Passing On: Transition Stories, Part III

Warning: This post discusses death and descriptions of the moments afterward, as told through past-life regression, mediumship transcriptions and other sources.  If you feel this post will bring up painful memories or fears, please consider carefully before clicking through.


I’m drifting weightlessly through space with these gorgeous stars and moons and galaxies twinkling all around me.  The whole atmosphere is filled with a soothing hum, like hundred of thousands of voices are singing to me, but they’re so far away I can just barely hear them.

-Excerpt from The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad Boy Brother Proved to Me there’s Life After Death, 2013, Kagan, Annie

This is Part III of a series of posts exploring death experiences and transition stories. Accounts are selected from over a century of mediumship transcriptions, channeling and life-between-life regression experiences. Selected excerpts focus on the moments leading up to physical death, transition and entry into the spirit world.  To read the introduction to this series of posts, please use the link above to open Part I.

In places where you see this symbol, […], I have skipped sentences and/or paragraphs from the original text for the sake of brevity.

Note: While I have found no indication that any of these original sources are fraudulent, I would always encourage the reader to determine the legitimacy of each of these sources for themselves.

Transition Experiences, Part III

William Cohen, A.K.A. “Billy Fingers”, 1942-2005

Excerpt from The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How my Bad Boy Brother Proved to Me There is Life After Death, Kagan, Annie, Copyright 2013 by Hampton Roads Publishing, Inc.

William Cohen, A.K.A. “Billy Fingers”

In Part II, we read about the transition of ‘Sally’, a past life accessed through life-between-life regression.  Sally was young and died unexpectedly. She struggled with the fact of her death.  The story of Billy Fingers is quite different. His passing was just as unexpected; he was struck by a car.  However, Billy had lead a difficult and painful life and his death was welcomed as relief from pain.  Throughout his communication with his sister, Annie, he describes his progress through the afterlife.  The unique transition and afterlife experience he transmits is quite different than any others I’ve read.  As Billy tells his sister that he ‘won’t be returning’ to earth, its possible that Billy is an advanced soul with an after-death experience of more abstraction and subtlety. Compare Billy’s unique transition experience to the more common and straightforward death experience of A.D. Mattson from Part I.

illy Fingers:

The first thing that happens is bliss; at least it was like that in my case.  I don’t know if it’s that way for everyone who dies. As the car hit me, this energy came and sucked me right out of my body into a higher realm.  I say ‘higher’ since I had the feeling of rising up and suddenly all my pain was gone.  I don’t remember hovering over my body or looking down on it or anything like that.  I guess I was pretty anxious to get out of there.

I knew right away I was dead, and went with it, more than ready for whatever was waiting.  I wasn’t aware of traveling at any particular speed.  I just felt light and unburdened as the sucking motion drew up up inside a chamber of thick silvery blue lights.  People who have near-death experiences sometimes say they went through a tunnel.  I’m using the word “chamber” because a tunnel has sides, but no matter what direction I looked, there was nothing but light for as far as I could see.  Maybe the difference is that I had a one-way tickets and theirs was round-trip.  And even though I didn’t have my body anymore, it felt like I did and that it was being healed.  

Billy Fingers describes floating in a healing chamber filled with ‘thick silvery blue lights’.

The lights in the chamber penetrated me and made me feel better and better as they pulled me up.  It wasn’t just the wounds from my car accident that were being healed.  In the first nanosecond that the lights touched me, they erased any harm I suffered during my lifetime: physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise.

Soon, Daddy appeared right there beside me, young and smiling and handsome as ever.  He was making jokes and asking, “what took you so long?”  It was great, seeing Daddy, but I’m guessing he was there to be a familiar landmark in foreign territory. I’m saying that because he was only with me for part of the ride and Daddy definitely wasn’t the main event.

The main event was the silvery lights and their party atmosphere.  Those healing lights had a festive feeling, like they were cheering me on, saying, “Welcome home, Son”.

I can’t say how long I was floating up the healing chamber because I no longer have a sense of time.  But I can say that chamber was some kind of cosmic birthing canal that delivered me into this new life. I want you to know, Darling, that there is nothing hard or cruel for me anymore.  I glided from the chamber right out into the glorious Universe.  I’m drifting weightlessly through space with these gorgeous stars and moons and galaxies twinkling all around me.  The whole atmosphere is filled with a soothing hum, like hundred of thousands of voices are singing to me, but they’re so far away I can just barely hear them.

And although I can’t exactly say anyone was here to greet me, as soon as I came out of the chamber I felt a Divine Presence; a kind, loving, beneficent presence, and really, that was enough.

In addition to the Divine Presence I also feel beings around me – Higher Beings, I guess you would call them.  I can’t explain why I’m using the world “beings,” and not the singular; I just know there’s more than one.  I can’t see or hear them, but I can feel them moving about, swooshing by, doing different things that concern yours truly.  And although I haven’t got a clue what these things might be, I’m guessing that floating out here in space is euphoric instead of terrifying because I’m being attended to by this celestial crew.  

I’m looking down on the earth, and it is down.  It’s like there’s a hole in the sky, a hole between our two worlds, I can look through and see you.  I know how sad you are about my death.  Sad is too small word.  Bereft is more like it.  But death isn’t as serious as you think it is, honey.  So far, it’s very enjoyable.  Couldn’t be better, really.  Try not to take death too seriously.  As a matter of fact, try not to take life too seriously.  You’d enjoy yourself a whole lot more.  That’s one of the secrets of life.  You want to know another secret?  Saying goodbye isn’t as serious as it seems either, because we will meet again.

What can we learn from the after death experience of Billy Fingers?  To start, how we handle our own death has a lot to do with how we lived our lives.  Billy had lived a full but difficult life, and his death felt like a welcome release after he had completed the lessons he was to learn in his last incarnation.  Younger souls have very different transition experiences; often arriving in the heaven of their expectations, meeting family members and living in a dimension that is comfortably earth-like. Billy, as an advanced soul, didn’t necessarily require the comfort of the trappings of an illusory earth in his afterlife experience.  His communications through the book describe his rapid passage through higher levels and states of the afterlife, leaving the lower astral planes and future earth incarnations behind forever.  It is comforting to know, however, that Billy can return to visit his sister both in her life and in her afterlife.  Love is eternal, after all.


The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad Boy Brother Taught Me There’s Life After Death
by Annie Kagan

Available on Amazon – Click Here to View

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Part IV will explore three transition experiences remembered in great detail during life-between-life regression therapy.  Each of these transitions have two things in common: their death occurred as part of a larger tragedy such as war or disaster, and in each, the newly passed over immediately assisted in the transition of others, or received help by by the other spirits affected by this tragedy.

6 thoughts on “Passing On: Transition Stories, Part III

  1. Dear Jenn, I value your work quite enormously. I have always been interested in these topics and the books about Erik Medhus are among my favorite books. Other books I love are those written by Dolores Cannon.

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  2. I’m looking forward to reading your next choice of account and your reasons for choosing it. 🙂

    I’ve long since ceased needing any reassurance about where we’ll be after we pass from this dimension but still find it interesting to hear some ‘real-life’ accounts of what individuals have experienced in their distant pasts. Now in my 70th year of current incarnation I’m mildly curious – but not impatient to find out! – how my passing will seem from ‘the other side’ looking back at it

    My guess from the here-and-now is that it won’t be of much interest for very long when it’s become history. lol 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying them! I do find comfort in knowing that whatever our passing will look like, it will be right for us. I have yet to find a winter transition experience, guess no one likes snow as much as I do.
      Take care,


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