What Science Can Teach You About Spirit

Science reveals the beauty and logic that underpins our universe and vast creativity the lives within it.  For those who consider themselves spiritual, a study of science can be extremely illuminating, especially in regard to understanding where the great mysteries are.  It is often said that religion begins where science ends.  Perhaps we should instead consider science and spirituality to be two sides of the same coin as many of the newest discoveries are bearing out what ancient people have long believed.  Would it lose any of its spiritual majesty to discover that the survival of consciousness was a matter of quantum physics all along?  I don’t think so.

Modern science has unfortunately settled on a description of the universe in strictly material terms which leaves no place for an afterlife, free-will, even human consciousness.  Scientists believe that all things are simply made up of smaller material things which by studying the component parts, one could learn everything they needed to know about the whole system.  It presupposes that our consciousnesses, the feeling we have of being alive and aware, is simply an illusion, created by the inner workings of the biology, chemistry, and quantum components of our bodies.

But for all of their desperate particle bashing and biological experiments, no scientist nor branch of science has a satisfactory working model of what has created consciousness, nor can they explain away decades of proof that consciousness can affect events in the environment.  Materialism has so far ignored the hard problem of consciousness as well as all of the evidence of life after death, though none have provided anything near a satisfactory scientific answer.

Other scientists and academics, such as Dr. Robert Lanza, Dr. Dean Radin, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, and Chris Carter have moved beyond materialism, recognizing that quite possibly the universe might not exist in spite of consciousness, but because of it.  Please visit my Recommended Reading page for more information on their excellent books.

If every aspect of our reality is imbued with a form of consciousness which seeks to grow, learn and experience, then the evolution of our universe and the evolution of life makes perfect sense. Is it not the meaning of life to evolve in our thinking and understanding, to seek out new experiences and to interact with others?  I see the same process when a star creates a helium atom from the fusion of hydrogen, or when a cell divides to create new life, or when an animal develops brighter colors to attract a mate.  All consciousness seeks to grow and expand, therefore from the big bang all the way to the smallest quark, we are all part of a grand intelligent design shaped by the creativity of consciousness itself.

In order to see truthfully where science meets spirituality, it is helpful to learn a little about what science does know, and where it is going.  In addition, you will learn which parts of science are still simply guesses, and all of the beautiful spirituality that lies beneath the incredible complex universe that consciousness has created just for the sake of being.

Does this mean that you need to hit the books?  Nope.  I learned everything that I needed to know through science documentaries and by reading several excellent books for laymen by the authors I mentioned above.

Seek out documentaries and videos on the following topics:

  • Cosmology, especially big bang cosmology, dark matter, dark energy
  • The evolution of the physical earth
  • Introductory chemistry
  • The history of quantum physics, any video about the double slit experiment, particle physics
  • Any video by Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake, or Robert Lanza

How can this help you round out your spirituality?  Understanding the basics of current scientific thinking will help you understanding how the newest advances in quantum physics and PSI research are building evidence and eventually proof for many spiritual concepts we may already believe.  Additionally, learning more about the physical world can give you insight into what lies behind the spiritual world as well.  Most importantly, you’ll learn to separate science from scientism.  Unfortunately, young academics are forced to take very materialist and mainstream views or else lose their funding.  Many so-called science facts are not really facts at all, simply science dogma that the public is led to believe has real scientific proof behind it.  You will also be introduced to those fearless scientists who have ventured into exciting new areas of science that are providing tantalizing evidence that consciousness is a vital force in this world, and may even survive it to see greater worlds beyond.


2 thoughts on “What Science Can Teach You About Spirit

  1. I precisely work on providing an initiation to the foundations of mathematics and physics, clearly and concisely explaining the main fundamental concepts, as I found large possibilities of improvement in the presentation compared to usual courses on these topics (usual courses seem to often just repeat similar ways as done in the times of discoveries of each theory without much thought on such possibilities of improvement) : using high-level understanding of math and physics I found ways to introduce everything in a better logical order, starting from the basics, to reach some deep insights faster. I am not fond of “popularization” nor other video documentaries which I see as often too superficial in the feeling of understanding they provide (maybe some people need popularization as that is all what they can grasp but I personally focus on more serious ways for those who need and which I see missing). My work is still incomplete and some parts are still draft but, despite the relatively small number of pages (compared to usual courses) it contains lots of things already. I start with the foundations of mathematics (http://settheory.net), and continue with the foundations of physics (http://settheory.net/physics), including a critical review of the main interpretations of quantum physics. I also offer a precise formulation (which I did not see well done elsewhere) of the interpretation accepting consciousness as fundamental, with clear logical articulations between quantum physics and metaphysics.


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