A Change in the TSFLAD Format

Good morning friends!

My post format will now begin to include shorter opinion and observational pieces. I will not abandon the long-form citational style that I have preferred up to now; I will include both styles of writing in the hopes that I can write more often. The more formal style of essay with a lot of source material takes a long time to research and pull together and I haven’t been able to post as often with my busy schedule. I am hoping that I can become more active (and current) on the blog by including more casual pieces in the mix.

Thank you so much for your readership and your friendship!



3 thoughts on “A Change in the TSFLAD Format

  1. OMG Jenn, you are such a Treasure and Thank You for the work you put into it. I’m sure ALL your readers like everything you post and the subject matter you write about ! I’ve read and listened to others and there is no doubt you have a gift, a gift of communicating this material in such a interesting style and manner no matter how long the length. Love you for that ! ! ! Thanks my friend . . . . Rich

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    1. Rich, you are SO kind and wonderful. Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart. I am in this same struggle as many of you to learn, to understand and to hope. I’m grateful for this community, small as we are, that is going through this journey together. I write because it’s therapeutic and I’m just grateful if it helps anyone. Thank you, Rich. Take care of yourself ❤️ Jenn


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