America’s Identity Crisis: Seeking Wisdom from the Spirit World

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How the hell did we get here?

October has disappeared in a blur of anxiety and stress.  A half-dozen blog posts I halfheartedly cobbled together lay unfinished in my drafts.  I, like most Americans, have been rattled to the core by the divisive rhetoric that has emerged in politics and in the social landscape of the country.  Clearly, the 2016 United States election has inflamed a deep passion in the American people, reflecting an anger that develops when a broken society is looking for someone to blame.  The years of political corruption, elitism, corporate greed, racism, xenophobia and fear-mongering have produced from itself a paragon of these virtues in the personage of Donald Trump – a man we have chosen to represent our values in the world.  Truly, America has an identity crisis.

Staring down at an uncertain future and searching for spiritual clarity on the situation, I sought out the book by Jane Roberts called ‘The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.” which discusses how our private belief systems affect larger world events. I am seeking to discover how our individual perceptions coalesced into our collective choices, and how individually we can overcome the hate and divisiveness that has led us to our present circumstances.

If you haven’t been introduced to the Seth material, they are a series of books that were produced through channeling by a writer named Jane Roberts.  Seth, the personality behind the books, describes himself as an ‘old ghost’ who is “no longer focused in physical reality.” While some may question the validity of any channeled material, I feel that Jane Robert’s work with Seth is above reproach.  It’s teachings stand on its own as sophisticated, original and insightful regardless of its origination.

Jane Roberts and Seth produced “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” in the years of 1978 and 1979, though it wasn’t published until 1981. Twice a week, Jane dictated the book while in trance to her husband who developed his own written shorthand to record her words.  This was truly a labor of love for both Jane and her husband Robert, for they never became wealthy during their lifetimes.  Yet, without fail and unto her deathbed, Jane and Robert continued to dutifully record Seth’s words over a period of twenty years.  The original manuscripts and thousands of pages of unpublished material is preserved in the Yale library free for anyone to read; a gift from Jane and Robert to future generations who would delight in discovering the timeless wisdom of Seth’s words.

In this time of crisis, I now turn again now to consult that wisdom.  Seth is famous for his phrase, ‘You create your own reality’, a proclamation that has been borrowed so heavily by more modern spiritual, new-age and personal development gurus that many people don’t realize that when it was initially published in the 1960’s, it was quite original. If you take the idea a little further, you might naturally wonder how we could possiblly all inhabit an objective reality together if each of us has the power to individually craft our own.  Suffice it to say, Seth gives an in-depth explanation involving multiple frameworks of consciousness, which as he says, “[fits] together quite precisely in a kind of psychological masonry in which each of you has a mental hand.”  I will discuss this further in my next post concerning spiritual agreements.  In terms of the choices we make in our waking consciousness, however, Seth says this:

“Through your mundane conscious choices, you affect all of the events of your world, so that the mass world is the result of multitudinous individual choices.”

If the current state of our nation is the culmination of our private beliefs and actions, then we all bear the responsibility for America’s devolution into racism, finger-pointing and hatred.  On the other hand, Donald Trump might be the very panacea we need in order to improve our circumstances.  Certainly, Hillary Clinton represented a return to the status quo – where a distracted American public turned a blind eye to corruption on both sides of the aisle.  Extreme personalities have risen to power over and over again in our history and they do serve an important purpose; namely to force a population to coalesce around an identity and purpose – either by rejecting the divisive rhetoric, or becoming enslaved by it.  Seth calls these extreme personality types ‘Fanatics’.  They are believers in male dominance, aggression through war, extreme nationalism, racial and/or class segregation and isolationism. Seth’s poignant deconstruction of this cult of personality is as relevant today as it was when he used these terms to describe Jim Jones, the cult leader of the 1979 mass suicide of Jonestown, and Adolf Hitler, architect of the genocide of World War II.  While I am not suggesting that Trump and his cronies will inspire that kind of cult status or be able to effect such evil as these men, there are certain personality traits that are similar and may arouse certain sympathies in a people under duress.

In Session 854 recorded on May 16th of 1979, Seth says:

“Fanatics have tunnel vision, so that any beliefs not fitting their purposes are ignored.  Those that challenge their own purposes, however, become instant targets of scorn and attack. […] Fanatics always use ringing rhetoric, and speak in the highest terms of truth, good and evil, and particularly of retribution. […] Fanatics cannot stand tolerance.  They expect obedience.  A democratic society offers the greatest challenges and possibilities of achievement for the individual and the species, for it allows for the free intercourse of ideas.  It demands much more of its people, however, for in a large manner each must pick and choose from amid a variety of life-styles and beliefs his and her own platform for daily life and action.  There are periods in which it certainly seems to some that all standards vanish, and so they yearn for old authorities.  And there are always fanatics there to stand for ultimate truth, and to lift from the individual the challenge and ‘burden’ of personal achievement and responsibility. […] Fanatics exist because of the great gap between an idealized good and an exaggerated version of its opposite.  The idealized good is projected into the future, while its exaggerated opposite is seen to pervade the present.  If someone tells you that pleasure is wrong and tolerance is weakness, and that you must follow this or that dogma blindly in obedience, and if you are told this is the only right road toward the idealized good, then most likely you are dealing with a fanatic.  If you are told to kill for the sake of peace, you are dealing with someone who does not understand peace or justice.  If you are told to give up your free will, you are dealing with a fanatic.”

Fanatics, as Seth describes them only rise to prominence because people believe themselves to be powerless.  In their anger, they look to blame others instead of acknowledging that their individual beliefs and choices have constructed their own reality.  When a charismatic leader echoes their sentiments, they look for that leader to embody the power they believe they have themselves lost.  Whatever independent values they once possessed are now given up to a group-think mentality.

Donald Trump cannot give us positive change through his negative agenda in Washington.  However, he does represent an opportunity for Americans to create positive changes provided they remain engaged in the democratic process and promote, as Seth says, ‘The free intercourse of ideas’.  There is no room for apathy in a Donald Trump world.

Here is what Seth advises when faced with a ‘fanatic’:

“The job of trying to make the world better seems impossible, for it appears that you have no power, and any small private beneficial actions that you can take seem so puny in contrast to this generalized ideal that you dismiss them sardonically, and so you do not try to use your power constructively.  You do not begin with your own life, with your own job or with your own associates.  What difference can it make to the world if you are a better salesperson, or plumber, or office worker, or car salesman, for Christ’s sake?  What can one person do? 

Yet that is precisely where first of all you must begin to exert yourselves.  There, on your jobs and in your associations, are the places where you intersect with the world.  Your impulses directly affect the world in those relationships.

Many of you are convinced you are not important – and while each of you feels that way it will seem that your actions have no effect upon the world.  You will purposefully keep your ideals generalized, thus saving yourself from the necessity of acting upon them in the one way open you: by trusting yourself and your impulses, and impressing those that you meet in daily life with the full validity that is your own.”

Seth tells us that it is the private choices of each of us that has created this national identity crisis.  But apathy, complacency, distraction and self-absorption has had a hand in this turn of events also. As a result, we have a leader who at every turn will challenge our freedoms, our identity as a nation, and the future we create for our children.

We’ve chosen a trial by fire.  We didn’t just throw a brick through the window of the establishment, we burned it down.  When it is all over will we rise from the ashes a smarter, more engaged people – ready to rebuild our country in a better image?

It all depends on choices we make everyday.  To speak out, or remain silent.  To engage with someone who is different from you, or remain suspicious.  To reach out with trust, or pull back in fear.  To put yourself out there, despite opposition and ridicule or to shrink back into the safety of anonymity.

You have the opportunity to ‘impress those that you meet in daily life with the full validity that is your own’.  Take some advice from an old ghost: Stand up and be known.


18 thoughts on “America’s Identity Crisis: Seeking Wisdom from the Spirit World

  1. Timely and well stated essay. Thanks!

    First, consider Cunningham, Paul F. “The Content-Source Problem in Modern Mediumship Research.” The Journal of Parapsychology, Rivier University, Department of Psychology. 76(2), 295-319., 2012. The study argues there is reason to believe a third personality, other than Jane Roberts and her husband, produced the Seth material. That is a reason for analyticals like me to think the material contains actual spiritual guidance.

    People familiar with the idea of “a seeker on the path toward spiritual maturity” should recognize the pattern. Yes, Trump is not the kind of person I would like representing me. He has given me no reason to think he will have anything other than a mean spirited agenda. But it is in change that there are opportunities for improvement.

    Consider the idea of “The Dark Night of Soul” represented by Key 16, The Tower” of the Tarot. Breaking up old structures to make room for new, presumably improved worlds is an important part of growth. Rather than dismay, I think it is for us to seek ways of encouraging the friendlier future we had hoped for.

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    1. Tom,
      Thank you for these awesome links! I can’t wait to read the whitepaper you posted from the Journal of Parapsychology – I love it when spiritualty and science comes together! I am analytical as well, so any type of logical, evidence-based or scientific study of parapsychological events or subjects makes me completely geek out. What a find, thank you again! I’m glad you see the point of the article is not to bash Trump, but to recognize that what happens now is up to us. we have an opportunity for change, as you said “breaking up the old structures” may be destructive on the surface, but necessary for growth and development. I agree – if there is any tarot card that represents what America is going through right now, it’s ‘The Tower’.
      Thanks again for your great comment..
      Take care,

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  2. Well said, well written. It seems you have developed a knack for speaking up when the need arises. As usual, I found your article a joy to read, as well as thought provoking and insightful. It’s one of the few things I receive in my email that I can actually look forward to opening as well as learn from.

    Thanks Jenn.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m so glad that you enjoy what I write – it really makes it worth it just to hear that. Even though I knew it might be controversial, I had to post about what I’ve been feeling and doing especially considering that I had a long absence from posting. And turning to Seth in the wake of the election is how I attempt to live the spirituality I research. Now that I’ve dealt with this, I feel like I can move on to other topics with more of a clear head.


  3. Hi- I agree 100%. I love your research on Seth. I struggled for the first few days after the election and realized it was a grief reaction. And one of the wonderful ways to pull up out of grief is to rise above the negative, lift up to a higher plane, and intentionally send love to everyone.
    I’m thinking if we can all do just one thing a day that is kinder, done with more thought, work on sending love just a little bit more; pick up trash on the side of the road; breathe consciously with the trees. Whatever you can come up that is good, just, loving (even to those who are hard to love) that is our challenge, individually and collectively. And of course stand up when the lines of wisdom and justice are crossed. But foaming in anger only makes it worse.

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  4. Hi Jenn.

    How are you?

    Your writing is really awesome and I can see that you must be a great writer.

    But I am confused about what you say and I quote –
    ” Clearly, the 2016 United States election has inflamed a deep passion in the American people, reflecting an anger that develops when a broken society is looking for someone to blame. ”

    I have a query related to this…
    Is it not the American people, the greatest country in the world for Democracy, who voted for their leaders?

    Did they not do the same 8 years ago?

    What did Obama do for the USA?

    Today, the USA is in a shambles…people do not have homes to live, no money to buy foods – they do not even have money to buy basic medicines.

    Who is to blame for this? If not the people who voted for their Presidents?



    1. Hi there, In a world without corruption and greed, democracy might be able to help the people through the leaders they select. Unfortunately, the government has interests that lie beyond the people and so they make decis ions that often hurt the very people who elected them. Corporations make the rules and unfortunately it doesn’t matter much who we elect. This is why Bernie Sanders was so popular, he was the first honest seeming politician in decades.

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        1. Hello! I think democracies are not perfect, but they would function a lot better if everyone who has the right to vote took it seriously, researching the issues and candidates, and making an informed choice.

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          1. Democracy works. It is working now. Democracy is “of the people, for the people,” so it is necessary to look at the people. These days, we are like two countries. The citizens of one think the country should be more humanitarian and the others think it should only serve them.

            I listen to talk radio while on the treadmill. Of course, two of the three stations I listen to are dominated by conservatives (always complaining about the liberal-dominated media). (NPR is the third station, and one I recommend as a useful source of information.)

            It is painful to listen to the conservatives. They have stopped seeing who can tell the most outrageous lies about democrats so that they can gloat about how they won and democrats are sore losers. One speaker even claimed that the Republicans have a mandated control of the government. They ignore that Clinton beat Trump by 2.9 million votes.

            As I understand it, the problem began with the way both parties are able to draw voting districts. Historically, both parties are guilty of this, but this time around, the Republicans have been the smartest. According to one article, gerrymandering cost the Democrats 27 seats in the 2012 house elections.…/-How-gerrymandering-cost-Democrat…. That advantage was expected to extend into the 2016 election and will not be reconsidered for another four years or so. The Supreme Court ruled that redistricting can occur any time, but I think most states restrict it to 10 years for stability.

            A potential direct consequence of gerrymandering is disenfranchisement of citizens, which I think is unconstitutional and produces possibly illegitimate officeholders. For instance, it is argued that “North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy” because of gerrymandering.( ) Some other states, including Pennsylvania, are close behind. We are not going to have much of a representative government this year.

            Then there is the likelihood that the stolen, then leaked personal information gave the already angry people who did vote for Trump, more reason to turn out the Democrats. The interference was well publicized. There are no reasons voters did not know of the abuse of our system. It was citizens who chose to ignore the facts.

            If the citizens of a democracy do not do what is necessary to protect their democracy, it is the people who are to blame. All of us made this bed, but our democracy is still working, and it is within our power as citizens to shape the future of this country. The future will not be very humanitarian if we the people do not do the work to make it humanitarian. It is up to you.

            You might begin by supporting the effort to eliminate the Electoral College. But that would dangerously put the majority in charge, so perhaps a better solution is turning redistricting over to a computer


            1. You know your politics! Yes, gerrymandering is one of the most overtly disgusting aspects of politics. I also agree that the electoral college should be eliminated. Many people don’t realize we don’t live in a pure democracy, but a republic, evidenced by our pledge of allegiance. People do have a lot of power, but the majority are so distracted by consumerism, media, or their mounting debt that they don’t participate in the way they should. I ensure I vote every time I can – school boards, local elections, etc. It’s amazing how much of an effect local politics has on the larger government, especially in state government. I think this election has started to wake people up, and I am heartened by the movement to support Bernie Sanders. Young people are smart and progressive, and I stand with them.


          2. Hi Jenn.
            Though people have the right to vote
            Things go wrong
            As they do not have
            The right candidates to vote for
            And they end up voting
            For the wrong person
            Because there never ever was
            Any RIGHT person.


            1. Very true. But at least we are not yoked as an inbred monarchy. We need to brake-out and grow, but as a society. we have the most freedoms of anywhere in the world. It is why we have so many trolls nipping at our ankles.


  5. Hi Jenn, well done for another interesting piece. An idea has occurred to me, do you think Seth coild be induced to run for President next time? As you appear to be going through a period of change, with the first black president in power, and coming close to electing the first female President, why not go for the first dead leader?
    It’s not as though there is no precedent, Kim Il Sung is still head of state in North Korea despite expiring in 1994.
    Joking aside, Trump was elected by the book, with no vote rigging suggested by anyone, and as such, has a mandate to govern. You have to assume that there is some wisdom in the places where the real authority lies. Otherwise how would someone as dull as Reagan or Bush jr last for two terms?
    Despite the claims made for it, democracy is far from a perfect system but is better than most. And if he proves unsuitable or incompetent or corrupt, you can boot him out next time.
    As a Brit, I am always envious of the U.S. constitution, as, in theory at least, everyone has equal rights. Religion is kept out of politics, and positions of power and privelege cannot be attained by heredity.
    All in all, there is no noticeable stampede out of the country, so you must assume it is still a worthwhile place to live, even with Trump in power. You’re stuck with him for a while, so you may as well give the old goat a chance.


    1. Unfortunately, Seth’s wisdom partially stems from not being in a human body with all of its limitations and foibles, but I would certainly vote for him to at least be the first non-corporeal cabinet member! All kidding aside, I think this election, despite what I privately feel as an American, is something that could ultimately teach America an important lesson – whether that lesson is learned through terrible destruction or not, I’m not sure. What I do know is that it will be interesting – how ever it plays out. I agree – our constitution is a thing of beauty, however it is threatened everyday. Religion does weasel it’s way into politics, and although heredity isn’t as much of an issue, only the very very rich can afford to run for president, so in a way, the circle of available people is limited by class. That is what made the Bernie Sanders revolution so extraordinary in a sense. I do love my country, and I respect the electoral process – so let’s see what the old goat can do!


  6. Jenn, ur writing is thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you.
    Regards the election. As u said it will be interesting. More so than if the corpocracy remained hidden behind the illusion that the good gal won, and the downhill slide continued. Lower impulses that Trump symbolizes was always there shielded by liberal self deception. Now it’s out and we are forced to acknowledge it. The American shadow is in the light and that is a positive step. America needs to reinvent itself, we need a kind of new American revolution and revolutions don’t general if ever happen usefully. I think we need a revised constitution or a new one reflecting the times. For instance the second amendment, right to bear arms, doesn’t apply as it did when it was written no citizen can have meaningful weapons to fight change anything. Except the symbolic weapon of ideas. Over Sachs said ‘It takes an army to protect a nation. It takes education to protect democracy.
    There is a bigger picture that we are not aware of. The ride is just getting going and we don’t know where it’s leading. It may be the faster road towards education and something closer to justice.
    I like what this guy, Charles Einstein wrote about the election.
    Also i’m reminded of Gods words to Boethius, the medieval monk, while awaiting his trail and eventual execution by some church.
    “Worry not, this world is a Dung heap. But upon this dungheap a flower occasionally arises and i pick it for my world.” This is a paraphrase remembered and is certainly not verbatim.
    More words from Boethius:
    Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law.
    A man content to go to heaven alone will never go to heaven.
    It’s often appears that it takes the death of a wise one for their words to become widely known. See Anne Frank.
    I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.
    How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
    Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
    I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.
    Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
    Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.
    No one has ever become poor by giving.
    We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.

    Maybe this is our time to shine.


    1. Great quotes, my friend, and a very thoughtful comment. The ride may be bumpy, it may end up a “dung heap” but I’m hoping the flower will be beautiful. Maybe this will be the time when people will be forced to pay attention and fight for what they believe in. Thanks for the insightful comment!


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