’21 Days into the Afterlife’ Author Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti to Present Webinar About Evidence of Life After Death


Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, grief counselor, passionate after-life researcher and best-selling author.  His book, 21 Days into the Afterlife is one of my favorite books on life after death evidence.  It is well worth a read for anyone interested in understanding the evidence that has been amassed for over a century by parapsychologists, paranormal investigators, and academics interesting in the research of life after death.  Dr. Calvi-Parisetti has dedicated years to studying the evidence that exists, as well as the scientific evidence that is less well-known or presented in many books on afterlife evidence.  In my opinion, hearing from Dr. Calvi-Parisetti is a rare opportunity.  If you think you will find this webinar beneficial for your own search for life after death, then you can find more information and a registration link on the Forever Family Foundation’s website here.

The registration for non-FFF members is US$20.00.

From the registration page:

On Saturday, May 13th at 11:30 AM (US Eastern Standard Time), Dr. Calvi-Parisetti will be presenting an hour-long webinar on the evidence of life after death.

In this webinar, Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti explores the bases for a rational belief in life after life.

• What categories of evidence are there?

• What are anecdotes, investigations and laboratory research?

• Do these different categories all point to the same conclusions?

The webinar also explores about a dozen different areas of empirical evidence, including psychic powers, near-death experiences, deathbed visions, reincarnation studies and various modalities of after-death communication, showing how they all contribute to building a coherent and consistent foundation for belief in survival.

Please also visit Dr. Calvi-Parisetti’s website here for more information and a free e-book.

To get a introduction to Dr. Calvi-Parisetti (and his amazing Glaswegian accent!), see the video embedded below.  Although Dr. Calvi-Parisetti did not continue his venture of creating a course presenting the evidence of life after death as is mentioned in the video, the video is still a good way to get a ‘feel’ for who Dr. Calvi-Parisetti is, and what he believes.  I respect his academic evidence-based approach and hope that as life after death evidence becomes more normalized in our society, courses like what Dr. Calvi-Parisetti could provide will be seen as a normal, natural part of grief counseling.

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6 thoughts on “’21 Days into the Afterlife’ Author Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti to Present Webinar About Evidence of Life After Death

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I have his book – Love Knows No Death. He does amazing work, and I look forward to his Webinar! 🙂


    1. Woo!! Me too!! I’ll have to pick up that one – I don’t current have “Love Knows No Death”, but I’ll have to read it before the webinar!


  2. Again thanks for your work. I also have benefited greatly from my studies in after life. As he says benefit is in proportion to effort made. Listening to panels of researchers it struck me that the effort to prove scientifically in an after life would obviate the need for faith. Faith is an important ability or virtue. I trust that the cosmic intelligence will stay ahead of our desire to nail everything down, including death. The effort of study that he is recommending is what can change opinion or belief into faith. We as a species don’t like ambiguity we want facts you can take to the bank. Unless you have ha your own profound transformative experience faith will be as good as it get’s. Mystery is an aspect of evolution. We don’t know what we are evolving into. Without mystery there would be no surprise, one of the joys of life. The other road is genetic engineering of the ‘superman-woman’. LOL

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  3. To my friends i’ve called my NDE study, NDE immersion therapy. It has helped me greatly. I’ve compiled a list of links and other info that i’ve selected as having something unique to offer. Here it is below. I’m not sure the address are all intact so u may have to type in the name in the search window.

    Bill Hicks comedy 2 minutes

    An introduction that I found true in my own experience. Study is necessary.
    What’s presented below is my own course results.

    Beverly Brodsky 1st one is 5 minutes second 20

    Alma. 9 minutes. Heartfelt intro.

    Compendium of shorts 20 minutes, Just hang in for 10.

    Judith White. The most amazing after wards perhaps.

    Anne Christina, 5minutes. Murdered by her husband.
    “One of the things that bothers me so tremendously about the metaphysical movement, in lieu of my experience and in lieu of what I was shown… if there is any message I can give, it’s not about meditating and leaving your body and taking your Light Being out of this Earth. Indeed, not. It is about bringing the Light into this Earth. Stay here. Be an anchor. Let the Light come in through you into this world. Don’t abandon this world. We need you. We need you here. We need you to be present. And we need you to be open, with an open heart… Everybody must be open. It is about opening your heart and letting it sing through you. It is coming! And it is a matter of all of us. Just open your heart and let It come in. Don’t leave. Don’t meditate and think this place is a bad place and we’re going to get out of here. This is a wonderful place. And it’s going to get even more wonderful. You’re here to anchor the Light so It can come into this dimension and be here.”
    Her whole story, or more of it. Heavy duty and amazing. 30 minutes

    Rebecca Martin. Satya Sai Baba 9 min. No judgement.

    Atheist college prof. Hell and Christ saves him. 15 minutes. Sincere.

    Jessica the unusual 20 minutes

    The rest of her story is on this one.

    NDE Documentry. 1hr:04 minutes many interviews

    Natalie Sudman, unusually smart or observant. Not NDE but an OBE. 21 min.
    I picked this as the shortest not the best interview. About after the NDE event.
    If u prefer reading here is a link to excerpts from her book that will give a well rounded view.

    Anne Archer and the Porpoise save. The second most remarkable after effect NDE

    These tell it all. From less to most informative. Third one ends the Mystery.
    Seattle lady 26 minutes

    Tells it like it is. 20 minutes Very good again.
    This below is the transcript should u prefer that.

    Best simplest perspective and description of life i’ve heard. 26 minutes

    This was amazing story. one of the most complete and deep reports.

    This is more than an NDE story, It’s an incredible story of a child survivor. Robin Landsong. 31 min.

    Amy Call. Most corroborative to the work of all NDE’s


    1. Wow! This is quite a list! It will definitely take some time to go through, but thank you for all of your hard working putting it together – I appreciate it!!


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