The Conscious-Created Universe, Part II

Note to the reader: The philosophy of the Conscious-Created Universe defines consciousness itself – our thoughts, intentions and creative ideas – as a guiding force in the formation of reality. In the Conscious-Created Universe, Part I, we explored the observations from quantum physics and cosmology which may hint to a more fundamental role for consciousness… Read More The Conscious-Created Universe, Part II

The Conscious-Created Universe, Part I

Materialism is responsible for some truly astonishing feats of human achievement through advances in physics, chemistry and biology in the 20th and 21st centuries. However, materialism also organizes reality solely through physical laws incompatible with some revered aspects of our personal reality.… Read More The Conscious-Created Universe, Part I

Spiritual Philosophy Discussion Series: Introduction

Spiritual philosophy is wisdom about the nature and meaning of reality attributed to sources outside our five earthly senses. Prophetic dreams, channeling, ecstatic visions, oracles, mediumship, and religious prophets have been vehicles of spiritual insight since the dawn of recorded history. Today, materialism has a strong hold over our worldview, especially in the west, and… Read More Spiritual Philosophy Discussion Series: Introduction

Haunted Real Estate is a Growing Niche Market

The perils of haunted home ownership have been a part of the modern public consciousness at least since the film industry began using ancient haunted mansions as set pieces in their early films. Some films, such as Amityville Horror, Poltergeist, and more recently The Conjuring depicted the terrifying prospects of buying a haunted home unaware.  Typically, the films begin… Read More Haunted Real Estate is a Growing Niche Market

Terminal Lucidity Reveals Mysteries about Consciousness

The ‘glow before they go’. ‘The calm before the storm’. ‘The last hurrah’.  These are colloquial phrases used by hospice nurses who have all witnessed the same inexplicable phenomenon: patients with severe terminal illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, schizophrenia, cancer; even patients in comas, who suddenly sit up in bed and begin speaking clearly and… Read More Terminal Lucidity Reveals Mysteries about Consciousness