Dr. Peebles: The Spirit Who Speaks Through Multiple People [Videos]

Summer Bacon,  Natalie Giannelli, Athena Demetrios, Thomas Jacobson, Kimberly Dumain,  Rev. William Rainen and Ann Albers. All of these people have claimed to channel the same entity, a jaunty, jolly fellow by the name of Dr. Peebles.  I know what you are thinking.  Dr. Peebles?  Is this a character out of a Dr. Seuss book?  I assure you, Dr. Peebles was a real person of Scottish decent who was born in Vermont in 1822.  He was, as his name implies, a medical doctor, but also a philosopher and medium during the nearly 100 years that he lived.   Dr. Peebles has returned from the spirit world to speak to us through not one channel, but many, which is highly unusual.  Its a unique opportunity to compare and contrast the channeling of those who claim to speak for this unique spirit.

Skeptics always love to complain that channeling can’t be real because the channel doesn’t speak other languages while in trance.  What many skeptics don’t know about channeling is that it is a partnership.  Seth, the entity that spoke through Jane Roberts described it as a ‘psychological bridge’.  The entity communicates using words, feelings and pictures but relies on the channel to provide the language and speech.  Each channel will receive and translate differently.  The process isn’t perfect, even with the best channel distortion could occur, but its clear that the process isn’t like a “possession”, but a combination of efforts from both channel and entity.

Therefore in the case of Dr. Peebles, the entity may speak through different people, but the result won’t be exact with every person as if you were talking to Dr. Peebles on the telephone.  The message and mannerisms of Dr. Peebles will shine through, but speech may be colored by the patterns and culture of the channel.

While looking for videos of Dr. Peebles channeling, I was pleasantly surprised to find a full 10 hours of Dr. Peebles channeling through Natalie Giannelli.  You may notice the the phrase “God bless you indeed” is said with almost annoying frequency, but Dr. Peebles suggests that this phrase centers the channel and also claims that this was a common phrase to end a thought in his day.  I haven’t found any evidence of the last part, so I will have to take his word for it.

I will admit, Dr. Peebles is a little jarring at first.  But keep an open mind.  Consider how difficult it would be to fake this, at this speed, for hours and hours, answering difficult spiritual questions without hesitation.  I certainly couldn’t do it!  The various people who channel Dr. Peebles sound remarkably the same, which is fascinating to say the least.  I listened to ALL TEN HOURS of this, and I’m pretty convinced that Natalie Giannelli is at least really channeling, plus the spiritual information seems sound.

Examples of Natalie Giannelli, Summer Bacon, Thomas Jacobson and Kim Dumain channeling Dr. Peebles

Natalie Giannelli Channeling Dr. Peebles (10 hours)


This is Thomas Jacobson Channeling Dr. Peebles (One of the first to channel this entity)


Kim Dumain Channeling Dr. Peebles (Channeling starts at 6:08)


Summer Bacon (Yes, that’s her real name!) Channeling Dr. Peebles






4 thoughts on “Dr. Peebles: The Spirit Who Speaks Through Multiple People [Videos]

  1. for many years , i have attended the open sessions of dr. peebles , channeled by summer bacon. i also have friends who have had personal sessions with summer/ dr. peebles. each time that i attended , i always left the gathering inspired, uplifted and with any questions that had been running thru my mind answered, even tho i may not have been the one being personally addressed. summer’s integrity and authenticity was never in doubt when i observed her going into trance and speaking for him. living in sedona, there are the usual “psychics” and “channelers” who claim to have these abilities so discernment was always a factor in choosing whom and what to believe. summer bacon is “the real deal” , so to speak~!


  2. Wishing you Peace. In the year 1981 I believe you came to my home on La Paloma in Santa Barbara,Cali. We had several experiences. Your name was Tom, but Dr. Peebles is who you would become. My name is Mary Beacham. We know each other physically. The ambiance and positive vibration and on a couple of events I had believing people pay $35.
    We were all very pleased with those experiences.
    Is it you?


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