and ax murderers. Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon well-known for his near-death experience, explains the concept in his book “Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness”.

“Some of the more modern scientific thinking now sweeping the field of consciousness studies concerns a wholly different concept of the mind-brain relationship: that the brain is a reducing valve, or filter, that reduces primordial consciousness down to a trickle—our very limited human awareness of the apparent “here and now.” The physical brain only permits certain patterns of awareness to emerge from a broad group of possible mental states.”

Eben Alexander; Karen Newell. Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness (pp. 22-23). Rodale. Kindle Edition.

Evidence of the filter hypothesis is best seen in cases where the filtering effect becomes less pronounced or eliminated, such as in cases of terminal lucidity, the expanded awareness of NDE and OBEs, in nearing death awareness (ELDVs) and in cases of demonstrated ESP. In addition, there has been an interesting study on the effects of psychedelics on the brain showing that a greater intensity of experience is correlated with less brain activity. In other words, inhibiting the filtering effect of the brain resulted in a more intense hallucinatory experience. This runs counter to what materialists would expect if consciousness is produced by the brain, but not if the brain’s role in consciousness is somewhat inhibitory. Another study done in Brazil looked at the state of the brain during psychographic mediumship (automatic writing). Ten experienced mediums participated in the study alongside ‘control’ participants with no experience with psychography. The mediums produced far more detailed, extensive and sophisticated writing, but their brain scans showed a reduced level of activity than the control group.

“Intriguingly, experienced psychographers showed lower levels of activity in the brain’s frontal lobe regions of the left anterior cingulate and right precentral gyrus during psychography. These areas are linked with reasoning, planning, generating language, movement and problem solving, perhaps reflecting an absence of focus, self-awareness and consciousness during psychography. These psychographers also experienced less activity in the left hippocampus, which is linked with emotion, and the right superior temporal gyrus, which is linked with hearing. “It’s very interesting — we typically think of the brain being very active when a person is doing a particular task, but here we find the opposite,” Newberg told LiveScience. Less expert psychographers showed just the opposite brain behaviors, such as significantly increased levels of blood flow in the same areas during psychography. This increased activity may be related to how they apparently had to “work harder” during psychography, researchers said.”

Today, our brains are bombarded with more stimuli than ever before. We barely spend any time away from our phones, our screens, and social media. We need to turn down the volume in our brains and learn to enter more relaxed states where brain activity decreases. Theoretically this should allow us to more easily pick up on the subtle energy of the superconscious state. Meditation quiets the mind so that those signals can be perceived.

Meditation also reestablishes our connection with the now; which is the only state by which you can receive information from across the veil. If you get stuck in your own emotional renderings of the past or the future, you’ve left the receptive state completely. Learning how to quiet the mind during meditation can help you maintain mindfulness during the rest of your day. Guides can communicate important information to you during this state of quiet awareness. This is also the state of passive receptivity that mediums claim to use to connect to the subtle vibrations of the spirit. Once you become attuned to that energy, your intuitive senses will increase. Over time, you will be able to achieve this state even during normal waking awareness.

There are many techniques available that can help you get started with calming your mind and achieving the state of expanded awareness. Some people enjoy regular forms of transcendental or mindfulness meditation. Others do well with guided meditations. You may experiment with auditory brainwave syncing, such as the Monroe Institute’s Hemisync technology. If you would like to try something a little more interactive, you might consider the AWE technique, created by Michael Sandler. You may be familiar with his YouTube channel and podcast Inspire Nation, and his catchphrase, ‘Are you ready to shine?’. His book, AWE: The Automatic Writing Experience, published in 2021 presents a technique for gaining access to inner wisdom through automatic writing. Now, the practice of automatic writing is certainly not new; it was popularized during the golden age of Spiritualism as a form of mediumship. AWE is different. There is no deliberate spirit contact involved; your consciousness is not surrendered to the will of another that writes through your hand. You are very deliberately writing from your own stream of consciousness. However, as Sandler says, as you write, deeper wisdom and information will start to come through.

I was skeptical. This morning, I tried the AWE technique for the first time to see if it would be worth recommending for this very post. I wrote a lot of nonsense like “what am I writing? I don’t know what I’m writing. Is this even going to work?” And then, as I continued to write mindlessly, a few things appeared in the midst of these nonsense sentences that felt.. well, different.

Two things in particular stuck out:

“Do you feel the security within your own mind? Do you feel the sanctuary in your heart? This is the place of wisdom and grace. This is the place of soothing source.”

And, in reference to the Lailah myth, which was the original opening paragraph for this post, this quip:

“Forget Lailah and just remember your divinity. It’s there waiting for you.”

Did this come from my brain or did I actually connect with something more profound? I’m not sure. Sandler says that it will take a few weeks of daily practice before you really get into the flow, but so far the AWE technique seems promising. It certainly feels more engaging than the usual meditation and for a practical, results-driven person like me, it provides some interesting feedback. Over time, the AWE technique can be used for more practical and specific guidance of your life’s challenges, and perhaps even lead to channeling or developing other psychic and mediumship skills. At the very least, taking the time slow down is beneficial regardless, especially now while we are dealing with a world in crisis.

The veil is not often discussed in spiritual literature, but its presence defines our physical human experience. The veil, in concert with the brain, provides us with a narrow and intense focus, blotting out the larger reality of which we remain part. Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts, has compared our lives to actors in play who are unaware that they are fulfilling a temporary role in a highly specific set of circumstances. From time to time, even the best actors can benefit from stage direction. I hope that this discussion of the veil will encourage you to explore its boundaries and go beyond them. The wisdom of the universe gathers at the edge of our awareness, ready to spill into our perception if we only turn and glance in that direction. Perhaps there we may find the spirits of loved ones who have been patiently waiting to get our attention. Perhaps the muse of your creative passions will be unleashed. Or maybe you’ll get that little nudge you’ve needed to make the right changes in your life. I don’t know. I write as a fellow student, not as a teacher. But I’m going to give it try, and I do hope you’ll join me.


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    1. Hi Silrakk, so good to hear from you! Thank you. I’ve been searching for more of a personal relationship from my spiritual research lately and I’ve spent a few months really digging into the nature of this veil and a way to connect with guidance. God knows with the world as it is, we need it more than ever! Take care, stay well! Jenn


    1. Happy New Year to you too, Christine. Thank you for taking the time to write. It’s been such a trying time for everyone. I know that I have been especially looking for spiritual guidance lately. Stay healthy and let’s hope 2022 is the darkness before the dawn, as they say. -Jenn


  1. Jenn, you are such a talented writer and all who follow you know how important you are in our spiritual journey/development. We all love you for your contribution to our learning.


    1. Rich, you’ve made my day with your kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️ You are all important in MY spiritual journey too! I am so grateful to everyone who comments since it always gives me a different perspective to consider. Thank you Rich, take care. Jenn


  2. One of the most thought-provoking articles I’ve ever read regarding reincarnation came from Cameron Day, titled, ‘Why I Am No Longer a Lightworker’ (and its follow-up, ‘Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign’). Although I don’t agree with all of what he writes, he does bring up some very interesting ideas, the general gist of which is that what we see as reincarnation is a system designed to trap individuals into a never-ending cycle of reincarnation and then justifying it by posing as ‘enlightened’ beings and guides and telling us any and all number of lies to try and make us accept the system.

    Ever since reading those articles, I’ve come to believe that Mr. Day might be on to something: If reincarnation was truly just and fair, wouldn’t it make sense to give all of us some guidance on why we’re here? What if, say, at age 10, every single person has a one-time vision where they’re told the best path for personal satisfaction, happiness, and making amends for crimes from previous lives? Someone who was a child abuser would be told that they would heal the harm they caused by becoming a healer who helps children. A war criminal would be told that they would be best off joining the United Nations as a peacekeeper. A corrupt CEO would be told that working to address economic inequality would balance the scales, and so on and so forth. This system would provide clear, easy-to understand guidance, while letting the individual choose whether to follow it or not, as well as leaving it up to them how they want to follow that path.

    Conversely, reincarnation as is commonly presented it seems designed to enable and encourage failure. How is it fair, just, or reasonable to make people reincarnate over and over again without any clear guidance in life, especially if they are forced to forget why they are coming here in the first place? It’s comparable to a criminal being given a chance to make amends for a crime, but then forcing them to forget what their crime, not telling them how to make amends, not giving them any advice beyond the occasional, easy-to-miss clue dropped out of nowhere, then punishing them for failing to make amends. It’s a system that’s either poorly designed, or meant to be cruel.

    I hope that if reincarnation is real, that it is more just and reasonable than how we commonly see it, or something that we voluntarily choose to experience without threats or coercion. Because if it isn’t, all of us are trapped in a horror story worse than anything Stephen King could imagine.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thought provoking comment. I have also heard this idea about the reincarnation cycle being a trap. There have CERTAINLY been times when I’ve felt like this system was unbearably cruel, and I still do a little. On the other hand, what if the only way to learn compassion for people who are sick is to go through a horrible illness yourself? Even if you knew ahead of time, would you want to do it? No. And you’d spend your life paralyzed by fear waiting for it to happen. Honestly, I’m glad I don’t know what I agreed to. It wouldn’t make my life easier to know. Still, I can’t help sometimes when I see suffering in the innocent to get really mad at the system. I can only hope that my perspective will change once I’m not limited by this human brain. And… I’m not giving up in my quest to get some guidance! This is my spiritual goal for this year and what I’m hoping to achieve with the AWE technique.


  3. Thank you for an awesomely written article on the subject. You should really write a book on your findings.
    A friend I’ve known since childhood told me that I was psychic. He trained under a prominent psychic who is now a close friend. I never believed him. Then after my dog, Charlie, died a tragic death from his liver shunt at four years and two months (painful brain swelling sent him to the hospital a few times, many daily medications and terrible tasting (to him) prescription food as he could not eat normal dog food). But he would do his best to eat just to just please me. In my search for him I not only found him, but I found myself. I discovered that I was psychic. I was able to communicate with Charlie on the other side and even receive communication from my brother-in-law who died over a decade ago. He communicated his love to his wife, my sister. His communication was verified by her as unique to her from the fact that he always told her, “I love you” and she would ask him why he needed to say that every day. Then later on he communicated with me regarding an interaction I had with a household member in which he told me to be kinder. I had said something regrettable after the household member said something that was not nice. But it did not excuse my comment. Now, I am being more careful with what I say. In any case, I had taken part in a free Zoom self improvement program and at the end the host offered me a gematria numerology chart and I accepted as I was curious. The chart showed that I had indeed psychic ability of precognition. I charted at the highest level of nine. And that came with the highest soul challenge of 18-9. Here’s the thing, I never have predicted the future but I have predicted things like problems with cars and such. But never about someone’s future. Then the Zoom meeting with the host had to end as the host said an unusual thing had just happened. She said it had never happened before to her. The Zoom program was shutting down our conversation. Time was running down even though she had set the meeting to be longer. Then when I read your article I realized that she was not to go further than what she had shared with me. I think there was something else she was going to share with me but the time had run out. I also was going to ask some questions regarding my chart in reference to my experiences. It is apparent to me that I am not to know certain things of my challenges. One of which is caring for a demented father who treats me shabbily. Just tonight I served my father his dinner and just looked at it and went back to his couch and laid down. He does that a lot. He shows no appreciation and is outright rude to me even as I take care of him. I often wish that I would die so that I can be with Charlie instead. I prayed to God to release me as I was ready to end my life and got a response that same day in a book that I had reserved a while back about our soul’s plan. In it I learned that suicide to avoid your life’s challenges will only result in one returning quickly and redoing it over. That quickly stopped me. But I still wish daily to die so that I don’t have to commit suicide. I know that that is part of my life’s challenges and I hope that I get it right so that Charlie’s sacrifice will not be in vain. Going back to Charlie, he has communicated with me by beeping a bluetooth phone to answer my questions in a matter of second. That’s how I know that we live on for sure. That’s why I do not fear death. Death is just a transition to another life, in spirit.
    I highly recommend you read Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia. It is a great book about a priest who communicated back to a medium. It was published in 1956 and freely available on pdf. I could not stop reading this fascinating book. I sense truth in this writing and it goes into what we are to expect on the other side. It is one book that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Let me know what you think.


    1. I love that book too! You know Borgia wrote a follow up to that called More Life in the World Unseen. They are some of my favorites to be sure. I’m glad you recognize that suicide is not in your best interest. Clearly if you have gifts, you are meant to share them! Have you considered learning to be an animal communicator? These are psychics who can communicate with animals and relay the information to humans. Animal communicators work with living animals. There are also animal mediums who work with the spirit of animals. Since Charlie is clearly your guide, maybe he’s leading you in that direction. Explore this and see if it’s something you might be interested in. With Charlie and your clear love for animals, maybe you would have a gift for it.


      1. I really look forward to reading the follow up book after I finish reading the first one. That book really resonated with my soul. And many of the things described are still being rediscovered by other mediums and past life regressionists. Thank you for your encouragement to explore animal mediumship. Everyone is psychic to a certain degree. Some are seemingly born with this gift and others discover them later in life like myself. In my case I was a pure skeptic who learned the closed-mind scientific basis at the university. Then my friend asked me if I needed a lift home from work one day and I respectfully declined as I either rode my bike or the bus to work and home. He told me that the tire would pop. To my chagrin the tire did pop and ended up waiting for the next bus. After that I began to be more open to the possibilities. Psychics also have varying gifts. One psychic may be able to foresee the future but not be able to communicate with the discarnate (like my friend) and then there are human or animal mediums that cannot foresee into the future. Then there are some that can do both. I asked my friend if he could reach into the ethereal to communicate with Charlie and he said he could not. He himself has several dogs (I had adopted Charlie from his dog’s litter as they were headed to the shelter and in likelihood he would have been put to sleep due to his congenital defect). The doctor even called him a “lemon”. In any case, I was able to communicate with a discarnate human, my brother-in-law but have not been able to do the same with Charlie in the same manner. He found a workaround through the manipulation of electronic device, the bluetooth phone. Animal mediums begin as animal communicators and take that a step further in communicating with discarnate animals. I spoke to Charlie when he was here in physical form as suggested by my psychic friend. I think that that communication led to our future communication. I would see him seeming to communicate with me through his gaze. A week before he died he put his paw on my chest as I lay in bed (we shared the bed) and gazed upon my eyes. I could see that through the light coming from the window at night. I did not understand the significance of this gesture until after he crossed over. After he put his paw on my chest (on my heart) I did understand that he wanted to sleep under the cover with me. He snuggled ever so close almost as if he wanted to be as close to me as possible as he knew he was coming close to his day to cross over. Every night he would snuggle so close that it felt like he was glued to me. If Charlie had not come into my life I probably would not have become spiritual. It took him to get me to that stage. I was told be an animal communicator that many animals become their pet parent’s spirit guides after they cross over. I believe as you have mentioned that Charlie is now one of my spirit guides (we all have at least one spirit guide). Again, as to your mention of not being psychic, we all are intuitive to a certain degree. Some just seem to be wired for it like my friend. Some don’t seem to need any training at all. I believe you and I are in the category where we have to train ourselves to be in tune with our gift. We all have a gift. We just need to find it within. I really admire your search for the truth regarding our spiritual aspect and the afterlife. Your search indicates to me a soul that is advanced and is now seeking that which matters the most. I’m just starting to search myself after having discovered that the life here is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you for helping us to search for our truth.


  4. Also, I should mention that my surveillance cameras have captured images of Charlie that my friends have been shocked to see. They look like Charlie, they say. And in one photo he is in front of the cabinet. Much later I found a prescription treat still in its package behind the cabinet. Right where he was pointing in the photo! This further proves to me of life after death. He is still with me and have communicated with me after those photos were taken.


    1. That’s wonderful! I’m so glad to hear that Charlie continues to look out for you and keep you company. The bond between the two of you is clearly very strong. Must be amazing to have that evidence that he is around too. Love is eternal, no matter the form.


  5. Thanks Jenn for another great post. This comes at a time when I’m once again trying to make sense of reincarnation and question the usefulness of the veil. I even reread your post from 2016 “Think you understand Reincarnation:” Since I’m also as psychic as a rock, my veil is firmly in place and I get very frustrated at times. But eventually, I make peace with the whole idea and hope it will all make sense when I get to the other side :-). I’m planning to try this AWE technique. That’s what Edgar Cayce suggested, to get info from the Higher Self instead of outside influences. (Just have to find a quiet corner somewhere around here, not easy!)

    Also, it’s so much easier to read the comments now that they are from old to new. Thanks for changing it.


    1. Suzanne,

      Thank you very much. And thank you for letting me know that the comments are working properly now. The settings are little confusing, so I’m glad that everything is flowing in a logical way. Nice to speak with a fellow ‘psychic as a rock’. All the books I read and the people I follow – so many of them either have psychic or mediumistic gifts, or they describe their guides like their best confidants. Their lives are full of synchronicity. Heck, the author of Conversations with God got the answers by writing questions on a legal pad. So, me – and you – psychic as a rock people with veils like wool – It can be really frustrating. I’m trying to have a personal spiritual experience, but it seems like it’s not going to come easy. Perhaps I just really have to work for it. On the other hand, if I ever do have a real spiritual experience, then I will know that absolutely anyone can. 🙂 Good luck with the AWE technique. I’ve been doing it now for about 2 weeks. Some days I get interesting stuff. Other days, nonsense. I do enjoy the morning ritual of writing though, even if I’m not pulling down any great wisdom on a regular basis. Please let me know if you have any success with it. In the book, Sandler says sometimes I can take a few months to really get going. As for the reincarnation thing, I’ve heard some interesting new concepts in the last few years. It’s still confusing as heck, but might be time for another ‘Think you understand reincarnation?” post. Anyway, thank you for reading and for commenting, and if you do try the AWE technique, I really would like to know if it works for you. We psychic rocks have to stick together. 🙂


      1. Yes, I become rather annoyed at these people who have developed psychic abilities and keep saying that we all have them; then you find out that, as children, they were already psychic, literally born with the gift! I don’t know where they get the idea that we can all develop this from scratch. Hey, maybe our soul contract was that we would do this incarnation all on our own, without any help from the other side. Bad move! Never again! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about those new concepts on reincarnation. Thanks again for your fantastic blogs


        1. To Suzanne K: I was never “born” with the gift. In fact I denied it for years. Everyone has intuition (many may call that psychic, whatever) but the levels vary with each individual. Yes, not everyone can become a medium or precognitive. My friend who is psychic who trained with a prominent local psychic and are still close friends told me that I am psychic. I didn’t believe him as I was a skeptic. Then he called me at work to ask me for a ride and I told him that I was fine. He told me the tire would pop (bus tire). And it did. After that incident I was more open to psychic phenomenon. I’m sorry if my encouragement towards others to give themselves a chance. It doesn’t hurt anyone. Who knows? Jenn may find a gift that she was not aware of. I was not aware of my own ability until my I searched for my beloved dog who passed away. In my search for him I discovered myself. As far as reincarnation, I do not claim to know how it works but only that I have read points of views with an OPEN mind. That is how one is able to make discoveries. With a CLOSED mind we cannot discover anything. It took an inventor the idea of the possibility before he discovered electricity. And by the way, we are ALL energy. All the objects and people you see are made up of atoms which are fluid. We are actually made up of space. But we appear solid due to the physics involved. And no, I do not show off my ability or anything like that. I am a very private person. I only shared what I shared with Jenn because she offers her reality and I wanted to share mine with her. Whether she accepts it or not is not the point. We are just sharing. If you took offense to it, I am sorry that it rubbed you the wrong way. Maybe if you take the negativity in the way you thought about the sharing maybe your reaction would be more positive. It’s up to us to process what we receive. We are free to share our thoughts. You have the right to think you’re as psychic as a rock. But if you think about it, we all have intuition. If you’ve felt something that you cannot explain, it’s your intuition speaking to you. I wish you well and hope that you open up to the possibilities.


          1. Hi TasteofHawaii,
            I’m so sorry you took my comments personally, I was actually joking with Jenn. I’m a firm believer in all things psychic and that we are energy. My mind couldn’t be more open (always has been) but I am still psychic as a rock and have no intuition whatsoever. I envy people who do but often I find out that their psychic abilities developed after an STE or NDE, etc. I’m just looking for answers like everyone else, and a little levity helps keep me from throwing in the towel :-). Have a great day, and I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone.


            1. I agree with your sentiments and also appreciate a little levity. What do they say about insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Lol. I meditate and I swear I’m too good at quieting my mind. Its like tumbleweeds in there. I’m like..halooooo? Any guides or spirits want to send me the headlines for tomorrow? Each morning I try to divine a keyword, as an exercise. My goal is to try and hear that word during the day. Its always got to be the first thing that comes to mind. Let’s see..I had ‘red jello’, ‘pumpkin pie’, ‘marshmallow’. Jeez I just realized they are all food related. 0/0 so far! 🤷🤣


        2. Suzanne, I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday.. Worried that I agreed to do this lifetime ‘blind’. I will shamefully admit that I told me guides (who knows if they are listening, I don’t) that if they really were so intent on keeping me in the dark that maybe a more liberal guide might prefer to take up the mantle. It IS frustrating! I often ask ‘why did you give me this yearning to know the world of spirit if you won’t let me even have a peek?’ I feel like my doors of perception are walls of cluelessness. On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t push so hard if it were handed to me. I find Suzanne Geisemanns work very inspiring because she claims she was not born with any gifts at all and it didn’t come to her until much later in life. She’s the one medium who believes that you don’t have to be born with it, unlike most other mediums who strongly believe that mediums cannot be ‘made’. Now I don’t expect to become a medium or anything, but she gives me hope that maybe if I keep working at it, I can make some progress. Until then, I will remain totally jealous of all these incredible people I follow, but thankful that they share their experiences. Thanks for the commiseration.☺️


          1. Yeah, I don’t want to become a medium either, just wish they’d throw me a bone once in a while :-). Just wanted to say that when I found your blog I was very impressed, not just by the subjects you cover and the research you do, but by the beauty of your writing. Only once before have I been so taken by someone’s writing and that was Claude Fayette Bragdon who wrote Four-Dimensional Vistas in the early 1900’s. Older style English, so not as easy to read, but was so impressed that, even though I had bought the Kindle edition, I had to buy the book also. Your writing touches people deep inside, as Rich so eloquently expressed. Also, you ask the questions that we, the seekers and readers of your blog, also ask ourselves.

            Now, impressed means: when you didn’t post for months, and I didn’t know if you were still there, I checked almost every week to see if you were back :-). So yes, your work is very meaningful.

            I don’t normally comment on blogs because it takes me forever to put sentences together (I’m over 70, French background:-)) but I can see that it is important that people let you know how much they appreciate your efforts. So, please stay with it, for as long as it’s meaningful to you also.

            p.s. I’m trying to work out a schedule for automatic writing, not using Michael Sandler though, he’s just too high energy for me, but found something on that I’ll be working with. Will let you know how it goes. All the Best!


            1. Suzanne,

              Thank you so much. I am humbled by your kind words. I don’t feel I deserve all the praise, but I’m grateful – beyond grateful – that what I can offer has helped in some way. I promise I will always come back to this blog. Even if I get a horrible case of writer’s block, like I did for all of 2020. The combination of grief over my best friend’s death, and my anger around that, plus the onset of the pandemic and my anxiety combined to make it impossible to write. I have plenty of drafts from that time period, but they were either rants or anxiety-filled doomsday posts. Not worthy of anyone’s time. I feel guilty that you kept checking up on me and I couldn’t write but I’m glad you (and many others!) stuck around while I went through my ‘dark night of the soul’. Good luck with your automatic writing and thank you again for taking the time to write and let me know that my little contribution here is meaningful to you. 🙂
              Take care,

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  6. Hi Jenn, Don’t be too hard on yourself for not getting much out of AWE or any other method for enlightenment. Like anything, tennis, swimming, yoga etc etc . . . everyone can’t excel at everything. If you’re not enjoying the AWE thing it’s not for you then (me either BTW) just move on and keep learning. Those channelers or mediums you/we follow probably wish they could reach people the way you do. Your body of work is just extraordinary, incredible and you can ‘feel’ the “I-Am or Source or All That Is vibrating through your body when you (me and your followers) read your posts and most certainly everyone CAN’T do that the way you do. Those people are using their skills or gifts and you are using yours. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re on the right track and are helping so many others. God Bless Jenn, lots of love to you. Rich


    1. Rich, you are too kind, my goodness I am so touched. Your words are very prescient. I’ve been wondering if my contribution is enough and feeling a bit like a fraud for continuing to pursue an intellectual understanding without having the personal spiritual connection to back it up. Thank you for reminding me in such a heartfelt way that my writing is still meaningful, even if I must continue to stand on the shoulders of giants. I appreciate you and everyone who contributes here more than I can ever express. Thank you. 🙏 Jenn


  7. Jenn, it looks like Suzanne and I feel the same way about you and your work, and probably others who just don’t want to reply for one reason or another. Just don’t feel like you ‘have to’ or ‘force’ yourself to submit content as it may influence your message or content in a way you may not have intended, we (your followers) are not as concerned about any gaps as we know your words will come when ready Just let spirit flow through you as you’ve been doing ! And you’re doing a great job ! Love you . . . . Rich

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  8. So glad to see you post again, Jenn. Your site is an anchor in the wild seas of afterlife websites — your approach is so grounded and earnest and intelligent. And so often – like with this post – it is an amazing reflection of the types of thoughts and concerns I’ve been having. I had not heard of the AWE technique — am very intrigued and will give it a try. – Margaret

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