The Tourist’s Guide to Evil and Mischievous Spirits of Earth

Happy Halloween! Troublesome, mischievous and downright evil spirits have haunted the folktales, myths and traditions of civilizations throughout history. From Hungry Ghosts in China who are mollified each year with offerings of food and entertainment to the Domovoi, a mischievous Russian house spirit who punishes lazy home owners by spreading manure on the doorstep, this… Read More The Tourist’s Guide to Evil and Mischievous Spirits of Earth

Ghost Hunting For Thrills is Tactless And Cruel

It’s October!  There’s a beautiful sense of withdrawing as the nights become longer and the trees give up their green for gold.  For thousands of years, this was celebrated as the time when the veil between the worlds was thinnest and communication with the dead was possible.   We continue this tradition through the modern holiday of Halloween and with it, all that represents our dark affection for all things paranormal.  Unfortunately, October is also the month that paranormal and ghost hunting shows are at their zenith, and a new crop of so-called ‘ghost hunters’ appear each year, parroting the awful techniques they see on television.  For some, ghosts are something to be exploited for thrills and YouTube hits.  Well, I think its time I finally put my two cents in about it.… Read More Ghost Hunting For Thrills is Tactless And Cruel

The Multidimensional Afterlife, Part II

In The Multidimensional Afterlife, Part I, we were introduced to the afterlife as a hierarchy of thought-manifested worlds.  Because the spirit realm is thought-based, souls are automatically attracted to the dimension that corresponds with their beliefs, expectations, personality and state of mind, as well as their spiritual development.  When spirits cross over into the afterlife with strong expectations, religious beliefs,… Read More The Multidimensional Afterlife, Part II