How to Use Automatic Writing for Spiritual Contact

Automatic writing, officially called psychography, has fallen out of favor in recent years, but I can attest to its efficacy for spirit contact.  Automatic writing is the process by which you hold a pen comfortably in your writing hand on a sheet of paper and ask that a spirit use your hand to write a message.   Some think that the messages might be coming from your subconscious mind, others believe that spirits can send a telepathic message which we then correspondingly write, while the final hypothesis involves the spirit physically taking control of that part of our hand and arm.  If you allow yourself to relax and allow your hand to move as it will – even if it feels like squiggles on the paper – you might be surprised to see a message written out.

Whatever the process, it was a favored method with mediums, psychics and ordinary people from the late 1800’s through the 1970’s, falling out of favor for other forms of spirit communication such as the Ouija board, mental mediumship or direct trance channeling.

While the Ouija board is difficult to use by one’s self, and mental mediumship and channeling are difficult for the layperson to do, automatic writing is something that we can all participate in.  Personally, I was only able to produce automatic writing on one occasion, though I haven’t tried in quite a long time.  Nevertheless, I witnessed successful automatic writing scripts produced by others that were interesting to say the least. Automatic writing is difficult to prove, but it is nonetheless a worthwhile endeavor – even if you are simply asking for advice from your guides, or wish to probe your own psyche for an answer to a puzzling question.

Although traditional automatic writing is done with a pen and paper, it can also be accomplished using a computer and word processing program.  Instead of writing, one would sit at their computer and type without being really conscious of what is being typed.

It’s important that you avoid your logical mind from focusing on what your hand(s) are doing.  The key is to distract yourself, think of music in your head, listen to an audiobook, meditate into trance, and allow whatever force – whether spirits or your own subconscious mind – to take over.  If your hand feels like moving, go ahead and move it but don’t focus on what the shapes are.  You don’t want to firmly press down on the paper and prevent anything from happening, so it’s important that you allow any movement to occur if your hand seems to ‘want’ to move.

With practice, you’ll get the feel for it.  Automatic writing can be very therapeutic.  It’s not a dangerous activity by any means and it can be a great way to get in touch with your spirit guides.  If you have a question in your mind, or a great decision before you, concentrate on that as you begin.  Sometimes its helpful to speak it outloud.  Its just possible that after a while, without even noticing, you will look over and realize that you’ve written yourself a message.  It might be nonsense, or it might be profound.  It might be written in a handwriting you don’t recognize.  It could be the answer you are looking for, or it could be a collection of random letters.   Sometimes, the message won’t seem to make sense until you turn the paper upside down or try to read it in the mirror.  Backwards and upside down writing has happened as well.

Although automatic writing is rarely done anymore, I think it is worth reviving.  Let’s give it a try – and if you are successful, please let me know.  I have little talent in this area myself, but I can guarantee that it works.  It one method that doesn’t require a partner, nor any particular psychic abilities and yet can provide astounding results.  I will be attempting this myself and will report back with any results.  Why don’t you give it a try too?  It could just result in something truly amazing.


12 thoughts on “How to Use Automatic Writing for Spiritual Contact

  1. Hey Jenn,

    I read your story of Jonas last month and from what you described, that sounds like a legitimate contact with the spirit world (especially with the lights going on/off when you asked). I have a bunch of back-story that would take way too long to share, but suffice it to say, I’m more open (these days) to exploration and discovery of the afterlife. Anyway, myself and two long-time friends have agreed to attempt to make some sort of contact with the spiritual world, but we are truly neophytes. However, I’ve read enough to believe that the Ouija board probably has nothing to do with the spirit world (due to the Ideomotor effect). There was a great special on TV earlier this year (perhaps last year) that showed the effect (with strangers) very well. I can’t remember the name of the show right now, but it was a real eye-opener. The Ideomotor effect also makes me doubt Automatic Writing. However……. Based on your story of Jonas, here’s what I’m thinking. What do you think about my friends and I combining either Auto Writing or the Ouija Board with several electric lights around the room and once we feel we’ve made contact, ask the “spirit” to also make the various lights go on/off based on questions we ask.

    Any thoughts?



    1. Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your comment and for reading the incredibly looong Jonas story! I’ll admit that automatic writing isn’t the best method for someone who wants absolute proof that the result is spirit-related. In some cases, it could be spirit related, but in other cases, it could be from your subconscious mind. I think automatic writing is a great way to muse on a problem, but its difficult to be objective unless, like you mentioned, you have something else to go on. As you noted, the same problem exists with Ouija boards and one must rely on the message itself to determine if genuine spirit contact has been made, which can be difficult. Although Jonas was particularly good with electricity, not all spirits are and some become resentful when asked to display what they think of as ‘parlor tricks’. All is not lost, however, I do have some ideas and suggestions for you if you are looking to try spirit contact, but it will be too long to write here. My blog doesn’t record email addresses, so could you please send me a quick email at and I will gladly write you my thoughts and ideas on what you can try.


  2. I have a written a book all from automatic writing. It came as a surprise, really. This one in particular was meant for the masses. It is neat to see others using this source of wisdom and you are absolutely right, worth reviving.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and also for the follow. I’m fascinated that you wrote a whole book this way, that’s amazing. Have you published it? Have you speculated on the source? It’s great to hear from someone who has used the technique with such great results. Welcome to the blog!


      1. i did publish on Amazon. It was easy enough. each day I wrote a chapter. It was just part of my daily meditation. Half way through I realized it was a book. Everyone that has picked it up responds, “It’s like it’s talking directly to me!” so that’s a good thing. I posted a chapter on my blog.

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        1. Wow, I just read the chapter on your site, it very interesting and I will probably pick up a copy of your book. Have you ever tried channeling? You could have mediumship abilities if you were able to write such esoteric material with ease through automatic writing.


          1. I’m not sure of the difference between channeling and my style of automatic writing. I’ve picked up messages from spirit guides and ancestors for several people but overall, I quickly rejected the art as I started seeing and hearing people as I tried to sleep. Yes! If you pick up the book I would be happy to hear your thoughts.


            1. I am envious – I have not a psychic bone in my body, unfortunately. But, having lived in a haunted apartment for a few years I can understand how disruptive spirit activity can be. I will definitely pick up the book and let you know, sounds fascinating!


  3. Jenn,

    I have recently come across a book titled ‘Toward the Light’ channeled in 1920, you can read it online here: (!%20online.html) as well as Wiki description here: ( I would be interested in hearing your opinions on it as one of the messages it continually puts across is not to get involved with mediums, automatic writing, and the like, much like the biblical warning, and that calling on the deceased is actually an interference and a disturbance to that entity’s spiritual progress. (The first I have heard of this – intriguing). I haven’t seen you referencing this book yet so maybe it’s one you haven’t yet come across. It’s not very well known in the states, but seems to be so in Denmark, where it was written. As much as I enjoy learning about the afterlife and feel drawn to channeled material, I personally do not get involved with mediumship of any kind because I don’t feel like any of us really know for sure what we’re dealing with and just exactly what kind of entity we could be inviting in to our space. Just my thoughts and convictions, would love to hear yours!



  4. I have been automatic writing for the past week and have some very interesting conversations I’d like to share with you and seek advice if possible


  5. I have been automatic writing for the past week and have some very interesting conversations I’d like to share with you and seek advice if possible


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