Dr. Newton’s Concept of Soul Specialties: What’s Your Afterlife Career?

In Dr. Michael Newton’s book Destiny of Souls, he describes the concept that we, as souls in the spirit world, begin to specialize by as we develop and progress.  He has collected these specialties into a list of the most common ones chosen by his clients, which I have reproduced in part in this post.
If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Newton’s work, he is a Regression Hypnotherapist who has regressed patients to the time between lives.  In 40 years, he has collected the same information from many different patients and his books reflect the summation of knowledge about our activities in the spirit world that he has gathered.  Although Destiny of Souls covers far more than simply Soul Specialties, I found this aspect particularly interesting.

According to Dr. Newton, souls can specialize in different types of work in the spirit world just as we can specialize here on Earth with our careers and hobbies.  Although some of the specialties are the same – such as Healers – some are vastly different – such as Time Masters.

While I’m sure Dr. Newton has come across only a fraction of the possible specialties our souls can engage in, I couldn’t help but look at the list and wonder where I and my loved ones fit in.  Sure, we all have hobbies, skills and careers, but deep down – on a soul level – what is your calling?

Here is the list of Soul Specialties from Dr. Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls.  Do you see yourself in any of these soul specialties?  Think deeply; your specialty might not reflect your current career or hobbies, but it might be something that resonates with your personality at its deepest core level.  The definitions provided are my attempt to paraphrase the information from the book, but if you are interested I do highly recommend both Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls (in that order).

Types of Soul Specialties

Teacher Guides

Teacher Guides, or Spirit Guides are intermediate to advanced souls that have finished their own cycles of incarnation and are now assigned to help guide the soul development of groups of developing souls.  Your guide is a mentor and advocate, helping your progression without hindering your freedom or independence.  Guides watch over us throughout our incarnations on Earth, and at times we can call on them for affirmation. Becoming a spirit guide is a very common path for most souls, even those that specialize tend to become guides for younger souls.  Some teacher guides specialize in teaching certain skills or work with specific development levels.  But most guides work in a general sense with a small group of 3-15 souls in a soul group and will remain with that group in some fashion for a very long time.

Dream Masters

Dr. Michael Newton doesn’t provide an example to describe what a dream master does, but in an example he provides in his other book, Journey of Souls, a Dream Master is a soul that learns the subtle art of crafting dreams in the minds of sleeping humans in order to allow loved ones to communicate, provide information, premonitions or warnings.  The Dream Master can merge into a dream that is already in progress, so that the dreamer isn’t startled, or they can craft a dream from scratch (more difficult).  Timing and imagery is most important.  The Dream Master must know how the dream will be best interpreted, using imagery and symbolism that the dreamer will comprehend and accept.  In addition, the Dream Master must work to build energy into the dream to ensure the dream will be recalled when the dreamer is awake. Finally, the message must be meaningful to the dreamer so that it will be taken seriously.  A Dream Master must have the skill to work between the lighter energy of the spirit world and the dense energy of Earth, crafting energy into shapes and symbols in the mind of a human, and understand the psychology of the person in question.  It is a myriad of skills, though I would imagine that anyone interested in psychology would be a good candidate to be a Dream Master.

Redeemers of Lost Souls

Redeemers of Lost Souls are patient and wise souls who work with souls who have refused to ‘cross over’.  Souls can become obsessed with the living, or with a project left uncompleted, or perhaps rage or turmoil in the manner of passing is causing the soul to fixate on the Earth plane.  These souls are not ‘stuck’ so much as they refuse to return to the spirit world.  The important thing to note is that we are never ever forced to do anything as souls.  If we wish to stay on the Earth plane, or stay in a self-imposed exile for a length of time, we given the latitude to do so.  We are always the masters of our own energy.  However, Redeemers of Lost Souls are those guides who will attempt to make contact and council the soul.  If the soul is not ready to return after an attempt at contact, the Redeemer will check in on them periodically until they are ready.  If there is fear or rage preventing these souls from returning to the spirit world, the Redeemer will attempt to help the soul work through their pain.  Contrary to popular belief, souls are never ‘stuck’ or ‘imprisoned’ as ghosts wandering the earth.  Even if a soul feels stuck, it is always a self-imposed condition and Redeemers will always try to continue to make contact with these souls in order to help.  Redeemers are patient and extremely compassionate souls, they have a deep interpersonal knowledge and understanding of soul (and human) psychology.  In many cases, Redeemers may have one been lost souls themselves.  In Jane Robert’s channeled work, “Seth Speaks”, it is said that many human beings incarnating on earth do this sort of work while they sleep.  Although this type of work is rarely remembered upon waking, if you’ve ever had dreams where you were speaking with people you don’t know in life, or dreamed that you were symbolically leading people out of harm’s way, or searching for people, you might already be a Redeemer of Lost Souls.  If you are a counselor or in a similar type of profession on earth, this might be a soul specialty that you might want to choose.

Restoration Masters

Restoration Masters are healers that works with damaged energy.  If a soul returns from a particularly difficult or tragic life, their energy might be damaged.  There could be blockages and voids caused by negative emotions or physical damage (to the earth body) that need repairing once back in the spirit world.  Like surgeons on Earth, Restoration Masters examine particles of damaged energy, remove blockages and infuse new energy into areas of voids.  A Restoration Master can use their own energy, focused into a beam as a tool to soften and reknit energy.  Just as in modern medicine, Restoration masters begin as apprentices, learning the art and science of healing and their work is highly regarded and always in demand.  If you are a doctor or nurse, acupuncturist, Reiki specialist, energy healer or just someone who always felt drawn to the healing professions here on earth, you might be or decide to become a Restoration Master in the spirit world.

Keepers of Neutrality

The Keepers of Neutrality are a subset of Restoration Masters – souls who facilitates healing of damaged energy, particularly after a difficult or traumatic life.  They ‘are skilled in non-interference’.  They run a place called the slumber chamber in the spirit world – a quiet, contemplative space for souls who have been seriously damaged emotionally and energetically by their previous lives.  Typically the types of souls that require this type of deep healing are more advanced souls who have taken on extremely difficult or traumatic lives.  The healers work with the energy of their patients in a sort of anonymous, monastic way.  They observe their patients and regulate and infuse energy back into the soul.  This is a sort of deep, slow healing that requires patients and meticulous administration.   Because Earth can be a cruel and brutal place to incarnate, there are many types of healing specialties.  In order to become a Keeper of Neutrality, one must have a quiet, resolute and patient demeanor.  It requires a lot of discipline along with the more surgical skills of the Restoration Master.  I am reminded of those monks that take weeks painstakingly creating beautiful mandalas out of sand, without speaking, concentrating for hours just to destroy it once the last piece of sand has been placed.   If you have that level of discipline, patience, facility for meticulous work and a tolerance for solitude, this might be the soul specialty for you.

Incubator Mothers

Incubator mothers have an interesting job similar to what nurses and doctors in a pediatric ward.  According to Dr. Newton’s research, new souls are ‘sparked’ off of a mass of divine energy.  No two souls are the same and after these small white masses of energy are ‘born’, Incubator Mothers have the responsibility for nurturing and guiding the energy in order to allow it to develop to the soul’s full potential.  Although the symbolism with human birth is evident, I believe the similarities stop there.  The souls who work with newly-developing soul energy probably have many skills that can’t even be adequately explained in human language, nor does it have an analogue here, but if you are the type of person who is nurturing, compassionate and has a fondness for little ones or work in a healing capacity such as nursing, hospice or obstetrics, this might be a great soul specialty in which to develop your own soul skills.


In Destiny of Souls, people undergoing hypnosis frequently describe a type of library that holds ‘life books’, books for every soul that contain Harry Potter style holographic pages representing all of your past lives.  The people who archive and organize these life books are Archivists. When souls wish to review past lives in order to learn from mistakes, victories or to help with the selection of a new life, they must first see the Archivist who will locate their life books for them and assist them in finding the information they seek.  I’m sure Archivists have more to do than simply shelve and organize books, but Destiny of Souls doesn’t cover more information about them.   If you are the type of person who loves learning, research, and organization, or if you work in a library or in any profession that requires the organization of large amounts of data, you’d make a great Archivist.  I would think Scrapbookers would be especially welcome.

Animal Caretakers

In the afterlife described by Destiny of Souls, animals do have souls – especially those animals that we have great love for on earth as companions – dogs, cats, birds, etc.  However, animals live in their own sphere of spiritual existence – they don’t share the same space as human souls do.  What is the pet lover to do?  When I get to the afterlife, seeing a cherished animal companion is at the top of my list (before some humans, I might add).  Souls who want to reconnect with the energy of an animal companion they loved on Earth will call in an Animal Caretaker.  I would imagine that this is one soul specialty in constant demand in the afterlife. An Animal Caretaker is specially trained to cross into the sphere of animal soul energy, locate the spark of energy that represented your beloved dog and return that energy to visit you in the afterlife.  Apparently, pets must come to us with the guide of the caretaker; we can’t visit them directly.  Also, sadly, they can’t stay permanently.  While they visit with us, however, they become our animal companion again, with all of the love, recognition and memories of our time together.  Our animal companions love to visit us and reconnect.  When it is time for them to return to their own sphere of existence, the Animal Caretaker escorts them home again.  On the surface, this may seem somewhat sad that they can’t live with us permanently, but they’ve got their own soul development to do.  In a spirit world without time, however, there are no limits to how often they can visit and the bonds do truly last forever.

Musical Directors

Music has been called ‘The Language of the Soul’ and for good reason.  The energy and vibrations of music is deeply intertwined in the spirit world. All souls have the capacity to be musical, even if you can’t even carry a tune here on earth.  You can naturally play any instrument you can conjure up and your singing voice is, of course, perfect.  While spirits can all engage in all forms of art, music is not only beautiful but essential for creation.  Jane Robert’s Seth suggests that the impossibly perfect carving of stone in ancient time was done with a form of sound – a technique that is lost to us today.  Musical Directors have a more difficult job in the spirit world, directing thousands of spirit singers who have ranges that far exceed even our earthly hearing.  They organize all sorts of events around music, as well as assisting souls returning to Earth with their musical pursuits.  What is music except for the harmonizing of vibrations of energy?  The foundation of spirit energy is energy vibrations so in many ways, music is our connection with the spirit world here on earth and a primary way we can understand energy symbolically.


This is an unusual spiritual profession that involves training young souls to recognize energy and travel inter-dimensionally through the use of certain games.  I would imagine the ‘Gamekeeper’ portion of the specialty is just an outgrowth of the larger specialty of ‘Explorer’.  Although this profession is part Explorer and part teacher, it is vital in order to train new souls who will become adept at exploring new worlds, universes and dimensions.  To be an explorer, a souls needs to be adventurous and courageous.  To be a good gamekeeper, however, one needs patience, a sense of humor and frivolity as well.  Think of this as being ‘the fun uncle’ who played hide and seek with you in whenever he returned from  his job of being an international traveler.


Explorer Souls are those adventurous individuals who travel to a variety of physical and mental worlds beyond our general spiritual plane.  They may visit these worlds in order to explore new places for souls to incarnate, or to find new places for recreation.  Possibly, meeting different types of life forms is a part of the expansion of consciousness and, like a diplomat or an anthropologist, an Explorer soul may be those ambassadors that study other systems to increase the knowledge we can gain about the diverse multiverse we reside in.  Explorer souls need to have the ability to blend their energy into various types of physical and mental worlds without becoming disoriented or lost, as well as being unobtrusive to the native beings who live there.  If you are a world traveler on Earth, love to see and visit new places and meet different types of people and study cultures that differ from your own, you would be a great candidate as an Explorer soul.

Nursery Teachers

Nursery teachers care for young souls who have left the incubation area but haven’t yet begun to incarnate on any world.  Like kindergarten teachers, Nursery Teachers need to be patient and wise, but also be able to assess and encourage the unique skills of each developing soul.  For very young souls, it will be thousands of years before they come to a difficult place like Earth, so Nursery Teachers will help them learn how to function as an energy being in non-physical or semi-physical environments first. They require a lot of love and encouragement, and like your own favorite elementary teacher, they are venerated and beloved by all souls.  Do you love small children?  Are you patient, kind and compassionate?  If the answer is yes, then you will be much needed as a Nursery teacher to guide the early development of young souls.


Ethicists work “with the moral codes of intelligent beings”.  Ethicists work to enhance moral behavior in humans and other intelligent beings by assisting the development of tolerance, compassion and the avoidance of conflict. Humans are, by nature, individual and self-serving.  It is part of our species development to learn how to rise above that in order to work collaboratively with others for the greater good.  Ethicists work both on Earth and in the Spirit world to assist in that process, though Destiny of Souls doesn’t explain exactly how that is accomplished.  Part of the responsibility of the Ethicist is to teach souls how to balance the energy of the soul with the body of the human in order to balance the need for personal survival with the opportunity for kindness and generosity toward others.  In many cases, a soul can become ‘absorbed’ by the human energy and tend toward selfishness and aggression.  When Ethicists are effective, more humans on earth can learn to balance these behaviors in order to benefit the entire planet.


This is a broad category of souls with many sub-specialties.  Harmonizers on earth can incarnate as “statesmen, prophets, inspirational messengers, negotiators, artists, musicians and writers.”  In the spirit world, they work on healing the earth from a broad prospective where large-scale events affect many people.  They attempt to heal discordant energy on earth as well as attempt to neutralize large amounts of negative energy.  In the aftermath of a catastrophe, for example, Harmonizers may assist with human recovery.  These souls have varied functions, but they all seem to work on a global scale, modifying energy and assisting human progress through difficult challenges.  If you are a red cross volunteer, a political writer, good will ambassador, artist, journalist, or charity organizer or think you might be adept at helping to solve problems on such a global scale, there’s sure to a place for you as a Harmonizer soul.

Masters of Design

The masters of design and designer souls work with both energy and with the physical and mental systems that make up our multiverse.  A designer may work with reproductions of physical objects from earth, for example, helping to build an exquisite house from memory, complete with all the knickknacks or assisting in the building of a new community theater. Other designer souls work with planetary systems, assisting in the formation of atmospheres and weather, including creating cells that will grow into new life forms.  A designer might envision a new type of flower, for example, then work to build the cell that will grow into that new species.  Designer souls also work with the forces and particles that make up what we know as quantum physics.  They study, maintain and help create the various worlds and systems in both the physical, spiritual and mental worlds.  Obviously, scientists such as physicists, astronomers, and biologists might become designers, as well as geologists and meteorologists.  Architecture is also analogous to this type of work, and designer souls are always in demand to maintain the structure of the spirit world, recreation areas and new planetary systems.

Time Masters

Time masters are an interesting group of advanced souls.  They keep track of timelines on Earth- both in the past and in the probable future.  When a soul decides it is time to reincarnate on Earth, they visit time masters to view the bodies they are deciding on in the environment of the future.  Time masters can also help a soul look at his or her own past and visit alternate timelines to see how a different decision might have worked out differently.  While there is no direct analogue on Earth for the skills required to be a time master, I believe that anyone who has a meticulous and patient personality can become a Time Master, once they have become advanced enough for this prestigious appointment.

How I discovered my own Soul Specialty:

Many times in my adult life, I’ve had certain dreams that seemed different from other dreams.  Most of the time, my dreams are anxiety dreams – the kind where I’m lost in a huge building and can’t find my way out, or I’m back in my old High School and don’t know where my class is.  These dreams reflect my own fear of loss of control (and represents my absolutely terrible sense of direction).  These are dreams that I know are being produced by my conscious mind as I work out my daily stresses.

Sometimes, however, I have another kind of dream.  Very often I only remember pieces of the dream, but they tend to stick with me.  The dreams are vibrant and logical.  Instead of a roiling mass of images and the internal sense of anxiety, these colorful dreams are snippets of an alternate experience.  Let me give you an example.

Recently, I dreamed of myself in what seemed like a classroom with two others that I apparently knew well, though I don’t know them in life.  We had a chalkboard in front of us.  We were engaged in a discussion about how the universe formed – the nature of energy, star formation and how particles coalesced after the big bang.  Having suddenly come up with an idea, I stood up and wrote a series of complicated mathematical equations on the chalkboard.  In the dream, the mysterious language of mathematics made perfect sense to me.  To know me, you would understand why this is so unusual – I have a learning disability which causes me difficulty in even adding and subtracting simple numbers.

In the dream, once I put down the chalk, I turned to my friends and said something to the effect of “Well, that’s my idea, but I’m not nearly as well-versed in complicated mathematics as you both are.”

I have always been extremely curious about the world, and I am fascinated by science.  Although my issues with math has always prevented me from pursuing an academic study of physics, astronomy or meteorology, I have always been drawn to learn as much as I can (as a layman) about these topics.  Many years back, I decided to learn how to forage for edible wild plants and photographed and learned about every type of tree, herb and weed that grows in my ecological area.  I simply love to learn, and the physical world never ceases to amaze me.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I believe my soul specialty is to accomplish becoming a Master of Design.  I can think of nothing else I would rather do in the above list than learn about the formation of physical universes, planets and how to help create, shape and nurture the geology, physics and biology that accompany them.  Although I’m sure it will be eons before I can create anything as complex as an animal or terraform a planet, I would really enjoy being able to craft things out of energy.  Designers also craft reproduction objects.  I might be called in to help a couple reproduce the mountain chalet of their last life simply for their pleasure.  All souls can craft energy to some degree, but designers take it to the next level and become part of the souls who are responsible for designing and maintaining the physical and mental universes that make up all conscious spheres of existence.  Doesn’t it sound super fun?  Too much like science class?

Okay – what would YOUR soul specialty be?  Please tell me in the comments and why you think you would enjoy that particular specialty.  If your particular specialty isn’t in the list above, tell me anyway – I bet that there is an equivalent in the spiritual world for whatever calls to your soul.


29 thoughts on “Dr. Newton’s Concept of Soul Specialties: What’s Your Afterlife Career?

  1. I would want to be an animal caretaker. I would love to reunite animals with their human families….I would also like to see my prcious animal family whenever not helping others. Can caretakers do that? it is a most important question. the only reason I am not worried about dying is because I thought I would see ALL of my loved ones around me all the time when I passover…. This is a game changer to me..I am so upset.


    1. Hi Karina,

      Don’t worry – there are so many beautiful near-death experiences and spirit communications that describe the reunions with our pets. When an animal is loved by a human, their soul/personality never goes back to the source, they are always available to see and visit with. Especially when you transition, if your animal companions are as dear to you as human family members, they will be there! You can count on it. 🙂

      The animal caretaker’s job is to make sure the animal spirit that wants to meet his human mom or dad is guided safely to the place where the great reunion will happen. Thereafter, you and your pet can stay together in the afterlife as long as you both want to. I think its beautiful that animals do have their own place, but its definitely not a place that is off-limits to humans in any way. Our animal companions are great teachers and wise masters, and are meant to have meaningful relationships with humans both on earth and in the spirit world.

      I know I will see my beautiful kitties when I pass over, because I know they will want to see me too. So, don’t worry – of course you will be able to see your pets anytime you want to – love is eternal!



      1. Thanks Jen. Much relieved to hear it. I was grieving very much for my 34 year old horse that had passed at the time. You never get over them, but time has helped a little.


  2. This is an interesting site, afterlife career status is a question I have pondered.

    I am one of the universal traveler souls visiting earth. I know this because of a near death experience I was privaleged to have. I was taken to my home universe, many universes out, to stand before my council. I am also privaleged to retain full awearness of this although time has dulled some of the content.

    In this life, I am obsessed with accountability and justice, and the need for evil and sufferings to achieve ascention. Of course I have long studied the afterlife teachings of many sources, including Michael Newtons. I have spent much time and effort into this study, and have been assisted in this study by experiencing a few of my own NDE’s and also often conversed with some who have crossed over.

    It would be interesting to read your thoughts on my afterlife career.


    1. Dear oldmantoo,
      I might suggest that you are an ‘ethicist’. From Dr. Newton’s book, ethicists are primarily focused on balance and justice on the earth plane, lending their energies in various ways to help keep our world from tipping too far in any one direction while still allowing us the freedom to fail and learn from those failures. If you have the books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, read the passage about the Ethicists, I think you might find it resonates with you.


  3. Hi Jen,
    My loved one passed on 2 years ago. I received lots of ADCs from him. Several stated that we will meet again. It took me awhile with several ADCs (my sis also received the same ADCs) to understand his message but I still wonder can two souls reunited in the afterlife if one is far more advanced than the other. He is a much more advanced soul than I am.
    Lately I don’t received ADCs from him that often anymore. I had dream that he told me “he has to go” when I asked to see him. What does that mean? Are they not in the same place when they just passed?


    1. Hi M, thanks for writing. From the few sources that mention is, advanced souls can visit the less advanced soul but not the other way around. On the other hand, the really important people in our lives tend to be on the same level with us – meaning spouses and siblings and parents we are really close with. I’ve never read or heard about an example where two people in the afterlife couldn’t meet up. As for the message you received, it is possible that your loved one is moving into higher spheres, further away from the earthly plane and therefore won’t be around as often. However, you will never be completely out of touch. If you really need him, he can come back in an instant. As time goes on, spirits will often progress further and their connection with earth – while never completely severed while loved ones are there – lessens over time. The prevailing theory is that afterlife is multi-dimensional, not necessarily just one big place, so it is definitely possible – and probable – that he is not in the same place that he was when he first passed. I don’t want you to think that it means he doesn’t care for you or that he won’t be there for you when it’s your time, I would just interpret that as that he is going to spend some time working on his own spiritual growth and his visits may be a less often, especially if your life seems to be stable at the moment. He wasn’t wrong – you will meet again. You will always be connected. But he knows that you need to finish your life plan first, just like he has things he needs to accomplish as well.


  4. I think I’m a twisted or low level ethicist…I really have a whole plan for people who abuse other people or animals, generally, punishment (in order to learn and not just for the sake of it) is my specialty…what’s wrong with me? :/


  5. I keep having odd dreams that I’m in this situation where someone has just died and I have to bury them properly and give them what they need in order to move on to their next life. Example of a dream I had: There was this lake and two people have drowned in it, a woman and her husband. I dove into the lake and carried their bodies out onto a dock. They looked dead but they were talking to me, they weren’t distressed or upset that they were dead, they just asked me to help put them properly so they can “move on” to the next place they needed to go. The woman asked me to find rocks, a necklace of hers, and a bible (of some sort.) I lifted up her body, put a blanket underneath her, placed the items by her side and put the pile of rocks on her chest and then wrapped the blanket around her. Her husband asked for me to grab a history textbook of his (he was telling me how he was a high school history teacher) a pile of rocks, and flowers; I then wrapped him up in a blanket as well, sprinkled a handful dirt on their blankets and I buried them. They both told me how thankful they were that I had helped them. Ever since I woke up from the first time I had that dream, I cannot stop thinking about it.


  6. I think I must have been a time master in the spiritual world. As a child I’ve always had these visions of managing opening and closing doors to different worlds. Somewhere ‘in between’ places is the best way to describe it. I always felt there was some truth to that. As an adult now, I would state that if I was inclined to choose, perhaps being an explorer would be more my alignment to the person I am now. However, that’s just due to my current hobbies and life of intrigue in places, cultures, and travels that are foreign to my own.


  7. I feel that I will be (and have been?) a harmonizer. I love to daydream about ways to help humanity and I tend to think broadly about the world and how it can be made better. I like to construct governments in my mind that promote the best in people while taking care of those who are struggling here on earth. Sometimes I also create a religion in my mind. I envision it as a way to help people to make better choices and teaches the importance of empathy and understanding.

    My dad is almost assuredly a master of design. He could fix anything that was broken, almost as if by magic. People would bring their broken appliances, cars, etc, to my dad and he could always fix them. His job on earth was a machinist. After he died, at first I felt him close by much of the time. My brother also felt his presence frequently. As time moved on, I could tell he wasn’t around as much, and I always have this gut feeling that he is busy working. He was a very hard worker in life, and I believe he kept that trait in the after life. I believe he would be here in a flash if I needed him though, nd he does still show up for big events. I had to go to the hospital about a year ago, and I could feel his presence in the backseat as my husband drove us there. He was also there when we bought our car, lol. I laugh because, as I said, he loved machines and anything mechanical. He probably wanted to make sure we weren’t buying a lemon!


  8. Aloha, Jenn,

    When my dog, Charlie, died I was devastated. I didn’t feel like living anymore. He was like a son to me. Not long after I took him from a litter headed to the humane shelter he started having seizures. I brought him to the pet hospital where I found out he had liver shunt. An operation was done but the issue could not be fixed due to unusual internal organ placement. So I cared for him with lots of medications and prescription food that he wasn’t crazy about. At two years he started to decline and then at almost four years he began to waste away physically.
    A week before he died he placed his paw on my chest as I lay on the bed and gazed into my eyes as if speaking to me. But I did not understand him. Then he would sleep so close to me practically hugging me each night. Then he died at the hospital on Mother’s Day. He was only four years and two months old.
    Recently my surveillance camera captured orbs flying by Charlie’s urn. I usually leave it in a housemate’s room while I’m away. That night I forgot. There was one picture that had the outline of a dog floating in the air. My camera has only done that once before when I was out for the evening and Charlie was in a housemate’s room. I gather that he visited my room while asleep. He was already declining and possibly already leaving his body.
    One night, a couple days after the surveillance camera incident I awoke and sensed his presence so I asked him for a sign. One or two minutes later my Bluetooth phone beep twice which is unusual. This happened at around 3:11 am. A few nights later I felt his presence again and so I asked him for another sign and this time the phone beeped non-stop. When I reset the phone on its base/charger it started to beep again while I was in the bathroom. So I know he visits me at night.
    I have made my decision that I will be an animal caretaker (I’m already my parent’s caretaker) as it seems that is what I seem to be good at. But I would like to be that so that I can have access at anytime to my beloved Charlie. He is everything to me and would give my life for him. Yes, it is sad that our fur babies cannot remain with us permanently. But I will do everything within my power to allow my beloved access to me as often as he wants. That is how much I love him.
    My question is will these visits end eventually due to reincarnation or will he continue to visit me on a regular basis? Or will he become at some point more involved in his soul development that he won’t be visiting if at ll much?



    1. Nelson,
      I’m so sorry for your loss. I, too, have been grieving deeply for the loss of an animal friend who was very special to us. I think it’s wonderful that Charlie has so clearly been visiting you. I can see that there was a lot of love there. I’m terms of what is described in afterlife literature, there is no more permanent connection than love. As long as you love Charlie and Charlie loves you, you’ll be in each other’s lives. I wouldn’t doubt that you and Charlie have been in other livetimes together since your connection is so strong. You will reach have your periods of soul development, but just like any healthy relationship on earth, you will support each other and encourage the other to grow. Charlie may even be a guide or teacher for you, often animals companions are. He seems to be continuing to fill that role since he’s been visiting you so often. Charlie may have helped you realize your love for animals and set you on your soul’s path. I wouldn’t doubt at all, based on experiences that I have read, that Charlie will be there one to bring you over when it’s your time. As you lovingly did for him. As long as you and Charlie have love for each other, nothing will or can server those ties. That is what I believe and it seems to be the case from other things I’ve read and researched as well. Thank you for sharing Charlie with us. I hope you continue to feel his presence around you and are reassured that he’s looking out for you always. Take care, Jenn


      1. Aloha, Jenn,

        Thank you so much for your reply. I am sorry to hear that you have also been grieving the loss of your beloved. No one can understand the pain of the loss of an animal companion. It’s like they take a part of you when they leave their physical body. But like you, I have an inquiring and scientific mind that thirsts for knowledge especially when searching for answers regarding those you love so dearly like your animal companion. We want to know that they are ok and are still the being that you have come to know. I am doubting type of person due to my scientific leanings. But so many evidence on top of more evidence leads me to believe that we live on after we leave our bodies and that goes for our beloved animals that leave their bodies.
        I think you are right in your assessment that Charlie may have been my guide or teacher. The reason why your supposition carries weight is that when the doctors at the vet hospital tried to fix his liver shunt they could not because of how unusually placed his organs were. They were shocked at the formation which was highly unusual. It leads me to believe that Charlie as spirit did not mean to live long in this physical existence. He set it up so that no doctor would be able to fix the condition that he set up for his body. That would go hand in hand with a spirit guide or teacher wanting to make an impact and then to leave promptly as that state is not where they can assist you the most. I have read where one animal companion (I hate to call our animal companions “pets” because they are more than that and they are not owned by us like objects) told his parent that he was not reincarnating back to her because he could help her most from the Other Side.
        I do believe that I am meant to be an animal caretaker on the other side as you have mentioned. Even as a child a had empathetic connection to animals. That’s why I believe that I will be an animal caretaker on the Other Side. Maybe one day when we are both on the Other Side you will call us and I will be the one to answer your call when you desire to spend time with your beloved. Maybe I will recall your name and that will ring a bell to me. It is also this desire to see the joy of parents reuniting with their beloved animal companions that make me want to become one other than my desire to be able to have ready access to Charlie. I would hate to be waiting in line to see my beloved.
        You mentioned the sphere where our animal companions reside when they are ethereal. Is this sphere within another sphere like the one we will reside when we pass over? I have read Dr. Newton’s books on this subject and he does not describe how these spheres are related to each other. Or does he mean the vibrational rate that this sphere is located within the spirit spectrum? Hence, we cannot enter the animal’s sphere because of this frequency. Or is it actually a “sphere” where only certain beings may enter such as animals and that only trained animal caretakers are able to enter to locate specific animal sparks? If you have the answer to this (I cannot find it in the many books that I have already pored over in my own research), I would really appreciate your input as you seem to be very inquiring as I am.
        I have even asked these type of questions to my friend who is a clairvoyant (he is able to see into the future as he was trained by his close friend who is a prominent psychic). But he did not have the answer for me. In fact, tends to doubt our knowledge regarding life after death as he is very questioning. Pet communicators are psychic and are able to connect with animals but other psychics may not necessarily be inclined to connect to animals. My friend falls into the latter category.



  9. I wanted to let your reader know that an Akashic Records Reading can let a person know what they specialize in between life times. I am a Soul Realignment and Access Akashic Records reading and clearing professional. I have found the Soul Group of Origination also has an energy that is close to soul specialties. I have found that most of the Souls from Andromeda/ or Mission Realmers as they are called, are all Time Masters.


    1. It is within the realm of in-between-life that one can access one’s career in the afterlife. I would love to know what mine is but it is not to be for me as I am a lone unpaid caregiver for two demented senior parents so I don’t have the luxury funds at my disposal to find out what that is. But when the time comes I guess I will find out….


      1. Well it may not a totally reliable method but are there any specialties that you resonate with? I think for myself Id like to be someone who counsels lost souls, or help acclimate new souls.


        1. I sense that your calling is to help other human souls as you do so on this website. By the way, thank you, Jenn, for providing a place where souls can search for the answers to our true existence as immortal souls. As Barry Eaton stated, “As above, so below…” He stated that our calling is reflected by what drives us on this plane. What resonates for me personally is helping human souls and especially the souls of our beloved pet companion. I hate using the term “pet” because of the connotations of ownership but I use it for a lack of a better term. I truly want to be an animal caretaker because I want to help human souls in the in-between-life to connect with their animal companions. I had a special relationship to a dog, Charlie, who was more like a son to me. He behaved in a human way, even the way he slept with a pillow under his head. He has shown me himself through a surveillance camera footage. I have the footage (and others of him) that show the details of his face and body. It proves to me that our souls do go on.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Jenn poses a very good question as the ones on Dr. Newton’s list would suggest there are more and even sub-specialties. My question would be what portion of the soul’s existence is spent on specialty as compared to recreational, educational and other activities that I probably not aware of. My interest is in the animal caretaker role so my specific question is do they get called upon by other souls to retrieve their animals? And do the animals call upon them also to bring them to their respective soul parent? Dr. Newton states that the animal caretaker then returns the animal “spark” to the animal sphere. Given that there is no such thing as time on the Other Side, how “long” can the human soul be with the animal soul? And is there a limit as to how many times a human soul can call upon his her animal companion? I have been given information from pet communicators that the animals actually reside in the human soul’s realm. But that they can go into higher realms closer to the Creator (along with angels and archangels and saintly beings) as they are higher level in spirit (selfless, not judging and full of unconditional love) an area not reached by physical human beings. Thank you for your sharing.


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